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The woman Courtney met on the flight back from the last time she saw AJ appears in her home unexpected and uninvited. She introduces herself as Rachel. She informs Courtney that they have established some sort of sisterhood with their common problem of needing to get rid of bad men in their lives. She mentions that she knows all about the charges brought against Courtney for murdering AJ. Courtney is able to figure out that it was Rachel who killed him. Rachel confirms it tells Courtney that she needs Courtney to return the favor by doing the same for her. Courtney tells Rachel she is not a murderer. But Rachel tells Courtney she might not have a choice. She is a prime suspect in the AJ murder, whereas Rachel would never be suspected because she didn’t even know him. She also presents to Courtney, proof that Courtney was in AJ’s room, her fingerprints on wine glasses as well as on a gun. She tells Courtney that she needs her to murder Dr. Steven Webber for her because she had a very similar problem with him. Courtney says she refuses, knows Steven, he saved her nephew’s life, dates her best friend, and is a respected doctor. Rachel tells her she has no choice if she does not want to get nailed for murdering AJ.

Sonny and Carly are both ready to believe that Faith Roscoe would be the only person with motive to kidnap Christina for the sole purpose of hurting Sonny. She sends them an anonymous photo of Christina with instructions to meet at a gazebo at midnight. Carly tells Sonny he needs to call the cops regardless of the fact that Faith wants him to go alone. But he says the only way to save Christina is to not get the cops involved. He urges Rick to respect his wishes. Rick agrees. But Agent Marshall follows Sonny when he goes to meet Faith.

Sam and Jason find the place where Faith was holding Christina. It’s completely empty except for Christina’s stuffed bear. Sam realizes Jason needs medical care after the gunshot wound and she takes him to the hospital. Sonny and Carly visit him there and Carly reveals to Sam that she is grateful to her for caring about Jason and that she apologizes for accusing Sam of kidnapping Christina.

Rick is convinced that Sam did not kidnap Christina but Alexis still suspects her. Alexis is very hesitant to inform Rick of her most recent shock that she is pregnant with his child. But she eventually tells him and he holds her and tells her that they will all be a family. He promises that Christina will be back soon, safe and sound and the four of them will all be together.

While Jason is in the hospital, Faith’s “assistant” is spying upon him from outside the hallway and informs Faith that Sonny will probably go along with their plan without any “help” from Jason or anybody else. Sam tells Jason that he should consider calling the cops to at least search for evidence in the abandoned place where they discovered Christina’s bear. But he tells her that they cannot or else there will be consequences.

Luke tells Skye she is being totally unrealistic to assume that Lucky will ever recover from his coma. But she keeps telling him that he cannot give up and not believe that a medical miracle could not happen. Luke goes to a park and sits and drinks and wants no contact with anybody, being very upset about what’s happened to his son. But right at that moment, he runs into his little girl, Lulu. And she is there to ask her daddy if he can explain what has happened to Lucky. Luke knows he cannot reveal the way he is really feeling to her. He tells her that Lucky is hibernating, like a bear, in a deep sleep, but she must have hope and patience that he will wake up and be good as knew in time. Overhearing that, Skye asks him if he lied to his daughter. He tells her of course he did. She is a little girl who cannot hear the morbid truth about her brother and probably couldn’t understand it. But he tells her that the two of them are adults and must stop fooling themselves believing in miracles and Santa Claus and magic dust and good fairies. She tells him that he is not worried about Lucky’s suffering. He’s worried about his own suffering and wants to give up on his son because he’s being a coward. He tells her that she’s wrong. But he is motivated by this experience to go and see his son again.

He goes to see Lucky. He tells him that he doesn’t want to give up. He tells him about Skye’s suggestions about talking and playing music for him. He suggests Lucky’s favorite blues tunes and remembers his son’s love of the Temptations and Motown. Then he remembers a camping and traveling song that he always sang with Lucky when he was a child. He sings it again and again. And he encourages Lucky to help him sing it, reminding his son that the old man cannot carry a tune in a basket. He breaks down crying but keeps singing Lucky’s song.

Rachel goes to the hospital to see Steven. She sounds friendly, telling him she’s gotten past their “experience” and she is willing to let bygones be bygones. She tells him she’s looking for a job at General Hospital and practicing another area of medicine and asks if he can give her a reference. He says sure. He has no clue that she’s plotting to get him killed.

Sonny goes to meet Faith. She calls him and accuses him of not following their plan. He protests that he is alone. But she tells him that the place he’s at is crawling with cops. She tells him he will never see his daughter again. He tells her she must take him instead. He will do anything for his daughter. But she hangs up and says nothing.

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