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In the hospital, Rachel tells Courtney that she can see that Jax is a quality guy and understands why Courtney would risk a lot for him.

Lorenzo flies down to see how Carly is holding up after the kidnapping. She informs him that Michael got a hold of a phone, called Sonny, Faith took the phone from him, they heard gunshot and that was the last they heard from Michael. She is devastated and he puts his arms around her.

There’s a big shoot-out in the church where Faith has most recently had Sonny’s children. Sonny, Jason and Agent Marshall open fire. Faith and her assistant shoot at them. Finally Faith falls to the floor. It looks like she is not dead, however, when she blinks her eyes and moves her hands. Sonny is ready to kill her and tells her this is for his children. But at that moment, Agent Marshall rushes in and tells him he cannot kill Faith because his children are nowhere in this building. Sonny screams at Faith, demanding she tells him where his children are and that she cannot die on him. He asks Jason to save Faith because if she dies they will never find the kids. He goes off with Agent Marshall.

In the hospital, Elizabeth finds Rick and asks him how Alexis is. He replies stubborn, difficult and argumentative as usual. She tells him she is very happy for him to be having a baby. He tells her he appreciates that. He also tells her he realizes she’s moved on with her life, has Cameron, and he realizes she is a wonderful mother. She admits to him that she still thinks about the baby they lost.

Courtney finds Rachel and tells her she refuses to kill Steven and Rachel had better not threaten Jax. But again, Rachel reminds Courtney that her own fingerprints were on the murder weapon that killed AJ and nobody can ever prove that Rachel put them there. She offers an “added bonus” to Courtney, realizing that the kids in her foundation need her. She tells Courtney that if she kills Steven, she will do everything she can to make it look like an accident so Courtney does not go to prison. Right at that moment, a woman tells Rachel she is so grateful for the excellent medical care Rachel has given her daughter and that she may have saved her life. Rachel graciously responds to her. Hearing that, Courtney tells Rachel she just cannot understand this. Rachel has a “gift” for saving lives. How could she behave this way?

Emily pushes Lucky in his wheelchair and says he must realize it’s way too early to be out of his room. He tells her that perhaps a change of scenery could be the best medicine. She tells him that it is a miracle that he’s woken up. She says she trusts him but he cannot push himself. He tells her he can see that something is going on with her and he’d like her to open up and talk to him.

Carly tells Lorenzo that she knows in her heart that Michael is alive. But right at that moment, cops enter and Carly, Lorenzo and Sam can hear, from their scanners, that there has been a shoot-out at the place where Sonny and Jason went to get the kids.

At the church, Sonny tries to keep Faith alive. Noticing that Faith had a shovel, he concludes that somebody has been digging a hole. The children are gone and he notices Faith has mud and blood on her shoes. But Agent Marshall tells him that he cannot jump to conclusions.

Rick informs Elizabeth that Faith suddenly revealed to him that she pushed Elizabeth down the stairs and caused her to lose her baby. Hearing that, Elizabeth concludes that Faith is crazy and needs to be stopped. He assures her that she will be soon. For all the children; Michael, Morgan, Christina and their deceased child, justice must prevail.

Courtney urges Rachel to realize that yes, Steven took advantage of her. She agrees that Steven should have shared the blame with Rachel when they lost that patient. But she tells Rachel she needs to get on with her life and realize she has a great career and opportunities in her future. Rachel admits to Courtney that if Steven would sincerely apologize, she might reconsider wanting him dead. Courtney urges Rachel to go and talk to Steven and attempt to resolve this. At that moment, Jax enters. Rachel appears friendly to him. He tells Courtney that they need to go somewhere where nobody can disturb them. Courtney tells Jax that that would not be a good idea. But Rachel encourages them to go.

Emily informs Lucky that she doesn’t want to ask Alexis to represent Nikolas on his appeal with all that’s going on with her. But she says she believes that Luke will find Helena and get Nikolas freed from prison. He asks her how Nikolas was when she last saw him. She admits to Lucky that she decided that she needed to ask Nikolas for a divorce. She tells Lukcy that he may tell her she is selfish. But he asks her if she still loves Nikolas. She admits she does. But she’s come to the realization that the divorce has to be done. She says she will ask Justus to draw up the paperwork but has put that off since Justus has been shot. But she admits to Lucky that she is just making excuses and the reason she is stalling is because she doesn’t really want to divorce Nikolas.

Rick goes to see Alexis in her hospital room. She informs him that she had another dream that Christina was ok and that she knows they are going to find her.

Carly goes to the hospital where Faith was taken. She asks Sonny, Jason and Agent Marshall where the children; knowing if they are not with Faith, they are still gone. Sonny informs her that they did not find the children but discovered a shovel and mud and blood on the bottom of Faith’s shoes.

In the hospital, having no suspicion about Rachel, Steven tells her that he is very proud of her for all that she’s accomplished as a doctor. He also relives the old memories they had together. She asks him if he ever feels sorry for what happened between them.

Courtney and Jax go to their secret place. He tells her that throughout such a long time, they’ve had so much commotion. He tells her that it’s absurd that anybody would accuse her of murdering AJ. She is kind and loving. Hearing that, she asks him to stop.

Carly tries to encourage Sonny to believe that the mud and blood on a shovel could mean a million things. But she can tell by his sullen and hopeless expression that he does not believe anything hopeful. Agent Marshall informs them about what Peavey told them. But nobody still has a clue where the children are. Sonny tells her they are going to keep looking and that is all they can do. Lorenzo appears and asks Agent Marshall if she really believes that she can successfully bring those children back alive. She does not respond. And he says that neither does he.

Jason tells Sam that it looks as though somebody other than Faith took the kids out of the building. He gets up to do his own investigation. But she urges him to let the cops handle it. They go to inform Sonny, Carly and Agent Marshall that it’s possible that somebody else took the kids out of the building without Faith’s knowledge. Agent Marshall goes off with Jason and Sam.

Alexis tells Rick she has to get out of her hospital room. She is Christina’s mother. Her daughter needs her. He tells her that’s ok, but she just needs to notify Dr. Meadows. She is surprised that he did not argue with her on that. He tells her that they have two children. And neither can be seen as any more important than the other.

In response to Rachel’s question if he is sorry about their “misfortune”, he informs her that he’s learned how to be a better doctor and has made some positive changes after that experience. But she tells him that what she has learned from it is that she was very foolish and naïve to trust and she will never do that again. At that moment, Elizabeth comes and asks Rachel to have lunch with her. Steven leaves. Rachel informs Elizabeth that she and Steven were just reliving the past and she’s concluded that some things never change.

Alone with Jax, Courtney tells him she loves him and couldn’t stand the thought of anything happening to him. But she does not let on to what Rachel has been doing

When they return from lunch, Rachel sounds very gracious and sensitive to Elizabeth, telling her that she is really happy that Courtney is with Jax, how he’s really great, and how concerned she is about her “friend” being stressed over the murder of AJ.

Dr. Meadows cautions Alexis about how stress could jeopardize her pregnancy but agrees to let her go home. When she is alone with Rick, Alexis says the minute they are out of the hospital they are going to go and get Christina themselves.

Lorenzo enters to be with Carly while she is with all the people who tried to intervene with Faith. She tells him she must ask him something and it’s important to hear his feedback about this since he is not “emotionally involved” nor related to any of the children. He tells her that Faith is very sick and deranged but he doubts that she would kill a child. He also reminds her that Faith would have no “benefit” unless the children are alive. And he believes that Faith may have just used the shovel to scare Sonny.

Agent Marshall takes Jason and Sam to the “crime scene” but admits to them that there is really no way to know if the children were ever there.

Rachel asks Bridget, the teenage girl who just had a baby, to meet her at the hospital. She informs Bridget that she wanted to talk to her because they have a mutual friend; Courtney Matthews. She asks Bridget how she is managing financially. Bridget admits she is broke. Rachel tells Bridget that she can help her, in exchange for an “itsy bitsy favor”.

Carly encourages Sonny to believe that Faith will recover, she will wake up, and when she does she will tell them where the kids are. And they will go and get them.

At the crime scene, Agent Marshall informs Jason and Sam that forensics found tire-tracks and the footprints of a little girl, who could have been Christina. Sam concludes that maybe Michael escaped with Christina and they are both ok. But Agent Marshall informs them that they also found blood that matched Michael’s blood type.

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