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Nikolas calls the hospital and asks Elizabeth to have Emily visit him more often. Elizabeth finds Emily and tells her Nikolas needs her to visit.

Jax returns to Courtney’s and discovers Rachel wearing a sexy nighty. She appears friendly and tells him they will have lots of time to get to know each other.

Carly goes to the gazebo and discovers Courtney crying. She asks her friend what is wrong.

Right when Sonny is ready to follow the guy who says he can help him find Christina, the guy is shot. Sonny discovers that Agent Marshall shot him and demands to know why she did it, because this guy could have been his last chance to get Sonny’s daughter.

Rachel explains to Jax that she was planning on staying in a hotel. But Courtney insisted that she stay with her, since they have been such good friends all these years. He seems a little baffled that Courtney would make this decision about somebody she’s never told him about, especially when she is making plans to marry him. He informs Rachel that Courtney never told him about growing up in Atlantic City with her and asks her to tell him about that.

Luke and Skye are outside Lucky’s hospital room, after the verdict from the judge has authorized Luke to turn off his son’s life support. She informs him that there was a time when she was comatose. Doctors said she did not have a chance. But she beat the odds and would not have if someone had had the opportunity to pull the plug on her. So she urges him not to ruin Lucky’s chances to pull through as she did.

Agent Marshall protests to Sonny that the guy was going to use his head for batting practice. But he tells her that she has completely screwed up and his daughter could wind up dead because of her foolish act to shoot the guy. At that moment, the dead guy’s cell phone rings and Sonny picks it up to hear Faith telling the guy that if he’s botched this, he’s in trouble, not realizing he’s dead and she is instead talking to Sonny.

Sonny asks Faith what happened to Christina. She is at an abandoned cemetery. Her assistant enters and she demands to know what went wrong and how Sonny found out that she had Christina. Faith informs Sonny where she is and how he can get Christina back.

Sonny tells Agent Marshall that he will, again, go alone to get Christina back. But she warns him that Faith is unstable and he might need a lot of manpower.

Carly returns home to see her father still there after playing video games with Michael. Noticing that she has not greeted him in a daughterly way, he informs her that he had fun playing the video game with his grandson, wants to develop a relationship with his grandchildren and with her. She protests to him that she knows, due to his job as federal prosecutor, he will also have to go after Sonny and get him in trouble. But he assures his daughter that because of his love for her and his grandchildren, he does not wish to hurt their father.

Jason attempts to crack open the code to a security device while Sam is with him. He tells her he needs to be able to think. And it looks like they are getting a clue as to how to save Christina.

Luke admits to Skye that he is very surprised to learn she was once in a coma. But he tells her that he knows her situation and condition must have been very different and she is “stretching the truth” for the sole purpose to convince him that he cannot turn off Lucky’s life support. She admits that her situation was different but she protests that it’s very possible that Lucky is in no pain and wants to live. He asks her where her medical degree or qualifications to know that are. He tells her he is so tired of everybody in this town forcing their morality upon him, while not knowing anything except their opinions. He says he knows that his son is dying slowly every moment and there is no benefit to keep him hanging on.

Rachel happily tells Jax some “secrets” about hers’ and Courtney’s interactions with frat boys while they were high school girls. She admits that they lied about being in high school and got drunk and Courtney ended up dancing on the table in a little black dress. She laughs. But she tells him she hopes she has not disillusioned him to his fiancé. He says no. She replies that in that case, she will tell him more. At that moment, Courtney enters and Jax informs her that Rachel was just telling him stories about their mutual high school glory days. He leaves them alone and Courtney demands that Rachel tells her what she is doing interfering in her business and how she would know these details. Rachel replies that she is doing her homework. But when she sees Courtney’s angry expression, she again, reminds Courtney that if she does not cooperate, she can make certain that Courtney and Jax never make it to the alter. She informs Courtney that she already killed AJ and Jax will be the next to go if she does not follow through with their plan. She leaves and Jax asks Courtney why she would have Rachel stay at her home when they are so close to getting married. Knowing she is cornered, she sounds happy in telling her fiancé that she really wanted to let Rachel stay with her and she also tells him they should not sleep together until after their wedding. Right away, Jax admits that he knows that Courtney is lying and covering up something.

Carly tells Leticia that from now on, Mr. Durant is not allowed in her home unannounced. Alone, Durant tells his daughter that he really does understand her behavior, so like his own, in holding a grudge. He says he knows she is testing him to find out if he is really motivated to come back. At that moment, she gets a call form her mother. He asks if he can stay with the kids while she helps her mother. She doesn’t seem to want to but he convinces her to let him stay with his grandchildren. She asks Michael if it’s ok. He seems to agree with his grandfather’s plan.

Jason gets on the computer and sees a series of tiny pictures and enlarges one to notice the park and the gazebo. Sam observes with him.

While Sonny is outside the building near the dumpsters, next to the dead man, his servant leads Justus Ward outside to tell Sonny what he knows about Faith’s plans. Justus tells Sonny again that he has no clue where she is and cannot help him.

Skye stands over Lucky’s bed and tells him he must know how much his father loves him. She tells him that Luke is grieving and is trying very hard to do what he believes his son would want. She admits to Lucky that perhaps Luke is right and maybe wants his body to live with his spirit. But she does not want to see Luke haunted by that moment when he turns the switch and later wonders if he should give his son one more chance to breath or open his eyes. She breaks down crying and pleads with Lucky to come back and tell them what he wants. Unknown to her, Luke stands behind her overhearing her. He tells her that the only thing that would haunt him would be knowing that he stood by and did nothing for his son.

Jax decides that if Courtney insists on having a roommate, that will mean Courtney will have to spend a lot more time with him at his place. When Rachel enters, he announces to her that she will be without her “roomie”.

Sonny tells Justus that since he knows Justus is perhaps the only person on this planet whom Faith gives a damn about, he needs Justus’ help in doing whatever he can do in order to get his daughter back by finding out what Faith is doing. Justus tells Sonny he will do whatever he can.

Emily goes to visit Nikolas in prison with a bag of food. But she clearly indicates that she is uncomfortable in his presence being touched. She informs him that Luke got a petition from the court to turn off Lucky’s life-support but everybody else wants Lucky to hang on and not pull the plug. He can sense that she is distressed about something. She apologizes to him for not being strong enough to help him through his situation. He kisses his wife and tells her he loves and misses he so much. He tells her she must not cry. And he encourages her not to think about anything negative. All that matters is their love. And why can’t they forget the rest of the world? But she angrily lashes out at him, telling him that nobody can change what is going on in the world. She tells him that Lucky could be dead, he’s in a coma and nobody can help him. Hearing her expression, Nikolas admits to his wife that he knows what has happened.

Michael seems to bond well with his grandfather, at the very least, in regard to video games. He tells Michael that he promised Carly that he would instruct him to finish his homework. Michael goes off and there is a knock at the door. Somebody tells Durant that he was “too late”.

Luke goes to see Lucky and tells his son that he would like very much to go back in time. Before there were all the arguments and anger and negativity. Back to the days when the two of them were best friends. When it was just him and Lucky and his mom. He remembers that his son could recite all the “rules” when he was a small child. He recites the rules about protecting oneself from danger. He tells Lucky that he remembers that wherever they were, they always had another city where they would go or meet if ever they were separated. And he remembers the first time Lucky sounded the alarm when he was only 7. While overseas, young Lucky knew that strangers were asking questions of him and it was not right. He remembers that his son acted like a pro and got on a bus alone and beat all the odds to get back to his parents. He was late and knew the rules he was told which were if you are late you got left behind. And so young Lucky did not take the late train. Luke remembers that although Laura begged him to seek out his son, he did not. But then he later knew he needed to find his son. He tells him now that he needs to run to his father one more time. He cries. He sings their song again. He kisses Lucky on his head and then goes to turn off the machine. And he demands that his son breathes.

Nikolas tells Emily that he knows how difficult it is for her to come and see him like this. She tells him that it is he, not her, who has to deal with prison life. And she protests that he is the same wonderful man whom she married and she sees him no differently than before he went to prison. But she still appears cold and distinct while he holds her. She has a flashback of being attacked by Connor. And when Nikolas attempts to kiss her, she backs off and screams that he not touch her and leave her alone.

At the cemetery, there is a silent view of Justus going with Sonny to find Christina. But Justus gets shot by Agent Marshall. Sonny seems to successfully find Christina in a stroller. But Sam and Jason are able to view from the computer that there are two children by the gazebo. It’s Michael and Morgan.

Carly rushes home and discovers all of her guards lying on the floor, unconscious. She rushes and notices her father has a head wound and has also been hurt. And she demands to know where the boys are.

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