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Emily is secretly reliving being raped by Connor. And when she has contact with Dr. Steven Webber in the hallway and it looks like he’s touched her, she screams and becomes violent demanding that he must never touch her. He faces her and tells her she knows him and she needs not be so panicked and freaked out. But she demands that he stays back. Elizabeth enters and asks her what is wrong. Knowing she’s made a scene and behaved irrationally, Emily calms down and apologizes to Steven. He tells her that he can give her something calm down. He privately tells Elizabeth that he believes Emily is suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder and maybe Elizabeth can help her. Emily cries and Elizabeth tells her she wants to help her.

Luke talks to Elizabeth about his son. She tells him that everything is uncertain with Lucky. He talks to his unconscious son about how he cannot lose him just like he’s lost Laura. Bobbie enters and encourages her brother not to count lucky out. Luke asks his sister if she is just playing nurse or if she really believes what she is saying. She tells Luke that medical miracles happen all the time and he must not give up hope. But it seems like he is.

Skye informs Courtney that she just got a phone call from AJ. And although Courtney no longer could care less about AJ, wants nothing to do with him, and Skye accepts that, Skye informs Courtney that Courtney is still legally married to AJ. At that moment, Jax enters, still intent on marrying Courtney. When he leaves Courtney alone with Skye, she asks Skye never to tell anybody that she is still legally married to AJ. She tells Skye that finding this out so suddenly is a big shock for her and she does not need Jax to know. Skye tells her maybe Jax could help her if he found out. She also suggests that maybe Courtney’s reason for not having anybody knowing about AJ is because of Jason. Skye says that although she does not approve of what AJ has done, he is her brother and she loves him. Courtney tells Skye that everybody told her and she failed to realize until it was too late, that AJ was only using her in order to get to Sonny. But Skye tells her that everybody has a history of making mistakes in their past. And what she needs to do now is figure out what she’s going to do in the future.

Jason asks Sam why it was that Royal just happened to have a lot of cash on him when he informed Jason that he could help him find Christina and Jason shot him. It only looks as though Sam had some connection or knows something about where Christina is. But Sam keeps urging Jason to believe her that although she took the money from Sonny’s safe, she had absolutely nothing to do with Christina’s disappearance. And she asks Jason if he believes her or trusts her. Jason tells her that he loves her and wants to believe her. But he still needs to be sure.

Outside his home, Sonny catches a woman about to leave his home. He pulls a gun on her and asks her to turn around slowly so he can see her. He demands to know what she did with his daughter. She informs him that she is a federal agent and was sent to find Christina. She asks him to look in her jacket pocket to prove it. He finds an ID that says she is a US Marshall for the FBI. He still questions whether her ID could be fake. But she tells him that instead of arguing and distrusting her, he should let her do her job and find his daughter. She says when an innocent child has been kidnapped, the most important thing to do is find her and not waste a moment. She tells him she’s had a track record of success in finding missing children. He tells her that he does not have faith in the law even if she’s telling the truth. She tells Sonny that if the law really worked, she realizes he’d be incarcerated and making license plates for 40 cents an hour. And she asks him if he really wants her help in finding Christina or not.

Emily admits to Elizabeth that she was reliving the trauma with Connor. Elizabeth tells Emily that she went through the same thing and doesn’t know what she would have done if she did not have Lucky to help her through it. Emily reflects that she does not have Nikolas the way Elizabeth had Lucky. But Elizabeth urges Emily to tell Nikolas what happened. But Emily keeps telling her that Nikolas is in legal trouble, incarcerated and needs all the support and not another burden or worry. And he cannot help her or change what happened. Elizabeth tells Emily that that is an intellectual rationalization. But Emily needs to heal from what happened by seeking out support from those who love her, regardless of those factors involved.

Courtney tells Skye that she cannot believe that AJ is still hung up on hurting his brother. Skye gives Courtney the information AJ gave her and reminds Courtney that AJ is still a fugitive and cannot risk having anybody knowing where he is so he’s probably hiding and difficult to find.

Sonny inquires to the FBI agent why, if she’s such a hotshot investigator, does she not question the prime suspect, Sam McCall, instead of showing up at his house? But she tells him that in order to identify or catch the culprit, she needs to be at the scene of the crime. She sounds like she has a psychic approach, which Sonny does not understand or trust. At that moment, Rick and Alexis enter. Rick seems to know the FBI agent and gives her a ransom note that was found. Alexis informs Sonny that it was found in Murphy’s basement and has Sam’s fingerprints all over it. It only looks like Sam is guilty.

Sam tells Jason that she is the person he slept with, lived with, fell in love with and agreed to marry. How could he believe for a moment that she would take Christina or not realize how frightened Christina could be without her mother? She admits to Jason that she envies Alexis with every fiber of her being and would have chosen her own baby’s life over Christina’s. But how could he ever even consider that she would be so cruel and sick as to take Christina? She cries and he gets up to leave the interrogation room, not knowing what to do or think.

Luke informs Bobbie, Elizabeth and Emily that the doctors have told him that without the ventilator machine, Lucky could die. Bobbie asks if Luke knows about Lucky having a living will. He seems to believe his son does not have one. But Elizabeth asks why anybody would even consider that Lucky should die. Emily reminds him that she was once as close to death as Lucky is now. Luke inquires what her father would have done.

Courtney meets Justus and asks him to help her finalize her divorce to AJ. She suggests fleeing to the Bahamas.

AJ asks a decorator to fix up his place. The decorator asks him what the occasion is. He replies it’s for a long-awaited reunion.

Skye informs Jax that Courtney still wants to marry him and will not abandon him but Courtney needs to go away for a while. Jax still does not understand why Courtney would need to go away and ask Skye to tell him that. Skye talks all about how new brides need to heal their pre-wedding jitters. Courtney needs to possibly go to a spa, get a manicure, a pedicure, etc. And he just needs to be patient. He tells her that he’s realized that Courtney has recently still been in love with Jason. But he knows that that is over and now nothing should get in the way of his plans with her for the future.

Sonny goes to the station and informs Jason that he knows Jason does not want to believe that Sam would kidnap Christina. But there was a ransom note that implicates her. He keeps telling Jason that he is just thinking with his emotions and he just wishes Jason would focus his energy on helping him get his child back. Jason tells Sonny that he believes that Sonny is desperate to believe that Sam was the kidnapper of Christina. Sonny inquires why Jason thinks he’d want to believe that Sam would do that. Jason replies that if Sonny believes Sam has her, at least he knows she’s safe and not with some stranger whom he knows nothing about. Jason urges Sonny to realize that Sam would never kidnap Christina. Sonny tells Jason he realizes Jason is in love with Sam but he needs to wake up and get focused about the truth.

Bobbie informs Luke that without a living will, it would take two physicians to determine that Lucky’s life-support should be turned off. Elizabeth protests that she knows that Lucky is not a quitter and would not want to die so soon. At that moment, Skye enters, puts her arms around Luke and tells him how she’s missed him.

Rick and the lady FBI agent go to question Sam, who keeps telling them she did not do it. The agent tells them that she wants to retrace every step Sam would have taken and reenact whatever might have happened. She leaves.

Alexis tells Sonny that she knows he would never trust the authorities and implies that she would not trust his method for getting Christina back. He tells her he’s in no mood for her lectures about morality. But she surprisingly encourages him to do whatever he needs to do. She does not care what that may be. She tells him all she wants is for him to get their daughter back.

Courtney enters AJ’s home. He has flowers and Champaign. He tells her it’s good to see her and she looks amazing. Noticing all the formalities, she asks him if he’s expecting someone. He replies he was but now she’s here. She tells him she does not want champagne or anything else from him. She just wants him out of her life.

After discovering Luke has suffered a flesh wound, Bobbie urges him to get himself checked out and calls a doctor. Luke protests that he does not have time to worry about something so silly at a time like this. But right at that moment, he collapses.

Rick asks Sam where she took Christina.

While Max is eating on his break, Jason informs him that something has happened down by the lake and Max might want to check it out. Jason goes off by himself with his gun.

Dr. Steven Webber gives Luke some antibiotics for his wound. Luke tells him he really doesn’t care and only wants to focus on his son. Steven tells Luke that it’s very uncertain what will happen to Lucky, and with no living Will, the decision would fall solely on Luke to decide what to do with his son’s life-support. Luke tells Steven he appreciates his honesty and goes off to see his son in his room. He tells unconscious Lucky that he’s always been a good son. He admits he didn’t always like him but he’s always loved him and respected his independence. Even when they did not agree, he loved Lucky for his courage and his conviction and his heart. And he breaks down crying. He touches Lucky’s heart and says he knows that is his mother’s heart. He tells his son they’ve shared a great adventure. But what now? What is he supposed to do right now? He cries again.

Alexis asks Sam if she realizes that kidnapping is a federal offense. Again, Sam tells her she does not know what to say. Hearing that, Alexis promises Sam she will get her the best lawyer and the best deal available of she tells her where Christina is. Right at that moment, the lights go off and somebody invades the premises. It’s Jason. He covers Sam’s mouth and physically drags her out of Sonny’s in an attempt to help her escape. But at that moment, Sonny catches them. He points a gun at them and demands to know why Jason is doing this.

Courtney gives AJ the divorce papers to sign. He sits down and looks like he might sign them. But he hesitates. Then he tells her there’s no way in hell he will do what she wants.

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