GH Update Thursday 1/13/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/13/05



By Ali
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THE HOSPITAL: Elizabeth and Lucky are working to assure a skittish Emily of their plan to fake her pregnancy in order to lure Helena out of hiding (and to keep Helena from killing Emily). Emily seems hesitant.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Luke shows up at the mansion, surprising Tracy. She is also surprised to see Dillon and Skye. They believe that she knows that Helena is alive -- and has in fact, known about Helena's circumstances all along.

SONNY'S ISLAND: Michael has been collecting sea shells. Sonny asks why and Michael tells him that he is hoping Carly will show up. Suddenly there's a sound at the door -- Michael runs to check and is disappointed to see Jodan instead.

LORENZO'S APARTMENT: Lois is outraged to have overheard (from Carly and Lorenzo talking) that Lorenzo killed Mary Bishop. Carly apologizes to Lorenzo for speaking when she didn't realize that he wasn't alone. Lois yells at Lorenzo for lying to her about Mary.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily tracks down Alan and Monica and tells them that she has something important she needs to tell the family at the mansion. Alan and Monica agree to be there. Once they are gone, Lucky assures Emily again about their plan.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Luke, Skye and Dillon accuse Tracy of being Helena's accomplice this whole time. Tracy denies it, but no one buys her story. As the evidence against her mounts, Tracy caves and admits she has been in communication with Helena over her cell phone (she hasn't seen Helena in person, yet). Luke tells her that they plan to lure Helena out of hiding.

LORENZO'S APARTMENT: Carly beats a hasty retreat and Lois is left alone with Lorenzo. Lois is furious, and hurt. She demands to know who else Lorenzo will be killing to keep his part in Mary's murder a secret -- would he kill her as well?

GREYSTONE: Max (one of Sonny's bodyguards) and Stan (who frequently helps Sonny and Jason with the technological aspects of their organization) go through the estate, making sure that it is safe. Neither of them see a shadowy figure lurking around outside the window.

SONNY'S ISLAND: Michael is annoyed at Jordan's arrival -- Sonny sends him out of the house, and Michael complies. Once alone, Jordan tells Sonny that she has come to ask his opinion on colors and designs for the decor/furniture at Greystone. As Sonny looks at the boards she has set up, he is impressed and she admits that she didn't come up with the colors herself. Sonny realizes that Carly helped her. Jordan tells him that she ran into Carly at Greystone. Sonny asks Jordan to stay with him on the island, noting that by the time she gets back to Port Charles after a stay on the island she will have a better idea of what pleases him.

GREYSTONE: The mysterious figure unlocks the door at Greystone and walks inside.

LORENZO'S APARTMENT: Lorenzo and Lois are now arguing. Lorenzo reminds Lois that Mary was a murderer. Lois still wants to know who else is on Lorenzo's hit-list. Lorenzo exclaims that this is his lifestyle and he won't be changing it for anybody. He adds that if she wants to stay with him she can, and if she wants to run to the police she can. He won't be stopping her either way.

KELLY'S: Steven is talking on his cell phone to John Durant. He tells John that he will not be John's lackey in arresting Lorenzo for the murder of Mary Bishop. He then hangs up the phone angrily.

UNKNOWN LOCATION: Helena receives a call on her cell phone from Tracy. Tracy informs Helena of Emily's pregnancy -- Helena is surprised and notes that this will change her plan to murder Emily. After hanging up the phone, Helena turns to her assistant, Coleman (the bartender at Jake's) and tells him about Emily's pregnancy. Coleman balks at the suggestion that he might have to kill a woman who is now carrying a baby. Helena tells him about her new strategy -- she will take care of Emily's abduction herself, while he gets a plane ready to leave for Greece. She will take Emily there and keep her alive until the birth of Nikolas' only child.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Lucky comes into the casino with another cop at his side. He calls for Elizabeth, who comes running out of the backroom. She is amused to see that the "cop" with Lucky is actually Emily in disguise.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Luke, Skye and Dillon are grilling Tracy about Helena's location. Tracy says she has no idea where Helena is. Tracy leaves and Skye turns to Luke and notes that she is not comfortable with using Emily as bait. Luke says that it's the only way, but Skye thinks she might be able to improve on the plan.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Emily is now completely certain that they should go foward with the plan, since it will get Nikolas out of prison...then one day, she and Nikolas will be able to announce a real pregnancy. She runs into the backroom to get ready. Meanwhile, Elizabeth praises Lucky on the clever disguise he gave to Emily. She laughs and says that it reminds her of the way they used to do things when they were teenagers. Lucky suddenly takes Elizabeth's face in his hands and kisses her. When they pull away they both look surprised.

SONNY'S ISLAND: Jordan doesn't feel comfortable with the prospect of staying with Sonny on the island. Sonny assures her that it will remain entirely professional. When Jordan notes that she didn't pack a bag for a vacation, Sonny smiles and says that clothes will be the least of her worries.

GREYSTONE: The mysterious figure (a young man) is still lurking around the estate.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly tracks down Steven at the hospital -- she warns him against going forward with the information he has about Lorenzo killing Mary. Steven notes that he's not the one looking to make a move -- it's her father's idea to put Lorenzo away for the crime. Carly replies that that makes sense, since she knows John wants Lorenzo out of her life. Steven asks Carly if she is worried about protecting him, or her old flame Lorenzo?

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Luke is thrilled with Skye's new plan. Skye thanks him and then turns to comfort Dillon, who is worried that the plan might backfire -- and that Helena might exact revenge by killing Tracy. He doesn't want his mom dead, no matter their differences. Luke steps in, warns Dillon not to worry about things that probably won't happen, and then sends him off to tell Lucky, Elizabeth and Emily of the change in plan. Skye says that she wants Nikolas and Emily to have a chance at the things she didn't get at their age -- like true love. Luke says he had that, and it all got shot to hell anyway. He kisses Skye.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly tells Steven that she has a feeling disaster is about to strike. She is also angry that her father continues to monitor her life. She wants to be free to date who she wants, or to date no one at all.

SONNY'S ISLAND: Sonny tells Michael that Jordan is going to be staying with them, and that she has been working on something for Sonny. Michael wonders what it's about and when Sonny tells him that he'll be happy when he gets back home, he begs his dad for a hint. Sonny refuses, and leaves the house after warning Michael not to irritate Leticia (the nanny). After Sonny leaves, the phone rings and Michael answers. It's the man at Greystone. The man pretends to be with the island security. He says he has questions for Sonny, but upon being told by Michael that Sonny's not available at the moment, tells Michael that he can ask him instead. He asks Michael how the house was when he and Sonny arrived. Michael says that it looked fine. The man at Greystone is recording their conversation into a little hand-held tape recorder.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Elizabeth asks Lucky if that kiss was something he wanted to do, or if it was just to shut her up. Lucky says that kissing her just felt natural. Emily comes in from the back room dressed in a black cloak with a hood. Dillon also comes running in -- he tells them that there has been a change in plans. He also hands Lucky a gun, saying that they'll need it. Emily looks worried.

When the scene returns, Emily and Dillon have gone to the backroom and Lucky and Elizabeth are alone in the main part of the casino. Elizabeth is worried, but says that she won't back out. She and Lucky start to talk about old times again, and Lucky brings up Elizabeth's famous brownies she used to make for them. Elizabeth notes that her son Cameron is already addicted to chocolate. Lucky says that now that he's got time off (since he's suspended from the force) he would like to spend more time with Cam. Elizabeth smiles and says that they would like that. Emily and Dillon come back in...Emily is now up to speed on the plan and ready to go through with it.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Alan and Monica have arrived for Emily's family meeting. Tracy is already there, and she's quieter than usual (as Alan notes). Alan, Monica and Tracy squabble a bit over ELQ -- Tracy wanders over to the window and sees Helena lurking outside.

THE DOCKS: Dillon meets up with Georgie and tells her that he's been very busy . He also informs her that Emily's pregnancy is being faked, but that Georgie should just play along as if Emily is actually pregnant. Georgie agrees. Dillon adds that he's worried that Luke is getting so caught up in playing adventure games, that he's lost sight of the true goals (getting Nikolas out of prison and putting Helena behind bars). Georgie reminds Dillon that Skye is in this for Emily's sake, and that Luke is all about impressing Skye. She thinks that Skye is centering Luke. Dillon agrees, and says that Georgie is a center for him as well.

SONNY'S ISLAND: Sonny is all dressed up for dinner, and the table is set. Jordan comes in, dresed in a beautiful gown and shawl. She is amazed that the clothes Sonny got her fit. Sonny has another surprise for her -- a diamond necklace. He helps her put it on.

KELLY'S: Carly asks Penny (the waitress on duty) if she has seen John. Lois comes over to Carly -- she wants to speak to her. They sit down at a table and Lois asks Carly why Carly's been running all over town trying to protect Lorenzo. Carly says that she is only trying to prevent a disaster and Lois replies that Carly might be too late.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Alan is upset that Emily hasn't arrived to make her announcement yet. Dillon comes in and tells them that he saw Emily coming up the drive a few moments earlier. Outside, a figure (in the black cloak Emily was wearing earlier) is watching the family from the window. Helena sneaks up behind the figure and tries to kidnap her. She is stunned, however, when the person pulls off the cloak -- it is Skye, not Emily! Luke runs up behind Helena and holds a gun on her.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Lucky is lying on the floor, knocked out cold...the gun is a few feet away. Emily comes running out of the backroom. She sees Lucky and freaks out. As she is trying to revive him, a masked man enters the casino and kidnaps her.

SONNY'S ISLAND: Jordan becomes flustered with Sonny's attention toward her. She takes off the necklace and returns it, saying that it will be better if she returns to Port Charles right away. She leaves, and Sonny stays behind, looking amused.

GREYSTONE: The young man is leaving the estate. He calls someone on his cell phone and tells his boss that the cameras have been set-up, and that the phone call (apparently the one to Michael earlier) has been placed. The scene flashes to a control room, where another man is watching a series of television monitors...all showing various angles of Sonny's house. The man's identity is not revealed.

METRO COURT: Lorenzo is at the bar at Metro Court when Steven shows up. Lorenzo thinks that Steven left a message asking him for a meeting; Steven thinks that Lorenzo left a message for him asking for the same thing. Lorenzo wonders if John arranged the set-up. Suddenly Mac arrives and places both men under arrest -- Lorenzo for the murder of Mary Bishop and Steven for trying to cover it up. Carly, who has also just arrived, looks stunned at the arrests taking place.

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