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Lucky finds a place for Emily and Elizabeth to stay where he believes they are safe. But, right when they rush inside, Connor startles them. They inform him that their plans fell through and Helena knows that he is not Nikolas and she knows the real Nikolas is in prison.

Bridget tells Courtney that she once thought she would be unable to take care of her baby. But she believes differently now. Courtney tells Bridget that she is not ready and has not thought it out. But Bridget tells Courtney that she’s been able to prove that she can be a mom to her baby. She says she wants the baby back and she has Courtney to thank for that.

Jason asks Sam if she wants to marry him. She says she assumes the only reason he’d consider marrying her would be because of the baby. But he tells it’s for reasons that have nothing to do with that and asks her if she wants to marry him. He tells her that when she moved out, it made him realize how important she was to him. He tells her that she really helped him understand so much about himself. She opened up to him and trusted him and proved that he could trust her. She admits that she was feeling all of those things also. He tells her that she is the person he wants to be with. He tells her that he wants her to stay forever.

In Kelly’s, Jax goes to see Christina. Ned appears and Jax says that he’s going to take Christina to the history museum. He informs Ned that he is kind of like Christina’s godfather. Ned reminds Jax that he believed for all intents and purposes that he was her father for 2 years. And sometimes people never stop believing that a child is theirs’.

At the restaurant and bar, Lorenzo kisses Carly. But she pulls away telling him that they are no longer together and they will not be in the future. But he inquires why. He says it’s obvious that she still cares about him. He reminds her that she deliberately tampered with police evidence in order to clear him of the charge of murdering Mary Bishop. And that must mean something. But she tells him that she cannot go through what she went through with him, again. She tells him that if he thinks they have a chance together, he’s wrong.

Lucky tells Connor that he needs Connor’s gun. But Connor tells Lucky that he needs it. Connor inquires if Lucky does not trust him with the gun and says he needs to protect himself from Helena. When Emily is alone with Elizabeth, Elizabeth asks her if she will be ok alone with Connor. Emily says she will be fine. But Elizabeth tells Emily that there is something not predictable about that guy and urges her to be careful. Lucky and Elizabeth leave and Emily is alone with Connor.

Jason tells Sam that he loves her. She admits that that overwhelms her and that she could never imagine him saying that to her. He admits to her that maybe love is not always enough. He has other commitments and that his work is not going to change. And he tells her that she has to seriously think about the risk and realize that maybe she won’t be able to live with it. She informs him that she’s lived much of her life in danger and fearing she will be hurt. She says that that makes the time she has with somebody more precious. And she says she would never change who he is. She says she’s been through a lot in her life. But the one thing she has never experienced is falling in love and having that returned.

Courtney tells Bridget that people many times mistakenly believe that when they love somebody with all their hearts, that everything will work out. But in real life, it doesn’t happen. She says that real life is rent checks and noisy neighbors and having to stay home because you cannot afford a babysitter. She urges Bridget to consider tending to her own life before having the baby with her. Bridget says she can handle her own life and take care of the baby and asks Courtney if she can terminate Sam’s and Jason’s adoption of her baby. Courtney tells her she can but admits that she does not believe that it would be in their best interest to do that.

Lorenzo tells Carly that he has accepted losing her but never stopped having his feelings for her. And now he knows that she returns his feelings. He tells her that she is the one he loves. At that moment, Brook Lynn enters and hears their conversation.

Connor tells Emily that she can take the bed and he has no problem sleeping on the couch. It’s much better than his sleeping accommodations in Iraq. She offers him some water. She tells him that he has a real talent for impersonation. But at that moment, she accidentally spills the water on him. He doesn’t have a problem with that and takes off his shirt. She stares at his tattoos and says it’s uncanny how much he looks like Nikolas. He tells her that that is the whole idea, right?

In the hospital, Elizabeth tells Lucky that she will be so happy when this whole thing is over. He tells her so will he and offers to take her home when her shift is over. It sounds like he wants to spend more time with her.

After witnessing Lorenzo declaring his love for Carly, Brook Lynn does not know what to do when she notices her mother entering the place where she will run into him. Lois admits that she has had some real suspicions about Lorenzo. Brook Lynn informs her mother about what she’s heard. And she apologizes to her mother about being so hard on her for her involvement with Lorenzo. Lois tells her daughter she must never apologize for telling the truth.

Lois approaches Lorenzo. She tells him she will make this brief. She asks him to look her in the eye and tell her that he is not going back to Carly, remembering he’d told her that he would not, not long before.

Jax tells Christina all about the fun time they will have together. At that moment, Bridget enters. He informs her that he’s looking for Courtney. Bridget informs him that Courtney must be running late because she’s handling her paper work. And she announces to Jax that she’s decided to take her baby back.

Sam tells Jason that as long as she has his love and they have a lifetime to spend together, that is all that matters. They kiss. Then there is a knock on the door. It’s Courtney. She tells Jason that this is important. He asks her what happened. She asks to come in and tells them she is so sorry to have to tell them. Bridget has changed her mind and is ready to take her baby back. Courtney informs them that she’s tried to warn them that Bridget legally has up to a year to change her mind. Sam asks why Bridget would make that decision. Jason asks Courtney if she’s there to take the baby right now. Courtney says not yet. She just wanted to give them fair warning. But she admits that she has doubts about Bridget being able to take care of Hope. She tells them that she did her best to talk Bridget out of it. When Courtney leaves, Sam tells Jason she realized Courtney informed them that they might have to give Hope back to Bridget. But she asks what kind of a life would that little girl have with Bridget being so incapable of taking care of her? She tells Jason they must fight for the baby. He tells her they will.

Lorenzo tells Lois about all the good things she’s done for him and how he’s valued being with her. But she tells him it must not matter to him when he still wants to get back with Carly. He tells her what Carly meant to him. She gets up to leave and tells him this is for good. She will never come back to him again.

Connor and Emily try to assemble or repair a chair. She asks what he plans to do with the tattoos he got in order to look like Nikolas. He talks about all the adjustments and life-style changes he must make in order to look and seem like Nikolas. He says he almost feels as though he is Nikolas. But she reminds him that she knows that he is not. He walks away, sounding insulted. She apologizes. He tells her she’s only stating a fact. But she says he’s done so much to help her and Nikolas and she believes it’s time she returns the favor. He asks her just what she has in mind.

Lois enters Kelly’s. Jax can tell that she is upset about something. Ned notices her. She asks what brought him there. He tells her a “little birdy” told him she might need some company. She tells him there’s nothing he can do. She made a huge fool of herself with Lorenzo and hopes to God she will never make a mistake like that again. He tells her that she could never make a fool of herself. He says although he admits he doesn’t much care for Lorenzo Alcazar, he admires her for reaching out and caring about him.

Courtney informs Jax that in her “effort” to motivate Bridget to realize she cannot raise her baby, she wound up doing just the opposite. Bridget now says Courtney is what encouraged her to believe she could take care of her baby. Courtney tells Jax that she’s very worried for Jason and Sam and the heartbreak they’ve just been through with losing the baby, so recently. And she’s very worried what this will do to them as well as her concerns about Bridget.

Jason tells Sam that he has extensive evidence to prove to any court that Bridget is unfit to raise a baby. She says she realizes he has so much going on but also realizes they both need to do something to prevent Bridget from taking back her baby, in the best interest of the baby.

Emily gives Connor some cookies. He gets chocolate all over his face. She laughs and is ready to wipe it off. But he pulls away knowing that she is only fantasizing about the man she loves, knowing he is not him. He implies to her that she must have purposely thrown water on him to get him to take his shirt off and she looked like she wanted to kiss him. She angrily tells him that she is not attracted to him. She has no romantic interest him. She’s married to Nikolas and plans to keep her distance from him. She storms away.

Elizabeth is going out of the hospital with her baby and is surprised to see Lucky there. He tells her he remembers the kiss they shared and he wants to take her home. He tells her he’s missed her. She admits to him that she’s missed him.

Ned tells Lois that she always sees the best in people. And it’s Lorenzo Alcazar’s loss and not hers. He tells her he cares about her and always will. She says “right back at you” and thanks him for not saying I told you so. He tells her that he remembers when they first fell in love. And with all the mistakes he made, she always forgave him. And even when their marriage failed, they never became bitter or cynical and he hopes they never will. She smiles at him.

When Carly is trying to get into her apartment. Steven appears and notices she’s having problems unlocking her door. He opens it for her and remarks that he can tell she must have had a bad day. She tells him she knows she’s made mistakes but is not about to face or repeat any more “looming disaster” again. He asks her specifically what she is talking about. She doesn’t discuss it. But he tells her that she has saved his career today and he owes her. He asks if she’d like to go out for dinner and dancing. And she agrees to dinner and romance with him.

Jason talks to Jordan Banes about Bridget’s history of emotional problems and the police. But Jordan tells him she cannot do anything about the fact that Bridget has up to a year in order to change her mind and take her baby away from adoptive parents. She does however, tell Jason that she will try to establish Bridget’s problems and hopefully get the court to prevent her from having the baby living with her.

Sam goes to Courtney’s home and tells Courtney it’s not going to work. Courtney asks Sam what she’s talking about. Sam says she believes it was Courtney who convinced Bridget to take the baby away from Sam and Jason, and in turn break them up. And she tells Courtney she is “onto” her plan to keep her away from Jason. Sam informs Courtney that she and Jason are going to get married.

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