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Elizabeth tells unconscious Lucky of all the memories they’ve had together. She says she does not want to have to find out what it would be like without him. At that moment, a signal goes off and there is a code blue.

Emily tells her mother that there is no way she can tell Nikolas that Lucky is in a coma. But Monica urges her daughter to make attempts to contact Nikolas in prison because he needs to know about his brother. At first Emily sounds as though she is not allowed to visit Nikolas, then later reveals that she knows she can if she wants and that there is another reason why she is choosing not to contact him. She says she does not want Nikolas to “know” about Connor. Her mother asks her just what she’s afraid of having Nikolas knowing about Connor.

Rick urges Ned not to go to the police until they know more. Ned says he must protect Christina as well as Brook Lynn. But Rick tells him that if he goes to the police right now, it could ruin Alexis’ life.

Jason gets off the phone with Sam, after she’s told him she’s in serious trouble and he’s told her he will go to wherever she is. Sonny and Alexis witness him and not knowing whom he was talking to and ask if it was an informant about Christina or the kidnapper.

The medical team attempt to stabilize Lucky. As he slips deeper into a coma, the “ghost” of Lucky walks into the hall wearing white. He sees Emily also dressing in white. She asks where he is going. He tells her he has no reason to stay. She tells him he cannot leave her. She saved his life. He tells her he’s glad she is alive and that he will miss her but he has no reason to stay. And he walks away. He fades off into a white atmosphere. At that moment, Elizabeth approaches him and asks him to stay for her.

Ned goes to find Brook Lynn and is very happy that his daughter is ok. She says she is so sorry for letting Christina get kidnapped. He assures her she has nothing to be sorry for. The person who kidnapped Christina is the only one who needs to be sorry.

Alexis and Sonny tell Jason that it’s entirely possible that Sam has Christina. Sonny suggests that maybe the reason she called Jason and then suddenly hung up without telling him where she is was because she suddenly panicked. Alexis also agrees that Sam might have motive to take Christina. At that moment, Lorenzo appears. Sonny tells him that he is a prime suspect since he might very well know how to crack Sonny’s security code. Lorenzo informs Sonny he is here only for his son.

Emily tells her mother that she should have known that Connor was dangerous but she was so naïve not to see it. Monica tells her daughter that she was simply desperate to help Nikolas. Emily says she made a big mistake trying to train Connor to think and act and be like Nikolas. Monica reminds her that it was Luke Spencer’s idea as well as Lucky and Skye that asked him to do that and the only one she needs to blame is Connor. She puts her arms around her daughter.

In Lucky’s unconscious dream, Elizabeth tells him he cannot leave her. She loves him. They are not finished. Not yet. She urges him to stay with her. She reaches for his hand. He takes her hand. Right at that moment, the doctors notice that Lucky is regaining his senses and right when they thought they’d lost him, this is a miracle.

Lorenzo tells Sonny that he would never kidnap Christina and neither would his son. Carly confirms that she believes Lorenzo. Sonny tells Lorenzo that he knows that Diego was snooping around his home right when his daughter was kidnapped. Lorenzo says his son is innocent. Sonny says Christina is innocent and if he finds out Diego had anything to do with kidnapping her, he will kill him. Lorenzo tells Sonny he better not dare threaten his son. At that moment, Diego and Brook Lynn enter and witness Lorenzo defending his son to Sonny.

The doctor tells Elizabeth, Emily and Skye that it looks as though Lucky might have irreversible damage. Skye says somebody needs to contact his father, Luke.

Bridget appears at the hospital and asks Georgie about what she might know about Bridget’s grandmother’s appointment to take her baby in for a check-up. Georgie says she cannot release confidential information, Bridget needs to ask a doctor or nurse, and it’s a little odd that Bridget would not reveal the name of her baby or her grandmother. Bridget suggests that Georgie contacts Jason Morgan because her grandmother also took the baby from him.

Carly and Sonny both see the possibility that Lorenzo and his son had something to do with kidnapping Christina. But Carly refuses to believe it. Sonny tells Lorenzo he needs to take his kid and get out. Lorenzo and Diego leave and Lorenzo asks Carly if she wants to come with them. Carly replies that she wants to stay. Alexis tells Jason that he needs to consider the possibility that Sam kidnapped Christina. Very possibly her disappearance, as well as the depression she’s been under from losing her baby, as well as the phone call could be a desperate cry for help. And she pleads with Jason to at least check it out before assuming that it could not happen. Rick gets on the phone.

Emily admits to Elizabeth that she went to Pentonville and could not tell Nikolas what happened to Lucky. But Elizabeth urges Emily to talk about what really happened, in regard to the rape. She tells Emily again, that she knows all too well the after-affects of rape. Emily pleads that Elizabeth stops talking about that and that it did not happen. But Elizabeth pleads that Emily goes and gets testing for disease and pregnancy and consider counseling. She tells her she needs to get herself checked out.

When Georgie is arguing with Bridget, Dillon enters. And Georgie puts two and two together in remembering that Bridget is the girl who gave birth in Kelly’s and whose baby Jason and Sam adopted and she and her grandmother took the baby from them. At that moment, Diego enters and informs Georgie and Dillon that Christina has been kidnapped from Sonny’s and it happened right when he was attempting to visit Brook Lynn while she was babysitting Christina. He says he has no clue what happened but is worried that he and his father are prime suspects.

Brook Lynn goes to the station with her father, in order to give a statement to the police. She keeps telling her father that she’s afraid that she would look guilty by going and talking to them. He tells her that because he knows she did nothing wrong, he needs to clear both of them. He admits to his daughter that maybe he is “overcompensating” because of his protectiveness toward Christina. He reveals to her that Sonny is a dangerous criminal and he was very worried about what would happen if ever Sonny found out that Christina was his child. And he knew that something like this was bound to happen, due to the fact that Sonny just could not see that Christina is better off never knowing him.

Max Scorpio goes to Sonny’s. Alexis tells Max that she sees a very likely possibility that Sam McCall could have taken her daughter since she called Jason and told him she was in trouble very shortly after the kidnapping. Knowing about Sam’s present situation, it’s very possible that she could have Christina. Although Jason demands that they stop blaming Sam, Max tells Alexis that he wants to thoroughly investigate Sam.

Dr. Steven Webber goes to investigate whatever traces there are of any person who could have been in Christina’s room. Carly enters and notices he’s found a hair sample. He is very confident that he has found something that will give them a lead.

Jason tells Alexis that Sam might be depressed because of losing two babies and she must not implicate Sam just because of that. Rick adds that that could very well be a perfect motive for Sam to kidnap Christina. Jason tells Rick that he ought to know all too well about kidnapping children with what he did to Carly and many other things on Rick’s track record. Alexis demands that the cops put out an APB on Sam right now. She says Sam might be leaving town as they speak and they must find her.

Diego asks his father if that “thing” he said to Sonny about wanting to protect him was fake or real? Lorenzo asks his son why he distrusts him so. He goes on to tell Diego that he is his son, he wants to protect him and be in his life and do more if Diego will let him.

Emily admits to Elizabeth that she is right that rape survivors should get examined and get counseling. But she is not a rape victim. She says that she shot a man and has that on her conscience and she feels responsible for what happened to Lucky. But Elizabeth urges Emily to deal with the reality of what happened to her. Emily tells Elizabeth that she just cannot bring herself to tell Nikolas what happened to Lucky.

Brook Lynn reveals to her father that she was out of line to be so angry with him after finding out that he lied to her about Christina being his child. She tells him that she now realizes that he was only trying to protect Christina. She apologizes for attacking him for that. He tells her she needs not apologize. He says he needs to apologize to her for lying and understands that it is a terrible thing when somebody cannot trust their own parents. She tells her father she trusts him. And she tells him that throughout this time when she’s been panicking about Christina, she’s been wishing that her dad was there to make things better. He tells her he will always be there for her and they hug.

Rick tells Alexis that he knows what she’s going through. He loves Christina also. But he knows that rushing to judgment does not help in situations like this. She tells him she cannot stand waiting.

Sonny tells Jason that Sam has been suffering for months. Maybe she had an impulse, which she now regrets. He demands that Jason sees that his daughter has been kidnapped and he must look at all possibilities. But Jason says the time and energy spent to go after Sam is wasted when the real kidnapper has Christina and might be getting away. At that moment, Rick enters and informs them that the hair sample found in Christina’s room matches the hair found from Sam’s hairbrush. Alexis says that does not surprise her a bit because she knows Sam is the kidnapper.

Emily tells unconscious Lucky that Elizabeth is just trying to help, and she loves her, but she wishes Elizabeth would leave her alone. She tells him she wishes she could erase what happened. But she can’t. So she needs to forget the whole thing. In time people will forget. And some day, she will be able to live as though the whole thing never happened. Some day, the memory will fade away. And hopefully it will be gone for good.

Skye goes to ask Bobbie if she has heard from Luke. Bobbie replies she’s attempted to contact him but he has not answered his cell phone. Skye asks Bobbie if she thinks Luke might be so deeply undercover that he cannot contact them. Bobbie informs Skye that if she panicked every time Luke went off and did something crazy and disappeared, she’d be in a straightjacket by now.

Elizabeth asks the doctor what the prognosis is for Lucky. The doctor says there’s always a chance that he could make a full recovery. But it’s just as possible that he will never recover.

Carly returns home to Michael and asks him why he’s up past his bedtime. She tells her son he doesn’t have to take care of her. It’s her job to take care of him. But she says she realizes that it might not do any good to tell him that. She says she know he wants to act and think and be like his dad. But deep inside she knows he’s just like her.

Rick informs Alexis and Sonny that there is an APB on Sam. They’ve set up roadblocks and hopefully the cops will find her. Sonny says at least he knows that Sam would never hurt Christina. She may be out of her mind with grief. But Sam would never hurt a child. But Alexis says that Christina does not know Sam and is probably terrified out of her mind. And she is so worried about Christina.

Jason goes to catch Sam at the bus-station. He tells her she cannot flee and must talk to him. She tells him it’s too late for him to help her. But right before they can say anything to each other, the cops come and tackle them both and charge Sam with the kidnapping of Christina Corinthos Davis.

Meanwhile, Kristina continues to play with all of the toys that the kidnapper has set up for her, while the henchman watches her.

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