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Carly, Jordan, Brook Lynn and Christina are inside Sonny’s new house when the power goes out. Sonny and Michael are outside ready to enter and view the new place.

Unknown to everybody, somebody is watching them on a surveillance camera.

Michael runs to his mother, hugs her and tells her all about the fun vacation he had with his father. Sonny greets Christina and asks her how she likes the new house. When Carly and Sonny are alone, she asks him how he feels about this new house. He tells her that he wants what is best for his family. Carly admits that Jordan did an excellent job with the decorating and the landscaping. He tells her he realizes that she helped Jordan and only she knows what he likes and dislikes. It seems like they are getting along really well although ready to divorce.

Courtney tells Bridget that she can take care of baby Hope for a while but not long term. Bridget angrily tells Courtney that she thought Courtney wanted to help her. Courtney tells Bridget she intends to help but Bridget must realize that taking care of a baby is a big responsibility. Jax enters. Courtney tells him that she really wanted to help Bridget and the baby and is very disappointed that she has not been able to do that. He assures her that she must not feel guilty.

While Sam and Jason are at their home with baby Hope, Bridget’s grandmother, Rita enters. She sounds like she cares about her granddaughter and great-granddaughter. But she also realizes that Bridget cannot take care of baby Hope.

Connor is brutalizing Emily. She screams and fights for her life.

Bridget asks Courtney what if the judge wants her and Hope to live in Courtney’s home? Courtney admits to Bridget that that will not happen because the foundation cannot allow her to live there. She explains to Bridget that she is not available to supervise her and due to the fact that she’s involved in Bridget’s child’s custody hearing, it’s a conflict of interests for Bridget to live in her home. She assures Bridget that she will not abandon her but she made a big mistake with all the unrealistic promises she made to her.

Jason tells Sam that they must be realistic in knowing that the court will most likely not let them keep the baby. But Sam protests that they are Hope’s family and they must find a way to keep her.

Connor lets up from hurting Emily and apologizes. He tells her he just wants to be like the man she loves. He reminds her that she asked him to play the part. While lying on the ground, she picks up a knife. He puts his arms around her not knowing that she’s holding the knife. He helps her to her feet and then notices that she’s ready to stab him. Noticing that, he tells her she might as well just do it because he’s ready to die anyway. He says he has nothing to live for. He goes on about how she won’t do it. At that point, she stabs him and he falls to the floor. She gasps and runs up the stairs.

Bridget’s grandmother goes to Courtney’s. She notices Bridget and tells her granddaughter that she went and talked to Jason and Sam.

Sam tells Jason that maybe Bridget’s grandmother might be the best option for baby Hope. It’s better than having her raised by strangers. But Sam tells him that he’s very capable of using threats and blackmail to get what he wants. She tells him he needs to use that with the judge or do whatever it takes so that they can keep the baby.

Sonny and Carly enter the new house, fully furnished. He is in awe and tells her it looks beautiful. He admits that while on their vacation, Michael thought that she would join them and he collected seashells on the beach. She tells him that they need to get the kids used to their living separate lives. He tells her that no matter what happens, they are a family. At that moment, Alexis enters and demands to know where her daughter is.

Rita tells her granddaughter that she believes she should raise Hope. Bridget protests that she does not buy that her grandmother cares about her nor is looking out for her best interests. She tells her grandmother that she was never there for her. Rita protests that she tried to take care of Bridget but Bridget stole from her and gave her too much grief. Courtney asks Rita to let her talk to Bridget alone. Rita leaves. Bridget demands to know why Courtney doesn’t want her to be able to keep her baby. She explains that she didn’t mean to get pregnant. She believed at first that Sam and Jason would take better care of her. She says she had no friends or family. But Courtney came into her life and believed in her. She tells Courtney that she started to believe that maybe she is not so worthless and maybe she could take care of her baby after all because of Courtney. And she tells Courtney that now she’s throwing her out and telling her she cannot have her baby. She cries and Courtney puts her arms around her.

Jason tells Sam that they really are in no position to fight Bridget’s grandmother for custody of the baby. But Sam tells Jason that she cannot believe that he can give up the fight. She says that Bridget wanted to give her baby up and will want to again. She says the baby cannot go through that. But he tells her that they have no right to keep the baby away from her family.

Alexis asks Sonny why he did not have the courtesy to call her or have his attorney to do so to inform her that Christina is in his new house. He protests that he could not get a hold of her. He tells her that he just wanted Christina to be able to see his new house with her brothers. She tells him he has an excuse for everything and she would appreciate him consulting with her about her daughter in the future. He says she is his daughter also. He tells her that he’s just had a security system installed in the house so that Christina will be safe while there. So she needs not worry about Christina being with her father anymore.

After stabbing Connor, Emily goes looking for the gun but cannot find it. She goes back down to the basement and notices a blood stain. She runs around the house not knowing what to do.

Outside of Sonny’s, Sonny’s security guard catches Diego. Sonny demands to know what he’s doing near his home. He explains he’s back from Mexico and just wants to see Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn runs to him happy to see him. He tells her he’s back to be with her.

While arguing with Alexis, Sonny tells Christina that he has a present for her. He carries her into the other room.

Courtney, Bridget and Rita enter Sam’s and Jason’s home. Jason tells everybody that there is one thing they all agree upon. They all want what is best for Hope. He says he knows that the judge will decide what will ultimately happen. But he says they must all be in agreement as to the best place for Hope to live. Courtney admits that if they argue and want different things, the judge could rule against everybody and put Hope in a foster home. Courtney tells Bridget that she believes a judge will see her as an irresponsible child. Bridget protests that she has a job now. But Courtney says she doubts Bridget has a chance. She tells Jason and Sam that they are adults who both have criminal records and are not biologically related to the baby. So they have no better of a chance of getting custody. Sam protests that she and Jason are very capable of taking care of a baby regardless of their pasts. Courtney says she does not dispute that but a judge will not take that into consideration. Realizing that neither she nor Jason nor Sam are likely to get custody, Bridget asks Courtney if she would be willing to take the baby.

Emily notices that Connor is still outside and rushes to the door. He is holding a gun. He tells her that only a few days ago she was so nice to him and so grateful that he was trying to help her. She screams that he must get away from her and he must never believe that he will ever be Nikolas. He asks why then, did she want him to try so hard to be like him? He pulls her toward him and kisses her. She cries and gasps.

Courtney tells Bridget that she is not the right person to care for Bridget’s child. Bridget protests that she knows that Courtney loves and cares for Hope. Courtney tells Bridget that regardless of that, she is not ready to get over losing her own baby and is not the right person to raise a baby. Bridget protests to Courtney that she believes she would be a great mom. Courtney says she appreciates Bridget’s vote of confidence but she cannot keep Hope. She tells Bridget that it might be difficult for her grandmother to take care of Hope all by herself. But perhaps if Bridget moved in with her grandmother then it could work and the court would approve of that arrangement.

Alexis asks Carly why Sonny bought this house. Carly tells Alexis that she’s already told her that it’s because Michael saw the ad in the real estate section of the paper. And she asks Alexis what would be so wrong with Christina having a nice place to live with her father and brothers? Alexis says that Sonny does not need to buy Christina. She says it will not be of benefit to Christina to be dazzled with material offerings and she does not believe that Sonny has anything else to offer her.

Sonny gives Christina a big seashell he got from the beach. He tells her it’s beautiful just like she is and he puts it up to her ear so she can hear the waves and the ocean. He tells her that one day he will take her to the island. But for now, he wants her to come and visit him in his new place with her brothers and he wants to be in her life.

Sam talks to Jason outside in the hallway. He tells her that they have already lost. She cries and protests that Hope needs them and they can give her a good home. But he tells her that they need to be in agreement about letting Bridget and her grandmother have her, in order for her not to be put in a foster home.

Sonny comes out and informs Alexis and Carly that he was in the other room showing Christina the gift he gave her which was a seashell. Carly informs him that that is a good thing that he gave her a seashell because Alexis has just been telling her that he only wants to shower Christina with material garbage and make her his property.

Sam brings baby Hope down the stairs. She gives her to Rita. She explains that Hope likes to be rocked after waking from a nap. Sam cries and walks off. Jason approaches Bridget and Rita and tells them that he just wants them to take good care of Hope. Bridget says she promises and she thanks them all so much for everything. They go out the door and Courtney follows them. Sam tells Jason she will never forgive him for what has just happened.

Connor tells Emily that he loves her. She cries. At first she looks like she’s touching him. But suddenly she pulls out a gun and shoots him.

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