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Dr. Steven Weber informs Elizabeth and Emily that Lucky has slipped into a coma

Carly tells Lorenzo that she realizes meeting his young adult son for the first time must be complicated. She says he’s missed out on the “cuddly” years and is now going to be facing the common, typical attitude of a teenager. He asks her if she has any suggestions. She says don’t give up. He asks if that means he should “keep at it” until Diego gets tired of asking him to get off his back. She says she realizes this is hard for him but wants to be supportive to him. He inquires why she’d care so much about his life. She admits to him that she still has feelings for him.

They mysterious “spy” who’s watching Sonny’s home from a surveillance camera is telling his partner that now that he’s gotten the information that Sonny will attempt to install a new security system, they will have time to make their move after this one has been ripped out, and before Sonny has a any way of getting a clue as to what is going on.

In Sonny’s home, Brook Lynn asks Sonny if there is a problem with the security system. He assures her everything will be fine. They are just doing a little work on it. And all she needs to do is keep an eye on Christina.

In Lucky’s hospital room, Elizabeth asks her brother if he believes that Lucky can hear her. Steven replies that he believes he can and she must not give up hope. He puts his arms around his sister. She goes and talks to Lucky, happily. She sounds like she is joking about their believing they had a chance, and then he goes and gets himself shot and ends up in a coma. She tells him that Helena has never taken him away from the people that love him before. She tells him she’s right there. So are Emily and Skye and all the people who love him She tells him he needs to fight with everything he has.

Lorenzo tells Carly that she knows how he feels about her. She says she’s had feelings for him for a long time. And although she wishes she didn’t, it’s there. But she admits that she can no longer “act” upon her feelings. She tells him that there was a time when she could not stop herself. But now she can. She says they cannot go any further. He asks her why she is shutting down her feelings.

Sonny notices his two children sitting on the couch with Brook Lynn. He picks up Christina and talks to her about her bear. Right at that moment, the lights go out. He asks Max if there is a problem. Max replies no. Brook Lynn rounds up Michael and Christina and takes them into the other room. Sonny privately tells Max that he does not want his children afraid of anything.

Carly tells Lorenzo that she realizes there is a lot of good in him. But she does not know if she can trust him. He tells her that he has learned from his past mistakes of the drastic measures he’s gone through in order to have her. He tells her that only a fool builds his life based upon a lie. And he tells her that she must know him well enough to know that he is not a fool. And he inquires why she cannot let him back in and trust him. She tells him that she must consider the fact that he is Sonny’s worst enemy and she wants to have an amicable divorce. He asks when she will get out of Sonny’s shadow and live her own life. She tells him that he might understand what she is feeling, as a parent, if he faces being a father to Diego. He inquires if she is concerned about her kids. She says yes. They discuss Sonny’s new mansion. Lorenzo leaves. Jason catches up with Carly. She is able to tell that Jason has something on his mind. He informs her that Sam told him a “story” that she’s going to Miami. But he caught her in a lie by running into her right here in Port Charles. Carly says she believes that Sam must be up to something and Jason maybe needs to back off from her and not care about her so much.

Emily expresses to Elizabeth that she believes what happened to Lucky was her fault. Elizabeth assures Emily that there was nothing anybody could have done. Steven tells them that they will take Lucky to the ICU soon. Emily tells the unconscious Lucky that she believes she should be lying there instead of him. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she knows Emily needs him and so does she. She tells him he cannot leave them. It looks like Lucky is having a vision of Elizabeth asking him to come back and dance with her. She is wearing and evening dress. They dance together and kiss. But right at that moment, the vision of Elizabeth asking him to come back vanishes. And they wheel him off to the ICU.

At Kelly’s, Carly tells Jason that Sam has had a pattern of manipulation. Sam went after Carly’s husband in a manipulative way and might do the same with him. She tells him he is no longer obligated to care for Sam. She admits that she feels for Sam’s loss but he must realize that Sam might not be trustworthy. She might just be pulling off another scam with him in order to get him to “rescue” her. Jason reminds Carly that she has done much of the same thing herself in order to get what she wants. And he says he wishes she’d have compassion for Sam. Carly says she has compassion for him. And she wants him to think of himself and not be so concerned about Sam. At that moment, Jason’s beeper goes off and he tells her he needs to go to work.

Rick Lansing tells Alan, Emily, Elizabeth and Skye that he will not have a problem accepting a self-defense plea for Emily in the shooting of Connor. But he admits that getting Lucky exonerated might not be so easy. They protest that Lucky acted to save Emily’s life, first from Connor and then from Helena. But Rick informs them that Lucky buried Connor’s dead body in the woods without reporting it to the police and admitted doing so. He also illegally obtained a gun from an officer after getting suspended from the police department. And the self-defense argument against Helena will not hold up in court because she is presently, legally still dead. Skye protests that Rick could care less about justice and only wants to punish innocent people in order to look like the hot DA.

Jason goes to Sonny’s. Michael rushes up and hugs him. He greets the children. Sonny tells them he needs to talk to Jason alone. He informs Jason that he suspects a problem with the security system. He says that Alexis has left Christina with him tonight. And although he’s having this problem with security, he doesn’t want to return Christina to Alexis tonight because it will just reinforce Alexis’ paranoia and make her think she’s right with her doubts about him. He says he wants to get the security system up and running by the morning. And he admits that he wonders why his regular security guy would build a faulty security system when he’s never done it before. But he says it must be shut down and rebuilt the next morning.

At that moment, an anonymous woman calls a man and informs him that: “It’s done” and instructs him to “do it now”. At that moment, outside the gate, one guy informs another that Max asked him to take over. He opens the gate. From inside, all looks safe. Michael is running his train set with Christina while Brook Lynn watches them. Little do they know they are all being spied upon.

At the hospital, Dillon notices Georgie crying and asks if she is ok. She says she’s worried about losing him and how she could just turn around and he’d be gone some day. He tells her that film school will not drive them apart. She says she’s not talking about film school. She’s worried, after what happened to Lucky, of the possibility that at any moment, he could be taken away from her in a similar manner. She says she does not know what she would do if she lost him. And she says they never even—And before she can get the word out, She draws him toward her and kisses him.

Skye tells Alan that she is wondering where Luke went. He says he will attempt to find Luke but she must not get involved in finding Luke right now. It’s too dangerous. He tells her that he may not trust Luke. But she tells him that it’s very odd that Luke would just disappear and she is afraid that once again, before Luke was able to get to Helena, Helena was able to get to him first. Steven tells Elizabeth and Emily that Lucky is stabilized but he must have only one visitor at a time

Rick tells Emily and to Elizabeth he’s sorry if he’s created a negative atmosphere. But he says he just wanted to inform them of what they can expect in order to be realistic. Elizabeth tells him he must know that as long as Helena is out there, Emily and many others are in danger.

In Kelly’s, Carly goes and approaches Diego before she’s ready to leave. She says she realizes they hardly know each other. He informs her he knows a lot about her. She tells him that she knows that his father is a very complicated man. And she would have first-hand knowledge about that. He seems not to want to talk to her about his father.

Max goes into all the rooms in Sonny’s home and sees no cause for alarm. Unknown to him, however, a strange man enters a bedroom, unseen. He notices a picture of Christina, Michael and Morgan. There’s also Michael’s puzzle on a table

Downstairs, Brook Lynn asks Sonny if it’s ok for her to take the kids upstairs. He tells her that’s fine. Privately, Sonny and Jason guard the place. Sonny asks Jason how Sam is doing. Jason tells Sonny that he knows Sam is very independent and used to being on her own. But he admits that he wants to help her and be there for her. Sonny tells Jason that he must not give up on Sam. And he says he can guarantee that Sam knows what she has with Jason and will not want to throw that away.

Sam is outside the building, noticing a “guard” smoking a cigarette and looking distracted. She walks past him and gets through the gates of Sonny’s house.

Brook Lynn takes Michael and Christina upstairs. He shows her the puzzle in his room and tells her that Courtney says it’s better for his mind than video games. He asks if she wants to help. She replies yes and tells him that between the three of them they could probably solve it in about 5 minutes. Unknown to them, they are being seen from outside the door.

Diego walks away from Carly when she is talking to him about his father. She tells him that he’s going to listen to her whether he wants to or not. She tells him that he cannot give up on his father nor assume that his father does not want him in his life. She tells him that she knows that Lorenzo wants to love him. He tells her he does not know what to do with Lorenzo and hasn’t a clue as to how to connect to his father. She urges him to try. And she informs him that she understands his situation better than he realizes. She, herself, grew up without a father. And she does not want him to miss out on his opportunity the way she did. She walks away. Lorenzo, who has been hearing their conversation, enters. Carly gets on her cell phone, calls her father, addresses him as “dad” and tells him she would like to see him.

At Sonny’s, Brook Lynn tucks Christina into her bed. Michael tells her that he can go downstairs by himself to ask his father for popcorn. She’s a little worried about letting him do that. At that moment, she gets a call from Diego. She informs him that she’s watching Sonny’s children and cannot get away. Not wanting to wake Christina, she tells him she’ll go out into the hallways so they can talk.

Sonny asks Jason if he believes it’s taking too long to get the security system fixed. Jason replies that it may be and goes off to check on it. Michael enters and tells his father he wants the popcorn. Sonny tells his son that nobody can live on junk food. Sonny tells Jason that he refuses to take Christina back to Alexis. He says he believes that Alexis really wants something to happen so that she can throw it back in his face.

While on the phone, Brook Lynn looks in on Christina and notices she is sleeping and all is well. But right after she leaves, Sam enters without being seen and sits over Christina’s bed.

Dillon assures Georgie that nothing will happen to him. But she sounds like she wants to make love in a broom closet or anywhere just so that they can do it before he dies.

Emily informs Elizabeth that she has no way of contacting Nikolas. The last time she visited him, Nikolas attacked a guard that was coming on to her. She says she tried to explain it to the prison warden but they either did not believe her or didn’t care. Elizabeth tells her that Nikolas must be informed that his brother is in the hospital and she must find a way to contact him.

Right when Emily is waiting for the elevator, she relives, in her mind, being brutalized by Connor. While distracted, she is unable to notice the elevator door opening until it’s too late and it shuts on her. Feeling the stress, she bangs on the door and yells. Skye finds her. Reliving the incident with Connor, she yells and pushes Skye. Skye asks her what is wrong.

Right when Brook Lynn is done with talking to Diego and feeling good, she goes back into Christina’s room and discovers that Christina is gone. She screams and panics. Sonny asks her what happened.

Rick goes looking for Alexis but cannot find her.

At that moment, an unidentified woman wearing a black leather coat takes Christina into a room with toys.

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