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General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/1/05



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Carly enters the new bar alone. Nobody is there. At that moment, Courtney enters and greets her. Carly asks who the guest of honor is. Courtney informs Carly that she has something important to tell Jax tonight. Carly inquires if Courtney just believes that she wants to commit to Jax because she is not over Jason. Courtney tells Carly she is over Jason and realizes he’s also moved on and is with Sam. She tells Carly that she believes Sam is not scamming her ex-husband; he really did give his heart to her. She tries to convince Carly that she really wants Jax. Carly tells her that maybe he is not the man of her dreams. Carly asks her if she’s really certain that he is not just the “consolation prize”. She tells Carly no. He makes her happy and her life is better with him in it.

Alexis enters her home and is startled by Rick. He looks very comfortable in her home and has a bottle of wine and glasses. She asked how he got in. He informs her that he still has a key.

Brook Lynn freaks when she discovers Christina has disappeared from her room.

The captor has Christina in the room with him while he watches his surveillance camera. Christina sits and observes her toys. The guy tells Christina not to worry and tells her “she will be back soon.”

Rick tells Alexis that she may have indirectly indicated wanting to be with him. He tells her it’s odd that she’d leave Christina with Sonny if she did not have to. She tells him she doesn’t have to explain everything to him. At that point, he is ready to walk out the door. But she asks him to wait and tells him she will explain.

Sonny asks Brook Lynn just what she could have seen or heard that would give her information about how Christina could have been taken. Did she hear Christina cry? Did she see or hear somebody with a ladder? Anybody or anything that looked suspicious or like they would take a child? She tells him she did not and starts to cry. At that point, Jason asks Sonny to calm down and that grilling Brook Lynn will not help anything. They also realize they have not seen Michael either. Sonny and Jason go running, frantically in search of Michael. Sonny tells Jason that he wants the entire place searched and wants nobody to leave. He says he will kill the bastard that did this. At that point, Michael appears. Sonny and Jason asks him if he is al right and if he has any clue what happened. He assures them he is fine but has no clue about Christina. Sonny calls Carly and asks if Morgan is ok. She rushes to find her son and assures Sonny that Morgan is fine. She asks him what is going on. He informs her that somebody broke into his home and took Christina. At that point, Max captures Diego and drags him inside. Diego angrily protests that he did not do anything. Max tells them that Diego attempted to jump the fence. Jason informs Diego that he looks suspicious and was seen on the property. Diego protests that he was just calling Brook Lynn and hanging around the house because he wanted to visit her. Jason informs him that Christina has been kidnapped and if he knows anything about it, he better tell them. Diego protests that he would never kidnap a little girl nor help anybody to do that.

Alexis admits to Rick that she got some sexy lingerie and was fantasizing about him. And she admits that she planned on spending an evening alone with him. And she says her whole purpose was to invite him over in order to prove that it will never work between them. At that moment, the phone rings. It’s Sonny. She asks him what is wrong. He informs her that somebody broke into the house and took Christina.llllll

Courtney meets Jax and tells him that he no longer has to wait for her.

Carly tells Leticia that she is going to pick up Michael from Sonny’s and will leave Morgan with her. She asks her not to leave Morgan for a moment. Leticia asks who could do this or what they would want. Carly says she does not know but suspects it would be money or revenge and she bets whoever would do this would be dangerous.

Jason asks Brook Lynn and Michael what happened throughout that night leading up to the time when Chrisitina was taken. Michael reports getting the popcorn and showing Brook Lynn his puzzle. Diego is with Brook Lynn to comfort her. Jason asks Brook Lynn and Diego to go outside and let him talk to Michael alone. Michael tells him about the safe in the room. Jason, at that point, reaches in the safe, discovers all the money that’s been taken and concludes that whoever took Christina has also taken a lot of money.

Sam takes the wads of money out of her big purse. She makes her call, informing somebody that she got the money and will “pick her up”.

Alexis and Rick go to Sonny’s and are ready to physically attack him for what happened to Christina. Sonny asks her to calm down. She tells him to shut up and becomes hysterical, telling him that the courts should never have given him any right to Christina, she knew it was a tragic mistake and if anything happens to Christina, she will kill him. Rick physically restrains her from attacking Sonny.

Courtney and Jax are alone in the restaurant drinking wine. He tells her he never dreamed of a time when he’d be able to tell her: “I told you so.” He tells her he loves her and knew she’d see the light eventually. He says he realizes that it would take anybody time to heal from what she’s gone through. She admits that she’s loved him for a long time but just couldn’t see it. She says she’s found her way and wants them to go on and on.

Rick tries to calm a hysterical Alexis and tell her they need to focus on getting Christina back. She grabs the phone and is ready to call the police. But he and Sonny agree that it will not do any good. Sonny admits that the security system is currently shut down. She demands to know why he did not tell her that. He tries to explain to her why they cannot involve the police. She asks him if he is trying to tell her that if they involve the police, the kidnapper will kill Christina?

Brook Lynn tells Diego that Christina is practically her little sister and she let Christina get kidnapped. He tells her she must not blame herself nor believe that she got Christina kidnapped. But she tells him that it was her idea to insist the children go upstairs. She says she put Christina to bed in this room where there was easy entry from outside, and she left her alone and she got kidnapped. But he assures her that it was not her fault. But she tells him that when she was talking to him on the phone, she was not paying attention and she does not know what she will do if Christina is gone.

Michael tells Jason all that he remembers the details before Christina got kidnapped but did not hear or see anything suspicious that could explain what happened to Christina. Jason then calls Brook Lynn and Diego in and asks Brook Lynn what she knows. She explains that she put Christina to bed and closed the door to the outside. He asks if she’s sure the doors were shut. She says of course because it was freezing. He asks what any of them know about the door to the hallway. They all consider the possibility that somebody could have snuck in through the hallway door.

When Carly enters to take Michael home, Alexis lashes out to her and to Jason about how Sonny does not care about her daughter as much as he cares about Carly’s children.

Sonny tells Jason that whomever did this would have to be somebody who knows his house. They both suspect Diego. Jason tells Sonny that whoever did this had only a few short minutes when Brook Lynn was not watching Christina. Sonny says what good is a babysitter who cannot protect a child? Jason says what happened was obviously a planned act.

Jax presents an engagement ring and asks Courtney to marry him.

Alexis tells Brook Lynn that she does not hold her responsible for this. She stepped out of the room and left Christina unattended for only a few minutes and should not believe it’s her fault. It’s Sonny’s fault, she says. He made Christina a part of his life. It’s because of him that nobody is safe around him.

Jason asks the computer guy what he might know about the programming or whoever else might be able to have the means to spy upon them.

Carly comes in and asks Sonny where Jason went. Sonny replies he’s “tracking down a lead”. Right away, she seems to know that he must be tracking down Sam. Sonny replies that what he’s heard is that Sam is in Miami.Carly informs Sonny that she knows that Jason ran into Sam in an alley way recently and she is not in Miami after all. She enlightens him to the theory that since Sam lost two babies, she might have perfect motive to kidnap a child. She suggests that maybe Sam just snapped.

Courtney takes Jax’ ring and tells him she does not believe this. He asks her if she is trying to say yes, she will marry him. She informs him that she knows he wants children and she may never be able to have any. He tells her that they can always adopt. But what he wants to know is if she can imagine spending the rest of her life with him. She says yes and they kiss.

Carly and Michael return home. Leticia is feeding Morgan with a bottle. Carly asks Leticia to put Morgan to bed and stay with the children for the night. Leticia says no problem. Carly privately tells Michael that he is very strong and very brave but it’s ok to be scared. And she tells him that he did not say a word all during the trip home. But he tells her that there would be no way for somebody to reach a ladder up to the room where Christina was taken. He implies that it was his fault for leaving Christina alone. Carly holds her son in her arms and tells him he is not to blame.

Sonny and Jason brainstorm, naming all the people who might have access to computer codes and who might know how to crack the safe. But Sonny tells Jason he may forget all other suspects. He tells him he knows of one person who might have the means to get into the safe and whom Jason might want to protect. He means Sam. And he demands to know why Jason did not tell him that he saw Sam earlier that night.

In her private room, Sam gets her coat on and zips up her purse with the money, ready to leave.

Before leaving Sonny's, Rick tells Alexis that he believes that Alexis might have taken Christina herself in order to “hurt” Sonny. She is outraged that he’d even suggest such a thing. From the surveillance camera, Christina sees her mommy on the video and reaches to touch her face on the screen.

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