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General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/2/05



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While in a romantic interlude with Jax, Courtney gets a call from Bridget.

Agent Marshall informs Jason and Sam that the forensics lab has identified Michael’s blood. She says it may have just been from a minor cut or scrape. But then possibly the gunshot Sonny heard on the phone was real.

At the hospital Carly, Sonny and Lorenzo wait outside Faith’s room for word from the doctor on her condition. Carly tells Sonny she never thought she’d be praying for Faith Roscoe’s recovery. He tells her that as long as she recovers in order to tell them where the children are, she can go right back to hell where she belongs. She tells him how amazing their son is. He left the clues and stole a cell phone in order to call him. He’s so like his father. He tells her that Michael is just like his mother, never giving up. She smiles and says that is why she knows that Michael is ok. He’s not a typical nine-year- old. The doctor comes out and tells them he does not know when or if Faith will regain consciousness.

After the call from Bridget, Courtney gets dressed and ready to go out and help her. She is surprised that Jax does not have a problem with it. He informs her that he’s come to know her the way she is. Some people are workaholics. Some are shopaholics. She is a helpaholic. She’s a very kind person and that’s why he loves her. He says it’s totally ok that she has commitments and other things in her life. She’s agreed to marry him and that’s all that matters. He tells her she is an amazing woman and he will be so proud to make her his wife.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that he is “so busted” for wanting to sneak out of the hospital in order to help Emily and Nikolas. She tells him that he cannot push himself so soon. If something happened to him, it would devastate everybody. He asks about Cameron. She says he’s fine. He can tell that something has gotten her very upset. She reveals to him that she just found out that Faith was the one who pushed her down the stairs and caused her to lose hers’ and Rick’s baby.

Agent Marshall goes to find Jason and Sam. She tells them she just got an update of the tiretracks of the vehicle where the kids were moved in. She says they are ready to identify the car. Sam asks about the shovel. Agent Marshall informs them that Faith’s prints were found on the shovel and that’s why she had mud on her clothing. She tells them she’s asked the sheriff to bring out the search dogs and find out what happened.

Alexis and Rick join Sonny and Carly wanting to get the answers from Faith. Carly informs them that there was a shoot out in the church and that the only leads they have are tire tracks, blood on a shove, Michael calling his father, then getting cut off, then they heard a gunshot. Sonny tells them that perhaps Faith was just playing mind games. Alexis sits with Carly and encourages her to bleive that Michael is alive. Carly says that whoever is working for Faith is waiting for orders and will not do anything while she is unconscious. Rick tells Sonny that he blames himself for what Faith did. He admits that he used her and played with her. Sonny tells Rick that Faith is a nutcase. She was that way long before she met Rick. And this is no more Rick’s fault than it is his own.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that maybe she needs to deal with the grief she is feeling about losing her baby. But she would rather move on and be positive. She has a great job and a wonderful child. He tells her she is amazing.

Alone in his home, Jax picks up his phone. Rachel calls and asks why she hasn’t been able to reach Courtney. He informs her that Courtney is in the middle of some sort of “ troubled teen crises”. She assumes to know nothing about it and asks him to come over to Courtney’s. She says she has some sort of “personal emergency” and sounds very gracious telling him she hates to impose upon him. He agrees to come.

In the hospital, Skye notices Justus up and walking with his IV pole. She asks him how he’s feeling. He tells her good but Faith got away and the kids are somewhere in Louisiana and nowhere to be found. Luke appears and Justus informs him that he plans on confessing to the police that he helped Faith escape from prison.

Sam tells Jason that even if he thinks it’s silly, she has many times been able to change a lot of things with positive thinking. She tells him that he needs to keep telling himself that Michael will be ok. and what a strong and amazing kid he is.

Agent Marshall informs Alexis and Rick that the forensics team found a toddler girl’s footprints near the tire tracks.. She says that they also found a small amount of blood of Michael’s type, not enough to be from a gunshot wound. And they found Faith’s fingerprints on the shovel. She, then gets a call and informs them that the sheriff believes he might have found a grave.

Jax goes to meet Rachel at Courtney’s at her request. Hearing but not seeing her, he asks where she is. She tells him she’s in the bathroom. He enters and finds her in the bubble bath. She seems to have gotten her big toe stuck in the bathtub faucet.

Courtney goes to the hospital to meet Rachel. Rachel informs her that she got busted for stealing drugs from the hospital but assures her she did not take any. Courtney asks her why she did it. Rachel replies that her grandmother gave her a false date for an appointment she had for her baby. So she went there and discovered that her grandmother seemed to have deliberately lied to her and prevented her from seeing her baby. She says she got so angry that she was thinking what she was doing. SO she took the drugs. She later realized she should return them but was worried that somebody would catch her. Steven appears and tells Courtney she sounded urgent when she called him on the phone. She thanks him for coming. She asks Bridget to return the drugs. She hands them over to Steven.

Justus informs Luke and Skye that he trusted Faith when he should not have. Luke tells him that so did he. Skye admits that although she’s always seen Faith as a psycho, she would not have thought even she would kidnap three children. Justus tells him that he once had a relationship with her and when he first met her, she appeared to be a warm and loving person. He tells them that he was guilty and needs to relieve his conscience by admitting to a judge that he aided and abetted Faith. When he leaves, Luke tells Skye that Justus must just be letting the drugs talk for him. And once they wear off, he will realize that he is looking at a lengthy prison sentence if he incriminates himself for helping Faith. She inquires if Luke thinks that maybe she should confess her part in helping Faith get away also.

Carly tells Lorenzo that it’s possible that Michael cut himself fighting somebody in the church who was about to carry him away. He encourages her not to give up hope on her son. She tells him that she knows that Michael is alive.

Sonny, Jason and Sam go with Agent Marshall and the sheriff to the gravesite where somebody dug a hole. Sonny snaps that it’s not a grave. The sheriff tells him that whoever dug that whole intended to bury somebody. And he concludes with Faith’s fingerprints on the shovel—But Sonny cuts him off and says that means nothing. He tells them his son is not there. He’s alive. And he tells Jason he must tell them. They all know that Faith is a psycho-path. Nobody knows what she will do next. Jason doesn’t say much. But Sonny says, again that his son is alive. And it looks like he’s ready to cry.

Steven tells Bridget that he will forgive her for making this mistake knowing that she owned up to it. And he won’t get her into any trouble. He then talks privately to Courtney. He tells her he’s very impressed by all she’s done for the foundation. He notes that she’s a very generous person. Not just with kids but also in regard to Rachel. He tells her that he knows his ex-girlfriend needs support and friendship and he knows that Courtney is kind enough to give it to her. Courtney tells him it seems like he and Rachel are becoming friends again too and admits that Rachel did not tell her too much about their break up, but if he doesn’t mind telling her, she’d like to hear it from him. He tells her that he thinks it’s really good that Rachel has not held a grudge over the fact that when the two of them were residents, they were equally culpable for losing a patient. But his career went upward, whereas Rachel took full blame and got demoded. He tells her that he thinks it’s really awesome that Rachel is getting her career back on track. She admits to him that she notices that even if Rachel’s medical career is successful, she can tell that Rachel has some “personal issues”. It seems like Steven is completely unaware of Rachel’s “problem” and goes on and on about how positive she is in every way. But right at that moment, he is interrupted by Dr. Alan Quartermaine,who asks him to find all the forensic evidence from the hotel where AJ was stabbed. He tells Steven he’d like for him to find his son’s killer and he thinks the evidence is going to point straight at Courtney. Courtney is not beyond an earshot away from them, waiting for the elevator.

Jax helps Rachel with her foot and she seems very gracious.

Sonny asks Jason if somebody is implying that Faith dug the grave for Michael and when she saw the cops, she buried him in the swamp. Sam protests that that is not what Jason or anybody has said. But he yells that that is what they believe. Agent Marshall assures him that they are not going to give up on Michael. He tells Jason that he knows Michael better than anybody and must know that he is a fighter. He does not give up. He is not dead. Jason says nothing. Sonny says that Michael is out there fighting for his life and he will keep fighting until they bring him home.

Carly and Lorenzo sit in the hospital waiting room with Alexis and Rick. Carly tells them that from not hearing from Sonny that means that no news is good news. Alexis tells Carly that she should be very proud of her son, knowing the evidence that he could have escaped to save himself but didn’t. He stayed to protect Morgan and Christina. Caly walks off, sounding like Alexis is implying that Michael died a hero. But Alexis says she is so proud and so grateful to Carly’s son for saving her daughter’s life. Carly tells Alexis that she may tell him that herself when he comes back. Rick gets a call from the FBI, informing him that they’ve found the car in question.

Skye tells Luke that she wants to confess to helping Faith break out of prison. He tells her she’s not drugged the way Justus was so why would she do that. She says this is not about her or about him. It’s about the kids. She enabled Faith to be free, due to her own selfishness. And now a psycho got loose and kidnapped three children. He asks her what good it would do her to turn herself in. Will it bring the kids back any sooner? She says she’s had many opportunities to prevent Faith from endangering society. She’s known for such a long time what Faith is capable of. But did that stop her? She tells him that she needs to be accountable. He again asks her what that will accomplish? He tells her that he is hearing his friend tell him she wants to jump off a cliff. And she’s asking him to help her by what she’s saying.

Courtney enters her home to see Rachel and Jax together. She asks what she’s missed. Jax informed her that Rachel called him there to help her out of a personal crisis. He rescued the damsel in distress. Courtney suggests that maybe Rachel should have called the building supervisor. But Rachel tells her that would have been too embarrassing and at least Jax was discreet. Jax leaves and Rachel tells Courtney that she really understands why Jax was worth it. He’s a real catch and the kind of guy many women would kill for. No wonder Courtney would be so quick to stab AJ.

Dr. Alan Quartermaine tells Steven Webber that he has every reason to believe that Courtney murdered his son. Steven protests that he does not believe that Courtney is the type of woman who’d be capable of murder. But Alan tells Steven that he must help him get to the bottom of what happened. He also tells Steven that he has an excellent reputation and expects him to catch anything that investigators fail to find.

Luke tells Skye that he, too, could incriminate himself about all the crazy things he did. She tells him she will not let him do that. He tells her that he’s glad that she will not. And he tells her she must see that what they both need to do is keep their mouths shut about whatever guilt they have in aiding and abetting Faith’s escape from prison. Because anything else would be sheer stupidity and accomplish absolutely nothing.

Agent Marshall informs Sonny, Carly, Jason and Sam that they have found two children. Sam tells Jason that that is very encouraging. But he tells her it’s not ok. They say two children. Not three.

Rachel tells Courtney that she must say that Courtney’s taste in men has drastically improved. She only had a few minutes with AJ and could tell that he couldn’t hold a candle to the great Jasper Jax. She tells Courtney that knowing how great of a catch Jax is, it would be a real shame if he cracked his head on the bathroom tiles and died. Courtney tells her if anything happens to Jax, she will be sorry. But Rachel tells her all she’s saying is that it would be a real shame if Jax had to die in place of Steven Webber.

Sonny, Carly, Alexis and Rick stand by the elevator, awaiting the arrival of their children. Alexis and Rick rush to greet Christina and are overjoyed to see her. Sonny and Carly are not as happy. They greet Morgan. But Sonny asks Christina if she knows what has happened to her brother.

Jason tells Sam of his memories of taking care of Michael since birth. He tells her how protective he has always been to Michael. She puts her arms around him.

Lorenzo goes into Faith’s room and asks her where Michael is. She replies he’s dead. He was shot and his body was left by the swamp.

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