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Carly goes to have dinner with Bobbie but finds Alcazar there at a table. She asks him accusingly how he knew she was going to be there. He says he's meeting his son for lunch and had no idea she would be there. She thinks he has arranged the "accidental meeting", but Diego walks up, so she has to apologize for being wrong. She goes back to Bobbie's table. Bobbie observes that Lorenzo is still interested and wonders how Carly feels about him. Instead, Carly talks to Bobbie about Sonny's new house and how the kids love it. She also says how great it's been to have Stephen across the hall. Bobbie comments that she's been seeing a lot of him. Carly lists Stephen's positive attributes and says she thinks she's finally over the dark, dangerous, damaged type. Bobbie wonders why Carly keeps looking at Lorenzo, if that's true. Carly talks about being attracted to the dangerous types instead of nice guys like Stephen Weber. Bobbie thinks that Carly might be in love with Lorenzo. Carly admits she is drawn to him and cares about him. Bobbie asks why. Carly doesn't really know why. She talks about the great things he's done as well as the bad things.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo tries to chat to Diego about school. Diego is very antagonistic to Lorenzo about his questions. Lorenzo wants to get to know him. Diego thinks they have nothing in common. Diego points out that Lorenzo's had a privileged upbringing, whereas he has been in foster homes. They argue some more. Lorenzo says he is very wealthy, so he wants to put his resources at Diego's disposal. Diego thinks he wants to buy him. Lorenzo says he just wants to give him the opportunity to pursue his dreams, goals, etc. He swears he will do whatever he can to help him. Diego gets upset and tells him to give him money to charity but to leave him alone. Then Diego walks out, leaving Lorenzo looking wounded.

Bobbie can tell that Carly wants to go over and comfort him. Carly says she's staying right there, but Bobbie thinks she still wants to. They discuss it some more. Carly is reluctant to get involved with Lorenzo because of Sonny. Bobbie thinks they have called a truce because there hasn't been any gang violence lately. Carly thinks that her seeing Lorenzo could start them fighting again.

Sonny and Alexis are at his place with Kristina. Alexis is still anxious about leaving her little girl there while she goes out of town. He tries to reassure her that Michael will be there to help him. She is a bit alarmed to learn that Leticia is at Carly's with Morgan. The man who has been lurking around watches them through the hidden security monitors. Alexis worries that the two children will be too much for him. Sonny reminds her that Max and Jason will be there. Michael runs in and takes Kristina off to play a new video game. Alexis questions Sonny on whether the game is violent. He tells her it's rated EC, so she is reassured, but then she comes back, babbling that she would like to get another babysitter. He suggests that she hire a backup nanny to convince her that Kristina will be safe.

Jason phones Sam to tell her that Danny's school is trying to get in touch with her, something about a field trip. She says she will call them. He asks if she's landed in Miami, and she claims she is dining on a terrace at her hotel. However, we can tell she's still in Port Charles because there is snow on the ground. Sam worries about the fee for the field trip, but Jason tells her that it's taken care of. She thanks him. He asks if she's gotten a chance to go in the ocean yet, so she replies that she plans to do that this afternoon. Jason says that the ocean tends to help clear your head and give you a better perspective. She says she feels better already, being there. She lies that she looked out the window on the plane ride there. She says she has been thinking about him and she apologizes for the things she said to him. He is very understanding as she explains why she did it. They have a sweet talk. She says maybe they can talk when she gets back and promises to phone him in a day or two. A woman comes up, so she gets off the phone. The woman tells her that they've got a problem. Sam argues with the woman, who wants more money: $100,000, in 24 hours. Sam says she will have it.

Sonny gripes to Jason about Alexis' attitude about Kristina. Sonny comments that at least Carly is reasonable. Jason says cryptically, "Maybe not". Jason tells Sonny how Carly got Alcazar to talk to Bridget, to help out. He thinks she will convince herself that Lorenzo is an honorable, decent man. Sonny says she can do whatever she wants because they're divorced. Jason talks about how Carly and Courtney both got involved and tried to help, but it backfired. Sonny is glad he told him about Carly because he feels justified (in divorcing her, I guess). But he wishes her plan had worked because Jason and Sam deserve that baby. Jason tells Sonny that he thinks Sam is starting to deal with it. He talks about the phone call and says she sounds better.

Michael shows his videogame to Kristina. Outside, Sam boosts herself over the wall on the balcony; she is being watched by the bad guys through the cameras. Someone in black walks into the room where the bad guys are watching Sonny. The guy who works for the person in black says that they may have some competition. Sam prepares to break in but she sets off the alarm instead. She runs off. Sam and Jason run in and wonder what's going on. Sonny sits with Kristina while Jason goes outside to check it out. Sonny watches Michael and Kristina play. Jason returns and says everything looks okay. He thinks maybe there is some kind of glitch in the security system. Sonny orders Jason to rip out the security system and install a new one.

After Lucky and Helena struggle with the gun, and it goes off (predictably), Lucky falls over, having been shot. Helena prepares to shoot Emily as she hovers over his body. Emily is worried about Lucky, but Helena warns her that she won't have time to mourn him because she will be dead, too. Emily keeps trying to get Lucky to breathe. Skye walks in with a shot gun and tells Helena to drop the gun. Helena is not frightened, so Skye fires a warning shot and tells Helena her next shot will be in her ice chip of a heart. After another warning, Helena drops it. Skye orders her to walk outside so they can wait for the police. Emily phones 911 to get help. She explains where the crypt is and tells them to send the police, too, because Helena is alive. Emily performs CPR on Lucky. The helicopters are heard in the background as Skye points out to Helena that she's going to jail. Helena gloats that at least she rid the world of Luke's son. Skye warns her not to be too sure about that. Helena says gleefully that she shot him at point blank range. The paramedics arrive, so Skye tells them where to go. She can tell Helena is thinking about sneaking off, but she yells at her not to think about it, still pointing the gun at her. A man comes up and points a gun at her, warning her to drop her weapon. Skye says she can't because this is Helena Cassadine. He tells her again to drop it. Skye drops it and keeps trying to tell the cop that this is Helena. Mac runs in but somehow doesn't see Helena. Skye tells him that Lucky's been shot, and a paramedic tells Mac that his condition is critical. Skye tells Mac that they got Helena, but she is gone (she sure moves fast for an old lady!).

Elizabeth arrives late to work and apologizes for it. Alan yells at her because she's been irresponsible lately, calling in sick or coming in late. She apologizes more but can't tell him the details about what's been going on lately with Emily. She lies that she's had child care problems. He insists that he get those problems solved. Stephen walks in nearby while they are talking. Alan tells her that she has a potential to be an excellent nurse, but she has to put her job first. Stephen comes up and assures Alan that they found a new babysitter for Cameron so the problem should be resolved. Alan is glad to hear it. Elizabeth thanks Stephen for the help. He wants to know what's really going on. Elizabeth claims that she's just been spending a lot of time with Emily while her husband is in prison. Stephen notes that she's a good friend. Elizabeth talks about Lucky, too. Stephen thinks there's more to it than that and he's worried about her. Elizabeth promises she will tell him everything, just not right now. Stephen wonders if Lucky is in trouble or if they might be more than friends. She thinks maybe there could be something new between them.

Alexis goes to Kelly's, where she sees Dillon and Georgie. She asks where Brook Lynn might be. They said she is probably with Diego, who might be with Alcazar. Alexis is not happy to hear it. They fill her in that Diego is Lorenzo's son. Alexis wonders sarcastically why she doesn't just recruit a baby sitter from the post office's most wanted list. Outside, Alexis runs into Ric, who was glad to hear from her. Things are awkward. She admits she misses him, and he feels the same way. He suggests they sit down and chat, but she says she can't. He offers to come by later and read Kristina a bedtime story. She says Kristina is at Sonny's. After some dithering, she agrees to meet him later. He understands that she is conflicted. She leaves after some more awkwardness.

Dillon phones Skye to find out what's been going on with the Luke/Helena thing; he leaves a message on her voice mail. Georgie is a little upset because Dillon is going to film school in California. He promises to stay in touch, but she knows it won't be the same. She will really miss him. He wonders if USC will let him defer admission for a year, but she won't let him do that. She suggests they set aside an hour a night for an internet chat. He agrees. They tell each other, "I love you". He promises to always be faithful to her. She trusts him completely. He says they have so much more going for them than most couples because of how much love they have.

Lucky comes into the ER, with Emily trailing behind. Elizabeth and Alan are upset to see them as Stephen works on Lucky. Elizabeth worries that Lucky might not make it; Emily tries to reassure her. Alan wants Emily to rest, but she wants to stay with Liz. Alan asks Emily what happened because he can tell she's been through an ordeal. Stephen comes out and tells them that Lucky is stabilized and is asking to see Emily. Elizabeth looks a little upset by that. Skye yells at Ric nearby about how they haven't caught Helena yet. Ric assures her that they've put out an APB and will get her. Alan is shocked to learn that Helena is still alive. Dillon and Georgie come up and wonder what's going on. Ric argues with Skye about the fact that no one saw Helena. Skye has to explain to everyone about what happened in the past few days with Connor, Emily and Helena (Luke's plan). Alan yells at Skye for putting Emily in danger. Skye protests that the plan worked except for the cop letting Helena go. Alan gripes about it all, arguing with Skye. Elizabeth yells at Alan, saying he should be thanking Lucky because the bullet was meant for Emily. Alan apologizes, but Elizabeth continues to defend Lucky.

Lucky asks Emily if they nailed Helena; she lies that she's in custody. He is happy to hear that Nikolas will go free, thanks to him. Lucky tells her to be happy with Nikolas, then he falls unconscious.

Brook Lynn goes to Kelly and chats to Mike about Diego having lunch with Lorenzo. Alexis comes in and tells Brook Lynn that Kristina is with her dad tonight. She says her other babysitters are busy, so Brook Lynn takes the hint and offers to go over and help Sonny with Kristina. Alexis thanks her profusely. Emily runs out and tells them that Lucky has fallen unconscious, so the doctors rush in. Emily tells them what she told Lucky. They figure that all of their plan was for nothing, since Helena seems to have escaped. Stephen comes out and tells them he's sorry and that they did all they could. They all look stricken, especially Elizabeth. Diego looks for Brook Lynn at Kelly's. Lorenzo watches him outside chatting to Mike. Carly comes up and observes that it's not easy. Lorenzo laments that everything he says comes out wrong. Carly assures him that teenagers are not great at communication. She suggests that he keep trying. Lorenzo is not optimistic that it will work, but he wonders why she cares.

Sam, carrying a duffel bag, meets with the woman again and assures her that she'll have the money tonight. The woman says she'll be waiting for her call. Jason is stunned to see Sam still in town. He confronts her, saying he guesses she is not in Miami after all. She tells him that she lies, that's what she does. She argues with him some more about Hope. He reminds her that they were going to lose the baby anyway, and he didn't want her to be hurt any longer. She tells him how she feels empty from the loss. He wants her to come with him, but she won't. She walks off.

Brook Lynn goes to Sonny's to help out. Sonny laughs at Alexis' paranoia but welcomes Brook Lynn. Meanwhile, the guy who has been stalking Kristina tells his boss that when they rip out the fault security system before they put in the new one, they will be vulnerable, so they can make their move then.

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