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General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/4/05



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Diego goes to the hospital to see Maria. She tells him she will be ok and he need not worry. He still believes that she is his sister but reveals that he’s found out that Lorenzo Alcazar is his father and asks her why she never told him. She replies that she never saw any good in letting him know that. He asks what she might know about his mother. She obviously hasn’t a clue as to what to tell him and is not ready to inform him that she is his mother, not his sister.

Sonny goes to Carly’s new place, informing her that Michael called and made up some story to get him over there. They both conclude that there’s something they need to do about this.

Courtney goes to Lorenzo’s and informs him that she believes she made a mistake to reveal to Diego that he’s Lorenzo’s son. She says that she does not believe he has any good intent for his son and she wants to protect Diego from him.

Diego demands that Maria tells him the truth about his mother. She finally tells him that she had an affair with Lorenzo long ago. She was young, doing drugs and did not care that it was the wrong thing to do. She, then, discovered she was pregnant. Diego is not happy to hear that she lied throughout his life about this. She informs him that if she’d revealed to anybody that she had Lorenzo’s child, in her situation, Lorenzo could have taken him from her. She tells him that she did everything she could to raise him and not allow him to be shuffled off to foster homes. But she got deported and could not help him. He tells her that throughout his life he’s wondered who his parents were. She says that she intended for her parents, who’d be his grandparents, to take care of him but that never happened. He tells her that since she’s lied to him about this throughout his life, why should he believe a word she says about anything or trust her?

Rick talks Alexis into going on a vacation with him and bringing Christina along. But she has no clue that he’s planning a ski trip. When he mentions that there will be slopes, she reveals to him that she does not want slopes and would rather re-grout the bathroom tiles.

At Carly’s, Michael comes to see his father. Sonny inquires to his son why he lied about both Leticia and his mom being sick. He asks Michael if he’s heard of the story of the boy who cried wolf. Michael says yes he does but it has nothing to do with his situation since they do not own any sheep or wolves. Carly firmly tells her son that he knows that is not the point his father is trying to make. Their point is that when somebody lies, it can get them into serious trouble. They tell their son that they realize that he does not want them to divorce. But his little tricks to get them back together will not change anything. Right at that moment, Steven Webber enters.

Lorenzo informs Courtney that he does not know Diego nor can he predict whether he will develop a relationship with his son or not. But whether or not that happens will be between him and Diego and is none of her business. She protests that he is a professional criminal and only capable of ruining Diego’s life. He tells her he knows her “concern” about this has nothing to do with Diego. He says he knows she still blames him for the miscarriage she had a while back. She admits to him that she will never forgive him for that.

In the hospital lobby, Diego asks Jax what she should do about his situation, having just found out his mother has lied to him throughout his life. Jax tells him that his family life was not great when he was growing up either. Nobody has perfect parents. And he believes that Diego should forgive Maria. He reminds Diego that she was younger than he is now when she got pregnant and did not know what to do. Everybody makes mistakes and has the right to be forgiven. He needs to realize she’s the only mother he has and she loves him and not to vilify or distrust her.

Maria’s “assailant”, Eduardo, visits her in the hospital. She tells him she will not forgive him for beating her. He sounds like he’s not afraid of what she can do. She tells him she will tell the police what he did, press charges and make him pay. He tells her that would be a serious mistake

Alexis tells Rick she does not want to ski down a mountain, have an accident, fall, break her leg and end up in the ER. He tells her there are other ways to look at it. He tells her there is a spa, a sauna and whirlpool tub, massages, a fireplace and nightclubs at the ski resort. That sounds appealing to her. He promises to hold her hand and walk her through her “fears”.

After Steven unexpectedly drops in to Carly’s new place, she and Sonny tells him he needs to give them a minute while they finish their discussion with their son. Sonny tells Michael that he can motivate him to stop his “behaviors” by taking him and Morgan on a trip. He leaves. After hearing that Carly will be without her kids and their father, Steven proposes that they do something together and get away together. She tells him that she’s not ready to get involved with anybody since she’s had a seriously bad track record with men. She says that whatever happens in her future with him or with anybody must be at her own pace.

Carly goes to Kelly’s and runs into her father. Noticing she’s carrying packages, Durant offers to help her. She says she can manage. He tells her he heard that she wound up with Sonny on New Years Eve. She explains it was a mix-up caused by their son and confirms that she will not be getting back with Sonny. Durant makes it very clear how happy he is that she’s going to split from Sonny. But she is neither happy nor comfortable with this conversation and tells him that one piece of advice he might want to hear is that gloating about her divorce will not win points with her.

Brook Lynn goes to Courtney’s and asks why she withheld the information from Diego about Lorenzo Alcazar being his father. Courtney replies that she believes it was best for Diego to never know about that. Brook Lynn tells Courtney that she does not believe it was Courtney’s call to make and that maybe she should give Mr. Alcazar the benefit of the doubt and not assume the worst about him.

Eduardo threatens Maria if she goes ahead with her plans to have him charged with assault. He tells her she might have an accident by driving her car without brakes. He could do many other things as well. When she expresses she will not listen to his threats, he grabs a hold of her and tries to choke her. Right at that moment, Diego rushes in and pulls him away form Maria.

Sonny goes back to his home and surprises his lawyer friend with an envelope. She assumes it’s a payment for her services or something related to business. But he reveals to her that he wants to take her with him and his kids on his vacation.

Outside of Kelly’s, Carly runs into Alexis. Alexis tells Carly she must ask her a question. She asks if it does not both Carly to know that Sonny is about to take her kids away on a vacation without her. Does she never suspect that he might arrange for her to never see her kids again? Carly replies to Alexis that she never worries that Sonny would steal her children. Alexis tells Carly she may not worry about it now. But what happens when Sonny disapproves of what she does or whom she does it with? Carly asks if Alexis is so worried about Sonny knowing he’s Christina’s father, why then did she tell him? Alexis replies it was only to save Christina’s life and for no other reason and Carly needs to realize that where Sonny goes, bullets fly and cars explode. Carly clarifies that now Alexis is talking about security, not about taking anybody’s kids away from them. And she tells Alexis that maybe instead of judging Sonny, she should look at her own behaviors.

Eduardo presses charges and gets Diego taken down to the station for assault. Diego tells the cops that he caught this man hurting his mother in her hospital room and believes he’s the one who put her there. Max Scorpio tells Diego he can make one phone call.

At that same moment, Maria calls Lorenzo and informs him that Eduardo threatened and assaulted her, Diego just found out she’s his mother, tried to protect her from Eduardo and got taken to jail.

John Durant goes to find Steven and tells him he’d like his help on the Mary Bishop murder investigation. He says a while back he was not ready to implicate Lorenzo Alcazar for the murder although the DNA matched up with him. But he tells Steven that although he’s filed away that case for “future reference”, the future is now. He now wants Steven to go after Lorenzo Alcazar.

Courtney goes to Carly’s to asks her what she thinks and feels about Lorenzo Alcazar being Diego’s father. She reveals to Carly that she kept the secret from Diego in order to protect him but now it’s out of the bag and he knows. Carly tells Courtney that it may not be the worst thing in the world for them to know they are father and son and maybe Courtney is maximizing how terrible Lorenzo is. But Courtney protests to Carly that she believes Lorenzo is dangerous and will end up hurting Diego.

At the station, Jax goes to bail out Diego. Diego tells Jax he called him because although Courtney is his legal guardian, he did not want to involve her in this. Jax asks Max Scorpio what happened. Max replies that although Maria told him that Eduardo assaulted her and Diego came to her rescue, he’s not certain he buys that noticing that Diego assaulted Eduardo pretty bad. Jax offers to post bail for Diego. But at that moment, Lorenzo enters and says that will not be necessary. Jax can save his money. The cost of bail is on him, for his son.

Steven tells Durant that he refuses to “do his dirty work” for him in going after Lorenzo, knowing that Durant’s only motive for doing that is to prevent Carly from hooking up with him after she divorces Sonny. He tells Durant he’s not about to help him, knowing how he loves to control and manipulate people. He says he will not be the next one Durant exercises his power trip upon. At that moment, Durant “threatens” and motivates Steven by bringing up somebody named “Rachel” whom Steven might get in trouble in regard to, if Steven does not do what Durant asks him to do.

Alexis just discovers that Sonny has a secret plan to take Christina with him and his other kids on a trip to an island out of the country without having the common courtesy to ask her first. She goes to confront him. His lawyer tells her that Sonny has parental rights and nothing in the contract prohibits him from taking his daughter on a vacation. Alexis tells them that he needs to ask her and not go behind her back. He then asks her if he may take Christina on the vacation. She thanks him for asking and replies no. His lawyer defends his position but Rick protests that there could be problems with taking a two year old to a gambling casino. And Alexis says she prohibits Sonny from taking Christina with him.

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