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Jax kisses Courtney. He wants to carry her into his apartment. She says they are not married yet. They are really happy until they get in the door and discover her father and his mother inside waiting for them.

Rick tells Alexis that he knows how she will stop at nothing in order to protect Christina and that might include kidnapping her in order to make Sonny look bad and lose custody of her.

Sonny asks Jason if he is covering for Sam.

Sam’s “partner in extortion” collects the money from her.

Jax informs his mother and her father that he just proposed to Courtney tonight. He assumes that they are trying to talk them out of it. Mike informs them that Jane called him and they decided that they would meet together. He tells them he believes this marriage would be a mistake for both of them.

Michael asks his mother if she believes that Christina is scared. Carly tells him she hopes not and believes that Christina is probably too young to know what is going on. Michael again reveals that he feels responsible for her disappearance. But again, she tells her son that he is the best big brother anybody could ever have and the kidnapping was not his fault.

Rick tells Alexis that he’s only asking her what he’s asking her in order to protect her. He says it’s just “too perfect” for Christina to so conveniently disappear right when she was in the care of Sonny. This is the one time when Alexis asked Sonny to take her and lied about her whereabouts. IT could very well be a “set up” to get Sonny in trouble. She tells him she will not waste a moment justifying herself to him.

The kidnapper listens in on their conversation from the surveillance camera.

Jason tells Sonny that Sam would not take Christina. Sonny asks how he would know. Jason says she’d never do that. Sonny reminds Jason that she lied about going to Miami. Jason tells him that is not the same. He says that Sam would have no motive to take Christina. She is angry and feels betrayed. She’s angry with him. Not at Sonny. Why would she take Sonny’s child from him? Sonny says that due to post-partum depression, it’s possible that Sam would kidnap Christina while mourning the loss of two babies. Jason reminds Sonny that Christina was only left unattended for a few short minutes in her room. What are the odds that Sam would know exactly when to take Christina and be unseen? Sam does not know the “layout” of the house that well. It’s near to impossible that she’d be able to pull off something like that. Sonny must consider all the people with means and motives to take Christina. Sonny says Jason is not even considering the fact that Sam has been a con artist and thief. It only means that Jason is thinking with his heart because he’s in love with Sam. Sonny tells Jason that he needs to be able to trust Jason’s judgment. And right now, he cannot.

Mike tells Courtney that she and Jax are completely not right for one another. Courtney addresses Jax’ mother and tells her she must be very “persuasive” in being able to convince her own father that she should not marry Jax. Jax’ mother tells Courtney she has nothing personal against her. But she knows that her son cannot commit, given his track record. She says she knows about his personality, since childhood, of never having any long-term “interest” in anything. Mike reminds his daughter that she got burned in her two previous marriages and he does not trust Jax to be any better of a husband for her than the other two. But Courtney and Jax tells their folks that they are getting married and they do not appreciate their reducing their engagement to the attitudes they are both revealing to them.

Carly tells Michael that he need not worry about anything. All he needs to do is never leave her sight until he’s thirty. She jokingly tells him that when he starts to date, he will have to tell his girlfriends that his mother is very weird and must accompany him everywhere they go. On a more serious note, she tells him that she needs for him never to wander off again so that the same thing that happened to Christina does not happen to him. He seems to understand how important her instructions are. And he reiterates his concern about Christina. She assures him that Christina will be just fine. And she puts her arms around her son and kisses him. She tells him that she “spies” his homework and needs him to finish it. Before he goes off she asks him to wait one second. She asks the guard outside to watch Michael, in his room, while he finishes his homework. Michael tells his mom he does not need that. But she reminds him of what they just talked about.

Diego concludes to Brook Lynn that Sonny and Jason might be suggesting that they kidnapped Christina. She tells him that she blames herself for not watching Christina better. But he keeps telling her she is not to blame. She says she cannot help it. She was responsible for keeping Christina safe. She promised that to Sonny and to Alexis. He tells her that she cannot be expected to watch over Christina every second. It was one of Sonny’s enemies that took Christina. There’s nothing she could have done to stop it. He, on the other hand, is Lorenzo Alcazar’s son. And that’s enough to make him look guilty.

Sonny tells Jason that Sam might be losing it because of grief and not acting like herself. Jason protests that grief does not change who one is. Sam would never kidnap a child. Sonny protests that he has done things in his life in desperation. Jason asks Sonny if anything in his life could cause him to kidnap somebody’s daughter. Sonny replies no. But then he never carried a baby for 9 months only to lose her, and then have yet another baby taken from him. He also presents the theory that Sam’s dead baby saved Christina’s life. So Sam might believe that she has some sort of “right” to Christina. Jason refuses to believe that. But Sonny asks why Jason would not even consider that there could be a chance that he is right.

At that moment, they go outside. Their security technician informs them that there are hidden cameras that have been wired into Sonny’s home. And whoever installed that wire knows everything they do and say. Hearing that, Jason confirms to Sonny that there’s no way Sam could have had involvement in that. The system is too elaborate. And she is not a kidnapper.

Right then, Alexis is struggling with Rick to enter Sonny’s home. She protests that Sonny is not going to get away with letting her daughter get kidnapped. She tells him that since he’s accused her of kidnapping her own daughter, she believes he might be working with Sonny. And she’s going to go in that house and kidnap her next victim. He tells her she needs to calm down and not do anything crazy. Otherwise, she will lose Christina for good.

Mike asks both Courtney and Jax how many marriages they’ve had together. Jax tells him that is irrelevant. Courtney tells him that the past is over. But he tells her that he cannot help being concerned about her. She’s his only daughter. She tells them both that if they do not have anything more positive to say about hers’ and Jax’ engagement, then maybe they need to leave. But they stay and they keep trying to convince the young couple that they are getting themselves into something they will regret. Jane tells Jax that he needs to realize that Courtney does not love him. Mike affirms to his daughter that he knows she is in love with Jason.

Carly contacts Lorenzo and informs him that Sonny’s daughter was kidnapped from his home. And Diego just conveniently happened to be there right about the time it happened. And she asks Lorenzo if he had anything to do with it.

The kidnapper views Sonny and Jason entering the living room, after they discover that they are being watched. He views the house from several cameras throughout the house. Facing one camera, Sonny addresses him and tells him he sees that he’s “good”. He’s invaded his house and kidnapped his daughter without a trace. He informs him that he will give him money. All he needs to do is return his daughter, Christina to him, unharmed. He promises he will not involve the police. The kidnapper knows where to reach him. He’ll be waiting for his call and does not want to wait too long.

Courtney admits to Mike that she was in love with Jason in the past and will always care about him. But their relationship is over and she’s ready to move on. He tells his daughter he wishes he could believe her. But he knows that every time she’s in the same room with Jason, there are signals. But she says that there were too many complications with Jason and things were different when she was in love with him. Mike asks his daughter what has now changed. She says a tall, handsome man with an accent is what has changed. But Mike tells her he knows all too well from experience that you cannot run from you past. And she needs to know that Jax is a player as his own mother has admitted. But she protests that now she feels strong and independent and Jax has given her everything she’s dreamed of. And she just wishes her father could be happy for her and support her in this happy occasion. Mikes puts his arms around his daughter.

Jax tells his mother that he knows she’s had problems with Courtney from the beginning. Jane tells her son that she knows that Courtney is still in love with her previous husband. Jax asks how she would know that. He tells her that Courtney was in love with Jason Morgan in the past, but is no longer. But she tells him that he cannot see that if he marries Courtney, she will break his heart. So it’s up to her to protect her son from this big mistake he’s about to make.

Lorenzo tells Carly he would never have anything to do with kidnapping a little girl. She apologizes for having to ask him that but she says she just felt she had to. She tells him she’s scared. Scared for Christina and even more scared for her own kids. On that very night, Michael and Morgan were at that very house. What if the kidnapper took them instead? He asks where Michael and Morgan are now. She replies they are in their rooms with a guard watching them. He asks if Sonny suspects Diego in the kidnapping. She says she does not know but realizes it’s possible. She knows that Brook Lynn was watching Christina while talking on the phone to Diego and right at that time Christina disappeared, Diego entered the premises. And guards caught Diego trying to jump the fence in order to see Brook Lynn. Hearing that, he tells Carly that his son is impulsive and sometimes does not think. But he’s a good person, brave and strong and he does not want his son to get mixed up in his conflict with Sonny. He will do everything he can to protect Diego. Hearing that, she tells him that he is sounding just like a real father.

Sonny addresses the kidnapper, through the surveillance camera, telling him he will give him all the money he needs for the safe return of his daughter. He tells him he must hear everything he said. And he will give him a chance to walk away rich and alive. All he wants is the safe return of his daughter. He still hears nothing. NO phone call. No response. At that moment, he loses it and reaches up and smashes the camera. Rick enters and urges Sonny to calm down. He tells them he wants all the surveillance cameras ripped out of the walls of his home. And he says when he finds the bastard who kidnapped his daughter, he will rip their heart out while they watch.

Jax tells his mother that this beautiful and intelligent woman has made him very happy and he wants her to be in their lives. She admits that in order to do that, she would have to approve of their plans and she does not. She tells her son he needs to realize he is heading for disaster if he plans to marry Courtney. And she tells him she refuses to come to their wedding. She leaves, telling him he needs to end it now before it’s too late. Courtney tells Jax she is really sorry that his talk with his mother didn’t go well. He tells her he does not care what his mother thinks. He knows what he wants. She tells him for whatever it’s worth, her dad came around. She informs him that she told her father how wonderful he is and how happy he’s made her. She kisses him.

Lorenzo tells Carly that he needs to be honest to himself and to Diego. He needs to be realistic about whether he’s father material. She tells him she can see that he has an instinct to love and protect his son. But he tells her that being a parent involves more than that. You need to be a role model. And he does not want his son following in his footsteps. She tells him that he must not give up on bonding with his son. She believes he is a lot more than his “business” and he has a lot to offer Diego, whether he realizes it or not. Right in the middle of their conversation, Durant enters and demands to know what “he” is doing in his daughter’s home. Lorenzo tells Durant that he just very rudely interrupted their conversation, while he and Carly were, very ironically, discussing “parenthood”. He concludes how coincidental the timing was. Carly realizes she forgot that she had plans with her father but tells him now is not a good time for them to visit. Durant inquires whether his daughter is ready to cancel her plans with him in order to be with a man who tried to shoot him. And he walks out the door. Carly runs after her father urging him to wait.

Ned goes to Sonny’s to pick up Christina and asks Rick what is going on. Rick informs him that Christina has been kidnapped. Hearing that, Ned is shocked and asks if the police have any leads. Rick replies that Sonny does not want to involve the police and wants to handle it on his own. But Ned lashes out telling Rick that Sonny is an egotistical control freak and he is not about to “do it” Sonny’s way. He tells Rick he loves Christina more than anything. He will call the cops whether Sonny wants him too or not and stop at nothing to get Christina back. He tells Rick that if the district attorney is too busy protecting his older brother to help him, he will do it himself. But right at that moment, Ned concludes that Rick and Alexis must be “in on this together”.

Carly tells her father that she is not “canceling” on him because of Lorenzo. It has nothing to do with that. Sonny’s daughter, Christina has been kidnapped. Hearing that, Durant suggests if, since Lorenzo is Sonny’s major rival, has she considered that maybe he had something to do with it? She replies she does not believe Lorenzo would ever do something like that. Durant urges his daughter to see that getting mixed up with mobsters is only going to cause her more grief and heart-ache in her life. But he agrees to leave. When he’s alone he gets on his phone and tells somebody he has an important job for them.

Ned informs Rick that Alexis kidnapped Christina when she was a baby. And why would she not do that again to “protect” her from Sonny? But Rick tells Ned that if he remembers loving Alexis, he must not go to the police nor suspect her of kidnapping.

At Sonny’s, Jason gets a call from Sam. She informs him that she is in serious trouble.

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