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General Hospital Update Monday 2/28/05



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Luke goes through the hospital and believes he hears his son’s voice. He enters Lucky’s room and notices Lucky in his room, happily talking to Skye. Luke rushes in and hugs his son.

Carly enters her home and asks Jason what has happened. He informs her that Michael called to tell his father where he was, when Faith found out, she took the phone away and Sonny heard a gunshot right after the last time he spoke to his son. And they are very worried about the worst.

While re-hearing the phone conversation where he asks Michael where he is, hearing no response and then hearing a gunshot before the phone goes dead, Sonny smashes a window. Agent Marshall enters and asks him what is going on.

Faith’s assistant asks her what has happened to the children. She informs him that the most “difficult” one of them will no longer be a problem.

Lucky tells his father that he did not even know that he’d been in a coma until the doctors told him. Skye tells him that’s amazing and asks how he’s feeling. He tells his father that he remembers so many times hearing him say to never underestimate a Spencer. Luke tells his son that that has always been his position. He informs Lucky that the doctors told him he would never breath without a machine but he proved them all wrong. Lucky asks just how his father managed to do that. Skye kind of urges Luke not to tell Lucky exactly what happened. But Luke admits to his son that he turned off his breathing machine.

Emily tells Elizabeth that she does not need another lecture on what she should or should not be telling Nikolas and says that since Elizabeth, herself is a rape survivor, she expected more compassion and respect from Elizabeth. She tells her that it is her right to decide who she chooses or does not choose to talk to about the situation. And Elizabeth of all people should respect that since she does not remember Elizabeth shouting from a rooftop after it happened to her. Elizabeth protests that she had to get help and admit she needed it and tells Emily that’s what she also needs to do. Emily tells Elizabeth that her situation is a little different in that Nikolas is locked up in prison and she does not want him to be imagining Connor Bishop violating his wife.

Maria approaches Lorenzo about their son’s education. He tells her he’s right in the middle of something. At that moment, Durant enters and asks if this is his new girlfriend and if this is Lorenzo’s “effort” to help look for Durant’s grandsons. Lorenzo protests that he is doing his part in tracking down Faith and the kids. Durant tells him it’s only so he can win Carly over and he bets Lorenzo secretly hopes that the kids never come back. Lorenzo demands to know what he just said. Durant tells him he may be able to charm his daughter but he does not fool him. He only wants Carly vulnerable and to get her away from Sonny.

Hearing Carly’s fears that her son may be dead, Jason urges her to see that Faith would have no benefit unless they were alive and the gunshot might very well have just been a scare tactic.

Agent Marshall goes to find Carly. She tells Carly that her ex-husband is losing it, smashed a window, is now completely unresponsive and she’s very worried about him. When Carly goes up to talk to her ex-husband, Agent Marshall privately tells Jason and Sam that based upon what happened, Sonny might belong in a psyche ward and she wonders what will happen when Sonny comes face-to-face with Faith Roscoe.

Carly goes and notices a big bloody cut on Sonny’s hand. He tells her he does not care and will let it bleed. She tells him she does not want it to get infected and that he cannot help the children if he can’t use his hand. He tells her that Michael escaped and got to a phone to tell his father where he was. He was fighting for his life and to find his parents. And that bitch killed their boy. She tells him he must never believe that.

Hearing that his father turned off his breathing machine and could have killed him, Lucky expresses that he did not want that to happen. Luke protests that he was authorized by the court to turn it off and the doctor’s “predictions” were proven wrong. Not only did Lucky not die. He is now back to normal. He should be happy for that. He also tells his son that he had no clue what he was supposed to do when he was lying in that coma. And if Lucky disapproves of his father’s judgment call, he needs to grow up, get a living will, accept some responsibility. And stop listening to his self-righteous friends.

In Alexis’ hospital room, Durant tells Rick he holds him responsible because in researching faith’s history, he’s discovered that Faith was once in love with Rick and he betrayed her. And so she might be putting Durant’s children’s, as well as Alexis’ daughter’s life in danger because of Rick.

Lorenzo informs Maria that due to his previous negligence with knowing about Faith’s crazy behaviors yet doing nothing to stop it, Carly was put in danger. She tells him that what has happened was not his fault. He says he could have prevented it and now he is determined to track her down for what she’s now done. At that moment he gets a call and asks somebody if they know the exact location on Faith’s assistant

Sam tells Jason that she knows he’s stressed and must get some rest. Lorenzo calls him and informs him that he knows where Faith’s assistant is going. He’s waiting for a ride out of town and Lorenzo has the address.

Carly tells Sonny he must try not to go squeezing any more broken glass. She tells him he must believe her with what she is about to tell him. She tells him that she would know if Michael was gone from this world. She tells him she’d know if he was gone. She’d feel the emptiness and the loss and there would be a whole inside of her. And it is not there. So she knows, and so must he, that Michael is alive. She tells him that Faith did not shoot their son. Michael and Morgan are out there. And they are waiting for their parents to take them home. And that is what they need to do. So he needs to pick himself up and stop doing Faith’s work for her. Because Faith wants him scared and so consumed with grief that he cannot act or do what he needs to do. Carly urges him to not let Faith win because his children need him. Hearing that, he pulls himself together and goes with Jason to find Faith’s helper and force him to tell them what has happened to their children. He tells Carly and Sam that he and Jason need to go alone without Agent Marshall’s help.

Elizabeth comes in to visit Lucky. She tells him she was so afraid throughout all this time that he would not come back to them. He thanks her for trying to prevent his father from turning off his ventilator. She says that she believes that Luke meant well. But he tells her that he doesn’t want to spend one more moment of his life letting his father dictate anything else in his life. He indicates that he does not trust his father.

Luke is ready to storm out of the hospital, after being confronted by his son about his decision. But Skye urges him to go back in there and tell Lucky that he loves him. He tells her that no matter what he does, Lucky has a problem with everything he does.

Alexis protests to Durant that he cannot target Rick as the sole reason for Faith’s compulsion to get revenge. She tells him that Faith is an “equal opportunity” nutcase. She would go after anybody anywhere who crosses her. Durant tells Alexis that for an otherwise intelligent woman, he can see that she has a soft spot where her husband is concerned. He says he’d like to bring her up to speed on Rick’s history. He brings up a theory that there is “symmetry” in Faith’s taking Rick’s nephews to Rick’s taking Carly’s unborn child. Alexis says that is absurd. Durant goes on to say that Faith attempted to “save” Rick from consequences for doing that. And how did he “repay” her? Alexis protests that Faith’s main motive is to hurt Sonny through his three children. She demands that he gets out of her hospital room. When he leaves, she tells her husband that she hates that man. Durant is just like Carly with a law degree. He’s vindictive, he’s spiteful and he’s self-centered. Rick tells Alexis that perhaps Durant is right.

Sonny and Jason go and find Faith’s helper, named Peavey. They both hold a gun on him and Sonny demands to know where his children are. Before he can see anything, Agent Marshall appears and tells them that she can see that they have located Ms. Roscoe’s accomplice.

With Christina and Morgan still with her, Faith tells her guard that she wants to move the children again. And she wants Sonny to spend the rest of his miserable life looking for his precious tots and never coming close to finding them.

Skye tells Luke that she spent the first half of her life begging for her adoptive father’s love. And that’s why she knows the real thing when she sees it. She knows he loves Lucky and Lucky loves him back. He tells her that he no longer wants to worry about trying to please Lucky nor worry if Lucky is angry at him. He tells her that he’s spent his entire life fighting the Cassadines and not once has he wound up in the hospital. So it is now his personal mission to find Helena and have her locked up and to get Nikolas out of prison. At that moment, Emily approaches them and tells Luke that she backs him in his pursuit of Helena and helping Nikolas. But Skye tells him that he is making a big mistake to be giving up on Lucky.

Emily goes to see Lucky. He’s very happy to see her. She informs him that she just saw his father and he’s preparing to go after Helena. He thanks her for giving him that information. But he tells her that his father claimed to “love” him by taking him off the ventilator. And he tells her he believes it was all just an ego trip. She tells him that she would never presume to judge anybody else’s actions. But she says that sometimes things just happened the way they do. Like glass and broken mirror. You cannot repair the damage or make it whole again. She says knowing that someone acted in your best interest might lesson the pain. But you many times believe it didn’t.

Rick tells Alexis that when he saw Faith after she kidnapped the children, she informed him that she took Christina in order to exercise revenge upon him. He tells her that simply taking Michael and Morgan would be all she’d need to do to get to Sonny. But her act of taking Christina was directed primarily at him. She protests that he is not responsible for that sick woman taking Christina. But he admits that Faith was in love with him. And he just used her and put her in prison in order to further his own career. And he says that he believes that Christina would be back home and safe right now if it were not for him. She tells him she does not believe that.

Carly tells Sam that she’s worried about what might have happened to Sonny and Jason since they’ve gone off and since they haven’t heard from them. Sam assures Carly that their men will not give up until they find the kids nor let anything happen to themselves. Carly tells Sam that they are both doing wishful thinking and she knows that that drives Jason nuts. He only wants to hear facts. Sam tells Carly that when Jason told her that her daughter died, she didn’t want to believe it, but she could feel that it was true. She could feel the loss and the emptiness. And she asks Carly if she feels the same loss for her kids. Carly admits she does not. And Sam also tells Carly that she knows that Faith would not want to kill the children because she would not have any leverage if she did. Carly asks how Jason and Sonny got their lead to find Faith’s helper. Sam says she knows that Lorenzo called Jason and tipped him off.

Sonny, Jason and Agent Marshall work Faith’s helper, Peavey over and Agent Marshall tells him they will stop at nothing, including killing him until he tells Mr. Corinthos where Faith Roscoe has taken his children.

Alexis tells Rick that he’s too good of a lawyer to not be able to figure out the truth. He did nothing wrong nor is in any way responsible for what happened to Christina. She tells him that she knows that Faith wants to break him and have him to blame himself. But she won’t let him do that. She needs him too much.

Lorenzo tells Maria that he will get back together with her at another time to discuss their son’s education. But right now he has to focus all his time on saving Carly’s kids. She says that’s quite alright and that she can see that he really loves Carly. At that moment, Carly calls him and thanks him for all his help, and cries admitting that she is very scared.

Sonny asks Peavey how much Faith paid him to take Sonny’s children from his home. He asks if he enjoyed what he did or if he was in it for the money. Peavey tells Sonny he is making a mistake. But Sonny asks again where his children are. He tells him again he does not know. Jason and Agent Marshall stand over him. Sonny again demands to know where they are. Jason punches him in the stomach. He finally tells them the church where Faith has taken the children.

Faith tells Christina and Morgan that she’s sorry for what has happened to them. They are kind of cute. But their father has taken her life apart, piece-by-piece and bit-by-bit. And there is a saying that what goes around comes around. And so she is just returning a favor. She picks up Morgan and takes Christina by the hand, tells tem she hopes they will not be scared and instructs her helper to get them ready for their new room. But at that moment, she notices her hand is shaking.

Sonny, Jason and Agent Marshall follow the lead Peavey gave them. They go into the church house with guns and open every door. They suddenly find Faith and there is gunfire. Everybody shoots. The church gets blown apart. Finally Jason gets to Faith and shoots her and she falls to the floor. It looks like she’s still alive when she moves her eyelids and hands while lying on the ground. Sonny is ready to end her life and tells her this is for his children. But Agent Marshall rushes in and tells him he must not kill Faith because his children are not in this building.

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