GH Update Thursday 2/24/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/24/05



By Jenn
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Emily discovers a letter that Elizabeth wrote to Nikolas about Connor raping Emily and brings it to Emily’s attention. Elizabeth tries to explain but Emily crumbles it up ad tells her that if she breaths a word about what Connor did she will never speak to her again. Elizabeth’s phone rings. It’s Nikolas asking her to come down to the jail as soon as possible because he now knows what Connor did.

When Jason goes to the whorehouse and asks the madam if she’s seen a “blond woman” (meaning: “Has she seen Faith Roscoe?”), she misunderstands and thinks he’s there to give her some “business”. She lines up three blonds for him. He tells her there is a misunderstanding. But at that point, Sam appears in the line-up and he says he will “take her”. Noticing that she does not know Sam, the madam asks her how she got there.

In Justus’ hospital room, Faith appears and greets him. He tells her if she is there to kill him, she may go ahead.

Michael tries to convince Faith’s “assistant” that he need not work for Faith. He can make him rich. He tells him his dad will give him anything he wants. All he needs to do is name a price.

Sonny goes to find Durant, with Carly following behind him. He hold a broken bottle over Durant’s head and tells his father-in-law he has two seconds to tell him where his children are. Durant tells him to back off. Sonny reminds him that he is all-alone and nobody will help him and demands again, to know where his children are.

Michael tells Faith’s assistant that his dad can give him a million dollars. Maybe even two million. He just needs to call him. The guy replies that he does not need a rich kid making him offers and nothing will help him now.

Sam plays the “role” of an experienced prostitute, selling herself as a Texas girl. But at that point, the madam calls another customer to do business with Sam. Sam and Jason try to get the madam to let Sam go with Jason, instead of the other guy. But then one of the blonds offers to “service” Jason and the other customer carries Sam over his shoulder.

Alexis tells Rick that she’s worried that Christina might be sick. But he assures her that it would not be to Faith’s advantage because as long as the children are healthy and well, Faith has all the leverage she needs.

Faith tells Justus she never wanted him to get hurt. He reminds her that she kidnapped those three innocent children and urges her to return them. She protests that she will not hurt them. She tells him she did not come to argue. She came to ask him a question. He asks what that is. She asks him if he still loves her. He admits he cannot answer that. But she cries and almost sounds like she has a conscience, telling him she is different around him. And she says he is the only person who ever saw the good in her. She reminds him he risked his life for her. And she asks if he can run away with her. She admits that they’ve tried and failed before but they can try again. She tells him they will have everything they need, no craziness, no worries. Just love. But when he does not respond to her offer, she tells him he’s betrayed her. And she walks out of his room.

Diego gets off the elevator and visits Brook Lynn at the hospital. She tells him that she’d like him to come with her to see Dillon’s new videos. But at that moment, she gets a call from Justus’ room and tells him she needs to go and will be right back.

Sonny tells Durant that he is on to him. Ever since he came into town, he’s been using Carly and using his boys. Carly protests that he backs off of her father. He tells her that he knows she cannot accept that her father did this. But Agent Marshall suspects him. So does everybody else. And he believes them. Carly confronts her father. She tells him this is his last chance to get it right with her. She asks him if he took her children.

Elizabeth goes to visit Nikolas. He asks her to tell him what she knows about the secret Emily is keeping from him. She assumes he is on to what really happened hearing him tell her that Emily pulled away from him when he tried to touch her. But he tells her he guesses that the cancer has come back, not that he suspects she was raped. But Elizabeth assures him it’s not cancer. She explains to him that so much has happened to Emily. And Emily is most recently traumatized over the fact that she killed Connor. He asks her that if Emily killed Connor is self-defense, why then is she blaming herself?

Emily goes to talk to unconscious Lucky. She tells him that she’s had so many fantasies and hopes that he would be right back up and ready to be his old self. She cries and admits that maybe she was too optimistic. She tells him that she imagines that he would be there to offer her support just like he did when they were kids. She tells him that her life is falling apart. She tells him what she cannot tell any conscious person about the rape. She admits that Nikolas’ life is in shreds and she cannot let it get any worse. She takes his hand and kisses it.

Jason’s blond “service provider” asks him what he’s into. He tells her that he has business to attend to. She tells him she doesn’t want any problem with the cops. He assures her he is not a cop. He gives her money and asks her if she’s seen any children. She happily takes the money but tells him she has not seen any children. She goes back into her room. Sam comes out of her room and takes Jason with her telling him they must get out of there and go to find Faith.

Faith cries and whines to Justus that he betrayed her, sold her out and was no different than anybody else. She leaves. And Justus knows she’s up to no good. When Brook Lynn answers his call, he tells her she needs to call security because Faith Roscoe has entered the hospital and is armed.

Durant attempts to assure Carly that he would never hurt his own grandchildren and certainly would never hurt any two-year-old girl. He tells her that she and the children are the only family he has and he would not put them at risk. He gets a call and goes off to talk privately. Alone with Sonny, Carly tells her husband that she believes that her father is telling the truth. Durant enters and informs them that Faith has been spotted in General Hospital.

Knowing she’s been found out, Faith pulls a gun on Brook Lynn. Diego intervenes and urges her to let Brook Lynn go.

After Lucky’s moved out of the ICU, his father asks him how he likes his new room. Luke admits that it’s not exactly the Ritz. But Lucky has more privacy and it’s a positive sign that the doctors believe he’s getting better. He tells his son that he believes that all his friends are wrong. He tells him that they just cannot understand that they live in a world of make believe. They don’t understand Lucky’s potential. He tells his son that it’s none of his business who he chooses as friends. But he tells Lucky that these last few minutes have made him want to hang out with him himself. Skye enters and asks if he is ok. She informs him that she noticed a huge commotion and cops running around. She tells him she found out that Faith Roscoe has entered the hospital, is armed and dangerous and she thought he should know.

Rick and Agent Marshall go to the hospital. Rick tells the cops that his wife is in the hospital and he does not want her in any danger.

Faith holds Brook Lynn as hostage in an attempt to escape from the cops. Diego urges her to take him instead and let Brook Lynn go. But she tells him to shut up and tells Brook Lynn she will pay for ratting on her.

Sam and Jason walk around the whorehouse and admit they’ve found no sign of Faith or the kids. But just then, they hear a baby crying. It’s Morgan. He tells her that the room from where they hear the crying was his prostitute’s room. The prostitute comes out and they urge her to help them because they know a baby is crying from her room. She agrees to tell them everything. From where the children are, while they are being watched by the “assistant”, he seems to know that somebody is looking for them.

Luke assures Skye that she need not be alarmed by Faith. She smiles and tells him she’s certain he is right. But she tells him she’s pieced together the coincidence that Justus, Faith’s only “friend”, is in a room just across the hall. She knows that Sonny asked Justus to bring the ransom money to Faith. And it appears that Faith shot him. She reminds Luke that it is entirely possible that Faith will ask for their help again, as it’s very probable that Justus will refuse what she asks. She tells him she’s very curious to know just what his “policy” on Faith Roscoe is, these days. He tells her that when his son is lying here in a coma, the last thing he cares about is Faith Roscoe. She tells him that ordinarily she would agree. But unfortunately, Faith has kidnapped Christina Davis. And she also has Michael and Morgan Corinthos who happen to be Luke’s nephews. He asks her what she wants him to do about this. She replies nothing. She reminds him that they have already “done their part” months ago, when they helped Faith escape from Pentonville.

Faith refuses to listen to Diego’s offer to go in Brook Lynn’s place. At that point, Brook Lynn escapes and runs off.

Max Scorpio tells Rick that he does not trust whatever Sonny Corinthos’ “plans” are to apprehend Faith. Rick protests that since Sonny’s children’s lives are in danger, he does not believe that his brother would do anything that would cause any harm to come to them. A cop comes and informs them that Faith’s hostage got away and Faith is probably somewhere in the stairwell. When Sonny is alone with Rick, he tells him he appreciates his sticking up for him to Max. Durant approaches Sonny and tells him he should have Sonny arrested for falsely accusing him of conspiring with Faith Roscoe. Hearing that, Agent Marshall asks him what he is talking about. He tells Sonny that he has been looking for an excuse to get him in trouble ever since they met. And he informs Agent Marshall that Sonny threatened him with a broken bottle. He asks Sonny why it is that he will stop at nothing in order to turn Carly against him. He asks Sonny what this is all about. Privately Agent Marshall asks Sonny when he will realize that he needs her help.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas about how Emily asked Connor to help free him by having Connor pass himself off as Nikolas and things got out of hand. But she does not reveal to him that Emily was raped. He tells her that he knows Emily has a habit of only seeing the good in people and that is why she was misguided to trust Connor. He concludes that Emily thinks it’s her fault that Connor Bishop is dead. Never mind the fact that he’s a deserter and a mental case and almost destroyed their lives. But Emily probably believes that he would have never been there if she had not asked for his help in the first place. He asks Elizabeth why Emily did not just tell him that. Elizabeth answers that Emily did not tell him that because she believed he had enough to deal with. He asks Elizabeth not to tell Emily that had this conversation.

Faith finds Rick and pulls a gun on him.

Nikolas calls Emily and asks her if she can come and visit him again. He tells her that he feels bad about the way they left things off and needs to make things right. She protests that it is not a good time because the police are following Faith Roscoe. But she agrees to come. She tells Elizabeth that she got the call from Nikolas and she apologizes to her friend for threatening not to speak to her. She tells Elizabeth she knows she’s only been trying to help and did nothing wrong.

Luke protests to Skye that although they cut Faith loose, what she has done now is not their problem. Skye says no, it’s not their problem. It’s just Christina’s and Michael’s an Morgan’s and their parents’ problem. But he tells her she must stop beating herself up over this. Faith has a grudge against Sonny Corinthos. It has nothing to do with them.

Agent Marshall tells Sonny he is very foolish to confront and threaten Durant, remembering that Durant is a federal prosecutor and Sonny could get in big trouble. He tells her that Faith Roscoe is a psychopath and he will stop at nothing to do whatever it takes to bring his children back. She tells him if he has one ounce of trust in her he cannot walk away. He says nothing and walks away.

Faith holds the gun to Rick and tells him that he should “thank” her for the fact that Elizabeth fell down the stairs and lost her baby, because he and Elizabeth were not right for each other. He concludes that she caused Elizabeth’s fall and let Sonny take the rap for it. He demands to know where the children are. She says nowhere that he will ever find them. But she also tells him that he needs to know that he is the reason why she took Christina. She tells him that because of her problems with Sonny she could have made due with just the two boys. But she went that “extra mile” just for him. She assaults him and runs off.

The prostitute who Jason was assigned to be with admits to Jason and Sam that a man has threatened her baby girl if she rats on him. They show her a picture of Faith and ask if she knows this woman. She observes it and admits that she does.

Emily goes to see Nikolas. He apologizes if he made her uncomfortable and admits that because he’s all alone and locked up there, he misses her so much. He tells her that they have always been able to communicate and he wishes she’d just tell him what is on her mind. She tells him she wants a divorce.

Rick goes searching for Alexis. The nurses admit they have not seen her. He concludes that he believes that Faith has now taken Alexis.

Jason and Sam enter the place with a gun, where they know the children have been. They are not there and he tells her he knows they are gone. Michael bangs on the door of the whorehouse and tells the madam that he and his brother and sister have been kidnapped and she needs to help him.

Agent Marshall tells Carly that Sonny may get into big trouble for threatening Durant with a broken bottle. She says that she knows about Sonny’s breakdowns and suggests that maybe he needs to be put away for the interests of the children.

Sonny finds Faith and holds her at gunpoint. He tells her if she does not give him back his children he will kill her and he will take his chances on whatever consequences happen to him.

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