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Luke talks to the still unconscious Lucky and reminisces of their going to Dublin once with his mother when he was a child. He remembers musicians coming down from the pub and singing. He tells Lucky there are so many good memories. And he urges his son to just find those memories and come back home. He tells him that it’s great that he’s breathing on his own. But he needs to come all the way back. Skye who is listening at the door, assures Luke that Lucky will make it all the way back.

Rick Lansing confers with John Durant about the kidnappers and how to get the children back. Durant informs him that the kidnapper is already a celebrity and shows him headlines of the Pied Piper kidnapping three children. Lorenzo enters and tells them he wants to offer any help or resources they need in order to investigate Faith Roscoe and get the kids back. Durant tells Lorenzo that if he’s merely doing that in order to further his agenda with Carly, it will not work.

With Faith, Michael informs her that Morgan is running a fever. She leans over Morgans’s crib and tells him the baby’s forehead feels normal. At that point, Michael knocks her over and runs out the door. She screams at her guards to not let that brat get away.

Sonny and Carly are in their home wondering how to get their children back. Alexis enters and tells them they can’t let this go on and must beat Faith at her own game, whatever it takes. Jason and Sam also enter and announce that they’ve found a lead.

In the hospital, Emily avoids what she is dealing with. Elizabeth asks Emily to talk to her. Emily tells Elizabeth that by threatening to inform Nikolas that Connor raped her, she was not being supportive. Elizabeth apologizes but tells Emily that she did not like lying to Nikolas when he asked what was troubling Emily. She protests to Elizabeth that Lucky is unconscious. She has many things going on in her family. Connor is dead. Nothing can be done to change what happened. Nikolas is in prison and suffering his own hardship. And the last thing he needs to stress over is what happened to her, which he cannot do anything about anyway. Elizabeth urges Emily to see that Nikolas is her husband and he loves her. But Emily insists that this is her own problem and she needs to deal with this.

While Justus is in the hospital, Edward talks to him telling him that he hopes he’s learned a lesson getting himself involved in what happened. Monica tells her father in law that Justus acted heroically to save Christina. Edward lectures Justus on how he has to have learned something about what happens when you get mixed up with criminals. Emily enters and demands to know how Edward can be so selfish.

Durant tells Lorenzo he does not trust him. Lorenzo tells Durant he bets Durant helped the kidnappers. They are ready to get into physical combat until Rick breaks it up and tells them he doesn’t care what is done nor who gets involved, as long as they get the children back. He tells them they must work together and put their differences aside in order for this nightmare to end.

Jason and Sam join Sonny, Carly and Alexis. They tell him they’ve discovered a road sign and have a clue as to where Faith has taken the children. Alexis and Sonny are at odds about what needs to be done

Emily protests to Edward that Justus is fighting for his life and Edward has no right to be lecturing him. She tells her grandfather that Justus is nothing more to him than another tool for him to use just like AJ was. She tells him he’s never respected Justus. She asks how long it will take before Justus gets killed just like AJ. She then stops herself, apologizes to her grandfather and sounds like she’s going to cry.

Skye asks Luke if he’s considered what he will do if Lucky does not recover fully. She tells him he must give some thought about taking him to a care facility. He tells her he refuses to believe that his son will not come back and be good as new. But he reveals to her that he is very tired and stressed. She suggests he goes home and gets some rest and offers to stay with Lucky.

Sonny announces to the people at his home that he realizes he failed by doing things his way. So from now on, Agent Marshall must get full cooperation. Alexis privately tells him that she realizes it was hard for him to do. Carly goes outside to talk to her husband. He tells her that Alexis was right. He could not protect Christina or the boys. She tells him he must not blame himself. She says if he believes he is responsible, so is she.

At Faith’s “hideaway” a guard catches Michael and prevents him from fleeing, while he screams that they let him go. Faith tells him that he must realize that all there is outside is miles and miles of swamps and alligators and bugs big enough to swallow him whole. He tells her if he wants money, his father will give him money. She informs him she already got the money and wants something else. He promises to cooperate. She tells him she cannot take his word for that with all the grief he’s given her so far. And what she needs now is all of Sonny’s children.

In the hospital Emily goes to find Skye and tells her she is very encouraged to know that Lucky is breathing on his own. But Skye reveals to her that she is not as optimistic and sees the possibility that Lucky will never get better and could remain in a coma for many years before he dies. And she admits that she knows Luke could not endure that.

The computer and security guy gives Jason a map with leads to find Faith and the children. He narrows it down to somewhere in Louisiana but admits the map does not show much. He leaves and Sam asks Jason if he is really certain of this. He tells her he needs to pursue all leads before going to the FBI. He asks the guy not to tells Sonny.

Faith reads a story to the children about a piper collecting his debts from greedy townsfolk by playing music. And the piper developed powers to control the children of the people who hurt him. She asks Michael if he can interpret the meaning of what she just read to him .He tells her that it must mean that the piper, like her, felt cheated and so he stole the children. She admits she’s very impressed by his perceptiveness and will give him an A for the day, for ABDUCTED. She gets up to leave and instructs her guard not to let Michael go anywhere while she is gone. And she asks Michael an extra credit question: What happens to children who get out of line? What happens is their parents never see them again. And she suggests that he gives that some serious thought.

Carly asks Sonny what she could have done to prevent their boys from getting kidnapped. She says if only she had just taken them with her to her mother’s. But he tells her there’s nothing anybody could have done to stop Faith from doing what she set out to do. And he tells her that Faith had to have gotten outside help. Otherwise this would have never happened. Agent Marshall enters and tells Carly she has some personal questions about her father. Sonny tells her that Durant claims that he was knocked out and claims he had no idea who took the boys. He concludes that she must think Durant lied and was in on the kidnapping.

Dillon enters Lucky’s hospital room to see if he’s ok. Luke snaps at him, then apologizes and admits to Dillon that he was just a little edgy. He asks Dillon what he would do if he were in Lucky’s situation. Would he want his father to wait for him to wake up? Pull his plug? Take away his food so he starves to death? Take care of him for the rest of his life? Dillon admits that he cannot answer that because he never had a father. He split when Dillon was a baby. And he tells Luke that if he slipped into a coma, tomorrow, he doubts his father would care. But he tells Luke that if he had a father like him, who was there for him and loved him even when they fought and could see his father’s heart breaking, he would understand if his father wanted to put him in a ward. He’d understand if his father wanted him to die. But the one thing he would not want his father to do would be to sit in a hospital room and get depressed and stay there day after day, year after year. He’d want his father to get on with his life and live for both of them.

Skye admits to Emily that she does not know how to help Luke. Knowing that Emily and Lucky go way back, she tells Emily that she must know Luke in ways better than she does. She knows what he’s been through watching Laura become a vegetable. And now, watching Lucky get shot and slip into a coma. And she does not know how to help. Emily tells Skye that when “we” feel “violated” by life, we make others feel like it’s impossible to help us. Hearing that, Skye asks if they are still talking about Lucky. Emily tells Skye that her advice is just to be patient with Luke and Lucky.

Lorenzo goes to Carly’s new place to talk to Steven. Steven tells Lorenzo that he does not believe that he really wants to help get the children back. All he wants to do is impress Carly. But Lorenzo tells Steven that he knows a lot about Faith and her motives and what she might have done and how she can be caught. Steven asks Lorenzo to leave him alone but also asks him to explain how Faith could take out 3 bodyguards without a sound. Lorenzo tells him it’s obvious. She had inside help.

Agent Marshall explains to Carly, Sonny and Alexis that she concludes from Sam’s and Jason’s evidence that there was an alarm system found at the place where Faith had that could link Durant to the kidnapping or make him a suspect. She says that she knows that Durant has had experience with a very similar alarm system once while attempting to catch a perpetrator and would know all about how it works. Carly doesn’t want to believe that that proves a thing. But Alexis says it would warrant a follow-up investigation. Sonny tells Carly that very possibly Durant orchestrated the kidnapping so he can make himself look like the hero and win Carly’s undying gratitude. Alexis agrees and reminds Carly that Durant has pulled similar stunts to manipulate Carly. Rick enters and informs them that that was not what happened. Rick tells them that he does not believe that Durant had the means or motive to kidnap the children. But Alexis protests that she believes he does. Sonny goes out the door although Carly urges him to let her go with him. Carly asks Alexis what did she hope to accomplish from coming to their home. Did she just come to tear into Sonny? And she tells Alexis from what she’s noticed; her behavior has not brought them any closer to getting their children back. She tells Alexis she should have stayed in bed instead She leaves and Alexis tells Rick she hopes he does not agree with Carly’s observation. He tells her that all she did by coming there was put their unborn child’s life at risk.

Jason and Sam go to a house. He goes in alone and meets a woman who looks like a prostitute or a madam. He tells her he is looking for a “blond woman”. Having no clue what Jason’s business is for being there, she tells him she may not be blond but can find him what he’s looking for.

While Lorenzo attempts to explain to Steven his theory about what Faith probably did, Agent Marshall enters and tells Lorenzo he needs to get out because he is contaminating a crime scene and so she can talk privately to Steven. When she is alone with Steven, she asks him to walk her though everything that happened before Michael and Morgan were kidnapped. He tells her his scenario of Durant being there with the kids and knocked unconscious. They both put on their latex gloves and investigate the crime scene. She has a theory about Michael knowing there’s trouble and attempting to find a way to escape, knowing he is a very smart and bold kid. And she concludes that after finding out he could not get out the window to find a fire escape or carry Morgan out of the building before the kidnappers came, Michael found a way to improvise. And that would mean Michael had to find a way to leave a clue.

Luke admits to Lucky that he hasn’t a clue how to answer questions about when he will wake up. He asks whether his son would prefer he tells Lulu that he knows he will find his way back, or if Lucky’d prefer his father tells her what he is so terrified will happen. Skye enters and talks to Lucky. She encourages him to come back to all the people who love him and miss him. She urges Luke to take a break at some point and let her stay with Lucky. She tells him she will go to the Haunted Star and look at their books. But when she comes back, she demands that he goes home and takes a break. He thanks her for her concern.

At Carly’s apartment, hot on the trail to find Michael’s plan to get rescued, Agent Marshall discovers a crayon and a toy robot on the floor. She looks inside the robot and finds a rolled up slip of paper that says Louisiana.

Assuming Jason is there to buy a prostitute, the woman brings out three “service providers” all blonds. He attempts to explain to her that there is a misunderstanding. But when Sam enters, dressed like she is one of them, he tells the woman that on second thought he will take her.

Faith finds her way to Justus’ hospital room and greets him

Alexis tells Rick that she is very frustrated and stressed, is doing the best she can to rest and take care of her pregnancy but she is worried about her daughter. He tells her that so is he but they must believe that they will find her.

Sonny goes to find Durant with Carly following behind him. Believing that he’s found the culprit, he tells his father-in-law that he has two seconds to tell Sonny where his children are.

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