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Connor sits alone in the basement, lost in thought. Emily comes down and asks if he’s there and what he’s doing there.

Carly goes to Jason’s. Sam gets the door and informs Carly that Jason is not there right now. Carly tells Sam that she can wait and maybe they need to talk. She acknowledges to Sam that she cares a lot about Jason but realizes Sam is not going anywhere. So she concludes that they need to know how to deal with each other.

On his vacation, Sonny wants to go for a swim with Jordan. But she tells him that she has some business to attend to and informs him that he can now make his new home Christina’s home. She informs him that since Alexis and Ric have separated, he might have a good shot at getting full custody of Christina. She explains that a major reason why Alexis had the right to joint custody was because she was able to prove that she could provide a stable home for her daughter. But now that has ended and very possibly Sonny will have custodial power that he did not have before.

Noticing strange behavior from Connor, Emily asks him if he took Nikolas’ letter from her purse. She asks if he read her letter. He tells her he was in the basement all day and even if he’d been upstairs he would not go through her purse without asking. At that moment, Lucky and Elizabeth enter and inform them that there is promising news about Nikolas getting acquitted and for them to both get on with their lives.

Carly tells Sam that she has heard that Sam and Jason are getting married. She says aside from her opinion, she realizes it’s Jason’s choice. She does tell Sam that it is difficult for her to give Sam the benefit of the doubt. Sam tells Carly that it’s none of her business but she knows that Jason loves her. Carly acknowledges that he probably does. Carly tells Sam that a more important subject is Bridget. Sam tells Carly that she believes that Courtney encouraged Bridget to take the baby from her and Jason in order to break them up. Carly says she believes no such thing. She says she knows it was Bridget’s own decision to take her baby back. But she believes that Courtney is the right woman for Jason, not Sam.

Jason informs Courtney that he plans to get Jordan Baines to represent him in the custody battle and believes Jordan is his best shot for helping him win. Courtney reminds him that his track record and history might not look to good to a court. But he reminds her that Bridget has been in and out of foster homes for a long time and has no better of a history. And realizing that a court battle will not be fun, he asks Courtney if she can try one more time to convince Bridget to give up the fight and not take her baby back.

Sonny asks Jordan how she feels about his plans to divorce Carly. She says to a court, it would not matter, now that Alexis and Ric have filed for divorce. But he tells her he’s asking her what her personal feelings are about that. She tells him that she is there strictly on business. But he seems to want to have more than an attorney/client relationship with her. She implies that he probably only wants to have a “fling” with her. And she walks off, telling him he may call her when he’s decided what he wants to do about the custody situation.

At Emily and Connor’s new place, Lucky and Connor go to move some furniture. Elizabeth asks Emily what has gone on and notices that Connor has been acting a little weird. Emily asks Elizabeth if she thinks it looks as though she’s given Connor the “wrong message”. Connor tells Lucky that he might be building up Emily’s hopes for nothing. He tells Lucky that they are all supposedly helping Emily. But she wants reality. Emily tells Elizabeth that everything is so “upside down” with all of this, in that Connor has Nikolas’ face and physical appearance. Yet she realizes that he is a total stranger, regardless. Lucky tells the others that he and Elizabeth want to go and get some food. Emily goes with them and tells Connor that they “need a break”. He seems to feel abandoned, knowing she is going off with her friends and probably talking about him behind his back and not asking him to join her

Steven Webber goes to see Carly and asks what she is up to. She says she is helping decorate Sonny’s new house while he’s on vacation. She points out that she doesn’t want to rely on his custody attorney to do that for him and she knows that Jason has a lot going on. So she believes she should do it. He tells her that she is doing a lot for Sonny and for Jason. And she needs, instead, to do something for herself.

Lorenzo goes to talk to Bridget. He tells her that he was able to notice when he gave birth to her baby, that she had a problem holding her baby. He says he knows that it was not because she did not love her. It must have been because Bridget knew she could not care for her baby. She protests that she now has a job and is getting her life together. But he informs her that he has a child. He just found out for the first time that a young adult was his son. And he informs her that his son’s mother gave birth to him when she was no older than Bridget was. And he urges her to give up the fight and realize that Sam and Jason are more able to raise the baby than she is.

Courtney finally decides to help Jason by talking to Bridget. Before she leaves, she informs him that Sam informed her that the two of them are engaged. She does not sound happy in congratulating them but tells him that she wants what is best for him, believes he deserves to be happy, and hopes he can have that with Sam.

Sam talks to baby Hope. She tells her that she knows that she and Jason can take care of her and her birth mother has got to realize that.

Carly goes to find Jason and informs him that she had a little talk with Sam. He asks what they spoke of. She informs him that she assured Sam that Courtney has no intention of sabotaging Sam’s and Jason’s chances of getting custody of the baby, or their relationship. But she indicates to him that she asked “somebody” to intervene and talk Bridget out of taking back her baby. He asks who that would be. She replies that it was Lorenzo.

Lorenzo tells Bridget that she should find great comfort in knowing that Jason and Sam can have a lot to offer her baby and give her a good future. She seems to listen and feel comfortable talking to him. But at that moment, Courtney enters and demands to know what Lorenzo is doing in her house.

Carly urges Jason to see that Lorenzo is not against him and wants to help him and Sam get custody of the baby. She explains to him that she knows that Lorenzo is personally faced, right now, with what it means to be a parent. Jason tells her that maybe Lorenzo’s major interest in talking to Bridget was to “score points” with Carly. But she protests that Bridget will probably listen to Lorenzo. But he gets up and walks out and tells her that the next time she wants to “help” him, he wants her not to.

At Courtney’s, she tells Bridget that Lorenzo Alcazar is a dangerous criminal, he only cares about himself and has no concerns for her or her baby. But Bridget protests that Lorenzo has helped her to realize some things and she does not believe he’s done anything wrong. But Courtney demands Lorenzo leaves her home. When he’s gone, she tells Bridget, more calmly, that she realizes Bridget had no way of knowing what Lorenzo is all about but she must now realize that she cannot listen to anything he says or have any further contact with him.

Michael tells Sonny that he believes they need to look for another house. Sonny jokingly tells his son that finding a house is not as important as keeping their family strong. At that moment, Rick enters and asks Sonny if he has any consideration for his family. Does he want to help Rick to keep his family strong?

Emily returns home from shopping. But when she notices what Connor is doing, she again, looks uncomfortable and untrusting. She notices him lighting candles. She tells him it cannot just be a “coincidence” that he would light candles, have strawberry fragrances, and do many other things that he would only know about from reading Nikolas’ letter to her.

Courtney tells Bridget that Lorenzo Alcazar is very clever and knows how to come across as very “polished” and as though he has good manners. But she tells Bridget that Lorenzo is a monster. Bridget tells Courtney that she won’t listen to Lorenzo anymore. She will only do what she thinks is right. But Courtney is not entirely happy to hear that, knowing that means Bridget will want to keep her baby.

Sam tells Jason that she cannot let Bridget take Hope away from them. She says she’s very worried about Hope being all alone, bounced around from place to place and having no stability in her life, if she’s with Bridget. He assures her that they will get through this together. She cries and he holds her.

Carly meets with Lorenzo and asks him how his conversation with Bridget went. He tells her everything was going fine with Bridget, until Courtney walked in, told Bridget his was a despicable pig, that Bridget must never listen to him and ordered him out of her house.

Brook Lynn goes to see Christina with her nanny and asks how she’s doing. The nanny reveals that she can tell that Christina misses Rick.

Rick tells Sonny that he is concerned about Christina. Sonny reminds Rick that he is Christina’s father and that Rick simply married the wrong woman. Rick informs Sonny for the first time that Alexis did not know that he knew that Christina was Sonny’s child until long after he knew. Sonny tells Rick that it’s sick and twisted that he used Alexis only to get to Sonny’s child. Rick tells Sonny that he knows that Jordan Baines will go for sole custody for Sonny after learning that Alexis has divorced him. And he urges his brother to let Christina stay with her mother, out of common decency.

Connor finally confesses to Emily that he did read the letter but only because it fell on the floor. She tells him that he’s lying and she does not appreciate his trying to “recreate” something personal between her and Nikolas. She tells him that they have to stay together for the time being, but it will be over soon. And until it ends, they have to just stay away from each other. She goes in her room and locks the door. And he stands outside the door.

Carly tells Lorenzo that she knows she made a big mistake asking him to talk to Bridget. He tells her that he had no problem talking to Bridget. But he tells her that Courtney has a terrible attitude about him, blames him for her miscarriage. And he believes that Courtney does not want Jason and Sam to be able to succeed in adopting the baby.

Courtney tells Bridget that she realizes she has been very angry with Lorenzo Alcazar for a long time, but realizes he may have given her sound advice. Bridget tells Courtney that she has been encouraged by Courtney to stand up for herself and make her own decisions. And she has decided to keep her baby.

Jordan informs Jason that their custody hearing might be coming up soon. And if the decision does not favor him and Sam, they will have to surrender the baby right away.

Sonny tells Rick that he does not trust Alexis nor will he forgive her for keeping from him that Christina is his child. Rick protests about what a great mother Alexis is to Christina. He says if they have to separate, it will break Christina’s heart and she may never recover.

Right at that moment, Christina wanders out of Kelly’s unattended, while Brook Lynn is talking to her nanny. And the mysterious man who is breaking into Sonny’s new house notices her walking toward him.

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