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Carly and Lorenzo are stuck in an elevator. She screams that somebody gets them out of there but cannot get a phone connection. He assures her that there’s nothing to worry about. But she wants out.

Jax tells Courtney that she cannot be responsible for Bridget. He tells Courtney that Bridget needs to learn to accept the consequences of her own actions and face juvenile hall without having Courtney bail her out all the time.

At that moment, Bridget appears at Jason and Sam’s place. Sam gets the door. Bridget informs Sam she’s here to see her baby. At first, Sam assumes Bridget will take her away forever. But Bridget informs her she just wants to see the baby just to visit. Sam says there’s no problem with that.

Jason goes to investigate what looks like a possible break-in at Sonny’s new home.

Sam gives the baby to Bridget. But it’s clear that she is uneasy letting anybody hold her. She gives Bridget instructions about supporting her head and neck and how to make certain the baby is comfortable. Bridget reflects on how the baby grew inside her all that time but now she’s there with them. She asks Sam if she and Jason came up with a name. Sam tells her they named her Hope. Bridget says because she signed her baby away, Sam and Jason may name the baby whatever they want. But it looks like Sam is very uneasy and afraid that Bridget could take the baby away on a whim.

Jax tells Courtney that it’s great that he wants to help Bridget but she needs to look at this realistically. He reminds her that Bridget is violent and dangerous. Courtney says she does not believe Bridget would hurt her and even Bridget did, she can protect herself. He tells her that she should not have to in her own home. He tells her Bridget has a history of trouble, with public drunkenness, getting pregnant and giving up her baby, as well as assaulting a teacher. And maybe she needs help that Courtney cannot offer her. Courtney protests that she is not obsessed about the stock market and business ventures like so many people are. Instead she’s more concerned about people. She believes Bridget needs her. She tells him that she’s not going to just sit back with a martini and act like everything is ok when Bridget is in trouble and if he believes that that is “codependent” or dysfunctional behavior, then so be it.

Connor tells Emily that if she goes to see Nikolas at Pentonville, Nikolas could be in danger if Helena is spying upon them. Emily protests that she will not be prevented from seeing her own husband. Connor tells her if their plan works, she needs never see him in prison again, because he will be free. And Alexis tells Emily that she sees Connor’s point that she might be risking too much if she goes to see Nikolas in prison. But Emily tells them she does not care. She’s going and nobody is stopping her.

Stuck in the elevator, Carly reveals to Lorenzo that she has a real panic remembering too many experiences of being stuck in an elevator with people with whom she has issues. She remembers finding out that Sonny was Christina’s father when she was stuck in an elevator with Alexis. She also remembers other things. She informs him that she’s ready to divorce Sonny but regrets her previous relationship with him. She asks what he was doing in the hospital. He informs her that he was there to say good-bye to Diego and Maria and admits that after just finding out he’s a father, he hasn’t a clue what to do, think or feel about it.

A guy approaches Rick at the hospital. He tells him he knows all about Rick’s helping Alexis take his brother’s kid from him and marrying her. He tells the guy his personal life is none of the guy’s business. The guy keeps taunting him until Rick pushes him against the wall and demands to know what he wants.

Carly tells Lorenzo that Diego has the right to know about his father. He tells her he believes he has nothing to offer Diego. But she tells him that he should not have that attitude nor assume that. He illustrates to her how it didn’t do her any good to discover that John Durant was her father. She tells him that although there are problems in regard to Durant, she does appreciate knowing he is her father. He reminds her that her father attempted to kill her husband. She reminds Lorenzo so did he. And she tells him that regardless of circumstances, Diego has the right to know his family and Lorenzo should not assume that it doesn’t matter that they are father and son.

Jason returns to Sam and Bridget, noticing that Bridget is visiting and expressing that she believes that her baby is in good hands with good people. But he informs Bridget that Courtney is worried about her. Courtney enters and informs Bridget that she’s called the cops. Bridget demands to know why Courtney would do that.

Carly asks Lorenzo what he’d do if Diego wanted to live with him. Lorenzo replies that that is a “non-issue” because Diego is on his way to Mexico right now. She tells him that’s only a hypothetical question. She asks Lorenzo what he’d do if Diego suddenly showed up on his doorstep. Lorenzo replies that he would provide for his son and pay for him to go to college. She asks what if Diego did not choose to go to college? She reminds him that from what she’s seen and knows about Diego, he is driven to get into the same lifestyle that both he and Sonny are into. She reminds Lorenzo that she has kids that see daddy as an example and she has to deal with that and accept that. He tells her that he does not see Diego as similar to himself. He sees him as similar to his dangerous brother, Luis, who got himself killed. And he’s very worried about Diego ending up like Luis. She tells Lorenzo that when you have kids you need to accept them the way they are. Forcing them to change will just drive them further away. She sounds sincere. He tells her he appreciates her concern about his situation with his son.

Dr. Steven Webber asks the maintenance guy if the elevator will be fixed. The maintenance guy says it should work right away. Carly gets off and sees Steven, trying to act like she’s surprised to see him. She realizes he must have heard her yelling. He replies yes and reveals that he knows the reason why, when he views Lorenzo in the elevator with her.

Emily goes to Nikolas’ cell and informs him that she and others believe that Helena is still alive and ready to “finish the job”. She also informs him that Connor Bishop is willing to help them by serving as a Nikolas decoy. He tells her he has doubts about trusting Connor and also questions why anybody would believe that Helena is still alive.

Rick goes to Kelly’s, runs into Elizabeth and asks her if she believes that he is fit to be a husband and father and specifically what she believes about his marriage to Alexis. He informs her that maybe he only married Alexis and became a father figure to Christina in order to be spiteful to his brother. She informs him that she does not see that he has any ulterior motives and really genuinely cares about Alexis and Christina. He admits his obsessive, lifetime history of conflicts with his brother. She reminds him that he really needs to stop worrying about Sonny and instead focus his time and energy upon his new family.

The guy who confronted Rick goes to see Alexis. He informs her that a man just attempted to kill him and he believes it was her husband. And he reveals to Alexis for the first time that Rick has not been entirely honest to her.

Courtney tells Bridget that she will take her in and let her live in her home. But there are conditions. She needs to listen to Courtney, show some respect and if she doesn’t get her act together and make better choices, Courtney will not hesitate to get the police involved and get Bridget out of her home permanently. She asks if they are clear on that. Bridget says certainly. And they leave together. But Sam tells Jason that she has concerns about Courtney taking in the girl whose baby they have just adopted. She says that Bridget’s having to give the baby up for adoption is hard enough when she’s not close by, but being so close to where the baby is living is very weird. She reflects also that since Courtney is Jason’s ex-wife, there may be many complications in regard to that. She implies that it might cause Jason to get back with Courtney. He assures her that he and Courtney are over. Their divorce is final. Courtney is seeing Jax and he is getting on with his life. Sam tells him it may not be that simple. She believes that Courtney must still want to be a part of Jason’s life.

At Courtney’s, she lays down the law to Bridget. She says in order for Bridget to stay with her, she must realize there are rules. Bridget must attend school. She must behave; show Courtney respect, no more drinking and no more drugs. Bridget says she agrees. Jax comes back to Courtney’s. She apologizes for yelling at him. He tells her at least she did not resort to kickboxing. She laughs.

After discovering Carly and Lorenzo so “conveniently” stuck in an elevator, Dr. Steven Webber implies that he believes that Lorenzo caused it to happen in order to hurt or control Carly. He tells her that he is very concerned about Lorenzo’s police record, although Carly wonders why he is so suspicious of Lorenzo.

Right when Connor is by himself at the Haunted Star, drinking and waiting for Emily to return from visiting Nikolas, Helena enters and greets him as Nikolas.

In Nikolas’ cell, a guard comes to announce that it’s time for Emily to leave. He seems to be very “interested” in their romantic encounters together. And he notices the revealing dress she’s wearing and touches her. Noticing that, Nikolas runs toward him and attacks him.

Helena asks Connor (addressing him as Nikolas) what he thinks and feels about the little plan that he and Emily have put into motion with Connor. Connor speaks very eloquently, sounding like Nikolas, in answering her questions. But she inquires why he’d go through with such a thing. Why in the world would this Connor Bishop guy go to prison in place of Nikolas. And why would Nikolas agree to this arrangement. And then she adds that perhaps one reason for why he would is because he might not be “her Nikolas” after all.

Sam admits that she may be a little jealous about Jason and Courtney regardless of the fact that they are divorced. She says she can see that Courtney is very beautiful and special to Jason. He asks Sam if she does not believe she is beautiful. He tells her he believes that she is beautiful and she is very special to him. Surprisingly, Sam asks Jason to stop because he is scaring her.

Rick returns home to Alexis, after she’s gotten the “unexpected visit” from the mysterious guy. She tells him he’s a very clever “liar”, then corrects herself by saying she meant to say “lawyer” instead. She reveals to him that she knows he’s lied to her by not telling her how long he’s known that Sonny was Christina’s father. He tells her that he can explain. But she concludes that she believes that he’s just used her to stick it to his brother.

Carly goes to Sonny’s new vacant house. She knocks on the door, assumes nobody is there and enters. But right at that moment, an unidentified person pulls a gun on her and orders her not to move.

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