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General Hospital Update Friday 1/14/05



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JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam calls for Jason's help...he comes running downstairs, only to find that Sam has only burned their dinner.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: A cloaked figure is out on the Quartermaine patio...Helena, holding a gun, sneaks up behind the figure (believing her to be Emily). She is surprised to find that Skye is the one on the patio instead. Luke comes up from behind Helena and starts to strangle her. Skye pleads with Luke to stop.

JAKE'S: Coleman leads a blindfolded Emily into his bar and ties her to a chair. Emily begs him not to hurt her, telling him that she is pregnant. Coleman warns her that as long as she stays that way, she won't get hurt.

METRO COURT: Mac comes into the bar area and arrests Lorenzo and Steven -- Lorenzo for murdering Mary Bishop and Steven for trying to cover it up. Carly hurries over to the group and tries to convince Mac that Lorenzo and Steven are being set-up. Mac doesn't buy it and decides to take Lorenzo and Steven to the station anyway.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: At Skye's urging, Luke finally releases Helena. Skye says that they are going to take Helena to the police station to prove that she's alive (that Nikolas did not kill her after all). Suddenly, Helena gets a call on her cell phone (which Skye answers instead). It's Coleman, who tells Skye that he has Emily. Helena hollars to Coleman to kill Emily if she (Helena) has not arrived within ten minutes. After hanging up the phone, Skye turns to Luke and reminds him that if they don't let Helena go, Emily will be killed. Luke finally releases Helena, who warns them not to follow her. Helena leaves. As soon as she is gone, Alan and Monica come outside just in time to hear Skye referring to Emily's pregnancy. They are stunned at the news (obviously).

THE POLICE STATION: Once Steven and Lorenzo arrive at the station, Ric confronts them with a DNA test proving that Lorenzo was the one who killed Mary -- the test has Steven's signature, however it was never reported. Lorenzo says that the results are false, that he couldn't have killed Mary as he was out of the country on the night she was murdered. Steven agrees that the results are false and points out that his signature has been forged.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Apparently, Sam's attempt at making home cooked chicken has backfired (literally). She explains that she is trying to repay Jason for all of his kindness towards her -- she wants him to realize that she cares about him.

KELLY'S: Courtney is standing outside of Kelly's with Bridget -- who is going to ask Mike if he'll hire her to be a waitress. Bridget is nervous but Courtney tries to reassure her. They go inside and Mike immediately agrees to hire Bridget (who he remembers from giving birth in the diner on Christmas). Alexis arrives with Kristina -- Mike is happy to see his grand-daughter and he takes the opportunity to try to convince Alexis that Kristina might like spending more time with Sonny.

GREYSTONE: Jordan is working on decorating the estate -- she doesn't realize that she is being watched on monitors set up by the mysterious figure from earlier episodes.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric orders that a second DNA test be run and Mac takes Lorenzo away for questioning. Carly comes in and Steven fills her in on what's going on. Carly hugs him...she looks worried.

METRO COURT: Lois and Jax meet up and sit down at a table in the hotel restaurant. Lois is angry with Lorenzo, but Jax points out that she is actually in love with him.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam discuss their happiness -- Jason urges Sam not to dwell on the possibility of losing Hope, and to just live in the moment with him.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Skye and Luke join Alan, Monica and Dillon inside the house. Emily's parents are upset that Em is pregnant and told Skye and Luke before telling the rest of the family. Skye lies and says that Emily probably got scared of making the announcement and is off somewhere gathering her thoughts. Alan and Monica leave and Luke sends Dillon to go after them. Skye is upset that the plan didn't work. Elizabeth and Lucky arrive and Lucky informs Luke and Skye about Emily's kidnapping.

JAKE'S: Emily -- still in a blindfold and tied to the chair -- begs Coleman to let her go, promising that her parents will give him more money than Helena is paying him. Coleman wants her to shut up, or else he'll gag her. Just then, Helena arrives.

KELLY'S: Bridget is quite taken by little Kristina, which Courtney notices. Court explains the story about how Kristina was revealed to be Sonny's daughter. Courtney says that while she doesn't agree with how Alexis kept the secret of Kristina's paternity from everyone, she admires Alexis for fighting for her daughter.

Meanwhile, Alexis is talking on her cell phone when Ric arrives and scoops Kristina up into his arms. Alexis and Ric seem awkward around one another.

METRO COURT: Lois, still talking to Jax, compares her situation with Lorenzo to Brenda's situation with Sonny -- she thinks that a dangerous man like Lorenzo is no good for her. She wants Jax to try to convince her of that. Jax says that he is having a similar he can't seem to give up on Courtney.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly (in disguise in a blond wig) sneaks into one of the labs at the hospital and starts looking around. There's another doctor in the lab -- Carly tries to act as if she belongs there. Suddenly, Bobbie shows up. Carly quickly hides her face before her mom can see her.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Luke and Skye quiz Elizabeth on details about Emily's kidnapper. Unfortunately, the kidnapper was wearing a mask so all Elizabeth knows is that it was a man. Skye thinks that as long as Helena believes Emily is pregnant, she won't dare hurt her.

JAKE'S: Helena, seated at a table a few feet away from Emily (still tied up and blindfolded) tells Em that she doesn't believe that Em's actually pregnant. No, instead Helena thinks that Luke lied about the pregnancy in order to draw her out of hiding. Emily swears that she would never let Luke use her unborn child in one of his plans to get Helena. Helena still doesn't buy it...and now she says there is nothing that will stop her from killing Emily. She points a gun at Em, who is starting to look scared.

THE POLICE STATION: Lorenzo and Steven are sitting next to one another at the station, in handcuffs. They agree that John Durant is obviously the one who has set them up, in an effort to keep them both away from Carly.

METRO COURT: Jax admits that while Courtney is not involved in anything dangerous or illegal (as Lorenzo is) she can't stop doing things like taking in troubled teens -- Courtney is attracted to chaos and people who are damaged...Jax says that while he loves Courtney, Court has never been able to admit that she loves him. Jax does think that Courtney would like to love him. Lois urges Jax to hang in there, as Courtney is a smart young woman who will figure out on her own that she should be with him. With this parting advice, Lois leaves the restaurant.

THE HOSPITAL: As Carly hides from Bobbie, she overhears the other lab doctor telling Bobbie that he is working on the results for a DNA test the police are after. Bobbie and the doctor leave, and as soon as they are gone, Carly rushes over to the table where the doctor was working and goes through the paperwork there.

JAKE'S: Helena definitely does not believe that Emily is pregnant -- though Emily tries to convince her otherwise. Helena points a gun at Em and prepares to shoot...however she is stopped by Coleman, who notes that dead Quartermaines would be bad business for Jake's. At hearing the name of the bar, Emily realizes where she is and that her kidnapper is Coleman. Helena snaps at Coleman for giving away his identity. Realizing that he will now be implicated as an accomplice in Emily's kidnapping, Coleman tells Helena to shoot Em.

KELLY'S: Bridget (now in her new occupation as Kelly's waitress) talks to Kristina as Alexis and Ric sit at a table nearby. Ric, noting that right now they are supposed to be on a ski trip together, also points out that their current situation is "stupid" -- but before he can continue, he gets a call on his pager alerting him that the DNA test results are in. Ric leaves (after saying goodbye to Kristina). Alexis makes small-talk with Bridget while picking Kristina one sees a mysterious, blond man watching them from the window. [Note: I believe this is the same man who is working for the person monitoring Greystone.]

THE POLICE STATION: Ric shows up at the station with the DNA results -- where Carly, Steven and Lorenzo are waiting. He tells them that the DNA results prove that it wasn't Lorenzo who killed Mary. Carly is smug. Ric tells them that they are free to go.

THE DOCKS: Dillon meets up with Georgie on the docks and delivers the bad news that the plan to trick Helena fell through. He laments the fact that this adventure isn't like the one in James Bond movies and that Luke isn't telling him what went wrong -- all Luke wants him to do is lie to the Quartermaines some more. Dillon wonders if he should go to the cops. Georgie reminds Dillon that he is probably just feeling too guilty to think straight...she adds that he should probably just wait and take a time out -- and that she'll wait along with him.

JAKE'S: Helena is preparing to shoot Emily when Coleman stops her -- saying he would still rather that Emily be killed somewhere else. Helena agrees and goes to get the car while Coleman says that he'll get her ready to be transported. Once Helena's gone, Emily struggles through the rope around her wrists and finally gets free. Coleman applauds her and Em realizes that he had made it loose on purpose to help her escape. He admits that he never wanted to kill her -- he hands her a gun and tells her to hit him in the head so that it looks like she escaped on her own. Emily hits him.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam have ordered Chinese food, which they are eating in the living room of the penthouse. Sam is still trying to come up with ways she can repay Jason's kindness...she tells him that if he ever needs backup on one of his jobs, she's excellent with a handgun. Though she tells him that she was only kidding, Jason asks her to please remember that she has to stay out of his business. Sam assures him that she has no problems with saying out of it -- as she talks, Jason seems surprised to hear her say that she's not scared of his work being off-limits. He interrupts and says that there actually is something that she can do for him.

KELLY'S: Alexis and Kristina walk outside Kelly's -- it has started to snow. Mike joins them outside and Alexis talks to Mike about their discussion on family earlier. She thanks him for being understanding. As they talk, Kristina wanders a few feet away (where the mysterious henchman is watching from the bushes). Alexis goes after Kristina and picks her up, warning her not to walk away again.

METRO COURT: Carly arrives in the restaurant and asks a waitress for her gloves, which she says she left there earlier. The waitress says that Carly will have to ask the manager. Suddenly Lorenzo shows up -- holding, of course, Carly's gloves. He thanks her for her help (referring to the DNA test results she switched) and Carly pretends not to know what he means. Lorenzo agrees to play along with her and notes that all he wanted was proof. With that said, he kisses Carly...and she kisses him back.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Emily shows up at the mansion and Luke, Skye, Lucky and Elizabeth are thrilled to see her. She fills them in on what happened. Luke orders Lucky and Elizabeth to take Emily to the house where they are keeping Connor. Emily thanks them all for their help -- then they leave. Skye turns to Luke and offers to go with him to find Helena, but Luke (loading a gun) tells her that Helena is something he has to deal with on his own.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney and Bridget have arrived...Bridget is excited after her first day of work. She thanks Courtney for helping her these past few days, and -- she adds -- especially for telling her the story about Alexis fighting for Kristina. Courtney asks Bridget what she means by that and Bridget tells her that she has made the decision to get her own baby back from Sam.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam have finished eating dinner...Sam gets up and Jason follows her...then he takes her hand in his. As Sam stares at him in surprise, Jason asks her to marry him.

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