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Luke goes to talk to his unconscious son in his hospital room. He tells Lucky that although he has not always liked him, he’s always loved him, admired him and respected him for his courage, his independence and his heart. Luke has no clue what he is supposed to do, realizes the decision on whether to keep Lucky hooked up to a life-support system or pull the plug, is solely upon his shoulders. He tells Skye that he already has one person he loves with a zero quality life. Laura’s entire life is spent sitting in a rocking chair staring at the wall. He knows Lucky will have no life being hooked up to this machine. Skye tells him he must not give up hope that Lucky will get better. But remembering the doctors telling him they have no clue when or if he will, Luke knows the inevitable might very well happen. She tells him Lucky is a young man with an entire life ahead of him. He has so much life and knows he would never choose death. And she believes he would not want his father to choose it for him.

Right when Jason and Sam are ready to escape, Agent Marshall, the lady FBI agent shoots at them. They flee, but knowing Jason got shot, Sonny is very upset at her for shooting his best friend and right-hand man. She protests that he maybe should not trust Jason and should realize that he may have aided and abetted a kidnapper. Alexis is worried that if something happens to Jason or to Sam that she might never be able to get Christina back.

AJ invites Courtney to have champagne with him and reveals that he refuses to sign the divorce papers. After finding out for the first time that he falsified signing them before, and she’s been under the mistaken impression that she’s been legally divorced from him all this while, only to find out only a day ago that they are still legally married ,she is overwhelmed. He tells her that the reason he wants to stay legally married is because he realizes that she is now a very wealthy woman and he’d be very foolish to sign away what are his legal rights, as her husband, to share half of her wealth. She attempts to appeal to what might be his sense of compassion and morality by informing him that she got the money from saving a woman’s life in the fire. And she’s using the money to set up a foundation to help needy kids. He tells her, smugly that he is needy and needs the money. Remembering that he stole from his family, she inquires whether he would have spent all the money by now and not be able to still live on it. He tells her he’s had too many bad investments. She tells him she will not be intimidated and will divorce him no matter what he says or does. When she gets up to leave the room, he grabs her arm and tells her she’s a no-good bitch. She slaps him. He slaps her back. She knocks him over and leaves. At that point, his servant comes in and asks if he is alright. He informs the servant that she broke into his home and assaulted him.

Courtney gets on a jet and talks to the young woman sitting next to her. The woman can tell that Courtney is stressed. She confides in her that she just had a very unpleasant interaction with her worthless, slimy ex-husband. She also informs her that she is engaged to another man. But she also reveals that she just found out that she is still legally married to AJ due to the fact that he falsified signing the divorce papers.

After Sam and Jason have gotten away, and he’s been shot, they go to an empty house.

Luke tells Skye that he appreciates how much she cares about his kid. She tells him that Lucky reminds her very much of him. And she says he should also consider Laura and what she would want for their son. Would she want Lucky’s chance to live taken away from him? She tells him she wishes he could choose to see the possibility that Lucky could recover and be able to have hope. But she realizes the decision is his and his alone. She reminds him, however, that making that decision would be final, for Lucky and for him.

Sam attempts to treat Jason’s gunshot wound. She puts a towel over the blood on his chest. She asks why he attempted to get her away from the house and protect her from the charges. Does it mean that he believes her that she did not take Christina? She tells him that nobody has ever before given her the benefit of the doubt. He tells her it’s because he loves her. She tells him that that means so much to him and she kisses him. He seems to be in pain and in need of medical treatment.

While Sonny protests to Agent Marshall that he does not suspect Jason, she surprises Sonny by arresting him for the kidnapping of Christina. She informs Sonny that she believes he set up the kidnapping with Sam. He asked Sam to kidnap her because she knew Sam and Sam could take her without being seen or heard. Alexis and Rick listen and watch Sonny getting taken away, not knowing what to say.

Luke remembers the conversation he had with the doctor who informs him that most likely, Lucky will never regain consciousness ever again. Justus enters and asks Luke how Lucky is. Luke informs Justus that he is comatose and the doctors don’t believe he will ever recover. He tells Justus that he would like to petition the court to shut down his life-support system. Justus encourages Luke not to make such a rash decision so soon. Luke informs him that he hasn’t made that decision yet. But if it comes to that, he does not want any delays. He tells Justus that as Lucky’s father, he owes him that.

Courtney returns to Jax who inquires where she went.

Agent Marshall takes Sonny to the station and leads him to the interrogation room. He inquires to her why he would kidnap his own child when he has all the visitation rights he wants and when she was in his own home? But she doesn’t listen and tells him he needs to tell her where Christina is. He tells her he does not know and that that is her job. He tells her she probably doesn’t ever want to find Christina. She’d probably rather have a two year old lost forever just so that she can blame him and get him convicted for something he did not do.

Outside the interrogation room, Alexis tells Rick that she believes very possibly Sonny would kidnap Christina in order to keep her daughter from her. Rick tells her that Agent Marshall is good but she’s making a big mistake to suspect Sonny. Alexis inquires to Rick how he could say he loved her yet suspect her of kidnapping Christina, but he would never suspect his brother. Alexis goes into the interrogation room and asks Sonny if he would know where Christina is.

Sam observes that Jason is getting worse and tells him he needs to get to a hospital before he bleeds to death. He tells her he does not want to go to a hospital because that would mean the cops would have to get involved. But she tells shim he looks so pale. Right when he’s talking to her he passes out. She yells at him not to do that to her. And she goes off to get help.

Courtney tells Jax that she went to Boston to check out some charitable organizations. But he knows right away that she is lying. She asks why he would not believe her. He informs her that Sam and Jason are running from an FBI agent and under suspicion for kidnapping Christina. He tells her that he believes she would rush back in order to help her ex-husband. But she assures him again that she is over Jason and ready to get on with her life. She tells him she cannot wait to get married and for them to put their past lives behind them.

AJ gets on the phone and informs somebody that he just talked to Courtney and she was not happy, so they must inform the family and prepare for some fireworks. Somebody knocks on the door. He opens the door and notices it’s the young woman who was just on the plane talking to Courtney.

Sam goes to the hospital, dressed like a surgeon, sneaks up on Monica Quartermaine and informs her that Jason has been shot and needs her help.

Rick tells Agent Marshall that charging Sonny with kidnapping and shooting Jason and Sam might not be very effective. He tells her that maybe with proper motivation, Jason and Sam will come clean about where Christina is. Right at that moment, John Durant comes out of nowhere. With a big smirk on his face, he informs them that kidnapping is a federal offense and he will take great pleasure in going after Sonny Corinthos.

Alexis pleads with Sonny to tell her where Christina is. She promises to help him and drop the charges and do whatever, if he can get her daughter back. He tells her for the 10th time that he did not take Christina. She tells him that if he did not take her, then Sam must have. Sonny reveals that he no longer believes Sam could have taken her. She took the money. But it does not add up for Sam to take Christina. He explains to her what Jason discovered. There’s no way Sam could have set up the surveillance camera that somebody put in his home nor would she have been able to successfully get away unseen with Christina. He tells her he believes that whoever was spying upon him and the people in his home set Sam up for the kidnapping, knowing she would be an easy scapegoat due to the fact that they saw her break in and take the money from the safe.

At that moment, a woman is holding Christina and singing nursery rhymes to her. It’s Faith Roscoe, wearing a black wig, similar to Sam’s hair.

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