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Alexis is on the phone talking to Rick and assumes that he must have found Christina’s angel bear. He tells her he did not. She still wonders how the angel bear could have suddenly appeared out of nowhere at Sonny’s. She gets off the phone and notices Sam with Christina. She introduces her daughter to Sam, asking her if she remembers Sam from the hospital.

Sonny tells Jason that he realizes that Jason really cares about Sam. But he should ask himself whether the woman for him is Courtney or if it’s Sam. Jason replies that Sam needs him. Sonny reiterates that that is not the question he’s just asked him. He again asks Jason if he’d rather be with Sam or with Courtney.

Carly asks Courtney the very same question in regard to whether Courtney really wants Jax or Jason.

Elizabeth tells Emily that she remembers all too well what Emily has just gone through. But Emily refuses to admit to Elizabeth that she was raped and demands that they end the discussion. She says she killed a man and would like to forget that this night ever happened.

Sonny tells Jason that he’s too generous and has molded his life based upon what other people want. He tells Jason that he is his friend, his kids’ uncle and his right-hand man. But it’s time for Jason to live his own life and care solely about what he wants and think about himself. And he needs to decide truthfully whether it’s Courtney or Sam whom he really wants in his life. At that moment, Michael comes downstairs and informs his father that he remembers that he did not notice Christina having the angel bear the first time he saw her outside, but then he suddenly discovered that she had it the second time he saw her. Sonny wonders how that could be.

Alexis takes Christina to Mike, introducing her daughter to her grandpa. Mike takes his granddaughter into the kitchen to get some cookies. Alexis privately talks to Sam, telling her how grateful she will always be for her sacrifice that saved Christina’s life. And she tells Sam she is aware that Sam has some good news in her life about being able to adopt a baby with Jason. But Sam informs Alexis that the baby’s biological family has taken her away..

An anonymous voice tells somebody over a speaker system that he “followed her into Kelly’s” implying that he’s talking about Christina.

Emily tells Elizabeth that she had a big problem with Connor but refuses to talk about the rape. Emily leaves and Lucky tells Elizabeth that he’s certain that Connor raped her. Elizabeth admits that all the signs are there. He says it’s a good thing Connor is already dead or he’d kill him himself. She admits that it will be very difficult to get evidence of rape if Emily showers and destroys the evidence. She realizes that nothing can be done to Connor since he’s dead. But Emily will need an STD test as well as counseling. She says she knows all too well how Emily will blame herself for “leading Connor on”, having asked him to help her and to play Nikolas. Having no clue what rape victims experience, Lucky tells Elizabeth that there is no excuse or justification for what happened to Emily and it would be ridiculous for her to blame herself. But remembering all too well what a rape victim experiences, Elizabeth says she knows that if Emily doesn’t do something in order to deal with this, it’s going to eat her up alive.

Emily is in the shower, running steaming hot water and scrubs herself vigorously with hard soap. She sinks to the bottom of the shower.

Diego stops at Courtney’s with Brook Lynn telling her it will only take a second. He just needs to get some stuff then he will leave. She asks what his plans are. He tells her that he doesn’t plan on living there anymore and only wants to be with her. Right at that moment, Bridget enters and asks what they are doing there. He says he remembers her as the girl who gave birth at the diner over Christmas.

Carly urges Courtney to be true to her feelings about Jason. She says it will not do her any good to be in limbo romancing Jax when she is really in love with Jason. Courtney leaves and Dr. Steven Webber enters and comes to see Carly. He tells her that now that they are alone, maybe it’s time to talk about “them”. She tells him they are merely neighbors. He tells her he can see she is pulling away which may indicate that she is afraid of him.

Sonny and Jason ask Max just how long Christina was alone in the yard unsupervised. Max replies it was about a minute. Sonny tells Max that a minute is too long and he pays him to safeguard his children. Michael apologizes to his father for not watching Christina and asks if there was some uninvited person there who might have intended to hurt or abduct Christina. Sonny tells his son that in the future they need to be more careful. But nobody has a clue who might have encountered Christina.

Unknown to all of them, somebody is hearing and seeing their conversation from a surveillance camera.

After showering, Emily sits on the couch, silent and looking sullen. Elizabeth gets her a hot drink to warm her up. Lucky says they must find a safe place for Emily. Elizabeth reminds him that Connor is dead. But he is more concerned about Helena coming after Emily believing he was Nikolas and that she killed him. Elizabeth puts a blanket over Emily and leaves with Lucky. As Emily sits alone, again, from the window, Helena is watching her.

Carly inquires to Steven why he’d believe that she’d be “afraid” of him. He is a “nice guy”. He asks if she is really not used to a guy who treats her good. She tells him that her life is too complicated to get involved with anybody right now. He tells her that maybe she should take a chance on him.

Bridget informs Diego and Brook Lynn that Courtney appeared to be her friend and acted like she wanted to help her and her baby. But all she wanted was to impress her ex-husband. And when she was no longer “convenient” to Courtney, Courtney turns around and throws her out of her home. She implies to them that maybe they can help her. But they seem to want to wash their hands to her mess. When they leave, she pulls out some bottles of wine from Courtney’s cabinets.

Courtney finds Jason and asks if he’s looking for Sam. He asks if she has seen Sam. Courtney replies yes, Sam was there and confirms that Sam was upset about what happened. She assures Jason that he must not blame himself because there’s no way he could have stopped what happened. And she believes that sooner or later Sam will realize that. And she confides in her ex-husband that she just had a conversation with Carly about how she, very similar to him, has a habit of wanting to save and take care of everybody and putting her own life on the back burner. She tells him she’s just heard that he and Sam are through. But right when he believes she might inquire if they have a chance, he interrupts her by telling her that he doesn’t want to give up on Sam.

Sam goes to talk to Sonny about Rita and Bridget taking the child that she and Jason should have been able to keep. She tells Sonny that from observing the way he will stop at nothing to keep his child, he might understand and be able to help. He inquires whether she’d like him to find a lawyer for her. She says not exactly that. But she knows what he would do in a similar situation and asks him if he can help her.

Courtney tells Jason that she’s known for a long time that he and Sam are in love. She tells him she knows he has an infinite capacity to love and she is happy for him. But it’s very obvious that she is very upset knowing that he is not available to her anymore. He asks her if she is ok, knowing it’s not entirely the case. She walks off revealing that she is not ok.

Sonny loads his gun while Sam is there. She tells him she did not know who else to turn to. He assures her that she will not have to worry about this any more. He asks the name of Hope’s great-grandmother. Sam says it’s Rita Sullivan but asks what Sonny has in mind. Does he plan to go after her with a gun? She doesn’t want to resort to that. She’s an old woman and might suffer a heart attack. She doesn’t want to resort to violence, especially when there is a baby involved. But Sonny tells Sam that if this woman will not listen to reason, has no consideration for Sam or for Jason and keeps their child away from them, then he knows what to do. But she tells him she doesn’t want him to use a gun in order to help her.

Mike tells Diego that he will rehire him to work at Kelly’s and he can stay in a room upstairs. Diego tells Brook Lynn that things are looking up for him. He has a job, a place to live and an awesome girlfriend.

Steven asks Carly just when and where her “fixation” for dangerous guys started. She tells him she’s never intentionally wanted anybody dangerous. She just may have had a few men in her life who were a little complicated. She says that Sonny was probably the most complicated man she was with. But she says they learned to love each other through everything. And she admits that she may never love anybody like Sonny. He asks her how it happened that she hooked up with Lorenzo during one of her temporary separations from Sonny. She refuses to talk about Lorenzo and tells him she’s not in the mood to be analyzed right now. He tells her that maybe this is the time to go and get a burger and some drinks. And maybe she needs time to be with a decent guy for a change.

Emily keeps reliving Connor obsessing over her, creeping her out and raping her. Then Helena appears and tells her it’s her turn to die. She tells Emily that her grandson’s only flaw was his blind loyalty to peasants unworthy of him, like her. And now Emily has “repaid” him by shooting him. Emily tells Helena that it’s not what really happened. She explains that she shot Connor who was only pretending to be Nikolas. Helena tells Emily that she would do anything in order to live but she no longer believes her lies.

Courtney comes home and sees Bridget getting into her alcohol. She tells Courtney that she doesn’t want to live with her grandmother. Courtney says if it’s not working out with her grandmother, she can find an alternative placement for her. Bridget says that she has been abandoned by everybody in her life, her mother, father, everybody. She says she trusted Courtney. Courtney promised to help her, then betrayed her. Courtney tells Bridget that she was doing so well but now she’s ruining everything. Courtney tells Bridget that drinking and acting out to get attention and sympathy is no answer for what she is feeling. And she cannot trash her life when she could build a positive future.

Seeing Sonny with the gun, Sam tells him that she realizes that Bridget and Rita mean well and probably love the baby in their own way. But she just came to him because she realized that if Hope came to her some day asking her any questions, she knows she’d never forgive herself for having Hope taken away if she doesn’t do something about it. She asks him to forget that she came there and forget about their plans. He tells her he realizes that this is all very sudden and she needs to take her time to deal with what has just happened. She tells him that she has recently violated one of her most important rules. She has relied on other people. And she says it is now time to take back her independence. She tells him she will now handle things herself and she walks out.

At Kelly’s, Lorenzo enters and notices his son is back in Port Charles. He inquires why. Diego tells his father he still wants him out of his life.

Eizabeth and Lucky return to the house looking for Emily, calling for her to go with them in the car. But they instantly notice she is gone and seem to know that Helena has come back.

The guy with the surveillance camera is watching Sonny’s new place and bouncing around a red and black ball.

Bridget is ready to leave Courtney’s but indicates she’d rather stay there then live with her grandmother. Courtney tells Bridget that she must be able to make things work out with her grandmother. But Bridget says her grandmother will never forgive her for getting drunk and Courtney knows nothing about her. At that moment, Courtney tells Bridget she can stay for that night. But this is her last chance.

Jason goes looking for Sam. He knocks on the door of her room at Kelly’s. He calls to her. She lies in bed and refuses to talk or get the door. He tells her he is not giving up. After he leaves, she gets a call. She reveals that she has some “business arrangement” with somebody, probably in regard to getting the baby back.

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