GH Update Wednesday 1/5/05

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/5/05



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Lorenzo goes to bail Diego out of jail for assaulting Eduardo after finding out from Maria that their son prevented Eduardo from hurting her. Diego refuses to let Lorenzo help him and says he's only offering him this out of obligation after discovering he got a girl pregnant many years ago.

Lois invites herself into Lorenzo's home after hearing the news. Knowing he's going to have a big confrontation with Eduardo, Lorenzo tells Lois she has to leave and can't be involved in his business. His guards bring Eduardo into his home and he "confronts" Eduardo in Spanish so that Lois does not know what he's saying. She remarks that although she does not know Spanish, she knows Lorenzo has threatened that man. But she realizes he's only doing what is necessary to protect his son. Eduardo later goes to the police station to drop charges against Diego. And Diego is free.

Luke and Skye are convinced that Helena must still be alive and has paid that woman they met at the New Years Eve party to be her "body double" and do her evil deed for her. He warns Emily that Helena could be out to kill her if she doesn't take drastic measures to do whatever is necessary to outsmart Helena, including working to make Connor Bishop behave exactly like Nikolas, so that Helena believes he is Nikolas. And they also conclude, after talking to Tracy that Tracy is not "working" with Helena. She reveals to them that she has no ill-will toward Emily now that she knows that Emily is not getting her mother's inheritance any more than she is. Luke believes Tracy and concludes that Helena must be blackmailing and threatening her by using Dillon as her "leverage" since the only thing Tracy cares about besides money is her son.

Both Brook Lynn and Lois are changing their attitudes about Lorenzo Alcazar. Lois tells her daughter that being a parent is a very scary and difficult job. But Lorenzo needs encouragement in believing he can be a good father to Diego.

Sam and Jason take their new baby to the hospital and Jason names her Hope. Courtney comes and overhears that and is shocked.

Sonny finds out about Alexis' plans to enroll Christina in pre-school. And before they've even met the director of the program, she discovers he's offered a big “endowment” to them and has bribed them.

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