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General Hospital Update Thursday 3/3/05



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THE HAUNTED STAR: Luke is talking to Justus...Justus wants to confess to the police about helping Faith escape from prison. Luke doesn't think it's a good idea. Sam shows up...she wants to talk to them about see if they know where Faith might have sent Michael.

THE HOSPITAL: Bobbie is with Carly and Morgan. Bobbie is sure Michael will come home safe. Lorenzo arrives...he wanted to find out how Morgan was after his check-up. Carly is flattered. Bobbie takes Morgan for a walk while Carly asks Lorenzo if he talked to Faith in the ER. Lorenzo wants to talk to Jason first but Carly insists. He finally answers that Faith told him that Michael is gone.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Jason tracks down Reese...he wants to question Faith, alone without guards around. Reese balks at this.

Still elsewhere in the hospital, Ric is instructing several policemen about Faith's situation -- he needs them to stand guard outside her hospital she may be murdered by one of the many people out to get her. Sonny, standing a few feet away, overhears this.

KRISTINA'S CHECK-UP ROOM: Alexis is with Kristina. Elizabeth comes into let them know that the check-up went well. She then gives Alexis her congratulations on being pregnant. Alexis tells Elizabeth that she's sorry about Faith having been the cause of Liz and Ric's lost baby. Elizabeth says that even if Faith is punished it won't lessen the damage. She leaves and Emily arrives. She and Alexis talk a bit...Alexis is surprised that Emily hasn't heard -- Michael is still missing.

THE HOSPITAL: Lorenzo tells Carly that Faith told him that Michael is dead. Carly starts to cry. She is sure Faith is lying: "What did she do to my son? Lorenzo?" Lorenzo tells her that Faith said that she shot Michael and dumped his body in a swamp. Carly still thinks that Faith is lying. Lorenzo (who is also looking teary-eyed) says that there is no reason for Faith to lie about this now that she's been caught. Carly sobs and collapses in Lorenzo's arms as Bobbie and Morgan look on.

Meanwhile, up on the roof, Reese tells Jason that she thinks Michael's not really dead after all. Jason says that that's why he needs to talk to Faith. As they talk, the helicopter is about to land.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Sam is asking Luke and Justus for their help in finding out where Faith might have taken Michael. Luke says that he can't help her, as he was only really intimate with Faith's money and not Faith herself during the time they worked together. Justus says that there is no way he'd be able to get information out of Faith after the way he betrayed her. Sam reminds them that Sonny and Jason know that they helped Faith before. Suddenly Skye shows up -- she asks Luke and Justus if they really told Sam what they did.

THE HOSPITAL: Faith is being wheeled to a room at the hospital. Sonny is hot on her trail, but he's stopped by Jason. Sonny says that Faith needs to pay, but Jason reminds him that Faith still has something they need: Michael.

KRISTINA'S CHECK-UP ROOM: Alexis fills Emily in on what has been going on, and about the fact that Michael is still missing. Emily is shocked. She wants to tell the Quartermaines about Michael's disappearance.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Luke hustles Sam out the door before Skye can say anything else to her. After Sam's gone, Skye laments the fact that they are personally responsible for Faith kidnapping the kids and probably killing Michael.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny wants to make Faith pay -- he ignores Jason. This time Ric stops him, warning Sonny that if he kills Faith, the cops will come down on him. Ric leaves and Jason and Sonny are left alone. Jason admits that he doesn't know if Michael is really alive. Just then Carly comes over to them. She looks like she's still in shock. She starts to cry again as she tells them that Michael isn't coming back. She hugs Sonny.

KRISTINA'S CHECK-UP ROOM: Ric is back with Kristina and Alexis...Kristina is admiring a bunch of balloons she got to welcome her home. Alexis is still worried about Michael. Ric tells her that she can let go and allow herself to be happy about Kristina's safe return.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly tells Jason and Sonny about what Faith told Lorenzo. She doesn't want to believe it but why would Faith lie? Sonny stands up and says he needs to take care of something. Bobbie, still holding Morgan, interrupts, saying that she thinks Morgan should be taken home by both his parents. Sonny and Carly hold Morgan -- Carly notes tearfully that Morgan is alive and well and full of love...she needs Sonny to take him home with her. They leave. Jason remains behind, looking upset.

FAITH'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Reese is questioning Faith -- she wants to know how Faith arranged all of this and who she was working with. Reese wants to know where Michael is. Jason shows up and he's allowed in. Reese again says that she is going to find Michael. Faith says she won't get any information out of her. Reese leaves Jason alone with Faith. Jason quickly leans on Faith's neck, cutting off her air. Faith gasps for air and finally agrees to tell Jason where Michael is.

Reese waits in the hallway as Jason demands that Faith tell the truth. Faith says that she had to cut her losses -- she dumped Michael in the swamp...and that he was dead when she did it. Jason tries to cut off all of Faith's air. Before he can kill her, Reese rushes in and stops him. She says that Faith is only trying to provoke him. Reese thinks Michael is still alive and she vows to find him. Jason walks out of the room angrily. He is stopped in the hallway by Sam, who asks what happened. Jason tells her and she hugs him. Reese joins them in the hall -- she says that her team has searched the swamp and found no evidence of a body. Her instincts say that Michael is alive. Jason says he can't even think about what Faith told him. He is very shaken up.

GREYSTONE: Sonny, Carly and Morgan are home. Carly's carrying Morgan...she says she's going to go give him a bath. Sonny says he'll be up in a minute. Before they leave, he gives Morgan a kiss, and Carly one as well. Carly takes Morgan upstairs. Sonny looks at a framed picture of Michael on one of the tables in the room. He sees a toy truck down on the floor -- the remote control to the truck is in a chair. Sonny broods.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Justus doesn't think it will take long for everyone to figure out Luke and Skye's involvement in Faith breaking out of prison. Lorenzo arrives. He wants to talk to them about Faith's possible motives. He wants to know everything that Faith said to Luke and Skye prior to the kidnapping.

KRISTINA'S CHECK-UP ROOM: Alexis is worried about Michael. Ric is trying to reassure her -- saying that they need to go on with their lives and be happy about Kristina coming home. Alexis goes to see Kristina, who is playing on the ground with her balloons.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Monica is in the library looking at a picture -- Alan, Monica, Jason and AJ. She sadly touches AJ in the picture. Alan comes in and they start to talk. Monica thinks that they need to learn how to love one another as a family again. Edward comes in with Emily. She tells them all that she has gotten news on Michael -- that he may be dead.

GREYSTONE: Sonny and Carly are talking about the toy truck Sonny found that belonged to Michael. Sonny is upset because he thinks Michael always believed he would come save him. Carly hopes that it happened too quickly for Michael to realize what was going on. Sonny wants to kill Faith. This upsets Carly greatly -- just then, Jason comes in. He tells Sonny that he believes Michael is still alive...that it doesn't make any sense that Faith would confess like that. Sonny is furious and Carly is crying. Finally Sonny agrees to start looking at other options -- and he says he knows just where to start.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Emily tells Alan, Monica and Edward that Faith caught Michael trying to escape -- that it's possible that Faith shot him. Edward refuses to believe it. Alan thinks that Edward's resources won't do any good -- that AJ's son is really dead. Edward and Alan leave as Monica cries in Emily's arms.

THE HOSPITAL: Ric sees Elizabeth up working and looking tired. He's concerned for her. Elizabeth admits that she is so angry about Faith causing her miscarriage. Ric thinks maybe he shouldn't have told her...that it only made her revisit the pain. Elizabeth says that she has never let go of it. She thinks that as long as Faith's alive, she'll be a threat to all of them. She leaves.

Skye arrives to see Bobbie -- she says she is sorry about Michael. But Bobbie is trying not to give up hope. Skye wants to see Faith -- Bobbie doesn't think that would be a good idea. Skye replies that there are things she needs to know...questions she wants answered. Such as, how long did she have all of this planned? Skye always thought that Faith would disappear after leaving prison. She starts to cry. She says she needs to take responsibility for her actions, and that's just what she's going tro do.

GREYSTONE: Luke has arrived to see Sonny. After a brief conversation about how Morgan is doing, Sonny gets right down to business -- he wants to know everything Luke knows about Faith. Luke nods hesitantly.

KRISTINA'S CHECK-UP ROOM: Elizabeth has come by to go over some final paperwork with Alexis. Apparently Kristina is ready to go. Alexis promises not to let anything happen to Kristina ever again.

FAITH'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Faith is sleeping when someone enters her room. It's Elizabeth -- and she looks angry.

RIC'S OFFICE: Lorenzo, Reese and Ric are in Ric's office discussing Faith. Reese thinks that there's a piece of the puzzle missing. She thinks that Faith was working with someone -- a brains of the operation. Someone who helped Faith escape from prison. Just then Skye enters the room. She says she has come to confess: she is the one who helped Faith escape.

GREYSTONE: Sonny wants Luke to give him the numbers of anyone that Faith did business with. Luke says he can get Sonny some records. Sonny says that that would be fine. Sonny then asks Jason to leave the room for a moment while he talks to Luke. Sonny asks Luke if he had anything to do with Faith breaking out of prison.

Out in the foyer, Carly comes downstairs to see Jason. Carly wants to know where Sonny is -- she saw Luke come in. Jason says that Sonny is handling it. Carly wants to talk to Luke herself...especially after she realizes that Luke is probably the one who was behind Faith breaking out of prison in the first place. She tries to run past Jason into the room where Sonny's with Luke, but Jason stops her and orders her to let Sonny handle it.

FAITH'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Justus has come to see Faith. A guard lets him in and gives him privacy. Faith starts to cry -- she prayed for Justus to come see her and now he's here. She wonders if he'll let them kill her? Justus says that he has come to fix things after he helped her escape from prison. He suddenly grabs a pillow and tries to smother Faith. Faith struggles and finally screams through the pillow that it was a lie. Justus releases her and she tells him that it was a lie -- that Michael's really still alive.

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