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When Nikolas kisses Emily before she gets up to leave, she is reliving being attacked by Connor. She pulls away from him and tells him not to touch her. He doesn’t understand and asks her what he did wrong. She tells him that everything has changed but she won’t tell him what happened.

Luke turns off the machine that is keeping Lucky alive. He sits by his son and demands that he breathes. For a few minutes, Lucky gives no sign that he is alive. But minutes later, Lucky coughs and appears to be breathing. At that moment, Luke yells for the doctors to come and take the tube out of him and announces that he is breathing.

Justus goes to the abandoned gravesite where Faith said she is while Sonny watches him. Somebody brings an empty stroller which Sonny hopes will have Christina in it. But she is not there and the person takes all the money, shoots Justus and runs off.

Sam and Jason look at a video screen and identify Michael and Morgan.

Carly returns home and notices all her guards lying on the floor unconscious. She runs in and notices her father is bleeding and has also been hurt. She asks where the boys are. Durant replies that somebody took them. At that moment, Jason calls her and tells her she must not let Michael and Morgan out of her sight. She informs Jason that they are already gone.

Hearing Luke yelling, Skye rushes to him and asks what is going on. He informs her that the doctors took the tube out of Lucky’s throat. He tells her he is breathing on his own. They are both elated to know that Lucky can live without a machine.

Nikolas tells Emily that he needs to know what is going on. He asks what he did wrong. She assures him that it is not him. She tells him that she is very upset that Lucky is in a coma because of their plan to find Helena. But he knows that there is something else going on with her. He asks why she pulled away and behaved as she did when he tried to kiss her. She demands that he drops it and leaves her alone.

Alexis is in a hospital bed. She tells Rick that she cannot be laid up here when she needs to find Christina. But he tells her that she needs to turn her energy around. He tells her that he knows of the strength she had to remain calm for her child in the past. And he tells her that is what she needs to do now for both of her children.

Mac Scorpio goes to Carly’s and asks Durant what he knows about the kidnapping of Michael and Morgan. Durant admits he does not know much since he was knocked out. Jason rushes in. Mac tells him that all the guards are unconscious and neither Carly nor her father knows anything about it. Mac is silent. And Carly asks him what he is thinking. She asks him to just say it.

At the abandoned graveyard, a medical team comes to take Justus to the hospital. Officer Murphy asks Agent Marshall what happened. She tells him a shooter came out of nowhere and shot Justus right after Sonny got Christina. She says she believes the shooter was a woman but may or may not have been Faith Roscoe. Officer Murphy is very disappointed at the fact that Agent Marshall claims to be such a big hot shot yet she could not prevent this from happening.

Emily emotionally tells Nikolas that he does not understand what she is going through. Her brother AJ has been brutally murdered. Her other brother Jason has been shot at. Her friend Lucky is in a coma. And the last thing she is concerned about is satisfying his sexual needs. He calmly tells her that he does not wish to cause her any stress. She calms down and tells him she realizes he is in his own hell. He tells her he does not want her to worry about him or to hide her feelings. He tells her he just wishes she would allow him to hold her and comfort her like he used to. Hearing that she walks toward him. But he notices she is shaking all over and urges her to please tell him what is going on. The guard comes to see her out. She kisses Nikolas goodbye and leaves without telling him a thing.

Dr. Steven Webber informs Luke and Skye that although Lucky is breathing without a machine, he is still non-responsive. Skye seems very hopeful. But Steven tells them there are no changes and Lucky will probably stay that way. Luke tells Steven that he does not know his son. He knows that Lucky is on his way back, no matter what a doctor says. He tells Skye that he’s read in a medical journal that people can live in a coma for many years. And he is also hopeful that his son will not be a vegetable stuck in a useless body.

Alexis tells Rick that she just wishes she could have a minute with Christina so she could reassure her. He tells her he has a memory of being completely abandoned as a kid when his mother died. But the clouds lifted when he knew that his mother was somewhere watching over him. Alexis recalls that she had a similar comfort when her mother died.

At Carly’s, Jason asks her what could have happened. She cries and says she does not know what Faith could have done to her kids. But he asks her to tell him everything she knows. She admits that when she got out of the cab, she noticed two cars in the way. Mac asks her to get some pictures of Michael and Morgan in order to get them back. Carly blames Agent Marshall for what happened to her sons. But Sonny tells her that it was not Agent Marshall’s fault. He accepts full blame for failing to cooperate with Faith’s wishes. And he tells her if she wants to go off on somebody and blame them for what happened, she may blame him.

Noticing that Lucky can breath without a machine, Skye admits to Luke that he was so right to unplug his son’s machine and she apologizes for not listening to him. Luke tells her he realizes that she did what she thought was right. They both reflect on how Steven still seems hopeless. But Luke tells Skye that he once never believed he’d want to be a father. But now seeing his son breathing is all that matters to him. He is so proud and believes it is all worth it.

Alexis is having a vision of having her new baby and being greeted and welcomed by Rick and Christina. And they are all one big happy family.

Durant gets wheeled into the hospital and seems very angry with Agent Marshall for asking him questions yet failing to do her job, now that his grandchildren have been taken. Rick asks Agent Marshall what she knows. She tells him she still believes that Faith Roscoe is behind it. Rick tells her that if Faith Roscoe has all three children, she will never give them up.

Carly finds a picture of her children. Mac tells her the best thing she can do for her children, right now is to stay clam. He leaves and she tells Son that if they know it’s Faith, they at least know that she is afraid of him and won’t mess with him. But he tells her that Faith now has everything she needs and they are all at her desperate mercy.

Emily goes to see Elizabeth at tht hospital. She informs her that Nikolas is doing ok although in prison. She admits to Elizabeth that she could not bring herself to “say the words” to Nikolas. She says she was afraid that she’d cause her husband to hate her. She tells Elizabeth that she chose to be stuck in a house with an insane man whom she blieved would mold himself into something that nobody could do. But Elizabeth tells Emily she will not listen to her blaming herself for being raped. Just then, Nikolas calls and asks Elizabeth if she knows if something happened to Emily.

Noticing how Luke’s attitude about his son’s fate has changed to be so positive, she tells him she’s worried about what might be happening to him. He tells her he knows that Lucky will pull thorugh and he has never loved his son more. She leaves and Luke happily tells his son that he did it. He came back. And now he needs to come all the way back and let his father tell him how proud he is that Lucky is his son.

Rick admits to Dr. Meadows that he does not know what to do about the fact that Alexis cannot get out of bed and do anything to recover Christina. He tells her he’s afraid that Faith will never return his stepdaughter and he does not know what to do now that she’s also taken Michael and Morgan. Dr. Meadows admits to him that it might be better in the interest of his and Alexis’ baby, that Alexis never knows about the failed attempt to recover Christina.

Lorenzo Alcazar goes to the hospital and tells Agent Marshall that he wants to be an informant for the FBI or do whatever he needs to do so that Carly can get her boys back.

On the phone from the prison, Nikolas informs Elizabeth that he is very concerned about Emily. He tells Elizabeth that when he saw Emily, she was shaking like a leaf and pushed him away. And he’d like to know what happened to Emily. Elizabeth replies that Emily is under a lot of stress with what happened to Lucky and with what’s going on with her family. He asks Elizabeth to be there for Emily and tell her he loves her. Emily hears the whole conversation but refuses to talk to her husband. When Elizabeth hangs up the phone, Emily thanks her friend for carrying out her wishes and not telling Nikolas that she was raped. But Elizabeth protests to Emily that she will have to start trusting and opening up to her husband.

Sonny and Carly are both distraught with worry about what Faith will do. They both believe that Faith has no conscience and would do anything to hurt Sonny. But Carly tells Sonny she refuses to give up hope. Their boys are alive and she is determined to find them. She tells Sonny that if he cannot have hope for their boys, he must take his pessimism somewhere else.

Alexis awakens from her dream and tells Rick that she had a very nice dream of having Christina back and having her and Rick there for her when she has her baby. She tells him she just wishes she knew what was going on. At that moment, they hear on the news that there has been a break in the Christina Davis kidnapping case. He knows to turn it off because it will only be more bad news. He informs Alexis that Faith took the money and refused to return Christina and has now taken Michael and Morgan.

Lorenzo goes to see Carly and tells her he wants to do all he can to work with the FBI and find the kids for her. She tells him that Faith got away with a lot of money, has no more incentive to return any of the children and could be anywhere right now. She admits to Lorenzo how worried she is for her sons, how Morgan cannot talk and must be scared. And how Michael tries to be brave but is all alone and probably scared also. Lorenzo holds Carly in his arms while she cries.

Sonny watches the news report and shoots a gun through the television.

At the place where Faith has taken the children Morgan and Christina both appear “cordial”, being too young to know what is going on. But Michael is not afraid to stand up to her. He tells her she has stolen them. She tells him it’s not nice to use that word. He tells her she is bad and he won’t hesitate to kill her. She responds to him that he is a smart-mouthed little brat and must have gotten that from his psycho daddy and his worthless mommy.

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