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General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/16/05

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Alexis wonders what happened at the park and why she hasn't heard from Agent Marshall. Dr. Meadows comes in and tells Alexis that her blood pressure is very high. She warns Alexis that the first couple of months are when most women miscarry.

The Quartermaine's prepare for A.J.'s memorial service, as they all reminisce about him, Alan becomes very upset. He claims everyone is fake and blames the family for his death. Alan continues on saying that if A.J. were more like Jason, everyone would have accepted him. Monica is upset by his angry outburst and leaves. He says she's a Quartermaine, she'll get
over it.  As Emily goes after Monica, Tracy stays behind to comfort Alan. He breaks down when she says how sorry she is for his loss.

Courtney loads a gun and contemplates what to do. She receives a call from Rachel, who wants to know how she plans on killing Steven. Courtney says she doesn't and Rachel warns that she will be forced to give the murder weapon that killed A.J. to the police. Courtney slips the gun into her purse, just as Jax arrives. She doesn't realize she dropped a bullet on the floor. He's still not sure she should go to the memorial service, but she insists on proving her innocence.

At the hospital, Sonny accuses Rick of telling the cops about the meeting in the park. Rick swears he had nothing to do with it.  Elizabeth catches up to Sonny and asks him to speak with Alexis, because she's worried about what happened at the park. He realizes that Alexis was the one who tipped off Agent Marshall, and goes to confront her. As he yells at her, Rick
bursts in and tells him he has to leave her alone, since she is pregnant. Sonny warns that if Kristina is found dead, it will be her fault, but at least she'll have Rick's child to be a back up plan.

Alexis tells Rick that she has to go and find Kristina herself, he tells her she needs to calm down.  As she prepares to leave the hospital, she has severe stomach pains and collapses to the floor.

Jason tried to convince Sam that he has to leave the hospital and help Sonny. She refused to let him, since he is still pretty weak. He asked her for a take him to the memorial service.

At the service, Alan was less than thrilled when Courtney showed up. Tracy says she just showed up to look like she's innocent.  Skye got up and spoke about the A.J. that she knew, how he wanted to be a good father, and she spoke of how much he loved his family. She also said that AJ's biggest regret was the car accident that he had that caused Jason's brain damage.

Courtney spotted Rachel on her way out of the church. She told Jax she would meet him back at her place. He went to her apartment and wondered what errand she could be doing. When he looked down, he found the bullet on the floor.

Courtney went back into the church and told Rachel that the game is over. She pulled out the gun and pointed it at her.

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