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Courtney goes to the hospital and confronts Rachel for talking to Rick Lansing. Rachel smiles that smile and tells Courtney that she is new in town and wants to meet new people. And she assures her that her conversation with the DA had nothing to do with Courtney’s killing AJ.

Meanwhile, noticing Steven’s ex-girlfriend is back in town, Elizabeth tells her brother that he might want to face the fact that he might not be as over Rachel as he says he is. At that moment, Durant enters and hears their conversation. Elizabeth keeps telling her brother that regardless of the fact that they have not seen each other in years, it is clear to see that he still has feelings for her. Hearing that, Durant enters and asks Steven about Rachel.

While Carly and Alexis are stuck together on the elevator, Carly attempts to call for help, noticing that Alexis is in a wheelchair. But she admits she cannot help but wonder why. Alexis informs Carly that she is pregnant.

Sonny and Agent Marshall break into the house where Faith instructed to meet them. The place is abandoned. They see Christina on a surveillance camera but cannot get to her. At that moment, Faith calls Sonny and tells him he got his proof and now needs to cough up his end of the bargain. Another voice, tells Sonny he better do as Faith says or he will never see his daughter again. He tells them they better not threaten his daughter. He tells them they must tell him where he needs to go and he will be there. Agent Marshall says she needs to help him. But he says the kidnappers want him alone. He is Christina’s father and it’s his call. But she protests that she is an FBI agent and his being her father makes it too personal. And wouldn’t you know that Faith and her team can hear and see their conversation from heir surveillance camera. Sonny talks to them asking what he needs to do now that he’s followed their instructions.

Rick tells Jason and Sam that he believes that Faith Roscoe would have to be the kidnapper. They don’t seem to trust him. But he tells them that there is a meeting that he cannot get into, but Jason can.

In the elevator, Alexis breaks down crying in her wheelchair with Carly there. Carly tells her that there are many qualified people out there looking for Christina. But she tells Alexis she needs to do what she needs to do by taking care of herself.

Elizabeth tells Steven, with Durant hearing their conversation, that from what she knows, her brother was pretty serious about Rachel. He keeps telling his sister that whatever they had, it ended years ago and he wishes she’d drop it. She leaves. And Durant tells Steven that he knows there is more and he wonders why Rachel would suddenly show up at Port Charles.

Courtney tells Rachel that she never asked her to kill AJ. But Rachel protests that she helped Courtney by killing the man that hurt her and attempted to ruin her life. And all she’s asking is for Courtney to return the favor by killing Steven. But Courtney tells Rachel that she needs to move on and get over whatever went bad with her and Steven. Rachel tells Courtney she agrees. She’s moved to a new town. She’s found a new job in pediatrics. Things are working out pretty well for her. But all she now needs is a place to live.

Rick tells Jason and Sam that maybe Jason could successful catch Faith. Sam protests that it might not be Jason’s responsibility to do Rick’s job for him. Rick admits to Jason that they are not crazy about each other, but Jason might be the only person to effectively get through to Faith and get Christina back.

Sonny gets another call. He says he wants his daughter and asks what he does next. Faith instructs him to get her money and put it in the designated dumpster.

In the elevator, Alexis tells Carly that she does not know if she has the strength to get Christina back. Carly tells her she does not realize what she is capable of. At that moment, the elevator opens and Carly announces that they are saved.

Courtney informs Rachel that she is engaged to Jax. She inquires how she explains to Jax, her entanglement with Rachel in the murdering of AJ, when he is already concerned about Courtney’s involvement in other people’s problems. She tells Rachel she cannot go through with this nor get Jax involved in this. At that point, Rachel walks off and remembers she needs to give human resources her new address and reminds Courtney that they will trace her to Courtney’s address if she lives in the same place with her.

Durant tells Steven that he might have to pay for his selfishness. Rachel appears and Steven politely introduces them. Durant informs Rachel that he is a federal prosecutor and excuses himself and lets them talk privately. She tells Steven he has very impressive friends and asks if he is working with the justice department. He tries to sound “modest”. But she tells him it’s plain to see that he’s made a very good life for himself.

In the hospital, Luke prepares to see his daughter Lulu while she goes in and visits Lucky. Luke knows to be on his good behavior to his young daughter and act optimistic for her sake. Privately, Skye and Bobbie confer about having a “plan” of hoping this works.

Courtney arranges to meet Jax and tells him she wants him to take her away. She says they can go to Spain or Rome or Sidney or wherever for breakfast. As long as it’s a place where they can elope.

In Lucky’s hospital room, watching her brother, Lulu asks her daddy if he believes that Lucky is dreaming. Luke tells his young daughter that that is entirely possible and encourages her to give it a try by talking to him. She talks but before she has a chance to try and fail to get to talk to Lucky, Sky and Bobbie distract Lulu and take her outside to get ice cream. Skye tells Luke that she will fight for Lucky and for his little girl whether he’s given up or not. She tells him that maybe there is hope for Lucky’s recovery and for him as well.

Carly and Alexis ask Rick what is going on with finding Christina’s kidnappers? He informs them that he is having Jason help him. Carly inquires if Rick is simply using Jason. Rick tells them that maybe due to the fact that Faith is behind this; Jason is the one to intervene in order to get Christina back. Hearing that it’s Faith, Alexis freaks and attempts to get out of her wheelchair.

Jason goes to enter the room where Sonny has gone, armed with a gun. And outside Sonny is ready to do whatever he needs to do to get his daughter back, while looking through the dumpster where Faith instructed him to go.

Alexis tells Rick and Carly that Christina was taken because her father is a criminal who wants to tell and provoke the world. Carly tells Rick that she’s realized that Aleixs needs to calm down during her pregnancy and not blame Sonny for everything again. He informs them both that nobody really knows what the kidnapper really wants.

Jason confronts a guy who is working for Faith and asks him why he is working for Faith and where she is. He tells Jason that if he wants to talk to Faith, he needs to go through Justus Ward.

Jax tells Courtney that they will have whatever kind of wedding they want. She comes up with obstacles, without revealing to him what is going on with her. He tells her that he wants to make certain that if they marry, it will have nothing to do with his “obligation” to clear her of murder charges of AJ. He can sense that there must be another reason why she considers going off and keeping a secret.

In court, there is a hearing about what to do with Lucky’s life-support system. Elizabeth testifies and tells the judge that she knows all about medical miracles and knows what a courageous person Lucky is and how he’d want to live.. She concludes that they must give Lucky a chance. He asks for other witnesses. Emily asks the judge to let her read a statement that Nikolas wrote. She clarifies that the letter Nikolas wrote was to Lucky’s father, Luke. She reads that Nikolas knew that Lucky would always be there to have faith in his family. And all he asks is that his family has the same faith in him and gives him a chance and asks that they do not end his life. Monica appears and thanks Emily. The judge says this concludes all of the protests to prolong Lucky’s life and he now asks for Luke’s testimony for wanting to end his son’s life.

THE HOSPITAL: Courtney accuses Rachel of telling Ric that Courtney was responsible for AJ's murder. Rachel denies it.

THE NURSE'S STATION: Over by the nurse's station, John Durant overhears Elizabeth talking to Steven about the possibility that Steven and Rachel might re-kindle old feelings. John walks over to them and asks if they are talking about "the Rachel"? Steven seems uncomfortable.

THE HOSPITAL ELEVATOR: Meanwhile, Carly and Alexis are stuck in the elevator together. Carly asks Alexis not to tell her any deep, dark secrets while they are stuck. Alexis says that she is supposed to be avoiding stress anyway -- Carly asks why and Alexis says that she is pregnant. Then she starts to cry.

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Ric tells Jason and Sam that he may have a lead on Kristina's kidnapper for them.

EMPTY APARTMENT BUILDING: Sonny and Reese storm into an empty room that the kidnapper instructed them to find. There they discover a computer set up to a web-cam...Kristina is on the monitor. She smiles and waves Sonny (who she can see through the computer she's looking at). The kidnapper -- Faith -- contacts Sonny and tells him that she wants the money now in exchange for Kristina.

Faith (speaking through a machine that distorts her voice so Sonny can't recognize it) tells him that negotiations will not continue until he is alone. Then she hangs up. Sonny convinces a reluctant Reese to leave as the kidnapper instructed. Reese tells Sonny how invested she is now (while Faith, in her black wig, watches through the web-cam). She kisses him on the cheek and whispers in his ear that she will be close. She leaves, and Sonny talks through his web-cam, telling the kidnapper that now that he has gotten rid of Reese, he wants his daughter back.

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Ric tells Jason and Sam that he has figured out that Faith is the kidnapper. Jason doesn't want to work with the police -- he thinks Ric is trying to set him up. Ric says that he would never risk Kristina's safety...he wants Jason to go to a meeting of the five families to find out what he can.

THE HOSPITAL ELEVATOR: Meanwhile back in the elevator, Alexis is crying even harder than before. She tells Carly that she is pregnant by Ric, and that she is upset because she has basically been ordered to take it easy and rest in bed a lot...when she wants to be out looking for Kristina instead. Carly reminds Alexis that professionals are on the job, and that Alexis needs to look out for the new baby first.

THE NURSE'S STATION: John talks to Elizabeth about Steven and Rachel's relationship when they were both working through their residency. (Steven looks increasingly uncomfortable.) Elizabeth notes that Steven and Rachel sounded serious. Steven interrupts and says that he and Rachel are over now. Elizabeth says that when Steven is ready to tell her the full story of his break-up with Rachel, she will be waiting for him. She leaves. John turns to Steven and brings up the real reason that Rachel and Steven broke up -- Steven and Rachel botched an operation on a patient and Rachel took the blame. John wonders why Rachel has shown up in the same town that Steven lives in.

Courtney and Rachel continue their discussion about AJ. Rachel wants Courtney to remember that Rachel killed AJ for her and now she wants Courtney to get rid of Steven for what he did to her. Courtney thinks Rachel should move on and enjoy her success instead of living in the past. Rachel notes that she does have a pretty good life -- a good job and a new start in a new city...she has almost everything she wants. Courtney asks, "Almost?" and Rachel replies that she doesn't have a place to stay she has decided she wants to move in with Courtney. Courtney looks shocked.

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Ric thinks that because the Five Families still want revenge on Faith for the massacre of 2003, they know where she is right now. He knows that they will talk to Jason about her. Jason finally agrees and Ric tells him that the meeting is at the foundry warehouse. Jason and Sam leave.

EMPTY APARTMENT BUILDING: Sonny is still waiting in the room with the computer when he gets a call on his cell phone. It's Faith, with more instructions. (Her voice is still disguised.) She tells him to go to Malloy's tire shop -- and then to leave her money in the green dumpster. She says that he only has seven minutes, then hangs up. Sonny runs out of the room on the way to the shop.

THE HOSPITAL ELEVATOR: Alexis says that she is tired and scared and worried that she doesn't have what it takes to carry the baby to term. Carly points out that Alexis was strong enough during her pregnancy with Kristina -- she will be strong for the new baby too. The elevator starts to move again. Alexis thanks Carly for what she said.

THE NURSE'S STATION: Rachel says she will move in tonight. Courtney points out that her fiance, Jax, will realize that something is not right if Rachel moves in. Rachel doesn't think it will be a problem. She reminds Courtney that she has the murder weapon with Courtney's finger-prints on it. She then leaves, saying she is going to let human resources to let them know of her change in address.

Meanwhile, John and Steven are still talking about Rachel. Steven says that what happened was an accident and that he never asked her to lie. John says that he didn't stop her from lying, either, and that Steven was irresponsible. Steven asks if John is blackmailing him in an attempt to get Steven to help nail Sonny while keeping John's name out of it. Rachel comes over to them just then and Steven introduces the two to one another. John takes off and Rachel and Steven are left alone. Rachel is impressed that Steven has made such a good life for himself.

LUCKY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Luke is talking to a lawyer about the upcoming case involving Lucky being on life-support. The lawyer leaves and Skye comes over to them...she says that Bobbie is bringing Lulu to see Lucky. Luke is glad. Bobbie and Lulu show up and Luke embraces his daughter. Lulu wants to know if Lucky is still sleeping? Luke says that he is, but that maybe she can help him wake up. They both go into Lucky's room. Lulu holds onto Lucky's hand while Bobbie and Skye and Luke look on.

THE PARK: Jax is sitting on the bench alone when Courtney sneaks up behind him. When he sees her they kiss. She thanks him for meeting her. She wants him to take her away -- maybe Spain or Rome, she doesn't care. She just wants a place for them to elope. Jax looks surprised to say the least.

LUCKY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Lulu is wondering about Lucky -- Luke thinks Lucky is dreaming of her and their mother and all of the good times. Lulu gives Lucky a kiss to see if it wakes him up. She says that he has to wake up soon so he can take her ice fishing before winter ends. Lucky, however, does not wake up. Luke says they need to give it a little more time. Skye takes Lulu out into the hallway. Bobbie tells Luke that she is going to the hearing about Lucky and that she will fight for him even if it means fighting against Luke. Bobbie is ready to leave with Lulu -- Luke hugs and kisses his daughter goodbye. After they've gone, Skye asks Luke if he can believe Lucky will recover the way Lulu believes.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Ric asks Alexis if she's okay -- Alexis says that she is fine. Carly asks if there is any more information on Kristina and Ric tells them that Jason is following up on a lead. Carly snarks that Ric is using Jason as it suits him. Ric tells them that Faith might be the kidnapper. Alexis freaks out, worried that a sociopath has her daughter. Carly thinks that it makes sense, as Faith hates Sonny, Alexis and Ric. This was a way to hurt all of them.

THE FIVE FAMILIES' MEETING: Representatives of the five families are in the middle of a meeting when Jason comes in, gun pointed at them. He demands to know if they have any information about Faith Roscoe's whereabouts. One of the men says that Jason is out-numbered...there are even guards outside. Suddenly Sam, also armed, comes in and says, "Not anymore."

MALLOY'S TIRE SHOP: Sonny has arrived with the money. He looks around and then leaves the bag in the dumpster. He doesn't know that he is being watched by someone with a gun.

THE HOSPITAL: Alexis is panicking...Ric and Carly remind her to try to stay calm. Carly notes that they don't even know for sure that it's Faith. Ric says that Faith blames him, Sonny and Alexis for being sent to prison. Though he, too, notes that they don't know for sure that it's Faith.

THE FIVE FAMILIES' MEETING: Jason and Sam are holding the men at gun-point. Jason asks for information on Faith and one of the men says that they've been looking for Faith for a long time -- but that once Faith got involved with Sonny's lawyer (Justus) they backed off because they didn't want trouble with Sonny. The man says that Justus probably knows where Faith is.

THE PARK: Courtney wants to elope -- she doesn't want a big wedding because so much can go wrong with those. All she wants with her on that day is Jax. Jax says that there are legal complications now because of AJ's murder...he wants the day they take their vows to be about nothing but love. He thinks they should wait until she's cleared. Courtney says that it's okay, they can wait to get married. She tells him that he is the best thing in her life...they hug. Courtney looks worried.

THE COURTROOM: Elizabeth is on the stand at the hearing about whether or not Lucky will remain on life support. (Luke, Bobbie, Lesley, Skye and Emily are also present.) She tells the judge that they have to give Lucky a chance to recover because she believes he is struggling to get back to them. She wants them all to believe in him. She steps down. The judge asks if there are any other witnesses. Emily asks if she can read a letter from Lucky's brother Nikolas, who can't be with them at the hearing. Emily goes up to the stand (while Lesley casts a wary eye at Luke to see his reaction). She says that the letter is actually addressed to Luke. In the letter, Nikolas has said that he has always known two things for Luke -- that he loves Laura and that he loves Lucky. He wants to protect Lucky now...he begs Luke to help save Lucky, as they all need him...Luke most of all. Emily steps down and Lesley thanks Emily for reading the letter. Bobbie thinks that in some ways the letter was from all of them. The judge says that now he will hear reasons from Luke regarding why they should end Lucky's life.

Luke takes the stand. He says that he wants to make this very clear -- he doesn't want to terminate Lucky's life...he just wonders that if Lucky remains in this condition, is it life? He wants to know how long they should let this continue? How much will everyone give out of their own lives to be with Lucky? How long will they be there to hold his hand, or to hold him? Or to keep him warm if he's cold? Where will they all be in six months or a year, if Lucky even lasts that long? He says that they are all present in order to condemn Luke and force Lucky to serve a sentence. He thinks they are all being selfish -- they disgust him. He thinks Lucky has a chance if they shock Lucky's body into realizing that he is in danger...that Lucky will either fight to survive or die. He knows it's a small chance, but he thinks it's better than waiting for Lucky to waste away. He wants his son to live and he thinks there may be a chance if they act before his body forgets how to function without machines. He doesn't want to allow Lucky to become a victim so everyone else in the room can feel better. he wants the judge to give Lucky a chance to be free.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney returns to her loft to find Rachel already moving in. Courtney gets upset and tells Rachel that she cannot move in. Rachel thinks Courtney should change her attitude. Rachel thinks they are friends -- they are two women who would kill for each other. She says that she has liked Courtney from the moment they met...she wants to be friends, she wants to help Courtney plan her wedding and everyting. Courtney throws Rachel's stuff around and orders that she be gone by the time she returns. Courtney storms out and Rachel watches her with a smile on her face.

THE HOSPITAL: Steven comes over to Alexis with a delivery from someone else -- a little red box with a white bow. He gives her congrats on the happy news of her pregnancy and leaves. Alexis looks at the box while Ric walks over to her. She knows it's from him. He says that he wanted to watch her open it from a distance, just to see if she liked it or not...but he couldn't stay away. Alexis is sure she will love it. She remembers that she didn't like Ric at first but now she can't seem to do without him. Ric says that she is a wonderful, beautiful, brave woman who matters to him. Alexis thanks him...she starts to cry. Then she opens up the box. Insider is a heart necklace. Ric says that Alexis gave him a baby so he owes her his heart. He tells her to just stop thinking and love him back. They kiss.

THE COURTHOUSE: Jason runs into Justus who tells him that he doesn't know where Faith is. Sam comes over to them and asks Justus to remember -- are there any places that he and Faith went when they were on the run? Somewhere Faith might return to? Justus finally notes that there is one place.

MALLOY'S TIRE SHOP: Sonny is waiting around the dumpster when a homeless man comes over and starts rooting around in it for food. At first Sonny thinks that the man is connected to the kidnapper and holds a gun on him. Finally he lets the man go after giving him some money. Sonny continues to wait.

THE COURTROOM: The judge is ready to make a decision regarding Lucky -- after hearing from the witnesses and speaking to Lucky's doctors, who say there is little hope for Lucky's recovery. He has decided to adhere to Lucky's own wishes -- which is why he has decided in Luke's favor. Luke is free to turn off Lucky's life-support. Emily and Elizabeth are upset. The judge offers Luke his sympathy and the court is dismissed.

THE PARK: Carly is walking through the park talking on her cell phone to Michael when she sees Courtney in the gazebo crying. She asks Courtney what has happened.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Rachel is walking around the loft in a slinky pink nightie. She settles down with a magazine when suddenly Jax comes in -- he has come to see Courtney but is surprised to see Rachel instead. Rachel just smiles at him.

ANOTHER APARTMENT ROOM: Jason and Sam arrive at the apartment Justus directed them to. No one is there...but there are many pictures of Kristina blown up and scattered all over the place.

MALLOY'S TIRE SHOP: Sonny is waiting by the dumpster when Faith's henchman shows up. He has come to take Sonny to his daughter. Sonny turns to he does so, someone comes up from behind him, raising a baseball bat to Sonny's head. But before that person can hit Sonny, a gun is fired from a distance away. The screen goes black.

Luke tells the judge that he does not wish to terminate his son’s life. But he inquires that if Lucky goes on like this, would this be life? And would his accepting this for his son, be love? He asks all the people who petition that Lucky goes on like this, just how long they would be there while he goes on. He asks Skye and Emily and Elizabeth and Nikolas just how long they can realistically take care of Lucky? How many years will they be there for him? He says they are not there for his son. They are there for themselves. He says they won’t be there years in the future for Lucky. But he will. He says he realizes that his son might have a chance. If his body is shocked into realizing what is going on, he will either come back to life or he will die. He admits that although it’s a million-in-one shot, it’s better than letting Lucky waste away. He says he wants his son to live but he cannot be at the desperate mercy of machines. And he cannot be a helpless victim of their consciences. He asks the judge to not be so concerned about what any of these people want, but instead to give Lucky the chance to decide and to be free.

Courtney returns home and finds Rachel believing she’s moving into her home and for them to be “roomies” and best friends. Courtney protests that she did not invite Rachel to live with her and that they are not friends. And she is not about to get mixed up with Rachel. She leaves and tells her she wants her out of there by the time she gets back.

Steven tells Alexis that he was asked to give her a present. He congratulates her on her new baby. Rick appears. She tells him she knows the gift is from him. She admits to him that she will probably love the present in spite of the fact that she did not want it, not unlike the fact that although she did not want or need him, she grew to love him. She opens it and sees a heart shaped necklace.

Jason and Sam go to court to find Justus. He tells them he cannot find Faith. But Sam urges him to really think about a place where he knows that Faith would be. He then brainstorms.

At that very place, by a dumpster, where Sonny is looking for leads about his daughter, he runs into a homeless man scrounging the dumpsters. He screams at him that he needs to find his daughter. The man protests that he is just looking for food. Sonny gives him some money and he is on his way.

The judge makes a ruling after hearing all of the arguments for and against keeping Lucky on life-support. He says he needs to ultimately decide based upon what he believes would be Lucky Spencer’s wishes. So he says he will grant Luke’s petition to turn off his son’s life-support whenever he wants.

At the gazebo, while waiting for Sonny, Carly says goodbye to Michael and sends him off. But at that point, she notices Courtney crying and asks her what happened.

Alone in Courtney’s apartment, Rachel is wearing a sexy nighty and looking very happy. Jax enters looking for Courtney but is surprised to see her instead.

While looking through the dumpsters, Sonny sees a guy and asks what he wants. They guy says he’s ready to surrender. Sonny says he has the cash in the dumpster but inquires why he should trust him. They guy assures Sonny that he has no reason to keep Christina. He asks him to go with him. Sonny follows. But a guy who walks behind Sonny swings a baseball bat at Sonny and knocks him out.

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