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Carly and Bobbie arrive at the restaurant and Carly stops dead in her tracks. Bobbie can see that something is wrong. Carly orders her to wait there.

Carly runs off and heads to a table where a familiar face is sitting. Carly demands of Alcazar, "How did you know that I would be here?"

Sonny is at the house, and unknown to him, he is being monitored.

In a quiet room, monitors are on showing Sonny and different views of his home. Sonny can be heard speaking through the speakersÖ

Helena has Emily by the neck and she is holding a gun on the girl.

Lucky appears and holds his gun out to Helena, but they all know that there is no way that Lucky can get a good shot at Helena with Emily being held in front of the old woman. Helena orders him to drop his gun. Lucky knows that he has no choice and so he does as he is told. Soon after, while Helena is talking her jibberish about how wonderful and easy it was to disarm Lucky, Emily takes advantage of the moment and she uses her elbow, sharply jabbing Helena in the gut. That is enough of a shock to the system to get Emily free of Helena. She goes rushing to Lucky. Helena reaches for her gun and gets her hand on it about the same time that Lucky does. Emily watches in horror as they struggle for the gun. It goes off. Emily watches in horror as Lucky slowly drops to the ground. Emily should run off but she comes back to the scene, running to Lucky. He just lies still with his eyes wide open. Helena now holds the gun on Emily. She is going to be dead soon too, she is told.

Alexis and Sonny are together having a chat. Alexis is leaving Kristina with Sonny, but she is worried about doing that. She is about to leave and considers that she should have gotten a babysitter instead. Sonny tells her that sooner or later she will have to get used to the idea of leaving her daughter with her father.

In the hospital, Liz is caught screwing up again. Alan lets her have it for not being at work when she should have been. She has been having childcare problems that she has to work out.

Steven arrives and hears that Liz has been having a hard time. He jumps in and tells Alan that the babysitting thing has been taken care of. Alan is fine with that then, and he walks off.

Helena is ready to shoot Emily. she has her gun pointed at the girlís head and is ready to send her to her maker.

"Drop the gun!" Helena turns to find Skye behind her holding a rifle pointed right at Helenaís head. Helena isnít scared of that woman. She hasnít got the guts to shoot that thing. BANG! Wood chips go flying as Skye has just hit a point only inches over Helenaís head. Helena drops the gun. Skye orders the woman out of the room, and away for a long walk. Helena starts walking towards Skye to head out the room. The farther she gets away from Lucky and Emily, the more Emily swings into action. She gets on her cell phone and calls for help, while at the same time talking to Lucky and trying to will him to stay alive.

Alexis arrives at the diner looking for Brooklyn. She isnít there and Alexis learns that Brooklyn is in a place that she really shouldnít be.

Once outside, Alexis bumps into Ric. she tells him that she misses him as a friend, a colleague and a force in her life. Ric misses her too. He would like to sit with her and have a talk. she canít do that right now. He would like to meet with her later, but she hems and haws about it. She has research to do, but she could do it quickly. She finally agrees to meet with him, but it is going to be difficult.

Sonny discusses Alexis and how nervous she was leaving her daughter there. Sonny isnít sure that he will be able to go through that every time Kristina is left over there.

Alcazar talks to his son about school. Is the boy going to be graduating? Maybe this is a job interview.

Carly is with her mother talking about the love in her life, but she hasnít taken her eyes off Lorenzo the whole time and her mother notices.

Liz explains that things have been really hard lately. She worries about Lucky and what has been going on in his life. Steven can see that there is more going on with Liz. She agrees to tell him everything but not now. Steven is fine with that.

Emily does CPR on Lucky as they wait for the ambulance to arrive.

Skye has Helena at gunpoint, and Skye plans to have her wait until the police come.

The paramedics arrive and Skye waves them towards the area where Lucky and Liz are waiting for help. The men rush in. The sounds of the helicopter can be heard in the background.

Skye will not be frazzled. She continues to hold her rifle on Helena. She has to make sure that this woman doesnít get out of her sight. Not for a minute.

Suddenly, a man appears out of the bushes, "Drop your weapon!" Skye canít believe this. The man canít be serious. This is just what Helena wants. This will give her an opportunity to take off for sure. Skye doesnít move. She is warned again. "DROP YOUR WEAPON" Skye looks over in the manís direction and she sees that he has weapon aimed right at her and is ready to shoot.

Skye finally drops her weapon, but tells the officer in the meantime that Helena is the one that did this and that they canít let her get away. The man knows nothing of what she speaks.

Mac comes running up to the area. He sees Skye putting her weapon down slowly as she has been ordered to. Skye seems relieved to see someone that she knows finally. Mac will understand about Helena. she shouts at him that Helena was the one that did this. Mac asks where the woman is. Skye points and turns her head only to find that Helena is gone. She has gotten away again.

Georgie and Dillon are in the diner and they discuss their love for one another. Nothing could ever take the place of him in her life. They kiss. They have so much going for them than most couples.

Alcazar is trying to find a common ground with his son. There is hardly anything to compare. Alcazar only sees that the boy is his son. That is about all they know at this point, but they should be able to find more. Lorenzo is a wealthy man and he tells his son that there are things that he could get that he could never get before.

Bobbie has to wonder why her daughter always gets interested in these mob types.

Lorenzoís son blows up at him and orders the man to leave him alone.

The boy leaves.

Bobbie and Carly have heard the outburst, and Bobbie knows that Carly would like to go over and see Lorenzo. She will not stop her daughter from going to talk to the man.

Kristina and Michael are alone in a room at Sonnyís house. They are playing games.

Sam climbs over the terrace to Sonnyís place. She looks in a window to see who is around.

The men monitoring the penthouse have the entire place wired, and they see when a young woman climbs over the terrace to get closer to the house. They see her pushing her face up on the window as well.

One of the mob types nods his head towards the monitor and tells another that they seem to have a little competition tonight.

Lucky is brought into the hospital on a stretcher and the staff jump into action.

Bobbie isnít going to give Carly advice on staying away from Lorenzo because she does whatever she wants anyway. Carly would like to comfort that man, but she has a part of her that wants to be with the man as well. Carly knows that he canít have Lorenzo to herself. He is involved in gang activity but nothing has really happened like that lately. Still, Sonny wouldnít stand for it. Bobbie isnít sure that Carly will stay away from Lorenzo even with the complications.

Jason and Sonny discuss Carly and how she might want to be with Alcazar. Sonny knows that this may be true. Jason said that he spoke to Sam in Miami. At least that was where she said she was. Sonny is surprised to hear that too. Sam apparently needed some time away.

Sam is at Sonnyís house. She can see Kristina alone in the room.

The men monitoring see Sam and they can tell that she is there to take the baby girl before they can get their hands on her.

Sam decides that now is the time to take a chance. She puts her hand on the doorknob and turns. An alarm goes off. She quickly turns and climbs back over the terrace.

Sonny comes into the room where Kristina is sitting peacefully alone. She seems not to notice the sound of the alarms. Sonny asks her what happened. Did she try to open the terrace door? The child says nothing.

Jason comes into the room as well. He senses that something isnít right. He heads to the terrace and looks out. He creeps through the door and has a look around to make sure that no one is around trying to do the child any harm.

Michael is playing with Kristina when Jason returns.

Jason says that nothing is wrong. Sonny finds that unacceptable. He wants a better explanation for this.

As Jason and Sonny talk, the men continue to monitor their every move.

Brooklyn is at the diner when Kristina arrives. She needs some help. She would like Brooklyn to go and be with Kristina at Sonnyís. Brooklyn is fine with that. Alexis trusts the girl and would feel better if she were over there now.

Liz is about to cry. Emily comes over to Liz and tries to comfort her.

Alan comes to his daughter and tells her that she should go and get some rest. Emily will not leave. She wants to be here for Elizabeth.

a staff member comes to say that Lucky is fine, and that he wants to see Emily. Elizabeth stands by and watches as her friend gets in to see Lucky over her.

Alan is angry with Skye who has also come to the hospital. He feels that she didnít help the situation any. Skye stands her ground. She says that things would have turned out fine if the cop there didnít let her go.

Liz hears Skye and Alan arguing in the hall. She canít stand it. She orders them to stop this.

Sam is with an old woman talking business.

Jason is in the alley and he hears Sam making some type of deal. He is shocked to see her there. He hears Sam seal the deal with the old woman who is dressed in a long black trench coat. The woman promises to wait for Sam to give her a call. She walks off.

Sam suddenly senses that someone is behind her and she panics. She turns to find Jason standing there. She is shocked to find her there. "I guess that you didnít make it to Miami after all."

Liz wants Alan to talk fondly about Lucky instead of talking him down at this time.

lucky is awake now and he tells Emily that she should go and tell Nikolas. Lucky falls asleep.

Emily comes running from Luckyís room to tell everyone that Lucky has fallen unconscious.

Steven comes out of the room next saying, "Sorry, there was nothing that we could do."

Lorenzo goes to the diner and sees his son through the window. Diego is inside and Lorenzo just stares at him.

A voice comes up behind Lorenzo. It is Carly saying that it isnít easy. He knows what she means. He asks her for suggestions.

Sam and Jason argue over her maternal feelings. She is angry with him for convincing her to give up a baby that she could have had for her own. Jason knows that it wasnít right for her to keep the baby at the time when she first got it. Sam thought that they could have a home together but she was wrong. She wishes that Jason would just leave her alone.

Brooklyn arrives to help out with Kristina. Sonny is glad to see her and he lets her into the house gladly.

The men watching the house see that Brooklyn has arrived. They discuss the security of the house, then turn to watch and listen as Brooklyn and Sonny talk about Kristina.

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