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Courtney returns to Jax, making it clear to him that she has something on her mind, which she is not telling him. He asks her what is going on. She tells him nothing. But it’s obvious she is shocked to discover that she is still legally married to AJ and he wants to take her money and does not know how to tell that to Jax.

Skye gets a call from AJ’s servant informing her that AJ has been killed. He has no clue by whom. All he knows is that AJ was stabbed.

Rick informs John Durant and FBI Agent Reese Marshall that Sam McCall is their primary suspect in the kidnapping. But Durant believes that Sonny must have been her accomplice. Agent Marshall says Sonny had nothing to do with it. But Durant inquires why then, did she arrest Sonny?

Alexis reveals to Sonny that she does not believe that he kidnapped Christina. But she thinks Sam did and as long as he protects Sam and Jason he is acting as her accomplice.

Jason is alone, in pain after the gunshot while Sam has gone to get help.

Right at that moment, Officer Murphy enters the hospital and informs the staff that they are searching for two fugitives, Jason Morgan and Sam McCall. While right behind Dr. Monica Quartermaine, Sam is hiding, disguised as a surgeon and urging Monica to go and offer her son medical care after he’s been shot. Murphy calls Dr. Quartermaine to talk about her son. She goes to talk to him and nobody recognizes Sam.

After hearing the news about AJ, Skye cries. Justus notices her and asks if she is ok. She asks what he is doing there. He informs her that he just heard Luke tell him he wants to take Lucky off life support. She says she knows, and it is so horrible. Lucky is a young man with so much life ahead of him. And she informs Justus that AJ is dead. She tells him she got a call that he was stabbed to death and she knows that Courtney flew down to see him. She implies that she might suspect Courtney, knowing the circumstances and motives Courtney would have.

Jax reveals to Courtney that he knows she lied about where she went. He says he knows she must be very concerned about Jason after he’s been shot. He tells her it’s perfectly ok for her to care about her ex-husband. She tells him that regardless of the fact that she cares about Jason, she plans to marry him and will not let anybody or anything destroy their happiness.

Carly asks Michael what is on his mind. He asks why the kidnappers haven’t left a ransom note asking for money to get Christina back and why his father hasn’t just paid the money to get her back. He tells his mom that he knows that is what happens when there is a kidnapping. She tells him that she knows he’s worried about his little sister but he must realize that his dad is doing everything he can. Right at that moment, she can hear, very loudly, a conversation between Dr. Steven Webber telling a guard he must enter and investigate and Steven believes he must search for Sam and Jason. Carly lets him in but tells him that he must not upset her kids. She says this is ridiculous and that Sam and Jason are not there. But he tells her he must just follow police procedures.

Faith Roscoe, wearing a long black-hair wig, holds Christina in her lap and tells her she will take good care of her. But she tells her that her father, Sonny got her husband killed. And her mother and stepfather, Rick got her sent to prison. She tells Christina she does not think that is very nice, believes Christina agrees and inquires whether Christina would let anybody get away with doing that to her. She tells her that those people have not even begun to pay for what they have done to her.

Alexis still believes that Sam kidnapped Christina. She urges Sonny to realize that and stop covering for her. But Sonny is convinced that Sam did not do that and Jason would not cover for her if she did.

Durant tells Rick that when Sonny turned off the security system in his home, it enabled Sam to enter and take Christina. So that points to collusion. Rick reminds Durant that he got suspended from law enforcement and really shouldn’t keep trying to fish for biased evidence against Sonny. Agent Marshall tells them both they must calm down. She goes in and talks to Sonny and tells him she can get him off the hook if he gives her all the locations to all of his safe houses. He tells her no deal.

Sam and Monica return to the house and help Jason. They get him onto the bed. Monica tells Jason that she is his mother and will take care of him. He tells Sam she took a big risk going to the hospital and finding Monica. She assures him that she will not abandon him.

Carly tells Steven that the police are wasting their time and Jason is an expert at disappearing. But he informs her that Jason was shot and might not be able to go very far. She is shocked to learnthat. He informs her that Agent Reese Marshall shot him. Carly asks if she gave Jason a chance to surrender. But he protests that Jason was committing a felony and a child’s life was in danger. She orders him out of her house and tells him nobody stands in her home and tells her it’s ok to shoot Jason. He tells her she is overreacting. But she tells him this discussion is over.

Agent Marshall tells Sonny she feels for him. This is not the first kidnapping case she’s dealt with. She knows what this does to parents. He tells her he does not believe she wants to help him nor cares about him. She just wants to cover her butt. She tells him that he needs to worry about Jason and Sam and care about his daughter. He tells her he will do anything to get his daughter back. But there is no way he will implicate Jason or Sam because they would never kidnap her. She informs him that Durant is on the case and has gotten people put away for much less.

Carly’s phone rings and Sonny informs her that he’s been arrested for kidnapping Christina and she needs to talk to her father for him.

Skye goes to talk to Jax. She informs him that AJ is dead. He says he’s sorry but asks why she contacted him about that. She informs him that she believes Courtney killed him. They go to talk to Courtney. She finally confesses that she lied about going to Boston, and instead went to the Bahamas to talk to AJ but she did not kill him.

Justus goes to the Quartermaine house and talks to Alan, Edward and Tracy. They have no clue why he is there. He informs them that AJ has been killed. Alan doesn’t want to believe that. But Justus tells them there is no question that AJ has been stabbed to death.

When Jason is sleeping, Monica informs Sam that he should really be in a hospital. Sam admits that she feels better now that he is sleeping and no longer in pain. Monica tells Sam she has done just fine. Sam tells Monica that she will be forever in her debt. Monica says she loves her son and knows that Sam loves him also. Sam confides in Monica that she has never felt the same for anybody as she feels for Jason, with all he has done for her. And she says she will do anything for Jason. Monica asks her if that includes turning herself in for him.

Carly goes and asks Agent Marshall if shooting Jason first and then asking questions is standard FBI procedure. Sonny asks Agent Marshall if he may talk to Carly alone. She leaves them alone. He tells her that he believes that she is trying to manipulate him into implicating Jason and Sam, even though they did not kidnap Christina. He also informs Carly that her father wants to implicate him in order to get to her. She asks what Sonny suggests she does. He replies she should give her father exactly what he wants.

Jax asks Courtney why she never told him that she discovered that her divorce to AJ never happened and that she went down to talk to him. She says she realizes she made a bad judgment call but just thought if she went down and signed the papers, she would never see him again. But she tells him it was not that simple. He refused to grant her the divorce now that he knows about her endowment money. She admits that he grabbed her arm, she lost her temper and hit him and she said she wanted him to be left in the gutter to die. Skye inquires if anybody heard her say that. She admits that his servant overheard their conversation.

Alan is devastated about what happened to his son. He says he loved AJ so much and doesn’t understand how his life could go so wrong. He says he always believed that some day he would go home, have a big fight, but at some point the dust would settle and they would reconcile. But now it is too late. Officer Murphy enters and informs them that their other son, Jason is on the run. Steven Webber is also there informing them that they are searching for Jason, and believe he could have stopped there and left traces of blood. They realize that Monica is still at work and does not even know that her son is dead.

Sam informs Monica that if the only way to show her love for Jason is to turn herself in, she will do so. But Monica tells her she cannot. Sam tells Monica she must have been testing her. Monica tells Sam that her son is a very difficult person, appears cold, but has extraordinary loyalty to those he loves. She tells Sam she must leave but Sam needs to give Jason a prescription medication once every few hours and make sure he never gets out of bed even if he wants to. He needs his rest in order to get better. And she tells Sam she is very glad he has her.

Rick tells Durant that he knows he is only implicating Sonny, Sam and Jason, in order to pursue his personal agenda. Durant tells Rick that he is Sonny’s brother and Christina’s stepfather and therefore too close to the situation. Alexis tells Durant his job is to get her daughter back. Carly finds her father and asks what it will take for him to drop the charges against Sonny. Does he want her to be the good and loving daughter? Does he want Sunday brunch? Does he want father’s day cards? What does he want? He replies that he wants a chance to reconnect with her. She tells him he needs to let Sonny go and then she will give him her word that she will try to do what he wants. Durant instructs the cops to cut Sonny loose. He tells Carly that he cares about her. She tells him he picked the wrong way to tell her that. Sonny tells Rick that he will do whatever he needs to do in order to find out who kidnapped Christina. Rick asks Agent Marshall if she still believes that Sam is guilty.

Jason wakes up and calls to Sam telling her he feels better. He also tells her they must get out of there. But she informs him that his mother told her he needs to rest. And he needs to listen to her. Those are doctor’s orders. She tells him she loves him so much.

Courtney tells Jax and Skye that she left AJ’s hotel room, and hopped on the plane to get home so there’s no way she could have killed him. Skye apologizes for suspecting her. She tells Courtney that she knows AJ hurt her but wishes she could just see that he was a wounded little boy that wanted to be loved. She gets up to leave. Courtney tells Jax she is so sorry she lied to him but just wanted to make it all disappear as easily as she could. He tells her he understands but realizes she is now involved in a murder investigation. So they must now trust each other.

Monica returns home to hear the news that AJ was killed. She is devastated.

Courtney admits to Jax that there was a time she believed she was in love with AJ and she regrets being so foolish and now knows he is the only one for her. She then gets a call from Max Scorpio informing her that AJ was stabbed to death and asks her to come down to the station in the morning for questioning.

Rick asks the cops to search every possible warehouse or property that Sonny and Jason might own or use in order to find Jason and Sam

Jason and Sam lie on the bed together and he tells her not to worry because they will find the kidnapper.

Christina is in bed sleeping while Faith watches over her. A guy enters and she asks if “it was done”. He tells her that somebody’s apartment was swept clean and nobody could ever trace it to her. She says good and so now they can concentrate on phase II

Alone in her daughter’s room, Alexis lies on Christina’s bed, holding onto her stuffed animal and cries.

Alone in his house, Sonny drinks and then smashes the glass against the wall. Agent Marshall enters. He demands she gets out unless she can get his daughter back. She tells him that if Sam did not take his daughter, she wants to find out who did. She needs to know who would hate him enough to get to him through his daughter and she will not give up until she finds out.

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