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Sam angrily pulls away form Jason, telling him she will never forgive him for handing over their child to a stranger. He protests that Rita is not a stranger. She is Hope’s great grandmother. She tells him Hope does not know that. He tells her there was no legal way they could have gotten custody of Hope. She inquires just why he would need to find a legal way for something to happen? He never hesitates to break the law for money, for power, or at the instructions of the all mighty Sonny. But when it comes to fighting for a child, for their little girl, he suddenly becomes this perfect, law-abiding citizen. She tells him he’s the biggest hypocrite she’s ever seen. And he’s an even bigger liar

Alexis tells Sonny that she’d like very much for their daughter to have a loving and healthy relationship with him. But at this time, Christina barely knows him. And he’s suddenly come into her life as this man she sees once in a while that comes by bearing gifts. And he has the mistaken idea that she should call him daddy for that. And she tells Sonny she’d like Christina to understand what that really means.

Outside, Christina wonders off and runs into a strange man who tells her he can take her to meet a friend.

Emily suddenly grabs Connor’s gun from his hand and fires a shot at him. He reaches for her but falls over and collapses. While outside the window, Helena is spying upon them.

Jason asks Sam if she will please sit with him. She says no. He cannot make this better. She says she thought she could depend upon him. He protests that she can but even if they’d fought for custody, there’s no way the judge would put the baby in their care before they’d have her in foster care. She protests that there are other ways. And she doesn’t see that living with Rita is any better for the baby than foster care. He says he knows they could have blackmailed the judge or kidnapped the baby. But that wouldn’t be right. She says he is unbelievable. Where were his “high flying morals” when he took Michael away from his real father? Why did he have no problems breaking the law then? He protests that he did the right thing taking Michael away form an alcoholic father. But they have no right to prevent Hope from being with a responsible great-grandmother and a mother who loves her. Sam still believes that neither Bridget nor Rita could have given Hope the life than they could have and she says the truth is Jason never loved Hope just like he never loved her.

The strange man gives Christina back her previously lost angel bear and tells her he is her friend and she can trust him because he brought her stuffed animal back to her. At that moment, Sonny’s servant and Michael go and find Christina and the man disappears.

Alexis tells Sonny she doesn’t mind him giving Christina a few gifts now and again but she’d rather he not “bombard” their daughter with material offerings. She says there must be some limits. He inquires like what? She tells him he can give Christina presents for her birthday, Christmas or Easter. But she believes it is not healthy for Christina to be showered with materialism. Carly asks if Alexis is only worried that it will cause Christina to grow attached to Sonny. Alexis tells Carly she knows that Carly has no problem with overindulging her children. But they obviously have different ideas about parenting. Right at that moment, Michael and Christina enter with Christina’s angel bear. Noticing the children have found the previously lost stuffed animal, Alexis inquires where they found it. Michael doesn’t seem to know.

Emily gasps and crouches on the floor after shooting Connor. Helena enters and notices Connor lying on the floor unconscious and presumed dead and she threatens to murder Emily for taking her grandson from her. Emily tells her she does not understand. Helena says she understands all too well. She grabs the gun and holds it on Emily and tells her if she wishes to be with Nikolas, her wish will come true. She tells Emily that she was a worthless ugly duckling little girl who had a dream about marrying the prince. But she tells her she did not have the spine to be with Nikolas. She could not accept his nature as an honorable high-class man. Emily struggles with Helena and pulls the gun out of her hands. At that moment, Lucky and Elizabeth enter when they hear gunshot. Helena flees and Lucky runs after her. Elizabeth notices Connor lying on the ground in a pool of blood and knows something happened when she sees Emily crying and bleeding with her clothes torn. Emily tells them not to bother because he is dead. She admits to Elizabeth that she killed Connor

Alexis inquires to Carly if she knows whether Rick had angel bear when he packed Christina’s toys. Carly says she does not know. Alexis explains that ever since Christina left the hospital for her bone marrow transplant, angel bear has been lost. She tells Carly and Sonny that she realizes they do not supervise their child, which is their business. But she believes that since Michael is only 9 years old, he is not old enough to supervise Christina without an adult present. She is concerned about Christina’s nose running since she just had a transplant. She leaves with Christina. Carly tells Sonny that that woman drives her nuts. Michael apologizes to his parents assuming he got Christina sick by being outside with her. Carly assures her son that he is not responsible for getting her sick. Sonny tells his son that Christina’s mom is a little overprotective of her but he tells Michael that if in the future he goes outside with his little sister, he needs to let them know beforehand. Michael tells them that he’d like them all to live in his father’s new home together.

Courtney goes to Kelly’s and tells him she’s there to dump all her problems upon him. He tells his daughter that that is what fathers are for. She reminds him of the saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. He replies that he’s heard that. She tells her father that she now gives that saying new meaning. She tells him that Hope is going to go life with Bridget and her grandmother, Rita. She informs him that she was dealing with a very troubled young girl whom she could not supervise. She admits that Bridget suggested that she keep Hope for her but she realized she was not ready to care for a baby. She says she believes that neither were Jason and Sam but she’s worried that maybe if she had not interfered, then Jason and Sam might still be able to have the baby and it would be the right thing.

Sam tells Jason that she has now lost everything. He’s taken everything from her. And she says that she never loved him. It was all about the baby. He was only the guy who was going to pay the bills. She admits that she knew how to say the right things and smooth things over in order to be with him. But it was all about the baby. She concludes that Hope is gone and now so is she. And she walks out of his home.

Sonny tells Michael that the living situation will not change the fact that he and Carly are still getting a divorce. Michael protests that he knows his mom helped his dad fix up the new place. Carly tells her son that she and his father are still friends and will always care about each other but they will no longer be married nor live together. But she tells him it’s fine with her if he stays the night with his father and he may go upstairs and inform Leticia. Privately, Sonny and Carly realize that they are really confusing their son by being together so much of the time. She suggests that maybe they should keep their distance and maybe while they’re at it, they should take off their wedding rings.

Sam finds Courtney and angrily tells her she must be really proud of herself. Courtney tries to explain and apologize. But Sam tells Courtney she knows she just wanted to prevent her from having her baby and from being with Jason. She tells Courtney that she is really clever to present herself as a hero and “do-gooder” and she congratulates Courtney for taking her baby away form her, preventing her from having the family she wanting and that she knows Courtney’s sole intent is to have Jason for herself. And she tells Courtney that the amazing part is that Courtney knows how to make herself look so good. And she says congratulations to Courtney. She wants Jason back. And it’s worked. He’s all hers. She no longer wants him.

Jordan Banes goes to Jason’s and he tells her that he and Sam decided to let the baby be in the custody of Bridget’s grandmother, believing they had no choice. He realizes that Rita was her only option. He hoped that Sam would agree to the decision but unfortunately she did not. Jordan tells him she believes he made the right decision and is only surprised that Sam didn’t agree to it. He admits that he did not give Sam much choice but to surrender the baby.

Elizabeth comforts a shaken Emily. Lucky returns from outside and admits that he tried but failed to find any sign of Helena. He asks Emily what happened. She replies that she shot Connor. Elizabeth asks why. Emily says Connor went insane. She says he kept telling her that Nikolas would never get out of prison and that she would turn to him instead. And when she made it clear to him that it would never happen, he lost it. She admits to stabbing him, and that he later came after her and she shot him. But she does not mention that he raped her. Emily also reports that Helena walked in right after she shot Connor and believed that she killed Nikolas. She admits that she did not have the chance to inform Helena that her grandson has not been shot and it was Connor instead. They all wonder what should be done with Connor’s dead body. Elizabeth suggests calling the police and telling them that Emily acted in self-defense. But Lucky says they cannot do that because it will get them into further trouble. He suggests burying Connor in the woods.

Carly gives Sonny back her engagement ring. He tells her she may keep it. She says she will make it into a pendant or pass it on to her kids. Maybe she’ll let which ever one gets married first pass it on to their bride. She wonders however if, due to the fact that it came from a divorce, that it might be bad luck for them. But she says, and he agrees, that in their case, there might be an exception. She leaves and tells him she will let him enjoy his new place. He tells her she did a great job decorating. He admits that he realizes it is not fair that he’s living in this nice place and she is stuck in that dump she’s just moved into. He offers to buy her a nicer place. But she admits that if she had a big place to live, she would be lonely when the boys are gone. And she asks her soon-to-be ex-husband to kiss the boys for her and she departs.

Courtney tells Sam she realizes she is upset and she is truly sorry for her loss. Sam tells Courtney that her “innocent act” does not work. She knows that Courtney is still in love with Jason and she has gotten the idea that drastic measures were called for when she found out he might care for Sam. So she encourages Courtney to open up a bottle of Champaign and celebrate getting her man back because she no longer could care less about Jason. Courtney inquires to Sam why she’s angry with Jason. Sam says she knows that Jason gave up the baby without a fight because he doesn’t care about her and wants Courtney back.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that with Helena seeing Connor’s dead body and believing that her grandson who was killed by Emily, there could be serious danger. While they are discussing their options, Emily goes back to the basement and notices the scissors she used to stab Connor, the puddle of blood and her panties on the floor. She cries and huddles in a corner. They notice she is gone and go down to the basement looking for her. She does not answer. They ask what she’s doing down there. Elizabeth goes to Emily and puts her arms around her. She tells Lucky she believes he’s right that they need to bury Connor where nobody will find him.

Carly returns home to her new apartment. Suddenly there’s a knock on the door. It’s Dr. Steven Webber with a pizza and bottle of wine. He tells her he’s there bearing gifts. Right at that moment, Courtney enters telling Carly she needs to talk. But when Courtney sees Steven, she says she realizes she just interrupted Carly’s “date”. But Steven leaves the two women alone, realizing they need to talk. Courtney informs Carly that Bridget took the baby back and Sam accused her of orchestrating the whole thing in order to get Jason back. She protest to Carly that she thought she was doing the right thing and was only looking out for Jason’s best interests. And she realized that he was happy with Sam. Carly tells Courtney that maybe the best thing for Jason’s best interests and what will make him happy is to be with her instead of with Sam.

Jason goes to talk to Sonny about what has happened and informed him that it’s over between him and Sam and they no longer have the baby. He informs Sonny that they gave her back to Bridget’s grandmother and Sam will never forgive him for that. Sonny tells Jason that maybe Sam just needs a little time and he should not get discouraged.

Sam sits alone at Kelly’s and relives all the great moments she had with Jason, his telling her he loves her and proposing to her. And she remembers how it all ended so suddenly when Bridget and Rita took Hope away. And she realizes how she completely contradicted her true feelings by telling Jason that she never loved him. At that moment, she notices Christina with Alexis.

Carly encourages Courtney to consider getting back with Jason now that he is free. She tells Courtney that she realizes it’s possible that Courtney presently wants to be with Jax and she accepts that. But she tells Courtney that she ultimately needs to be honest with herself and her true feelings in coming to the realization of whom she really wants to be with in the future.

Jason reveals to Sonny that Sam told him she never loved him and was only using him because of the baby. Sonny suggests that what Sam was probably doing was lashing out because she wanted him to feel as much pain as she was in. And maybe he should just give her time to come around. Jason admits that he believes he’s given Sam no reason to ever trust or believe in him for anything ever again. He admits that he’s worried about Sam. He realizes there’s only so much anybody can lose in their life before they are at a breaking point. Sonny tells Jason that maybe he should consider the possibility that the door that just closed has opened another door for him. He says he knows that Jason may still love Courtney. And he says Jason should ask himself if he wants Courtney or if he is still in love with Sam.

Alexis assumes the only source who could have recovered Christina’s angel bear for her would be Rick. She gets on the phone and calls him inquiring about it. Rick admits he never found her angel bear and would not have a clue how it could have been found. At that moment, Sam comes and talks to Christina, remembering that she is all well because of her little girl.

Noticing that Emily is keeping a secret, Elizabeth tells her that she knows how she feels. She says she also remembers wanting to scrub her skin to wash off any trace of what happened so that she could get clean. And she tells Emily that she knows that Connor raped her.

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