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Luke is determined to save his son from torment by pulling his life-support. He tells Skye and Justus that the machine that is making his son breath is a fake; an illusion and you can pretend that he is alive, but it’s all falseness. The machines are doing it all. He tells them the doctors say he could go on like this for years and why would he want that for his son? Skye urges him to give it more time. It’s too soon to make a decision. But he tells her he cannot delay and asks Justus for his help.

Dillon tells his family that it’s possible that Courtney is telling the truth that she did not murder AJ and asks if anybody knows her to be a liar. Ned wants to believe that but Edward and Tracy believe she killed AJ. Monica says she does not believe that Courtney killed her son but she believes Courtney must be very glad than he is dead. She tells them all that AJ has done terrible things to Courtney for a long time. Tracy concludes that AJ will not be bothering Courtney any longer. Jax comes to get Courtney, tells them there is no proof and they must leave her alone. She tells him that he was right that she should not go there to try to plead her case to them. She says thank God the police know she’s innocent because she knows the Quartermaines don’t see it that way. He informs her that he just got back from the station and heard that when Alan went and identified AJ’s body, he developed a theory.

After Alexis has fallen down the stairs, Sam tries to get her to wake up and be ok and is worried that she could be accused of pushing her. Brook Lynn comes down and witnesses them. Sam urges Brook Lynn to realize that she has to get back to Jason ASAP because he’s been shot and needs his medication. Seeing what has happened, Brook Lynn assumes that Sam has hurt Alexis.

Agent Marshall tells Sonny of the perfect timing the kidnapper implemented and the fact that there’s been no ransom letter. For that reason she believes it’s a woman who has personal issues with Sonny. She presents the theory that if Lorenzo Alcazar was out to inflict revenge upon Sonny, for example, would he not want money or some sort of business corruption more than to take Sonny’s child? Given what has happened, indicates that somebody has a purely personal score to settle with Sonny, for which they will hurt him through his child.

Right when Faith is talking to an unconscious Jason, the police pound on the door and demand he opens up. He drifts in and out of consciousness aware that a woman is there but is unaware of who it is. Officer Murphy enters. He pulls a gun on Jason warning him not to make him use the gun and asks where his girlfriend is.

Sam tells Brook Lynn that what happened with Alexis was an accident. But she needs to get back to Jason really fast. Brook Lynn goes to take care of Alexis then runs back upstairs.

Sonny tells Agent Marshall that if she knows so much about his history, why doesn’t she just tell him her theory? She lists chronologically, the women he’s been entangled with throughout his life. She first names Karen Wexler, a stripper, who probably got addicted to drugs because of Sonny. She also lists Sonny’s ex-wife, Lily. He tells her that both of those two women are dead and if she’s saying there’s some sort of “supernatural” thing going on with Christina’s kidnapping, he does not buy it. But she says she’s just listing his pattern with women. She mentions Brenda, one if his more volatile girlfriends. Did she not end of in a psyche ward because of him? Also Hannah Scott. She asks how he’s doing so far. He says he’s fascinated. She also mentions his ill-fated relationships with Sam, Alexis, Faith Roscoe and even Carly. At that moment, Carly enters.

Jax tells Courtney about Alan’s theory of how Courtney was laid over while changing flights after coming back from seeing AJ. She tells him she slept during the layover. He tells her he knows she would never murder AJ but he needs to warn her that it does not look good for her.

Luke inquires to Skye and to Justus just how long they think he should wait to make a decision about Lucky. She protests that maybe Lucky is fighting his way back. But he tells her he believes that Lucky is fighting to leave and this “technology” is keeping him here against his will .He tells her about a book he read where a kid in WWII got his arms and legs blown off, and he could not see or hear or speak. And he was lying in a bed like this, begging to die but nobody would let him go and he could not put himself out of his misery. And he says his son could be going through that right now. He asks Justus to petition the court for him to remove Lucky’s life-support. But Justus refuses to help him and tells him he has different values about life and death. Luke tells Skye he will find another lawyer. She tells him she knows he’s afraid but pulling the plug on Lucky is not the answer. She tells him there’s always a chance he could recover and ending that chance for him is wrong. He tells her she must not talk to him about what is wrong. What’s wrong is that Helena shot his son and put him in this condition and has gotten away with it. What’s wrong is what has happened to his wife. He says he has no way to save Laura by putting her out of her misery. But he can and he will save Lucky.

When Alexis is in her hospital room, Rick comes to see his wife and asks Brook Lynn what happened. She hesitates to answer him. She talks about how Alexis was in a struggle with Sam. Alexis tells her husband that Sam “got away” and he must find her, meaning Sam kidnapped Christina, not that Sam hurt her. Instantly, Rick gets on the phone and asks the police to put out roadblocks and an APB on Sam. But Brook Lynn tells him that Sam did not hurt Alexis and may have saved her life.

Officer Murphy tells Jason he’s ready to have a little “chit chat” with Jason and believes he can arrest him. But he discovers a piece of paper on the floor that may lead him to Faith.

Agent Marshall explains to Carly her theory of the person who kidnapped Christina being a woman and somebody who knows the most sensitive spots in Sonny’s life and that the best way to hurt him would be through his children. Carly spells out to her ex-husband and to Agent Marshall that the only woman Sonny knows who would be crazy enough to use his child to hurt him would be Faith Roscoe.

In the place where she is hiding Christina, Faith tells her “assistant” that she’s worried about the cops finding them and that they must move and go somewhere else.

Skye tells Luke that he cannot play God with his son. He says he is not playing God. The machines are playing God. He says nobody but his son will make the choice as to whether he lives or dies. He says it will be his decision. And he asks her to let him be alone with his son. He tells unconscious Lucky that he knows it was not supposed to end up like this. He tells him he will protect him now. He tells his son that he can count on his father to make sure that he is set free.

Brook Lynn tells Alexis and Rick that Sam could have easily run off after Alexis fell but she stayed and made sure Alexis was ok and maybe saved her life. Alexis tells Brook Lynn she “appreciates” that but Sam may have kidnapped her little girl. She says she needs to get out of the hospital. Brook Lynn tells her she cannot because she is hurt. The doctor comes in and tells Alexis she’s not going anywhere until he runs some tests.

Sam returns to Jason and informs him of her altercation with Alexis. He informs her that “someone” came in while she was gone. She asks whom. He admits to her that he really couldn’t make out who it was. But he knows it was a woman with high heels and that a note dropped out of her pocket and fell into Murphy’s hand. Sam looks at it and notices that somebody says they will have Christina on 39 Blake St. at midnight. He tells her she can go alone. But she refuses to leave him.

After hearing Carly’s theory about Faith Roscoe, Agent Marshall is able to piece together Faith’s personality and motives and possible intent for kidnapping Christina in order to inflict revenge upon Sonny. Sonny tells her if she wants to find information about Faith, she might want to contact Justus Ward. Justus might know a lot about what Faith is and where she is. And he tells her that if she finds any evidence that Faith took his daughter, she must come to him first. When Sonny leaves, Carly privately tells Agent Marshall that she needs to know that Faith is a sociopath. Knowing how “trigger happy” Agent Marshall is, Carly warns her that if she becomes similarly “hasty” toward Faith, Faith must act in a desperate manner by murdering Christina. And if that happens, it will destroy Sonny and Carly will be sure to make Agent Marshall pay.

With Christina, Faith holds a black ribbon and tells her that it’s time to show daddy that they mean business.

Luke drifts off to sleep in Lucky’s hospital room, sitting by his son. He has a dream that Lucky asks him to wake up. In the dream, Lucky approaches his father urging him to listen to him. He tells him that everybody thinks he’s dead but he’s alive. He’s just trapped. He tells his father that he knows it looks bad but Luke must believe in him and know he can find his way back. Luke awakens from the dream and realizes that his son is still comatose.

Carly finds Sonny and asks if there is anything she can do. He replies yes, she can find his daughter. He asks about the boys. She informs him that Michael is still confused about AJ’s death and Morgan is blissfully unaware. She informs him that the boys are staying at her mom’s with two guards and Leticia there. He sounds like he might want to put his trust in Agent Marshall after all. Carly asks if he really believes she is as good as she says she is. He admits that he is not sleeping, feels this rage that Faith Roscoe or some other whack-job walked into his house and took his child and there’s nothing he can do.

Agent Marshall goes to the hospital and asks Justus if he can answer some questions for her, like, specifically if he knows the whereabouts of Faith Roscoe.

Faith asks her “assistant” to go and do what should be clear to him and to hurry. He leaves and she tells Christina she must leave with her and she has a big surprise for her

Lois asks Ned how he feels about AJ’s death. Does he believe that Courtney could be guilty or does he just see it as more “Quartermaine hysteria”? He tells her it’s a little of both. He realizes that Corutney had motive to murder AJ but a lot of people did. She asks if he’d include himself in that list. He admits to her that he’s murdered AJ many times in his head. But AJ is family and you do not murder your own family.

Alan returns home to Monica and emotionally tells her that he’s identified thier son in the morgue. He says they will do an autopsy, then cremate him and have a memorial service. Monica puts her arms around her husband. Edward and Tracy prepare for the funeral and say they will not regret bringing AJ’s killer to justice.

Courtney enters her home and discovers the woman she met on the plane sitting there. She introduces herself as Rachel, without explanation of how she got there or found Courtney’s home. She tells Courtney she must not worry about any of the details. And she tells her that the two of them have some major celebrating to do. Rachel proposes a toast to the most important thing a woman in Courtney’s position could have: freedom. Courtney says she does not understand. Rachel tells her that she hoped she’d have figured it out by now. And she informs Courtney that she did exactly what she knows Courtney wanted her to do. She says they made a connection about women with ties to nasty men. She tells Courtney it’s like a sisterhood. Courtney figures out that Rachel was the person who murdered AJ. She admits it and tells Courtney that now it is time for Courtney to return the favor.

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