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General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/12/05



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Lucky and Emily rush into Kelly’s and inform Elizabeth that Emily is pregnant.

Carly runs into Lorenzo Alcazar. Noticing that she is carrying a lot of stuff by herself, he asks why. She says she’d normally have Michael help her but he’s away with his father. Lorenzo asks how she feels about that. She says she realizes her son needs time to bond with his father. And she suggests that he tries the same with his son. He offers to help her and she tells him he maybe he should try to be a little patient with Diego. He replies that his son asked him to get out of his life. She says that with Lorenzo’s history and all he’s gone through in his life, handling a teenage kid shouldn’t be that difficult for him. She tells Lorenzo she knows his heart has been broken many times and that he’s afraid of being betrayed and abandoned again but he should keep trying to connect with his son. He asks if that’s her expert opinion and why she’d be so concerned about his personal life.

Brook Lynn tells her mother that she’s very bummed out about Diego leaving town. Lois tells her daughter there are many other guys out there. But Brook Lynn says she does not want other guys. She wants Diego. Lois tries to encourage her daughter not to give up hope that he will call her eventually. And she suggests that in the mean time, that they do some “major damage” with her credit card.

After Sam and Jason wake up, they hold the baby. Sam sounds like she’d like him to be with her, instead of working. Because she has big plans for taking Hope many places. They both reflect upon how many needs such a tiny person would have, but conclude that it’s well worth it. And they go back to bed for a while with Hope and cuddle with each other.

After hearing that Emily is pregnant, Elizabeth gets very excited, tells Emily she must not drink any coffee nor stress herself. And she talks all about the future plans of her having a baby. But Lucky secretly sets Elizabeth straight that Emily is not really pregnant.

Luke is showing Skye some dance steps and sounds very happy. He’s very certain that their plan will work if the Quartermaines all believe that Emily is pregnant. Right when Skye inquires whether it’s the right thing to lie about her pregnancy, Emily appears and tells them she cannot go through with lying to her family about being pregnant.

Right when Sam and Jason are outside with the baby, and he tells her how awesome it is to see her so happy, they are seen by Courtney. It looks like she’s not real happy to notice her ex-husband so attached to another woman. Jason leaves and goes to work. When Sam is alone with the baby, Courtney approaches her.

Luke tells Emily that he believes she needs to realize how dangerous Helena is and that her life is in danger. And the lie that she’s pregnant could save her life. Lucky and Elizabeth enter and say they do not have a problem falsifying her pregnancy but maybe it’s not necessary if she’s not comfortable with it. But he tells them that the truth is ugly and if Emily wants their plan to work, she has no choice except to lie about being pregnant.

Lucas runs into Dillon, Georgie and Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn asks Dillon and Georgie if they have just secretly invited Lucas to join them just because they assume she’s going to get over Diego. Lucas tells them that they should not assume that he’s still interested in Brook Lynn nor that he’d be conveniently available to her as soon as Diego is no longer in the picture, and he leaves. Georgie confronts Brook Lynn about how insensitive she’s been to Lucas. Brook Lynn angrily tells Georgie that this is not about defending Lucas, it’s about her negative attitude toward Diego. She tells Georgie that she has no more right to persuade her to stay away from Diego than someone would have to tell her to stay away from Dillon.

Jax returns to Courtney’s and sees Bridget. She sounds polite and gracious telling him that she didn’t mean to cause any trouble when she ran into him dressed in Courtney’s nighty. He tells her no harm was done. She also tells him that he and Sam were really cool that night when she gave birth. She tells him that although she trusts Sam with her baby, she knows nothing about this Jason guy who lives with Sam and that Courtney just informed her that she used to be married to him. Jax assures her that Jason is cool. But she tells him she’d like to get some background information about Jason and his marriage and divorce with Courtney.

Courtney observes Sam with Hope and sounds cordial. Hearing that Sam is happy with the new baby, she’s ok. But when she hears about Sam’s relationship with Jason, it kind of troubles her. When Sam says that she believes Courtney’s life was changed around in a similarly positive way when she inherited the money, started the foundation and started seeing Jax, Courtney tries to sound optimistic but reveals that she still misses Jason, without actually saying it.

When Jason is in Sonny’s new vacant home, suddenly Lorenzo Alcazar enters. Jason asks what he wants. Lorenzo says he has to talk to Sonny about some business deals. Jason informs Lorenzo that Sonny is out of town and right away assumes that Lorenzo must be using that time that Sonny’s away in order to work on Carly.

Courtney confides in Carly that she really wants to know what is going on with Jason and Sam and that she’s very much in dismay to see that Jason and Sam must be sleeping together.

Jax informs Bridget that he has a long history with Jason, long before he married Courtney but he assures her that Jason is not unfit to take care of a baby, and she has no cause to worry about that, in spite of his “personal attitude” about Jason. Bridget tells Jax that she thinks very highly of Courtney. She’s smart, independent, has her own business, was generous enough to take Bridget in when she hardly knew her. And Bridget tells Jax that she bets Courtney has guys fighting for her. Jax agrees that Courtney is a good person and glad that Bridget thinks highly of her. But he silently reveals that he might not be very important in her life, as she is not over Jason.

Courtney keeps telling Carly how devastated she was to see how close Jason is getting to Sam. She cries. Carly tells her how sorry she is and wishes she could make Courtney feel better but Courtney must realize that she could not handle Jason’s life while they were married. At that moment, Carly gets a call on her cell phone. She tells Courtney it’s her father and she will call him back because she cares more about her than about her father. But Courtney goes out the door not wanting to wait.

Lorenzo tells Jason that he is over Carly and it’s solely up to her whether they get back together or not.

Lucky and Skye tell Luke that he’s going a little too far demanding that Emily lies about being pregnant and telling her that she could get her throat slit if she does not go along with it. Lucky tells his father that he does not believe this has anything to do with Emily. It’s all about Luke’s obsession over Helena and the Cassadines. Lucky tells his father he’s way out of line and leaves. Luke angrily tells Skye that his son is a cop, lives in a simple, programmed little world and hasn’t a clue about what’s really going on in the world. He starts drinking again and tells Skye that he’s so tied of everybody judging his behavior and telling him how to feel. At that point, Skye tells him she cannot deal with him when he’s like this, but she believes that that may be just what he wants.

Skye tells Luke that he needs to think about what would happen if Helena either dies or goes to prison for life. Then what? What would occupy his time and life when he no longer gets to chase after Helena and her family? Luke admits that the Cassadines have been the worst thing in his life and cannot imagine a life without Helena threatening him and everybody he cares about. He informs her that his son used to be his best friend. Now he believes that Lucky is a self-righteous pompous ass. He says he no longer has anything left in his life. He would like Helena dead. He says he no longer wants to keep dragging this past of his around. He says he just wants to get on with his life. And he tells Skye that is all because of her.

Courtney goes to Sonny’s old place and runs into Jason. She says she was just dropping off some paperwork Although she sounds like she’s just there in a “strictly business” capacity, she tells him that social services might have a major concern about his and Sam’s “cohabitation” while raising a baby. He asks if there are “laws” that will prevent them from having temporary custody of Bridget’s baby if they are not married. She replies no. But she implies that she’d like to know the nature of his relationship with Sam. He admits that he and Sam are “together” now. She doesn’t admit to him how upset she is but storms out as soon as she hears that and when she’s alone, she breaks down crying.

Elizabeth privately asks Emily to talk about how upsetting it is for her to talk about being pregnant. Emily reveals that just the thought of it happening when it probably can’t upsets her. And now this plan of Luke’s is just a little weird for her. Elizabeth encourages Emily to believe that regardless of that, if she goes along with Luke’s plan, then very possibly Nikolas will soon be free and they’ll be able to have all the babies they want.

Skye admits to Luke that she is head-over-heals for him. But she knows that he has this powerful history and obsession and it seems like he’ll stop at nothing to keep this alive. And he somehow wants to keep up this fight with Helena. He assures her that the past is the past and he doesn’t want to stay living in the past. He tells her that she means a lot to him. He says she’s smart and beautiful and funny and never boring. And from the moment they met, he was captivated. He says he doesn’t know what the future holds. But for the first time in so long, he might have a future that is worth looking forward to. Because if she’s there, all the rest of this will be worth it.

Bridget goes outside to find Courtney and asks if she’s ok, noticing she may not be. Courtney tries to sound upbeat and not reveal how she still feels about Jason. But she reveals to Bridget that she and Jason had a baby once, and she had an accident and lost the baby. Bridget asks Courtney if she’s jealous now that Jason is with Sam and they are raising her baby and asks if Courtney would like to go back to Jason. Courtney replies no. But Bridget asks her if she’s really certain of that. Jax overhears their conversation.

Jason returns to Sam and informs her that he ran into Courtney and she gave him the adoption papers. And he reveals to Sam that Courtney sounded like she might not be entirely over him nor ok about his relationship with Sam. But he assures Sam that she is the one he wants to be with now.

After talking to her father, Carly goes to find Lorenzo and tells him he may have some trouble. She informs him that her father told her that Steven may have some information that links Lorenzo to the murder of Mary Bishop. It sounds like she’s very concerned and wants to protect Lorenzo.

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