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At the station, Alan lashes out at Courtney telling her she stabbed his son in the hotel room and left him to die. He tells her she’s a cold-blooded killer and she will pay. She protests that she did not murder AJ. Jax tells him that is enough and if he wants to blame somebody for AJ’s death, maybe he should take a look at himself.

At the hospital, Rick tells Alexis that when they are still coming up with no success in finding Christina, it’s time to force the kidnapper out of hiding, starting now.

Dr. Steven Webber asks Dr. Monica Quartermaine if she knows the whereabouts of her son, Jason. She tells him she has no clue where Jason is and wishes she did. He tells her he can see that she has some bloodstains on the cuff of her shirt. She explains that this is a hospital and she is a surgeon. Emily tells Steven that maybe he should leave her mother alone and reminds him that her brother AJ has just died. But Steven tells Monica that he knows she is hiding some antibiotics in her pocket and Jason cannot survive without it.

Alan protests to Jax that he was the only one who ever stood up for his son. Jax agrees that he did but realizes that AJ did not make that easy. He says he realizes that AJ did not deserve to die. But he also knows there must be a part of Alan that feels as though he’s failed AJ somehow, and he expresses that he felt that way when his father died. Justus tells Alan that he realizes he is grieving and may not be rational. But he knows Courtney did not kill him. Alan says he has proof. The servant told him that a woman who matched Courtney’s description got into physical combat with AJ and felt no remorse. She tells him she admits that she was angry, she fought with AJ. But he was alive when she left the hotel room. She tells him she is sorry for his loss. He tells her that means nothing. He believes if she did not kill AJ herself, she hired somebody to do it. And he says he’s going to prove it.

Alexis gets on the air and inform the public, and hopefully the kidnapper, that her daughter Christina may look like a healthy little girl, but in fact she isn’t. She’s just recovered from having a bone marrow transplant. And she urges the kidnapper to realize that and believes that they might reconsider after they know. And she says she will give them her word that if they return Christina, she will not cause them any trouble. Dr. Steven Webber tells Dr. Monica Quartermaine that he does not mean to be heartless about her son. But there is a sick little girl out there. She says she realizes that and everybody wants to see Christina brought back safely. But both she and Emily tell Steven that there is no way that either Jason or Sam could have kidnapped her. He tells her if she leaves this hospital, she will be followed. And he asks her if she really can afford to lose the last son she has.

Agent Marshall finds Jason and Sam and arrests them for the kidnapping of Christina Corinthos Davis and instructs them to put their hands on their heads. Sonny is also there and listens silently. Sam protests that Jason is already hurt from the last time she shot him. She tells Sam if Jason tries to flee, it will be all the easier to catch him. Sam protests that that will not bring Christina back. Jason is still on the bed, in pain, unable to get up. Sonny informs them that Agent Marshall has a new strategy that maybe they should listen to. He explains that in order to find out who the real kidnapper is, she needs him to open up to her about his history so she can figure out who his enemies are and who would hate him enough to kill Christina. But he tells them that Agent Marshall is wrong. Because he will not tell her anything until she lets Sam and Jason go.

While Diego is staying at Lorenzo’s, Maria comes to visit him. He asks if his father knew that his mother was coming. She explains that she called and forewarned Lorenzo that she was coming. And she tells her son that she’s missed him. He asks if she’s traveled all the way from Mexico just to visit him. She replies that she is there to take him back with her. But Lorenzo says he and Diego have not had enough time together yet. Diego tells them both that he has a room above Kelly’s and he’s working in order to pay for it. It seems that both of his parents want him to live with them. But he says he doesn’t buy either of their concern, since he barely knows either one of them. When Lorenzo and Maria are alone, she admits that she made a lot of mistakes and robbed Diego of his childhood. He tells her he is not criticizing her and realizes he made mistakes also. He tells her that neither of them can change the past. But what they can do now, is give Diego the best home possible.

Steven Webber informs Rick and Alexis that he believes that Monica is harboring Jason and Sam.

At Jason’s and Sam’s getaway, Agent Marshall still holds the gun on Sonny and tells him if he does not talk, it will be his daughter who will suffer. And she tells him this is not a negotiation between one of his rival bosses. His daughter’s life is at stake. He tells her if she’s so smart, she will realize that Jason and Sam are innocent. So he asks her to put down the gun and let them go. She agrees but tells him she will be waiting for when he will be serious enough about getting his daughter back. Sonny and Sam are concerned about Jason needing medical care. He wants to help them investigate. But they tell him he’s in no condition to go anywhere. Right then Sonny gets a call and informs Jason and Sam that he has a lead that has nothing to do with what Agent Marshall believed. She lied and has been playing them all along.

Christina is with Faith. She talks about covering her tracks while Christina plays with a big panda bear.

Lorenzo tells Maria that Diego can sense that he had no feelings and seemed uncaring when he first found out Diego was his son. She says she realizes they are both too proud to admit to vulnerability. He confides in her that he recently lost his niece Sage. And since then, he has built a wall and not let anybody near him. She says she realizes that he would have reason to overcompensate with Diego. And they agree that maybe she needs to stay in Port Charles so that they can both be there for their son.

Brook Lynn goes to meet Diego secretly, reflecting on how Georgie has secretly been meeting Dillon in spite of her father’s threats toward him. Diego tells Brook Lynn that he’s not afraid of her father and admits that his father has also asked him not to see her. He also tells her that both of his parents want him to live with them and be in their lives. But he intends to live and work at Kelly’s and not be dependent upon them or in their lives.

Jax assures Courtney that she has nothing to feel guilty about. But she admits that she may have been the last person to see AJ alive. And she says she realizes that the Quartermaines may be angry and want to interrogate her and they may go ahead and do so.

Elizabeth tells Rick that she is very sorry for the kidnapping of Christina. But she does not believe that Jason or Sam is responsible. He tells her that is her opinion. He tells her that every second since Christina was kidnapped, he keeps hearing this voice inside his head telling him that this is his fault for what he has done to Carly. She tells him that he must not feel that what happened to Christina is his fault, karmically or on any other level. She tells him that a little girl he loved has been taken from him. And she knows that is primarily what is upsetting him.

Sonny tells Agent Marshall that he is not about to implicate Jason or Sam. She tells him that all she wants to do is find Christina. And since he won’t cooperate, she will bring his daughter back by herself. As she’s heading out the door, officer Murphy enters and gives her a message from Max Scorpio. He tells her Jason Morgan and Sam McCall got away before they could catch them.

Jason and Sam are fleeing. She picks the lock and gets into a house he suggests to find. She tells him that they need to stop running and he needs to get medical treatment. He looks at the computer. But she sees that he needs to go lie down. She notices he’s running a very high fever.

Lorenzo offers to set Maria up in an apartment nearby and says perhaps Diego can live with her, realizing their son knows her better and might be more comfortable living with her. She gives him a hug and thanks him for his generous offer. They agree that they will both try to be parents for Diego. He tells her that they need to communicate right now about their son. He asks her how much she knows about Brook Lynn Ashton. He informs her that Brook Lynn’s father attempted to get Diego arrested for seeing his daughter. He informs her that he thinks Brook Lynn is a nice girl and her mother is a good person. But their son could get in trouble with Ned and the Quartermaines if he keeps seeing Brook Lynn. Maria admits that Diego has told her about his relationship with Brook Lynn and his problem with her father. And they agree that it will not work out for Diego to see Brook Lynn. And they must prevent this from going on.

Privately, Diego is seeing Brook Lynn. She tells him she does not want to get in the way of his relationship with his mother. He tells her there should not be any problems with them seeing each other. Already she has plotted a plan to tell her father that she’s seeing her girlfriend for spring break, in order to see him. But he tells her that since neither of his parents raised him, he will not take orders from them nor justify himself for seeing her or doing whatever else he wants.

Rick tells Elizabeth that he is worried about what kind of a person the kidnapper is. If it’s somebody dangerous or who wants money, he doesn’t know what to do. But she encourages him not to worry about all the negativity. He should realize that love is the most powerful motivator and he must have hope that he will get Christina back.

Alexis tells Dr. Monica Quartermaine that she believes Monica knows where Jason and Sam are. But Monica says she will not help Alexis in her efforts to find or incriminate them.

Noticing that Jason needs medical care, Sam tells him she can help him just like she did before. She goes off to the hospital.

Officer Murphy informs Sonny and Agent Marshall that he believes that Dr. Monica Quartermaine was concerned about her son so she doctored up his gunshot wounds. But he admits that he failed to catch Morgan and McCall because they got their too late. After he leaves, Agent Marshall tells Sonny that maybe she’s wrong to implicate Jason and Sam but she is determined to find out who really kidnapped his daughter and asks him how important that is to him.

After Sonny has refused Agent Marshall’s final plea to cooperate with her to get Christina back, he sees Alexis on the television, pleading with the kidnapper to realize Christina’s condition and return her. He asks what she might believe about that. She says she believes that he and Alexis both have manipulation ploys and must put that aside in order to get Christina back.

Rick tells Mac Scorpio that he cannot help being emotionally attached to Christina. He remembers when he first brought her home from the hospital, she had a nightmare, and he comforted her and she fell asleep in his arms.

Monica admits to Alexis that she treated Jason for a gunshot wound. But she would never enable him to kidnap Christina. Alexis says she believes Jason may not kidnap Christina. But she believes Sam would. Monica says Sam would not either. She must believe her. But in the meantime, she has a funeral to get to. Right then, Sam appears, again disguised as a doctor and gets more medication from Monica to give to Jason. Right when Sam is ready to escape, Alexis finds her ad urges Sam to tell her where Christina is. Sam keeps telling Alexis she does not know where Christina is. But Alexis demands that Sam tell her where she is. They get into a struggle on the stairway.

Right when Jason is sleeping, Faith appears.

Edward announces to his family the funeral services for AJ, revealing that he may not care about AJ for any other reason than the fact that he is his grandson. They all argue. Courtney enters and asks to talk to Edward. They all tell her she is unwelcome. She announces that she is there to tell them what happened when AJ died.

In the hospital morgue, Alan identifies his son and breaks down crying.

Courtney admits to the Quartermaines that she attempted to settle her differences in a civilized way with AJ. But he refused to sign the divorce papers because he wanted to take her money. She admits that she assaulted him in anger. But she says she did not kill him and knew he was alive when they departed.

Alexis is in a struggle with Sam, grabbing her and demanding that she tells her where Christina is. At that point, Alexis falls down the stairs.

Agent Marshall tells Sonny that one thing she knows about the kidnapper is that she is a woman.

At that moment, Faith is leaning over Jason’s bed telling him she’d like to kill him.

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