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General Hospital Update Thursday 2/17/05

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By Ali
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In the hospital, Alexis falls over before she’s ready to leave her room. Rick rushes to her.

Carly goes to the gazebo with Sonny and runs into her father. She distrusts him with his interest in her children. He inquires if she really believes he’d kidnap his own grandchild.

Sam and Jason are at the hospital. Alan and Monica enter and informs them that they’ve just gotten back form the memorial service for AJ. Monica thanks her son for being there. She also thanks Sam for being such a good friend to Jason. Alan tells Jason they need one favor from him. They need to find AJ’s killer.

Rachel asks Courtney how she plans to kill Steven. Courtney pulls out a concealed gun and tells her their plan is over. She tells Rachel she will tell the police that Rachel killed AJ and tried to frame her for it. But Rachel tells her if she does, then she will be forced to tell the police the truth; that she never even met AJ Quartermaine, but Courtney killed him in cold blood with all the means and motive and evidence.

Jason asks his parents if the police have any idea who killed AJ. Alan informs his son they suspect Courtney. Jason says no way would Courtney kill AJ. But Monica informs her son that AJ made an unexpected call to Courtney. As it turned out he never really signed the divorce papers. He refused to grant her the divorce because he wanted her money. She knew she needed the divorce that he refused to give her in order to marry Jax. Jason tells them that he refuses to believe that Courtney would kill AJ.

Rachel tells Courtney that she has all the physical evidence that Courtney was in AJ’s room and that she had all the means and motive to kill him. Rachel tells Courtney that it’s good that they are both blond and one could be mistaken for the other. She tells Courtney that she would like very much to cut a deal with her, and help her beat the charges. And all Courtney has to do is kill a terrible man who deserves it. Courtney tells Rachel she is not like her. She is not a murderer. But Rachel tells her if they go to the DA’s office together, she wonders just which one of them they would prosecute for the murder of AJ.

Durant tells Carly that she manipulated him and had no intention of having contact with him as she’d previously promised in exchange for his agreement to let Sonny go. She tells him that he set Sonny up. He reminds her that she told him she’d do anything for Sonny.

Dr. Meadows gets Alexis back into her hospital room. Alexis says she’s having abdominal cramping. Dr. Meadows asks Rick to wait outside. He goes into the hallway. Elizabeth asks what has happened and if they’d planned on having a baby. He admits it’s come as a surprise. Elizabeth reflects on what is like to fall in love with an unplanned pregnancy.

Dr. Meadows asks Alexis how badly she wants this child.

Sonny tells Agent Marshall that the last time he went to confront the kidnappers, she spied upon him and he failed to get Christina back. She tells him that he needs her help in order to get her back. He asks if she has a better idea. She says he must not let the kidnapper dictate the terms. He must be smarter and tougher and use every weapon at his disposal, including her.

Alan urges Jason to help them find AJ’s killer. He tells his father that he has other commitments, including helping Sonny. Alan tells Jason that his family must be more important to him than Sonny. He tells Jason that today he buried his only son. The other one has already been dead for years. He leaves and Monica explains to Jason that Alan has always wanted to bond with AJ and now it’s too late. So avenging AJ’s murder is all he has left. Alone, Sam asks Jason if he is worried about Courtney.

Monica confronts Alan about the way he just spoke to Jason. He tells his wife that Jason is not really their son as far as he is concerned. He implies that she does not care about AJ. She firmly tells her husband how dare he say she does not care about her son. She carried him for 9 months and birthed him. They reflect, tearfully about AJ as their firstborn and how they loved him throughout his childhood. And then how he went bad later on. Monica tells Alan that she always believed that some day they would be close to AJ again. But now it’s too late.

Durant tells Carly that all he wants is some quality time with his grandsons. He has no intention of kidnapping them nor hurting Sonny. He offers them some licorice. She admits that she has always been very protective of Michael and Morgan. At that moment, Sonny gets a call. Again, he hears nothing on the other end. Michael asks his father if he’s found the kidnappers. He explains to his son that he and Agent Marshall are doing everything to find the kidnappers and he and Morgan need to go with their mom. Michael tells his dad he looks tired and stressed and asks if he’s ok. Durant offers to leave. But Carly tells him if he really wants to be a grandfather, now might be a good time. Durant asks Michael about his video games. Michael offers to challenge him and they go off together.

Sam asks Jason if he wants to call Courtney, after knowing that she is in trouble. He tells her she doesn’t need him. She now has Jax. But Sam reflects on how although they are legally divorced, Jason must still have feelings for Courtney. But she then, stops herself, realizing it may be none of her business and she is once again, telling him how he feels. But he tells her he is with her and wants to be with her. She says she knows, rather she tries to know it. She admits that she gets a little insecure at times. She admits that she yelled in his face, recently that she never loved him, she walked out on him. And she stole $100,000 from his best friend. She promises to pay it back. He tells her he will pay Sonny back and she can pay him back when and if she can. There’s no hurry. He acknowledges that she saved his life. He asks if they are even. But she says she believes he has done a lot more for her than she has done for him. He tells her she went through something terrible and made mistakes but that does not change who she is or how he feels about her. She tells him she loves him so much. He tells her in that case, they are even and he kisses her.

Courtney returns home. Jax is waiting for her. She holds him and tells him how glad she is that he is there. She doesn’t tell him what happened, in regard to her meeting with Rachel however. But he informs her that he’s discovered a bullet on her floor. He tells her if she feels a need to protect herself, he’d like to know why.

Rachel sounds very friendly and ambitious to be a good pediatrician, to Steven while talking to him at the hospital. He tells her he knows she would be good at what she wants to do. She tells him now he needs to make everybody else on staff know it also.

After an encouraging pep-talk from Elizabeth that he should know he can be a good father, Rick goes into Alexis’ room. Dr. Meadows informs him that she’s just told Alexis that this is a high-risk pregnancy. Alexis must spend a lot of time in bed. If she fails to do so, she could miscarry. Alexis tells Rick that this cannot happen. She needs to find Christina and cannot rest.

While Sonny is once again arguing with Agent Marshall about what is more effective for getting Christina back, his phone rings again. He answers and Faith says she wants $5 million for the release of his daughter. He tells her he needs first to know that his daughter is ok and she will not get a dime until he knows that. Faith tells him he can leave the money at a discreet spot and she hangs up.

Alexis asks Rick what would happen if the kidnapper wanted to see her. Should she just sit here and do nothing? He tells her that has not happened yet. They will cross that bridge when they come to it. But for now, she needs to rest and be healthy and protect the baby they are about to have.

Rachel works on Steven, sounding oh-so sweet. He tells her he owes her something But she says they will always be friends and he owes her nothing. Elizabeth appears and Steven introduces Rachel to his sister. Elizabeth seems to recognize her bother’s ex but seems to have no suspicion about her.

Being discovered to have a gun, Courtney explains to Jax that somebody potentially dangerous has kidnapped Sonny’s daughter and she needs to protect herself. He tells her he will hire her a bodyguard. But she tells him that is not necessary. She can handle it. But he tells her if she carries a gun in her purse it will only make her more uneasy. They get distracted kissing and he tells her he’s late for a meeting and must go. When she’s alone, she gets on the phone and calls the hospital to connect to Jason’s room.

Emily tells Sam that she’s always dumped everything on Jason and knows he’s been hurt and she needs to be there for him after AJ’s death and after what Jason’s been through. But Sam encourages Emily not to feel bad and realize that Jason appreciates her. Emily tells Sam that she wishes she could be more like her. She observes Sam as being worried about Jason but not stuck on it. She tells Sam she is resilient. Sam tells Emily that her brother means everything to her. Jason has saved her life in so many ways and she would do anything for him. Emily encourages Sam to never let anything come between her or Jason. Sam can sense that something is going on with Emily and asks if she is ok. Emily tells Sam she’s fine but asks her not to tell Jason that she was there.

While waiting for an elevator, Alan asks Carly how Michael is. She replies her son is fine. He asks if she’s reconsidered having Michael go to his father’s memorial service. He tells her he knows she is selfish and incapable of decency or compassion. He tells her she shafted his son and so did Courtney and he believes that Courtney killed AJ. Carly says he cannot accuse Courtney of killing AJ and with what AJ did to Courtney and to her, that is the reason why she does not want him to have anything to do with Michael. Monica hears their argument and acknowledges to Alan that although she does not care for Carly, she is the mother of their grandson. And she says if she must bite her tongue and be civil to Carly in order to see Michael, she will do so. She tells him he’s gone really too far in his grieving for AJ and lashing out at everybody for it.

After Rick leaves Alexis’ room, Sam enters. She informs Alexis she wanted to see how she was doing. Alexis informs Sam she is pregnant. She admits that if she’d know she was when they were going down the stairs, she would not have chased Sam. She also acknowledges to Sam that because this is a high-risk pregnancy, were it not for Sam getting help for her, the baby would have died. And she tells Sam she is so sorry for what happened to Sam’s baby. Sam tells her she needs not apologize and hopes everything works out for Alexis’ baby.

At the gazebo, while Sonny is waiting, his servant comes by and delivers a big bag. Agent Marshall stands by him ready to help him. The phone rings and Faith instructs him to meet her on Olive St. in 10 minutes.

At the hospital, Elizabeth asks her brother to tell her the truth about himself and Rachel. She implies that she believes that he may still be in love with Rachel, but she seems to have no clue that Rachel wants to kill him. Courtney enters and observes Rachel talking to Rick Lansing and demands to know what she said to Rick.

Alexis gets on an elevator in her wheelchair. Carly also get on the elevator. It stops. ALexis informs Carly she is pregnant.

Jason tells Sam he has an idea of where Christina might be. She says she will go with him and she wants to drive. But right when they go out the door, Rick enters and asks them if they are going somewhere.

Sonny and Agent Marshall enter the room where Faith told them to go. They see the web cam of Christina. Sonny tells his daughter that daddy will save her and she must just hang on, as if she can hear him.

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