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THE HAUNTED STAR: Connor is trying to help Emily pretend that he can be Nikolas. He tells her to close her eyes -- she does so -- and to imagine Nikolas. Then Connor kisses her. They aren't aware that Helena is watching them from the doorway.

ALEXIS' APARTMENT: Ric and Alexis have just finished having sex in the living room. Alexis expresses concern about Kristina and notes that next time they should do it in the bedroom with the door closed. The phone rings and Alexis answers. After speaking with the person on the other end she turns to Ric and tells him that Sonny has bought the mansion Ric wanted -- Greystone -- right out from under him.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny hears from Jordan (who is out on the docks) on the phone -- she tells him that Greystone is now officially his. Sonny tells her that he'll send someone to pick up the keys. Michael comes into the room and Sonny tells him that he's got a big surprise for him.

KELLY'S: Brook meets back up with Diego outside of Kelly's -- she tells him that she wasn't able to get him the money he needed to leave town. Instead, she has brought Lorenzo.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam are downstairs -- the baby, Hope, is asleep. Jason admits to Sam that he realized that he shouldn't waste time with Hope. Sam turns on some soft music (much to Jason's surprise) so that they can dance. Jason is hesitant but gives in. They dance for a little bit, and then they start to make out.

THE HAUNTED STAR: A creaking noise is heard...someone else (Helena) is on the ship. Connor and Emily pull away...Emily seems to be in shock that she kissed Connor. Connor runs to go check the noise out, to see if anyone is actually on the casino. This gives Helena time to slip away.

KELLY'S: Diego is upset that Brook has brought Lorenzo to see him. But Lorenzo wants to be a part of his life -- he says whatever Diego needs, he (Lorenzo) will be the one to provide it.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jax and Courtney are horsing around in the loft. They agree to order pizza (instead of Jax cooking himself). But they are interrupted when Grace (the social worker) arrives with Bridget in tow. Apparently Bridget attacked one of the teachers at school.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam are making out -- Sam wants to keep going, despite feeling a sharp stab of pain in her stomach when Jason picks her up. Jason stops, realizing that she isn't ready for anything more.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Ric has come to see Sonny, and he's pissed. He's angry that Sonny bought Greystone out from under him.

THE DOCKS: Jordan is still out at the docks. Someone knocks her out from behind -- she falls down to the ground, unconcious.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam tries to convince Jason that they can be together. Jason wants to wait until she's better, reminding her that they can sleep together anytime. But Sam doesn't want to wait. Jason tries again, warning Sam that he is not going to let her be hurt again.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Bridget justifies her behavior to Courtney, saying that the teacher was being demanding and forcing Bridget to follow a lot of rules. Grace tells Courtney that the school wants to press charges. Bridget runs out of the loft. Courtney tells Grace that she has an idea.

KELLY'S: Lorenzo admits to Diego that he doesn't know how to be a father but that he does want to get to know him. Diego demands to know if Lorenzo loved his mother, Maria. Lorenzo replies that at the time he and Maria were involved he was grieving over another woman that he had loved and lost. But he adds that if he had known Maria was pregnant he would have provided for her. He wants to start fresh with Diego. Diego doesn't want any part of it, though. Lorenzo asks Diego to let him know if he changes his mind.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly comes by the nurse's station -- she's looking for Steven. Alexis and Kristina pass by and Carly says hello to them. Kristina is in for a checkup. Alexis tells Carly that she's handling her new, blended family very well -- and notes that Sonny is being spiteful...that he bought the house Ric wanted. Carly informs Alexis that it was also the house that Michael picked out for them.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Ric argue over Greystone. Ric thinks Sonny bought it just to irritate him. Sonny denies that that was a factor. The phone rings, and Sonny answers: whoever is on the other end tells him something and he responds, "How bad?"

THE HAUNTED STAR: Connor comes back from searching the entire casino. He couldn't find anyone. Emily tells him that he can't ever kiss her like that again. Connor protests that he was only trying to act like Nikolas. Emily replies that he is obviously just doing this to try to get her into bed with him.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Grace is hesitant about leaving Bridget for Courtney to handle, but Courtney assures her that she will find Bridget and figure out what to do next. Grace leaves. Jax reminds Courtney that she might not be able to help Bridget, but Courtney wants to at least try.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly tells Alexis that Michael is the one who picked out Greystone for Sonny on Christmas. Alexis is skeptical. Steven shows up...he and Carly make a lunch date for after Kristina's checkup. Then Steven takes Kristina for her appointment while Alexis and Carly wait. They are soon joined by Ric and Sonny, who is actually at the hospital because of Jordan being attacked.

KELLY'S: Brook attempts to make Diego realize that Lorenzo isn't trying to lie to him anymore and that Lorenzo should be a part of his life. Diego feels that Lorenzo only pities him. He doesn't want to listen to Brook.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Emily argues with Connor, angry that he would feel the need to kiss her. She is sure that he has other motives besides helping to free Nikolas. Connor asks, if she thinks that he is such a lowlife then why does she want his help? Emily admits that she was just desperate and she comments on how virtuous Nikolas is: he's a decent man with principles. As she talks, she packs up her bag and leaves the casino. Connor notes to himself that while Nikolas might be a good guy, he is also in jail.

THE HOSPITAL: Lorenzo has stopped by to see Maria. He tells her that he has opened up a bank account in her name, so that he can provide for her and for Diego. Maria doesn't want the money, but Lorenzo wants her to have it. He notes that Diego wants nothing to do with him and describes their confrontation to Maria. Suddenly Diego shows up.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason reminds Sam that she just had a C-section a couple of months ago and that she almost died. Sam assures him that she was just a little sore. They are interrupted by Courtney who is looking for Bridget.

THE HOSPITAL: Alexis and Ric argue with Sonny and Carly, noting that his lifestyle is obviously a threat to those around him -- like Jordan, who was just attacked. Jordan shows up and tells them all that it was just a random mugging and that someone took her wallet. She says that it has nothing to do with being a part of Sonny's life. Alexis says that nothing is ever that simple when it comes to Sonny.

Lorenzo tells Maria that he told Diego if he had known she was pregnant, he would have helped her through it. Maria admits that she has made a lot of mistakes but that she will not accept Lorenzo's money -- she wants to take care of Diego on her own. Diego agrees to go back to Mexico to live with her. Lorenzo asks them both to keep in touch. Diego notes that he can't get used to calling Maria his mother yet -- Maria says that that's all right. He is almost ready to leave for Mexico right away...there is just something he says he needs to do first.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Courtney tells Sam and Jason that Bridget might show up at the penthouse to try to connect with her baby. Sam wonders if Bridget will want Hope back. Courtney says she doesn't know what the legalities are...she just wanted to warn them of the possibility. Jason assures Courtney that if Bridget shows up he will try to keep her at the penthouse as long as it takes for Courtney to come and get her. Courtney leaves and Sam notes to Jason that she believes Bridget would want what's best for Hope -- she doesn't think Bridget would take Hope from them.

THE HOSPITAL: Jordan tells Alexis and Ric that the guy who mugged her wasn't in any way related to the mob. Ric and Alexis don't seem sure that there isn't some connection. Jordan notes that the mugger took her wallet and left Sonny's could it have been related to Sonny's work? Alexis tells Jordan that she hopes that Jordan won't be targeted the way she (Alexis) was when she worked for Sonny. Ric and Alexis leave. Jordan turns to Sonny and Carly and tells them that she has filed their divorce papers. Sonny asks her if she can take him to the new house and Jordan agrees.

KELLY'S: Diego meets back up with Brook. He tells her about his trip to see both Maria and Lorenzo, and that he is planning to go to Mexico with Maria. Brook is sad that he's going to leave, noting that she thought that Lorenzo would change his mind. Diego promises that he'll come back for her one day.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Emily returns and apologizes for snapping at Connor. She says that she's really just angry at herself for feeling as if kissing Connor meant cheating on Nikolas.

GREYSTONE: Sonny is getting a tour of the estate from Jordan. He is already very impressed. He tells Jordan what it was like to grow up in Bensonhurst. He thinks that his kids deserve the best, a huge home like this one with space to breathe.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney returns to the loft and tells Jax that she was wrong...Bridget didn't go to Jason and Sam's. Jax thinks that Courtney should just let Grace (the social worker) handle it. Courtney suddenly decides that Bridget should live with her. Jax thinks that Courtney is throwing herself into saving other kids' lives so she doesn't have to get a life of her own.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Connor admits to Emily that he got a little carried away when he kissed her and that it felt like she was kissing the real him and not Nikolas. Connor agrees to try to stay focused on their goal: getting Nikolas out of prison. They are about to start practicing again when Alexis comes in and tells Emily that the prison that Nik is in has granted her a conjugal visit.

THE HOSPITAL: Lorenzo and Carly are in the elevator together. They greet each other...Carly is going over her divorce settlement. Suddenly the elevator screeches to a halt. They are trapped inside.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Michael is all ready to go to the island...Sonny has returned from visiting the manor with Jordan. He tells Michael to go wait in the car with Max while he talks to Jordan. Once Michael is gone he tells Jordan that he is planning to surprise Michael with the house once they come back from the island. He also would like Jordan to decorate the estate for him while they are gone. He'll even pay her for it. Jordan immediately agrees and tells him to enjoy his trip.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason is wary of the possibility that Bridget will return and want her baby. Sam thinks that it's not an issue since Bridget just beat up a teacher. She thinks Bridget is thankful right now that Hope is being provided for -- and that Bridget is probably on a bus headed out of town. Jason suddenly gets a phone call asking him to go take a look around at Sonny's new house. Sam tells him that that's fine and that she'll have dinner ready when he comes back. Just then there's a knock on the door: it's Bridget and she says she has come for her baby.

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