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LUCKY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Emily, sitting at Lucky's bedside, speaks to him about how guilty she feels following her rape at the hands of Connor Bishop. She also asks Lucky for his help in coming up with something to say to Nikolas, when she does finally have to face him.

BACK ALLEY: Rollo (one of Sonny's men) gets paid off by a mysterious figure. After the figure is gone, Jason comes out and holds Rollo at gun-point. He accuses Rollo of having something to do with Kristina's kidnapping.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric is interrogating Sam as to Kristina's whereabouts. Sonny suddenly busts in the room and demands that Sam tell him where Kristina is immediately.

THE HOSPITAL: Elizabeth has brought Dr. Meadows to see Emily. Emily insists that she is fine and that she doesn't need to see a doctor. Elizabeth notes that she can't help Lucky right now but she can help Emily. Dr. Meadows agrees to leave after assuring Emily that she won't speak to Em's parents about their discussion. Once the doctor is gone, Emily goes off on Elizabeth for ambushing her with a gynecologist. Skye comes upon the pair and asks Emily what's wrong.

GREYSTONE: Courtney has arrived at Greystone -- she speaks to Carly about Kristina's kidnapping. Carly tells her that Sam has been arrested and that they've found bugs all over the mansion. Carly and Courtney wonder whether or not Sam did it. Carly notes that Jason believes that Sam is innocent. Courtney -- somewhat reluctant to share happy news in the face of Kristina's kidnapping -- informs Carly of her engagement to Jax.

UNKNOWN LOCATION: AJ Quartermaine -- who left Port Charles last year -- is reading the Port Charles newspaper on his lap-top computer. He sees the announcement for Jax and Courtney's wedding and smiles to himself.

THE POLICE STATION: Sonny asks Sam why Sam stole money from him -- was it to set up a house with a nurse for Kristina? Sam denies that she knows where Kristina is. Sonny asks Ric to leave so he can talk to Sam alone...Ric does so, going out into the main part of the station to wait with Alexis. Sonny opens up to Sam about how he felt when he and Carly lost their own baby a few years ago. He tells Sam that he can relate to the grief that she is feeling over the baby they lost as well. Sam still says that she doesn't know where Kristina is. Sonny tries another tactic, telling Sam that she can keep the money she stole...she just needs to tell him where Kristina is. Sam swears on the soul of their dead baby that she did not take Kristina.

BACK ALLEY Jason is holding a gun on Rollo, demanding to know all of Rollo's involvement in the kidnapping. He knows that Rollo was the one who sabotaged the security system. Rollo balks, but when Jason threatens to kill him, he says that he will take Jason to where Kristina is being kept. Rollo pretends to turn around, but instead pulls out a gun and shoots at Jason. Jason shoots back and the screen goes blank.

When the show returns from the commercial break, it is revealed the Rollo has been fatally wounded. Jason, standing over Rollo's body with a gun, demands again to know who Rollo was working for -- who has Kristina? Rollo whispers, "Sam" and then dies. Suddenly Officer Murphy shows up -- he forces Jason to put his weapon down and to put his hands behind his head.

THE POLICE STATION: Sonny explodes at Sam, warning her that forensics has evidence of Sam being in his bedroom when Kristina was kidnapped. He thinks that Sam is doing this to hurt him. Alexis enters the room and declares that Sam is doing it to punish her, not Sonny.

GREYSTONE: Carly cannot believe that Courtney and Jax are engaged. Courtney explains that Jax bought the ring while he was out of town. She wants to postpone the wedding since Kristina has been kidnapped. Carly worries that Courtney is jumping into marriage because Jason and Sam are together now. Courtney says that she has been in love with Jax all along and can finally admit it to herself. She also adds that she wouldn't go back to Jason even if she could.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily argues with Elizabeth, again insisting that nothing is wrong. Emily storms off and Skye assures Elizabeth that she will go check on Emily herself. After Skye is gone, Steven comes over to see Liz. He warns her that Lucky's condition might never change and that a decision will have to be made.

THE POLICE STATION: Sonny leaves the interrogation room -- Sam and Alexis are alone. Alexis is sure that Sam has taken Kristina in an effort to get back at her...because she is resentful over the fact that her baby died. Alexis begs Sam to tell her where Kristina is, and in return Alexis will keep Sam out of prison for all of this. Sam admits to Alexis that she did envy her and that she did find it unfair that Alexis wouldn't let her near Kristina -- because it was Sam's dead baby who saved Kristina's life.

Out in the main part of the station, Sonny and Ric are talking when Jason is brought into the station. Jason tells Sonny what went down with Rollo. Alexis comes out of the interrogation room and tells Jason that Sam is requesting to see him. Jason goes into the interrogation room.

THE HOSPITAL: Steven tells Elizabeth that the stroke changes everything for Lucky and that they cannot ignore the reality of his condition. Elizabeth becomes upset -- even more so when Steven asks her if Lucky ever mentioned anything about a "living will" to her. Bobbie hears Steven mention the words "life support" and rushes over to the pair, warning Steven not to even think about it.

GREYSTONE: A woman (we don't see her face) breaks into Greystone and watches Carly with Michael.

METRO COURT RESTAURANT: Courtney meets up with Jax -- he is planning for their engagement party. They discuss Kristina's kidnapping...Courtney wants to postpone the wedding, but Jax tells her that that is not necessary.

THE POLICE STATION: Once they are alone in the interrogation room, Sam admits to Jason that she stole the money from Sonny's safe so that she could pay a woman to arrange an illegal adoption for her. She wants a baby that no one can ever take away from her. Jason asks Sam if Kristina saw her, and Sam says yes, that Kristina just went back to sleep as Sam was taking the money. Sam asks Jason if he thinks that she's lying -- Jason doesn't say anything.

Out in the main part of the station, Alexis argues with Sonny and Ric...she is upset that anything Jason says to Sam in the interrogation room will be inadmissible in court. Sonny tells Alexis that if she ever wants to see Kristina again, she will need to let Sam go.

Back in the interrogation room, Sam tells Jason that the woman never showed up with the baby -- she thinks now that it was probably all just a scam. She realizes that stealing the money and losing it was all for nothing...and that she needs Jason with her. She admits that she was wrong, and that she's sorry for hurting Jason. But she also swears that she had nothing to do with taking Kristina. Jason thinks for a moment and then asks Sam where she first met the woman who was going to arrange the adoption. Sam tells him that it happened in a bookstore...she also gives him the number that the woman gave her. Jason agrees to go check it out. She thanks him.

Jason goes back into the main part of the station, where Alexis and Sonny and Ric are debating whether or not they should let Sam go in an effort to track her to where Kristina is. Jason tells them that he can prove that Sam didn't take Kristina if they let him go.

THE HOSPITAL: Bobbie asks Elizabeth to give them a minute, and Liz leaves. Bobbie and Steven discuss Lucky's case...Bobbie thinks that it is too early to discuss life-support options for Lucky. She doesn't think that the family will ever consider giving up on Lucky. Emily walks over to them just as Bobbie says that Lucky is going to pull through this.

GREYSTONE: Carly leaves Michael alone for a moment (as the mysterious woman watches from a few feet away) -- when Sonny finds Michael by himself he explodes and goes off on Max and Carly, who come running to the scene. Sonny is worried about someone possibly taking Michael as well. Michael and Max go outside to look at a tree house, leaving Sonny and Carly in doors. Carly tells Sonny that it doesn't make sense that Sam would take Kristina.

THE HOSPITAL: Skye comes across Emily in the waiting room -- Em is going over homework. Skye reminds Emily that if Em needs someone to talk to, she can talk to her. Emily says that she doesn't need to talk to anyone...she just needs to finish the chapter she's studying. Skye suddenly gets a call on her cell phone -- it's AJ! Skye is extremely surprised to hear from him. AJ brings up Jax and Courtney's wedding and Skye warns him to leave them alone. AJ says that that is just not possible.

METRO COURT RESTAURANT: Courtney thinks that she and Jax should be concentrating on Kristina's kidnapping, not their wedding. But Jax is confident that Kristina will be found before their wedding even happens. Skye comes rushing over to them, requesting to speak a moment to Courtney. Jax leaves them alone and Skye tells Court that she just got a phone call from AJ, who has a message for Courtney.

THE HOSPITAL: Luke is waiting outside of Lucky's room. Tony comes over to him and they hug. Luke asks Tony to tell him straight-up what is going on with Lucky. Tony says that Lucky could remain on life-support indefinitely. He adds that he has done some research on Lucky's case and that no one with Lucky's symptoms has ever pulled through. In Tony's opinion, Lucky may never regain consciousness. Luke looks as if he has been punched in the gut. He draws comparisons between Tony and Laura's doctor at Shadybrook. Luke thinks that Tony feels that the situation is utterly hopeless, even if he doesn't use those words. Luke notes that now both Lucky and Laura will never have any kind of a life...that they are just existing. He looks through the window at Lucky's room sadly.

THE POLICE STATION: Alexis and Ric are still at the station. Ric wants Alexis to go home and get some rest, but Alexis refuses. She talks to Ric about how she should be giving Kristina breakfast right now. She is worried that Kristina is scared and feeling lost without her. Alexis starts to get upset and Ric stops her, warning her that she is trying to find logic in a situation where none exists. He promises her that they will bring Kristina home. They hug.

GREYSTONE: Carly and Sonny discuss whether or not Sam really kidnapped Kristina. Carly doesn't think that Sam did it. (The mysterious female figure is listening to them from a few feet away.) Sonny admits that nothing about this situation makes sense. Carly doesn't thin that Sam would sacrifice happiness with Jason to kidnap Kristina. Sonny is worried...if Sam did not take Kristina, someone else has her...someone who might hurt her. Carly leaves (after Sonny warns her to be careful). After Carly is gone, the mysterious figure watches Sonny standing alone in the foyer.

METRO COURT RESTAURANT: Skye tells Courtney that she and AJ are still married. Courtney is dumb-founded.

THE HOSPITAL: Elizabeth is at Lucky's bedside, asking him to please wake up. Luke comes in and asks to have a moment alone with his son.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Emily runs into a doctor who asks her to look over a patient's chart (as part of her training to become a doctor herself). Emily is upset to find that the patient is a female assault victim. She flashes back to her own rape at the hands of Connor. Steven comes up behind Emily, touching her shoulder -- she yells at him.

THE POLICE STATION: Jason returns to the interrogation room and tells Sam that the leads she gave him are dead ends. He demands to know if she was lying to him -- did she take Kristina? She swears again that she had nothing to do with it.

GREYSTONE: Sonny discovers that there is someone watching him...he gets a pistol and points it at the mysterious woman's back, warning her not to move.

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