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Jason consults with Jordan Baines asking her what his and Sam’s options are for keeping the baby. He informs her that although he might have some problems in proving to a court that he’s fit to adopt a baby, due to his “job”, his ex-wife is in charge of a foundation to help children. Jordan asks Jason if his marriage to Courtney is really over. Jason tells her that they are divorced and have no plans to get back together. But he believes that Courtney is his friend and would want to help him. Jordan says that possibly the Courtney Matthews Foundation would be Jason’s and Sam’s best bet if they go to trial in a custody battle.

Sam informs Courtney that she and Jason are getting married and it is not due to any “obligations” involving the baby that they have made this decision. Courtney tells Sam she knows what he is up to involving Jason and the baby. Courtney reveals to Sam that she either does not believe, or does not want to believe that Sam and Jason have a future together. Sam tells Courtney that she has no intent to hurt anybody or be “in competition” with Courtney for Jason. But she wants Courtney to accept that she and Jason have a future together.

When Connor and Emily have an argument over his falsely believing she wants to sleep with him, she goes to her room and slams the door and he breaks a glass. She comes out and yells at him, telling him he is way out of control. He asks her to let it go. But she tells him she’s very concerned about his behavior.

Carly reveals to Steven Webber that she is not ready to have a serious relationship with him at this time. He can tell that there is somebody else in her life and on her mind. Carly admits to Steven that she’s had a history of getting mixed up with the wrong guys but she is now “in transition”. He tells her that he knows about the mistakes she’s made to be with Sonny, with Jason, and with Lorenzo. And he sounds confident in believing that she must not want to go back to Lorenzo Alcazar again. She does not argue with that but doesn’t agree with it either.

Emily tells Connor that she realizes that he’s been through a lot; first with the death of his wife, then with having to relive it and now with the big responsibility of helping Nikolas. Hearing that, he reveals for the first time that he may not have any real interest in helping her or Nikolas. And he tells her, sounding very uncaring, that Nikolas might be locked up forever and might get killed in prison. Still unaware of Connor’s ulterior motive, she tells him that she will not lose hope that Nikolas will be freed and back with her. But even if that does not happen, she would never replace him with Connor. She talks freely to Connor that Nikolas is the man she loves and they have the perfect chemistry and Connor needs to get this idea out of his head that she’d ever consider him. He sounds calmer and apologizes to her for having a misconception.

Brook Lynn informs Dillon and Georgie that she has been accepted to a high profile music school but she might give it all up for Diego. Georgie tells her that she must never throw away her future for a guy like that. Brook Lynn protests to Georgie that she too has sacrificed a lot for Dillon. When Georgie is alone with Dillon, she tells him that she believes Brook Lynn is making a serious mistake to not get back with Lucas who is a good person, and she must get over Diego who is a loser. Dillon makes no comment on Brook Lynn’s choice of a boyfriend but says he agrees that she should not throw away her opportunity to go to music school for any reason. Together they come up with a plan.

Courtney tells Sam that she must be using sex to get what she wants with Jason, just like she's done in the past with Jax and with Sonny. And she tells Sam that there is now an innocent child involved and there is no way she’s going to let Sam trap Jason into some marriage of “convenience”. Jason appears at Courtney’s and tells Sam they are leaving. Courtney tries to apologize to him for her argument with Sam but tells him that she’s concerned about what he could be getting himself into. He tells her that they are not going to let anybody take their baby away from them and she is wrong to be even considering working against them. And it sounds like he’s also angry at Courtney for confronting Sam about her relationship with him.

Georgie has an “idea” to help Brook Lynn get accepted into the music school. She puts on a wig that looks like Brook Lynn and she and Dillon have an interview with a man who would make that decision. He tells her that he’d like to hear her sing. At that moment, Dillon and Georgie know that their “plan” has failed. The interviewer keeps asking Georgie (whom he believes is Brook Lynn) to sing. Dillon does not know what to do. He privately tells Georgie that he will not let her sing. He then comes up with a story that “Brook Lynn” has a strep infection and might ruin her vocal chords if she sings right now. The man leaves, saying that he will arrange for Brook Lynn to sing after she gets better. But he informs them that he won’t be there at that time. He tells them he will put her on the early admissions list and leaves. At that point, they are both really happy that they have helped Brook Lynn get admitted into the music school.

Brook Lynn arranges a private meeting with Lorenzo Alcazar. She tells him that he must not give up on his son. He tells her he’s done all he can and has no choice but to accept that his son does not want him. But she encourages him to go back to Mexico or do whatever he needs to do in order to bond with his son. He reveals to her that he really is not that invested in his son nor should she have the feelings she has for Diego.

Skye goes to the house where Emily is staying with Connor and asks Connor to get her something to drink so that she can talk privately with Emily. Sensing that something is not right, Skye asks Emily if she is ok. Emily tells Skye she cannot thank her and Luke and Dillon enough for all they’ve done for her and Nikolas. Skye tells Emily that everything is ok with helping her. But she tells Emily that she can sense that she does not feel safe around Connor. Emily tells Skye that if she’s forced to choose between being stuck with Helena or being stuck with Connor, she would choose Connor any time. But Skye tells her that does not sound very encouraging and asks Emily again if she feels uncomfortable with Connor's behaviors. Emily rationalizes that she knows Connor has been through a lot recently with losing his wife and then with helping them. But Skye can sense that Emily might be in danger.

Brook Lynn keeps trying to convince Lorenzo that Diego has a lot of potential. She talks about how when she first met him she had negative vibes, but later saw how awesome and loving he was. But he tells her that he believes she should not trust Diego or want to have any commitments with him. He tells her he believes she should forget Diego and find somebody else just like her mother should get over him. But Brook Lynn firmly tells Lorenzo that she will not give up on Diego and leaves.

Sam tells Jason that she could clearly see that Courtney is still in love with him and will not accept them as a couple. She also says she believes they should not involve Courtney in their custody battle nor count on her for help. But he tells her that they need Courtney’s help if they want to keep the baby.

Courtney goes to Carly’s and tells her that she knows that she is against Bridget taking the baby back, but she’s very upset about Jason and Sam’s plans to get married. Carly tells Courtney that she must not believe that Sam and Jason have any future together and Sam is only saying that they do because she’s afraid that Jason will leave her if there is no baby for the two of them to raise together. But Courtney reveals to Carly that she is afraid that Jason and Sam are together for real and are in love. Carly cannot argue with Courtney’s concern about believing Jason is doing the wrong thing to hook up with Sam. When Courtney leaves Carly’s apartment, Carly gets on the phone, calls Lorenzo and tells him she needs to see him.

Carly goes to meet Lorenzo and tells him she needs a favor from him. She informs him that Jason and Sam want to adopt the baby he delivered at Kelly’s but Bridget has reconsidered giving her to them and wants her baby back. He tells Carly that he could see that Bridget barely looked at the baby after giving birth. They seem to agree that Bridget is not fit to raise the baby. And she reveals to Lorenzo that maybe he can get through to Bridget in a way that Jason might not be able to do. She makes some “inference” about Lorenzo having potential to be a good father. Lorenzo wonders what Carly’s “scheme” is and concludes that she’s asking him to “help” Jason.

Jason tells Sam that they might have a serious struggle in getting the court to award them custody of the baby. And he urges her to realize that their only prayer for keeping her is to persuade Bridget to realize that she cannot keep the baby and cannot care for her. And although Sam says that they cannot count on Courtney, he tells her that Bridget will listen to Courtney whereas she will not listen to them.

Brook Lynn tells Dillon and Georgie that she has no plans to go to this music school. She wants to go to Mexico and be with Diego.

Nikolas writes a letter to Emily from prison, talking about all of their memories and how he is in love with her.

After Skye leaves after talking to Emily, Connor comes out of hiding and sounds like he’s having a real attitude about Emily's lack of interest in him.

Alone in the living room, while Emily is sleeping in the bedroom, Connor has a fantasy about having a romantic encounter with her where she asks him to make love to her.

Sam tells Jason that she realizes that maybe Courtney will be willing and able to help them and she might be their best hope, but she’s not really sure that she trusts Courtney. He tells her he realizes she is scared about losing the baby. But he tells her the best way to fight for her is to stay calm and don’t worry. She agrees to do it “his way”. He calls Courtney and asks to see her.

Lorenzo asks Carly why, after Jason tried to kill him twice, would she ask him to help Jason get custody of a child? He also reminds her that he already has a child woom he’s failed. And he wonders why she’d do anything to help Sam McCall remembering how much Carly's always hated Sam. Carly says she realizes that but she wants what’s best for Jason and knows Bridget cannot raise the baby.

Skye goes to the hospital and reveals to Monica and Alan that Emily is not really pregnant and Helena is actually alive. She also informs them that Luke has administered a plan to help Nikolas get out of prison and keep Emily safe from Helena. Hearing that, Monica tells Skye that she would not trust Luke Spencer to protect her daughter when Emily’s life might be in danger.

When Emily is asleep in her bed, Connor walks into her room.

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