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Alan pounds on Jason’s door and demands he answers. He tells his son that he is a heartless son of a bitch who stole his brother’s son. And now he is dead.

Rick goes to question Faith about what has happened to Michael. She asks what his problem is. He got his precious stepdaughter back. What does he care of she killed and buried Michael in a swamp? But he asks her whom she is trying to protect, realizing that she may very well be lying about Michael being dead. He asks her who her accomplice is. He tells her she will not “walk away” from this. He tells her that if she is telling the truth that Michael is dead, he will make sure that she joins him.

While Carly is in the hospital chapel, Lorenzo enters. The guard tries to restrain him and remove him. But she tells him he must leave Lorenzo alone and that she asked Lorenzo to meet her there. She apologizes to Lorenzo. But he admits to her that he’s hurt her more than she knows.

At Sonny’s, he is brainstorming with Agent Marshall for leads. She asks him all about the people he comes in contact with to find out who might be helping Faith. She is also surprised that he is sounding like he trusts her. He admits to her that he knows she is in this for the same thing he is; to get Michael back.

Courtney goes to the hospital to attempt to find out from Faith what happened to her nephew. But Jax tells her that she must not get stressed nor trust Faith.

Not far away in the hospital, Steven Webber has discovered Courtney’s hair sample which Rachel has extracted from her hairbrush and coated with AJ’s blood. And he informs Max Scorpio.

Alan tells Jason and Sam that Sonny and Carly have ruined his grandson’s life. Having Michael guarded from bullets throughout his life didn’t even work. And he says no wonder Michael wound up murdered by Faith. Sam protests that she believes that Faith is working with somebody and very possibly Michael is alive. But Alan tells Jason that were it not for him and Sonny and Carly, Michael would still be alive. And Jason must live with that for the rest of his life. When he leaves, Sam tells Jason that he must not listen to a word Alan says.

Carly assures Lorenzo that he did nothing wrong and is in no way responsible for Faith’s escape or what may have happened to Michael. But he confesses to her that he worked with Luke and Skye to help get Faith freed from prison in exchange for ownership of the Haunted Star. Hearing that, she sounds like she doesn’t trust Luke but like she does not want to distrust Lorenzo. She asks Lorenzo why he did not tell her this information sooner. He admits that he did not know what to do at the time. But if he’d known what Faith would end up doing, he’d have killed her himself. He apologizes and leaves.

Rick tells Faith that she has nowhere to run and no deal she can cut after admitting to kidnapping three children and killing one. She tells Rick that he sounds like a hypocrite with what he did. He was ready to abduct Carly and kidnap her child. And she tells him he is in no position to judge her. He admits that she is right. He did a terrible thing. But he corrected his behavior and got his life together. She tells him that marrying Alexis Davis and being stepfather to Sonny’s daughter must be sweet. She tells him he may enjoy it while he can. Because he will pay for his mistakes and regret it.

Sonny tells Agent Marshall that it’s entirely possible that Faith took the kids somewhere and “faked” their death. They both agree that she must have had a partner. Agent Marshall tells him he must think. Who would be motivated enough to want to help Faith kidnap and have him believe they’ve killed Michael? At that moment, Durant enters.

Max Scorpio asks Faith’s attending physician if he believes that Faith will recover sufficiently enough to be moved back to Pentonville. The doctor replies yes, she should be. Courtney asks Max if it’s ok with him if she goes and talks to Faith. He tells her not so fast. He needs to question her for the murder of AJ. He tells her he’d like her to come to the station for questioning. Jax tells him he can forget it. Courtney is not saying anything. Unknown to them, Rachel’s plan has just worked and Steven hasn’t a clue that Rachel set Courtney up.

Sam tells Jason that he must not try to justify himself to Alan and he should realize Alan is grieving and saying things he does not mean. He tells her he cannot just sit by not knowing where Michael is. She tells him he must have hope that Michael will be ok but whatever he decides, she will be there to support him.

Rick tells Faith that she deserves to suffer and burn in hell for what she has done. She tells him that he is no better than she is. He is the DA who’s had a lot of authority for a long time. But that is about to change. She says when she gets on the witness stand, she will testify to every lurid detail of their relationship. He tells her it was not a relationship. She says she knows that and she will talk all about the way he used and abused her. She will cry and talk about how he psychologically damaged her and drove her over the edge. And she will establish that he is the target of her vendetta, not Sonny or Carly or Alexis. And she will ruin his marriage. At that moment, Alexis enters and tells Faith that it is her marriage too and she will not let Faith do anything to hurt Rick.

Durant tells Sonny that Michael is not even his own flesh and blood and Sonny could care less as long as his two biological children are back safe and sound. Agent Marshall asks Durant where he was the night the children were abducted. She tells him he had the means and motives to help Faith and that she intends to question Faith and ask her if Durant worked with her. Durant lashes out that his grandson is dead and he will not let who is responsible for it get away with it.

Lucky tells Emily that he really appreciates all the well wishes and cards and flowers. But he wants to get back to his home at Kelly’s. She suggests that since he is still recovering, that maybe he should stay with her until he gets better.

Jax tells Max that he will not allow him to make Courtney a scapegoat. Max asks Courtney if she is refusing to go to the station. She replies that she will not be interrogated without her lawyer. Rachel comes and asks Courtney and Jax what is going on. They inform her that Max is interrogating Courtney. Courtney asks Rachel to give her and Jax some privacy. Rachel leaves.

Faith tells Alexis that she may credit her husband for the inspiration. She tells them that she could have limited her “efforts” to only Michael and Morgan. But because she wanted Rick toe suffer, she took their daughter. Alexis tells Faith there is no way she will ruin her relationship with her husband. When she goes outside Faith’s room with Rick, he thanks her for the vote of confidence. When Faith is alone, she gets on the phone and demands that “somebody” gets her out of there or else she will go to the police and implicate them for what really happened to Michael.

Jason and Sam go through Faith’s financial records on the computer. He discovers that she took out millions the night Christina was kidnapped. And there is more of a financial “paper trail” that implicates that somebody helped her.

Durant tells Sonny it’s his fault that he lost a grandson he barely got to know. He tells Sonny he failed to protect his son. Carly enters and asks what is going on. Durant tells his daughter that he will get her and Morgan away from Sonny before they end up dead like Michael. Carly tells her father he has no right to say things like that to her husband. She also informs him that there is no evidence that Michael is not alive. She tells him there is no rational explanation for anything Faith does. She is evil. She is a sociopath. But Durant tells her she is in denial about what has happened to Michael. And he tells her she must learn one thing from what has happened and take Morgan and herself and get out of Sonny’s home. She says she refuses. But he tells her that he will be there if she needs him. After he leaves, Sonny asks Carly if she believes that Morgan should be removed from his home. She replies that she will let him make that decision and asks him if he believes that Morgan is safe staying there.

Monica tells Alan he needs to stop making accusations of Courtney and others whom he knows nothing about, for what happened to AJ. He tells her he refuses to apologize.

Emily tells Lucky that she would be comfortable having him in her home. He is the one person with whom she does not have to put up a façade and she can be herself around. Emily then notices her parents in a big fight and goes to intervene. Elizabeth tells Lucky that he should see what is happening to Emily. She is going out of her way to take care of everybody but herself. He admits that he remembered the night when Connor raped Emily. She denied it. But he knew, just like Elizabeth knew, that it happened.

Rachel calls Jax and tells him that Courtney needs him at the apartment right away.

In court, they are getting ready for Faith’s arraignment trial. She is brought in in a wheelchair. Durant corners Rick and asks what will happen. Rick admits he does not know. The minute Jason sees Faith, he corners her and asks what she did to Michael. He informs Faith that he found out about the transactions on the computer, demands to know who is paying her off and what has happened to Michael. But Rick escorts Jason out of the courtroom.

Carly tells Sonny that although they are not married anymore, they are parents together. Courtney enters and hugs Carly and tells Sonny she is so sorry and if there’s anything she can do. He tells her he believes that Michael is alive and if she does not believe that, then she should not be there. He leaves and Carly tells Courtney that Sonny is just dealing with his grief. She also tells her that she knows that Michael is alive.. She says she does not care what the FBI or the police think. She is his mother. She knows what she feels in her heart. Michael is alive and he’s going to come home.

When Jax returns to Courtney’s and notices Rachel alone, she tells him that she attempted to call him and ask him not to come over after she’s realized Courtney could not be there. She shows him she’s prepared a “romantic dinner” for him and Courtney. And she informs him that Courtney bailed on him. She asks where Courtney is. He informs her that she is at Sonny and Carly’s. She gets up to leave and says she’s going to the hospital or the bookstore. But he invites her to have dinner with him.

Alan tells Monica and Emily that he’s going to make Courtney and Jason pay for what happened to AJ and to Michael. He leaves and Monica tells her daughter that Alan is grieving and when he’s ready to accept help, he will let them know.

Emily goes back to Lucky and tells him that her family is having lots of trouble and everything is falling apart. He asks her if the offer is still good for him to move in to her home. She says of course.

The judge reads the charges to Faith and asks how she pleads. She replies not guilty and makes herself look like she is in terrible pain. Hearing that, Durant goes outside the door.

Rachel tells Jax that she feels so sorry for Courtney. Being implicated for murdering AJ and then having her nephew disappear. She says that although she never met this AJ character, he sounded like a nightmare and she would almost justify somebody for killing him. She tells Jax that she could understand doing something like that herself if she was engaged to a wonderful man like him and then her worthless ex-husband shows up out of nowhere and tries to ruin everything.

Sonny returns home, disappointed that Faith pleaded not guilty. But Jason shows Sonny the financial records that give them clues about what Faith did.

Durant gets on the phone and tells somebody he does not care about the consequences and that this must end.

In court, Faith admits that she was paid to kill those kids and was working for somebody else. At that moment, she is shot and falls to the ground.

From the television Sonny watches and is very disappointed to see Faith get shot.

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