GH Update Friday 1/21/05

General Hospital Update Friday 1/21/05



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Sam, Courtney, Bridget and Jason are discussing the adoption with a judge. Sam tells the baby that she, Jason and Hope have bonded. Bridget says it’s true, but she gave birth to Hope, she’s her mother and she wants her back.

Emily cautiously leaves her bedroom, looking all around for signs of Connor. She opens the outside door and stares out into the night. Connor appears behind her and asks if she is looking for him. He apologizes for scaring her and tells her she didn’t need to lock herself in her room the night before. Emily asks how he knew the door was locked. Connor said he wasn’t going to bust the door down or anything. Connor said his gesture from the night before, was him trying to be nice, like when Emily made him the cookies. Liz and Lucky show up, Liz questions the strawberries and champagne, Connor insists he was trying to be nice. They bring good news, Luke is closing in on Helena and by tomorrow Nikolas may be a free man.

Brooke Lynn is in Kelly’s, watching Kristina and teaching her how to dunk cookies in milk. Ric shows up and sits with Kristina on his lap. Brooke Lynn tells him that they are having a good time. Ric said she should be flattered, Alexis doesn’t trust very many people with her child.

Bridget tells the Judge that Courtney made her realize she needs to follow her dreams. The Judge lists through Bridget’s life, telling her she doesn’t have very good credentials. Bridget insists that she’s turning her life around, going back to school and she even got a job being a waitress. The Judge says she’s not ready to make a ruling and the child stays with Sam and Jason for the time being. After everyone else leaves, the Judge tells Courtney she wants to meet with her alone.

Carly sees flashlights in Sonny’s new home and knocks the intruder unconcious. It’s her father! Durant tells her that the gate was open and the house was unlocked, Jordan says she was the last one there and turned the system on before leaving. John insists he didn’t deactivate the system or bug the house. Durant asks Carly why she’s there, and Carly says she’s helping Jordan decorate Sonny’s home. John asks her if it’s a good idea to help her ex’s new girlfriend. He tells her he’s just trying to protect her from men like Sonny. Carly says she will go on protecting Sonny because her children love and need him.

The plan is for Helena to follow Liz and Lucky to the Safehouse where Luke will grab her. Liz is hesitant to leave Emily, sensing that something is wrong. After they leave Connor breaks glass and tells her it’s only a matter of time before she has Nikolas and she’s free of him forever.

Sam tries to talk Bridget into letting them have Hope, she tells her that Bridget can help them, like an Aunt and see her all the time. This offends Bridget who doesn’t want to have to make a deal to see her own daughter. Sam wonders if she made things worse, but wanted to shake some sense into her.

Courtney tells the Judge that she doesn’t believe that Bridget is capable of raising a child. The Judge then asks if Jason and Sam would be good parents. Courtney agrees they would be The Judge asks how Jason’s lifestyle would impact a child.

Brooke tells Ric she’s sorry that he and Alexis have separated and wonders why people can’t get together and stay together. Brooke’s cell phone rings, it’s Jordan who tells her that Sonny is coming home and wants to surprise the kids with the new house, as they leave Kelly’s, a man follows them.

Connor tells Emily that she wanted to leave with Lucky and Liz. Emily tells him she wants to do what she needs to get Nikolas back. Connor tells her it’s all because she wants to be with him and that’s why she asked him for help. Connor says she owes him. Emily offers him money. Connor says he has never been with a rich woman before, and since Nikolas had been with Mary, it’s only fair. He then grabs Emily and kisses her forcefully.

Jordan and Carly finish decorating Sonny’s house. Jordan tells Carly that Sonny is full of qualities that are good for an employer/friend, but not a romantic interest. Brooke, Kristina and Ric show up and Brooke takes Kristina on a tour. Carly asks Ric if Alexis knows Kristina is there.

Sam arrives at the Penthouse, where Bridget’s Grandmother is waiting in the hallway for her.

Courtney tells Jason that she told the Judge the baby should be with them, but needed to be honest about his work.
Lucky and Liz share a romantic kiss, which is interrupted by Skye, who informs them that Luke has found Helena.

Connor pushes Emily to the floor, still kissing her. Emily kicks her legs, grabs a champagne bottle and hits him with it, she runs down to the basement and locks the door. Connor begins pounding on it.

Courtney arrives back at her loft where Bridget is playing with a mobile she bought for Hope. Bridget asks Courtney when she can bring her baby home. She is looking around trying to find a place to hang the mobile. Courtney tells her that she assumed Bridget would take hope to an unwed mother’s shelter, and if she plans on staying there, then maybe she should leave the baby with Jason and Sam. Bridget tells Courtney it would be a good thing because it can help her replace the baby she lost.

Connor tells Emily that it’s safe to come out, if Helena comes she’ll never believe he’s Nikolas and she’ll kill them both. He tells her he needs her and begs her to open the door. Emily grabs a knife and heads up the stairs. Connor breaks through the outside entrance, and a startled Emily falls down the stairs. She is okay, but dazed.

Carly, Jordan, Brooke and Kristina are standing in the hallway when the lights go out. Carly tells everyone to be quiet.

Sam wonders why Bridget’s Grandmother is there now and why Bridget was living on the street when they first met her. She tells Sam that she tried to have Bridget live with her, but Bridget was too wild, and social services took her away, but she wants to raise Hope. Sam tells her that the best thing for the baby is to leave her there. Courtney tells Bridget that her plan is not realistic, she never planned for Hope to live there.

Liz and Lucky make their move to the Safehouse, unaware that they are being watched. In the safehouse Connor slaps Emily across the face twice and pushes her to the floor while Emily screams.

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