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General Hospital Update Friday 3/4/05



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COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jax and Courtney cuddle. Jax has a meeting to get to, though. They kiss and he leaves. After he's gone, Rachel comes out of her room to see Courtney. Courtney gives Rachel a bag of money.

RIC'S OFFICE: Skye confesses to Ric, Lorenzo and Reese that she was the one to get Faith out of prison. She swears that she was the only one involved.

GREYSTONE: Sonny is asking Luke about his involvement in breaking Faith out of prison. Luke is going to get all of the information about Faith's account numbers and such

FAITH'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Faith, crying, tells Justus that Michael is still alive. She swears on her love for Justus that she didn't kill him. Justus then reveals that he caught her confession on a small tape recorder.

THE HOSPITAL: Steven tells Alan that he has some more forensics evidence to go over in AJ's murder case. Alan is sure that the evidence will prove that Courtney killed AJ. Jax overhears.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney is giving Rachel the money -- a million and change, embezzled from her foundation. It's money to get Rachel out of town. She wants Rachel gone, now. Rachel is taken aback. Courtney gets very emotional, saying that she can't deal with all of the drama in her life -- Sonny's kids being taken, and her relationship with Jax -- and deal with Rachel as well. She doesn't care where Rachel goes as long as she gets gone. Rachel apologizes to Courtney.

FAITH'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Justus plays the tape recorder for Mac as Faith listens from her bed. Justus leaves and Mac asks Faith to tell him where Michael is. Faith says that Michael is dead.

RIC'S OFFICE: Reese and Ric are skeptical of Skye's claim that she helped Faith alone. Ric thinks she had someone else working with her.

GREYSTONE: Jason comes into the room where Sonny is drinking and brooding alone. Sonny tells him that Luke is going to cooperate and that Luke also was the one to break Faith out of prison. Sonny wonders if Luke should be to blame for the kidnappings as well, since he is the reason Faith got out of jail. But Sonny remembers that Luke blamed him when Lucky was presumed dead in a fire...that Luke said to him, "What's a dead son between friends." He thinks Luke should pay now for Michael being gone. Sonny tells Jason to go get the records from Luke and to thank him.

THE HOSPITAL: Jax confronts Alan over Alan's insistance that Courtney killed AJ. Steven tries to intervene. Jax tells Alan that he won't allow anyone to frame Courtney for the murder.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Rachel is crying and swearing that she would never hurt anyone who never hurt her first. But then she got caught up in wanting to make Steven pay. She admits that she never saw Courtney as a real person before this, just a means to an end.

RIC'S OFFICE: Skye tries to convince Ric and Reese that she acted alone, but Ric thinks that Luke was her accomplice. Skye gets upset and still refuses to reveal the name of the person she was working with.

GREYSTONE: Carly and Sonny are alone in a room together. Sonny says he is still praying for Michael's return. Carly says she is too angry to pray -- she questions God's ability to help them out of this. Sonny says he is just asking God for forgiveness.

RIC'S OFFICE: Skye's plan to shield Luke from the investigation into Faith's prison break is going up in flames -- no one seems to buy it.

THE HOSPITAL: Jax runs into Alexis at the hospital. He wants Alexis' help -- in case Courtney needs a lawyer. Alexis agrees and tells him that she is pregnant. Jax tells her congrats. Alexis asks if he thinks Courtney killed AJ. Jax says that if she had, they would both be out of the country by now.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Rachel doesn't want Courtney's money and she also doesn't expect Court to forgive her. Courtney says if Rachel just goes away, she won't go to the police with the information about Rachel killing AJ. But Rachel doesn't want to leave town. She agrees, though, to stop threatening Jax and to find a new place to live if Courtney keeps quiet. Courtney leaves to take the money back to her foundation. Rachel ponders her situation. She takes a look at the hairbrush that Courtney was using earlier...and then takes a strand out of the bristles, staring at it thoughtfully.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Skye is back at the casino. Luke realizes that Skye confessed and she admits to it, but notes that she didn't mention his name. Skye tells him that she cut a deal with the police -- if she gives them Faith's financial records and it helps find Michael, they won't press charges. She rants that she and Luke are responsible for Michael's apparent death at the hands of Faith. Luke listens to her but says nothing.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam have just arrived at the penthouse. Jason is exhausted but he has a lot of papers and evidence to look through if they are going to find Michael.

GREYSTONE: Sonny is blaming himself for Michael being gone...he says he should have killed Faith when he had the chance. Carly pleads with Sonny to stay with them rather than going back into "the dark place."

THE HAUNTED STAR: Skye is looking through all of the financial information on Faith's accounts and such. She hopes that it is enough to find Michael. Skye says that she is trying to make amends for what she did in helping Faith break out of jail. She leaves and Luke takes another shot of alcohol.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam is comforting Jason. He thanks her for helping him through this.

THE CHURCH: Lorenzo walks into the church. He goes to the poor box and stuffs a huge wad of cash into it. Then he lights a candle, says a prayer and sits in one of the pews. Suddenly, Carly walks in. She goes to Lorenzo and notes that she didn't expect to see him here. Lorenzo says that he didn't expect to see her either. Carly asks him if is praying. Lorenzo says that Sophie (the girl he was once in love with who died) always thought prayer would save the world. He continues that she died in a crossfire of a battle that was not hers to fight. Carly says that she knows that Michael is not alive...but she can't pray about it. She's too angry. She says that when she was little she used to go to church with prayer lists, as if God was Santa, expect that you never know if God's going to show up or not. Carly doesn't know where to start. Lorenzo thinks that maybe she should start with what she's grateful for. Carly says all she wants is her son back. Lorenzo gets up to leave but she asks him to stay with her, please.

RIC'S OFFICE: Alexis and Kristina are at Ric's office. Ric is happy to see them. Kristina plays with toys in the corner while Alexis and Ric talk. Ric thinks Michael must be somewhere, that he cannot just have disappeared. Alexis says that nothing is more important right now than finding Michael.

GREYSTONE: Reese has come to see Sonny. Sonny is pissy. He wonders why Reese even thinks Michael matters -- can't she just write him off as a casualty of a mob war? Reese says it matters to her because the first child she was supposed to bring home didn't make it.

THE HOSPITAL LAB: Rachel is taking blood from a vial. She puts some of it on the strands of hair she took from Courtney's brush.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jax is waiting for Courtney when she returns. She is thankful to see him. She is worried that everything won't work out for them.

THE HOSPITAL: Rachel tries to make small-talk with Steven about the AJ Quartermaine murder. She wonders if people are still suspecting Courtney? Steven says that he can't discuss it, but Rachel says that there's no way that Courtney could have been involved. Steven leaves to take a call and Rachel puts the bloody hair she prepared earlier in the stack of evidence.

THE CHURCH: Carly is praying to God -- she wants Michael to be safe, taken care of, and to come home. For a moment she gets angry, and then recants and says that she just wants Michael back. She needs God to bring him home, to bring Michael back to her. Lorenzo watches Carly -- he is obviously moved. Afterward, he hugs her. She holds onto him thankfully.

GREYSTONE: Sonny gives Reese something to drink as she talks to him about the first case she was on...involving a wealthy kid from Chicago. She laments the fact that the actual kidnapper in that case didn't fit the profile...and the kid ended up dying. She is worried about making a mistake in this case.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam are wondering if someone else was working with Faith, because there's something missing or wrong about the account numbers they are going over.

FAITH'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Faith is talking to someone on the phone. She tells the person on the other end that if he or she doesn't come get her out, she will tell the cops all about that person's involvement in the kidnapping.

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