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PENTONVILLE PRISON: Emily is visiting Nikolas. He wants to know what is on her mind. She tells him that she wants a divorce. He shakes his head and says he knows she still loves him. He wants to know what's really going on.

THE KIDNAPPER'S HIDEOUT: Sam and Jason check out the house where Faith and her henchman had been keeping the kids. But there's no one there. Sam finds a bottle, still cold, on the ground and realizes they have only just left. Suddenly there's a noise outside. Sam and Jason hide and Jason aims his gun at the door.

THE BORDELLO: The madam answers the door and finds Michael, who pleads with her to help him. At that moment, Faith's henchman shows up and pretends to be Michael's father.

THE HOSPITAL: Reese and Carly are arguing. Reese wants to know if it's possible that Sonny is going through a breakdown right now...because if he is, he needs to be put away for the safety of the children. Carly admits that Sonny could snap.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Sonny is holding Faith at gun-point, demanding that she tell him where his kids are. Faith says that if he kills her, his kids will die lonely and alone. Sonny replies angrily that he will take his chances. Just then, Alexis comes into the stairwell. She tries to stop Sonny from shooting Faith. The gun goes off during the struggle. Alexis falls down in the corner of the stairwell. Sonny runs after Faith as Ric comes down the stairwell to tend to Alexis.

THE KIDNAPPER'S HIDEOUT: It turns out that the noise outside is only Candy...she wants to help Sam and Jason find the kids. She tells them, however, that she doesn't know anything else that could help them.

THE HOSPITAL: Reese thinks that Sonny should be committed until the whole thing blows over...she is worried that he can't be objective. Carly pledges to get through to Sonny and to calm him down. Reese asks her to please watch Sonny and to keep her (Reese) informed. Reese thinks it's the only way to keep the kids safe. Carly agrees. Lorenzo shows up -- he has gotten some information on Faith for Reese. He has a lead...a picture of a man that could have helped with the kidnapping. It is Faith's henchman.

THE BORDELLO: Michael tries to convince the madam that the man isn't really his father, but the man interrupts him. He tells Michael that they can't leave his little brother and sister alone in the house for long because something might happen to them. Michael realizes that the man is implying he might hurt Kristina and Morgan. He agrees to go back with him. The madam bids them farewell and they leave. Just as they take off, Candy returns to the bordello. She watches them leave.

PENTONVILLE PRISON: Nikolas doesn't believe that Emily wants to give up on them. Emily says that so much has happened since he was put in jail, and they only get thirty minutes at a time to see one another...she says that that's not a marriage. Nikolas explodes and says that he refuses to lose her because of what happened with Connor. Emily just looks at him and cries. She denies that anything happened with Connor outside of the fact that she had to shoot him in self-defense. Nikolas thinks that Emily believes she is so guilty that she doesn't deserve marriage or love from anyone. Emily is getting ready to leave -- she says she is going to have divorce papers drawn up. Nikolas wants a real reason why she is demanding an end to their marriage. Emily says that she is weak and selfish and that she hates this life they are living...she says that it posions what they used to be to each other. She says there is too much pain they can't forget. She just wants it to stop. And with that, she leaves.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney returns to the loft, where Rachel is waiting. Rachel has been busy...moving around Court's furniture and wearing Court's clothes. Rachel says that they are friends now, and friends share things.

THE HOSPITAL: Back in the stairwell, Ric reminds Alexis that she can't run around like this, risking her life and the life of their unborn child. Reese shows up and Sonny tells her that Faith is heading up the stairs of the hospital.

THE BORDELLO: Jason and Sam return to the bordello, where Candy has asked them to meet her. The madam tells them about Michael showing up earlier...and about the strange man who claimed to be Michael's father.

THE ABANDONED CHURCH: The henchman brings Michael to their new old, abandoned church. Kristina and Morgan are there playing with toys while a second man keeps a look-out. The two men discuss the problems with keeping the old church heated. Michael notes that it seems like the first henchman has been in the church before. The henchman tells him to shut up and stay put with his siblings.

THE HOSPITAL: Reese comes back to see Carly and Lorenzo and tells them that Faith is on the loose. Lorenzo tells them that the man in the photograph is named William...and that he restores old churches for a hobby. Reese tells them that Michael left a clue at the scene of the kidnapping -- he wrote (in crayon) the names "Louise" and "Anna" on a piece of paper and hid it in a secret compartment in one of his toys. They believe that Faith and William took the kids to Louisiana and that Michael just misunderstood the meaning of what he heard. Lorenzo tells Carly that Michael is obviously very resourceful, and Carly says that he certainly is.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney and Rachel bicker while Court moves the furniture back to the way it was. She wants to send Rachel to prison. Rachel threatens Jax and Courtney snaps that if Rachel hurts Jax in anyway, Court will kill her. Rachel notes that she wasn't always this kind of person -- that Steven Webber ruined her life.

THE HOSPITAL: Elizabeth and Steven are having a coffee break. She urges him to take a break, but Steven says that in a case like this kidnapping, every second counts. Elizabeth thinks that he is putting a lot of effort into it because the kids that were taken are Carly's. Steven denies it, and draws comparisons between his own mother, Heather Webber, and a psycho like Faith. Steven goes back to work and Emily shows up to talk to Elizabeth. Emily tells Liz that she asked Nik for a divorce.

PENTONVILLE PRISON: Nikolas is moping around by himself. He has a flashback to when he tried to kiss Emily days earlier and she pushed him away, ordering him not to touch her. A guard shows up to take Nikolas back to his cell, but Nik says he needs to call his wife first.

ALEXIS' HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis is back in a hospital bed with Ric at her side. She promises him she would never do anything to endanger their baby. She knows that she shouldn't have gone after Faith on her own. Ric tells her that in her position he would have done the same thing.

THE HOSPITAL: Lorenzo, Carly and Reese are discussing the lead they have on the kids when Sonny shows up. He's pissed that Reese's men couldn't get Faith -- who has now fled the hospital grounds. They inform him of the lead they have...that the kids could be in Louisiana. At that moment, Jason calls Sonny on his cell and fills him in on what's been going down in Louisiana. Carly is frantic, especially when she hears Sonny talking to Jason about Michael. Sonny hangs up the phone and tells the assembled group he is on his way to Louisiana. Carly stops him before he can leave.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Emily are talking about Emily's desire to divorce Nikolas. Liz is trying to talk her out of it. She wants Em to let Nikolas help her through the fact that Connor raped her. Emily wants Elizabeth to stop comparing their situations, because even though they both went through the same thing they are two different people. Elizabeth just wants Emily to stop and let Nikolas in before it's too late.

PENTONVILLE PRISON: The guard refuses to let Nikolas call Emily again. Nikolas ponders his situation. He says that the guard has probably seen plenty of these same situations play out before: the man goes to prison, the woman says she'll stand by him, but then gives up instead. Nikolas says that there's a chance that that's what happening now...but he doesn't believe it. He thinks there's something else going on with Emily.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Rachel says that she believed in Steven, but that he treated her like dirt -- despite the fact that she did everything for him. Court says that she doesn't understand and Rachel explains. She tells Courtney about how she and Steven were residents who messed up on an operation...and that she took all of the blame. She is upset that Steven let her make the sacrifice...he got to be a surgeon and she had to rebuild her life. She adds that Steven broke up with her on her answering machine and that she only knows about his current success from reading the medical journals. Courtney thinks that maybe Rachel should put what happened behind her, despite how horribly Steven treated her. But Rachel says no. She wants Steven Webber dead, and she wants Courtney to help her.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny wants to go right away, but the others think that he should wait until Faith gives her demands. Sonny and Lorenzo almost get into it, and then Sonny storms off, saying he's going to Louisiana anyway. Reese follows him, while Carly and Lorenzo stay behind.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Steven has arrived at Courtney's loft...she goes out into the hallway to talk to him. He talks to her about how he made a lot of mistakes with her new roomie, Rachel, but that he thinks they've put that behind them now. As he talks, Rachel can be seen listening from the doorway with a smile on her face.

THE HOSPITAL: Dr. Meadows is talking with Ric as they stroll through the hospital. She wants him to remind Alexis that she needs to protect the life of their unborn child. Dr. Meadows leaves and Ric sits in one of the waiting room chairs. Elizabeth comes over to him...she is holding Kristina's pink bear stuffed animal. Apparently forensics is finished with it, and Liz thought Ric might want to give it to Alexis. Ric grasps Elizabeth's wrist gently and thanks her.

THE OLD KIDNAPPER'S HIDEOUT: Sam and Jason are hanging out at the abandoned mansion that the kidnappers had been using earlier. Jason talks to Sam about how worried he is for Michael's sake -- he's scared that if Michael pushes against Faith and her men too hard, that it will wind up getting him killed.

THE ABANDONED CHURCH: Faith is back and talking on her cell phone. She hangs up and dumps the phone on one of the empty pews. Michael sees the phone and starts to formulate another plan. As Faith stands at the other end of the room talking to William, Michael makes a grab for the phone (under the guise of getting Morgan his bottle). Michael, keeping the phone hidden from Faith's eyes, smiles to himself.

LUCKY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Emily is back in Lucky's hospital room, unloading her problems on him as he sleeps. She says she feels that she has no-where else to turn. She wants him to wake up and help her see that there is good in the world again. As she cries, Lucky's eyes flutter open. Emily is overjoyed. She strokes his hair tenderly as he looks at her.

PENTONVILLE PRISON: Nikolas is on the phone, leaving a message on Emily's voice mail. He tells her that this is going to be his last phone call to her for awhile...and that he has used up all of his visits, too. He says that he wants her to know that he's thinking about her and that he wants her to do whatever she has to do. Just before he can tell her that he loves her, the voice mail beeps, ending the message. Nikolas sighs.

ALEXIS' HOSPITAL ROOM: Ric (holding the pink teddy-bear behind his back) comes into the room. Alexis has just woken up. She tells him that she had a dream where Kristina came to see her...and that Kristina told her that she was fine, and that Michael was taking care of her. Alexis wonders if that sounds silly to Ric. Ric tells her that he believes that signs can come in all kinds of ways. With that, he gives her the teddy bear. Alexis hugs him.

THE HOSPITAL: In one of the waiting areas, Carly is talking to Lorenzo. She wonders if she is doing the right thing in wanting to wait to see if Faith gives them more demands. Lorenzo assures her that it won't be long before her boys are back.

THE OLD KIDNAPPER'S HIDEOUT: Jason is lost in thought as Sam tries to convince him that Michael will be just fine...that Michael is strong enough to get himself and his little brother and sister through this. Just then, Sonny and Reese show up. As Sonny and Jason talk, Sonny gets a call on his cell. It's Michael. Michael, whispering, tells Sonny that he's in an old building. But before he can say anything else, Faith grabs the phone away from him. She snaps that Michael has made his last mistake. On the other end of the line, Sonny and the others hear a gun-shot, and then the phone goes dead.

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