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When Courtney is ready to go to the station for questioning about the stabbing death of AJ, Jax tells her he wants to make sure she doesn’t have to go through it alone.

Jason is sleeping and having a dream about when he and Sam told Sonny that she not kidnap Christina but Sonny did not believe them. And right then, Agent Marshall shoots Jason. He awakens and tells Sam that they must get out of there.

Sonny is on his phone investigating leads to find Christina. Agent Marshall appears and tells him he is very driven for a man who got no sleep the night before. He tells her she is wasting his time and he does not believe she is willing or able to help him find his daughter.

Alan Quartermaine goes to Carly’s and informs her that AJ is dead. She is shocked and asks how it happened or if he knows who might have done it. Alan informs him that nobody knows and AJ was found stabbed in his motel room. She says she is so sorry. He tells her she must not pretend to care. She tells him they must not argue. And she realizes that this matters to her son because he is AJ’s biological son. He tells her that she and Sonny illegally took Michael from AJ. She says that AJ was never a father to Michael. He tells her that she never gave AJ a chance. She tells him she is sorry about what happened. She will do what she can to help. But she will not let him inflict his grief and pain and anger upon her son.

Courtney tells Jax that AJ invited her to be with him and had champagne. She tells him she was very uncomfortable and just wanted him to sign the divorce papers so she could get out and never have to see him again. She regrets ever marrying him and believes he is despicable to want to take the money that she was going to use to help kids. She admits that she hated him and wanted to attack him and hurt him really bad. He asks if AJ was conscious when she hit him. She says she thought he was but she went away not caring. She also admits that although this sounds awful, she is glad he’s dead. He tells her that she might not want to say that to the police.

In Lucky’s hospital room, Emily stands by his bedside and talks about that time when they ran away together. He was mad at his father and she was trying to find her aunt. He encouraged her not to worry and be positive. And he turned the whole thing into a great adventure. She tells him he needs to do that now. He needs to come back and turn this into something positive. And he needs to tell her how to get through this. Jason got shot and could get charged with kidnapping. She is traumatized over what Connor did. She needs Lucky now.

Jason informs Sam that Sonny still thinks she took Christina. He struggles to get up and escape. But she tells him he cannot go anywhere.

Agent Marshall informs Sonny that since there is no ransom note for Christina, that means the kidnapper is not after money. It’s somebody who has a personal vendetta against Sonny. What he needs to do is compile a list of enemies he’s had throughout his life. Although he might not want to do that, he needs to ask himself if he wants to get his daughter back. He tells her he will get his daughter back. She inquires however, if it will be too late by the time he finds her. He tells her that he does not trust her methods. She shot Jason and he is now hiding out with Sam. And Christina is no closer to being found than she was before. But she tells him that she needs more information about his personal history, in order to find out who might have taken Christina. She first asks him how his first wife died. He admits that somebody blew up a car that she was in and that she was pregnant. She asks how he felt and what he may have done to find out his wife and first child might have died because of him. But right at that moment, Carly enters and tells Agent Marshall she must back off.

Brook Lynn tells Diego about Sage, his cousin, whom he never had a chance to meet. She admits that Sage was not very well liked among the teenage social circle and didn’t have friends. She also informs him than his father was devastated when she died. At that moment, Ned enters and demands that Diego gets out of his home. Brook Lynn protests to her father that she invited Diego. Ned gets his guard to physically remove Diego from the premises. And Diego fights back.

Emily informs Elizabeth that she just found out that AJ was shot. Elizabeth asks Emily if she is sleeping. Emily admits that she is having nightmare and they are getting worse. Elizabeth informs Emily that so did she when she went through her crises. Emily asks how Elizabeth recovered. She says she got counseling and she had Lucky there for her. Emily realizes she is without a man in her life and without Lucky.

Monica comes to take care of Jason again. She informs him that AJ has been murdered. He was found in his hotel room in the Bahamas alone and stabbed to death. She tells Jason that she was not really certain when or if he would come back all the times he went away. But she always knew that AJ would come back. She says she knows that AJ had problems due to the fact that he believed that she favored Jason over him. She admits that AJ asked for his parents’ help in getting Michael back. But they refused to help him. Jason tells his mother that was not her fault. She says this family has made so many mistakes. But Jason escaped. He paid a terrible price. But he got out. AJ, on the other hand, didn’t. She cries and admits that AJ did many horrible things. But he was her son and she loved him.

Carly asks why Marshall is asking questions about Sonny’s first wife, Lily. She asks if any progress is being made in finding Christina. They cannot answer that. She says she needs to talk to Michael about something. Sonny asks what about. She says that AJ has been murdered and Alan Quartermaine wants to inform Michael that his father is dead. Sonny says no way. Michael doesn’t need to hear that. But right at that moment, Alan Quartermaine has already found Michael and is ready to tell him something about “his father”.

When Ned demands Diego gets out of his home, he grabs him and Diego pushes him and he falls. When he leaves, Brook Lynn tells her father that he did not have to be so hateful to Diego. He tells her that Diego assaulted him in his own home. He reminds her that she was ready to blow off music school because of Diego. He is the son of Lorenzo and nephew of Luis. He is bad news. And he will not lose anybody else in his family to trash like him.

Diego goes to the police station, after being escorted out of Ned’s home and runs into Bridget. She informs him she got caught shoplifting.

Justus goes to represent Courtney and tells her she may have made a mistake to physically attack AJ. Max enters and asks what she knows about her ex-husband’s death. She admits that he is not her ex-husband. They were never legally divorced and have been married all along.

Alan attempts to tell Michael that his son AJ was his real father, not Sonny Corinthos. Michael yells at him that that is not true. Sonny is his father. Alan tells him that Sonny stole him from AJ. Hearing the argument, Sonny and Carly go and get their son and take him away from Alan. Sonny tells Alan he must never go near his son again.

Sam tells Jason that it’s not going to work for the two of them to be stuck in the abandoned house after he’s been shot. She concludes that she must turn herself in.

Dr. Steven Webber goes to find Emily. She apologizes to him for “the other night” and tells him she is feeling much better. He asks her if she can answer some questions about Jason. She admits that she will not do anything to incriminate her brother. And maybe he should be focusing his energy on helping Lucky instead of trying to get Jason in trouble.

Sam tells Jason that since his brother died, that changes everything. Whether he acknowledges the Quartermaines or not, they are still his family and he cannot abandon them.

Courtney informs Max that Skye informed her a few days ago that her divorce to AJ never actually went through. He asks why she did tell anybody, call the courts or ask somebody to help her confront him. She replies that she did not want to behave like the scared little girl who cannot take care of her own problems. So she went to confront him and he refused to sign the divorce papers.

Sonny tells Alan he has no business barging into Sonny’s house and upsetting his son. Alan says Michael is AJ’s son. Sonny tells Alan that his son, AJ was a whiner and a coward and unfit to be Michaels’s father. They get into physical combat and Sonny’s servant pulls them apart.

Michael asks Carly why Alan says that she and Sonny stole him. She replies it’s because Alan is hurting and very upset because his son just died. Sonny apologizes to Michael for Alan upsetting him and admits he should never have been allowed in the house. Sonny explains to Michael that AJ Quartermaine is Michael’s biological father and Alan’s son. And he died. And Alan was very upset and grieving about that. Carly goes to confront Agent Marshall and demands she gets out.

Sonny informs his son that it was he who took Michael away from the Quartermaines. Michael must not blame his mother. Michael inquires why Sonny took him from the Quartermaines. Sonny replies that AJ was not very nice to his mother. And he believed that Michael could have a better life with him than with AJ and his family. Michael inquires if he was “taken” the same way Christina has been taken. Sonny replies no. He did not kidnap him or sneak him away. He admits to his son that he may have done some bad things in his life. But he believes that taking Michael away from the Quartermaines was one of the better things he’s done. He tells Michael if he is angry with somebody for that, he may be angry at his father. But he cannot be angry with his mother. It was not her fault. Michael tells his father he could never be angry with him, he’s his dad. And he hugs him.

Agent Marshall informs Carly that it’s odd that nobody gave Sonny a ransom note in regard to getting Christina back. If they are not after money, they must consider that the kidnapper would have other motives. And she asks Carly to think about whom she knows who could hate her husband that much.

Lorenzo goes to pick up his son at the station. He tells Diego he’s glad he called. Diego informs his father that Brook Lynn invited him to the Quartermaines and Ned ran him out and had him falsely accused of trespassing. Lorenzo tells Officer Murphy that his son was a guest in the Quartermaine home and he wants the charges dropped. Murphy tells Lorenzo to get his son out of his face. Lois enters and asks Lorenzo if his son is ok. She realizes that her daughter invited him over and agrees they must do something.

After the cops release Diego, Lorenzo tells him he is coming home with him. But there is one condition. He can no longer see Brook Lynn. It’s too complicated of a situation for him to be seeing her.

Brook Lynn tells her mother that she believes her father was unfair to run Diego out of the house. Lois tells her daughter that maybe her father was right. Maybe he was wrong. But she agrees with Ned on one thing; Brook Lynn must no longer see Diego. He is bad news.

Alan goes to the station and notices Courtney being questioned but not accused of murdering AJ. He demands to know why she is not in custody and tells her she is going to pay.

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