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Right when Emily is leaving Nikolas’ jail cell, the guard makes sexually suggestive comments to Emily. At that point, Nikolas physically attacks him. Another guard pulls Nikolas away form the one guard. Emily protests that the guard was making inappropriate comments to her and provoking her husband. But the man in charges says that her husband will be in solitary until further notice.

Helena tells Connor that she knows he is not Nikolas and is a decoy. Connor denies that he is not Nikolas. He says he is in fact Nikolas and since everybody believes she is dead, and they are alone right now, he can now kill her and nobody will ever know. He says he should kill her and that way Connor can rot in prison and he can have a life with Emily. She tells him that she knows he would not kill her. She takes out a gun. She says she can live in a world without Emily and he should learn to do the same. He tells her he will not let her do anything to “his wife”. She tells Connor that Emily is ruining hers’ and her grandson’s life. At that moment, they are silenced when they hear voices. Luke and Skye enter and hear gun fire. At that point, they duck. When Skye gets up, she asks Connor how he likes Helena. Does he not think she’s fun?

Alexis confronts Rick, after the visit from the “informant”. She tells him that she now knows that he only married her in order to exact his revenge upon Sonny. Rick admits that his entire relationship with her was all about Sonny. And he admits that he never thought that he’d end up caring about her so much. She responds that she’s grateful that at least he did not say that he loved her. She asks if he was ever planning on telling her the truth. He tells her that she kept a similar secret and maybe she should know what it feels like. She says she has no idea what it would be like spending her life doing everything she can just to get back at her brother, like he’s done. She asks if he was planning on telling Sonny that he got framed for violating the RICO code. He says he believes he would have.

After Bridget goes off and leaves Courtney and Jax alone, she is able to see them kissing and messing around. She looks uncomfortable.

Sam tells Jason that she never thought she’d be able to have a baby or a relationship with a man. She says that’s what she’s always wanted. But now she realizes that when you get everything, you have everything to lose.

When the unidentified gunman pulls a gun on Carly, he disappears when Jordan enters. They have a discussion about both of their dreams of owning a home. And Carly asks Jordan why she would not be in that house with Sonny. She admits to Jordan that she realizes she had her chance to have a dream house with Sonny and they blew it. Jordan says that her relationship with Sonny is strictly business. Carly reflects that another woman lawyer of Sonny’s told her the same thing and look what happened. Jordan assures Carly that she is not Alexis Davis and will not make the same mistakes Alexis made. Carly gives Jordan all the “pointers” about Sonny’s habits. She leaves and Jordan believes she is alone, but unknown to her the gunman is hiding and spying upon her.

Sam tells Jason that good things don’t last for her. She says she makes the wrong choices. She says being with him is the best thing that’s ever happened to her but she’s worried she will ruin it all. He tells her that he knows how to isolate from people but he knows that when somebody is there who needs him, everything changes. And he tells her he wants her with him.

Luke asks Connor if Helena “bought the scam” that he is Nikolas. Skye says she must have or Connor would be dead right now. And she suggests the possibility that Connor might not have actually seen Helena. For all they know, it might have been another “actress” and Connor would not know since he’s never actually met Helena.

Rick asks Alexis if she would ever believe that he really does care for her and wants to make it work? She asks why she should believe a word he says about anything. She says she does not believe he’s changed a bit. But he suggests that maybe she should give him the benefit of the doubt or she might one day wake up and regret being alone.

Jason tells Sam that he will do his best to make her happy. But it’s a hard life. It has been known to break people down and end relationships. She says his lifestyle does not matter. She just wants to be with him.

Courtney tells Jax that she has to go do something but asks if he will wait for her. She leaves and Jax goes to light candles. Bridget, however, is in the other room and has managed to get “dressed” into a sexy nighty, knowing Jax is alone.

Emily returns to Connor, Luke and Skye and informs them that Nikolas got put in solitary. They inform her of something even more shocking. They believe that Helena may have reappeared.

Alexis says she was a fool not to see that Rick’s obsession about Sonny, his anger, and his need for revenge and power was more important to him than she could ever be to him. He tells her that regardless of that, he believes that even if he did not have a deep, dark secret, sooner or later she would have “invented” something to keep them apart. He goes out the door and asks her to tell Christina that “uncle Rick” said good-bye.

Sam tells Jason she thinks about him all the time and knows he would never hurt her, lie to her or use her. She says that all of her past behaviors of acting tough and not caring goes away when she’s with him. And she believes that he is incapable of being unfair or unjust to her. He tells her he just wants her to be sure. She tells him she is sure. They kiss and he carries her upstairs.

At Courtney’s Bridget sneaks into the kitchen wearing the sexy nighty and “accidentally” runs into Jax when he gets out of the shower. She says she just went to get a soda. At that moment, the door opens. They assume it’s Courtney. But unexpectedly, it’s Carly. She looks at them together. She looks at them and “sarcastically” tells them that since she’s come all this way she needs to ask them: “is Courtney there?”. Jax informs Carly that this is not what it looks like. He introduces them. Bridget explains that she meant no harm, just wanted to get a soda and tells Carly it’s nice meeting her.

Luke, Emily, Connor and Lucky are all wondering what to do with the fact that Helena might have caught them all and might be onto their scheme. Lucky suddenly comes up with an idea. He suggests that they tell everybody that Emily is pregnant with Nikolas’ child.

Alexis sits on the couch with Christina, holding her daughter and comforting her after she’s had a bad dream. She tells Christina that Uncle Rick will no longer be there. She tells Christina that he still loves her and has not left because of her.

Rick goes to Sonny’s new house and runs into Jordan. She makes a comment about how in the future, possibly he and Alexis will be able to get a similar house. He informs her that there is no more “him and Alexis”. He admits that he lied, manipulated and betrayed Alexis and Christina and this time he got caught.

Courtney returns home and notices Carly is there. Carly tells her friend that possibly in the furure she might want to “consider” who she leaves alone in her home when she goes out. She tells Courtney that she walked in and discovered Jax wearing nothing but a towel. And she noticed that Bridget wears some pretty sexy underwear for a homeless teenager. Courtney justifies them both, saying that maybe it just looked to Carly like something it was not. She does not believe that Jax would mess around with a minor. Carly admits to Courtney that she remembers herself as very similar to Bridget when she was Bridget’s age. Courtney asks Carly, if when she was Bridget’s age, would it not benefit her to have someone help her as Courtney is helping Bridget? Carly admits she would probably use and manipulate the kind person who took care of her no differently than the way Bridget is doing to Courtney.

When Courtney is alone in her home, she notices Bridget going out the door. Bridget announces that she’s leaving before Courtney kicks her out. Courtney inquires why Bridget would assume she’d do that. Bridget tells Courtney that her friend Carly suspects her of doing a bad thing, and it made her boyfriend leave. Courtney assures Bridget that she’s not suspicious of her, she just talked to Jax and everything is ok. And she tells Bridget she does not want her leaving. She cares about Bridget.

Alexis tells Christina she believes she is smart. She understands a lot of things. But she does not understand men. She tells Christina not to worry. They will be together. Just the two of them. But she admits that she misses Rick.

Rick tells Jordan that he regrets losing Alexis. She asks why he did not tell Alexis the truth from the beginning. He tells her that he wanted to help her put together a family, no matter who Christina’s father really was. She asks if he’s told that to Alexis. He says he’s tried. She suggests he tries harder.

Listening to Lucky’s idea about having Helena believe that Emily is pregnant with a Cassadine child, Skye asks what will happen them. Lucky explains that it will mislead Helena and save Nikolas. She might not want to kill Emily if she believes Emily is carrying her great grandchild. Connor goes off with Lucky, concluding that he maybe needs to make himself scarce. Emily tells Luke that maybe faking a pregnancy will be too dangerous and she’s not sure how she can pull it off. Skye asks her if it’s not worth it in order to save Nikolas. Emily agrees to go along with their plan.

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