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Sam and Jason are staying in his apartment for New Years. They seem happy to be alone bringing in the new year. They kiss.

Carly comes home to Sonny’s after Michael called her and falsely told her that Morgan was throwing up. While rushing, she hurts her ankle. It sounds like Sonny wants her there and she only wants to be with him. But right when they are kissing at midnight, she pulls away telling him it’s a bad idea. He agrees and says if they start, they won’t be able to stop and it will be too complicated if they end up making love.

At the costume part, Luke Spencer believes he’s found Helena. He sees a woman who resembles her covering her face. But he discovers it is not her. She demands to know what he thinks he’s doing. He still believes that although he can see that she is not Helena, that she must be working for Helena and demands that the strange woman tells him what Helena is up to. She says she does not know what he’s talking about and she will be willing to “let it go” if he leaves her alone. Otherwise she will call the police and get him charged with harassment.

Courtney goes outside to discover Diego holding a gun on Lorenzo Alcazar. He says it’s pay-back time for Lorenzo murdering his father. But Courtney urges him to stop and put the gun down because Lorenzo is his father. He demands Lorenzo tell him if he is really his father. Jax intervenes and tells Diego that he was with Courtney when she ran the secret DNA test and found out that Lorenzo is his father. At that moment, Brook Lynn and Lois appear and Brook Lynn urges Diego to put the gun down. Diego is very angry with Courtney for going behind his back to get the DNA test, finding out Lorenzo is in fact his father, and not telling him. She protests, and Jax back her up, that she only did it to protect him. He runs off telling Courtney he cannot trust her and does not need her. Hearing that, Lorenzo is stunned and wants to go and talk to Diego. Courtney assumes Lorenzo could care less whether Diego is his son and tells him this does not concern him. She will deal with Diego. But he tells Courtney that it most certainly is his business. If Diego really is his son, he is no longer Courtney’s concern or responsibility. Diego is his instead.

Right when Sam and Jason are alone, the phone rings. It’s Bridget. She informs them that she just got arrested. Hearing that, Jason feels obligated to leave and bail her out. He apologizes to Sam. But she tells him that he needs to do that and she is ok with it.

Sonny tells Carly that he knows that they cannot make their marriage work. They’ve tried too many times and must realize they are too different. But he says that at least, this time they can be civilized to each other. She sounds very emotional realizing that she is still in love with him but this reality keeps crashing down on her that they are too different and if they got back together, yet again, they’d be right back to the same old problems they’ve always been having without a resolution. But she tells him she misses him. He admits he misses her too. At that moment, they hear Alexis and Rick out in the hallway who seem to know that they are together. Alexis tells them that it’s ridiculous how Sonny and Carly marry, then divorce, then marry then divorce, expect lawyers and everybody else they know to be jerked around by their decisions. She says whatever they choose to do is their business. Whatever floats their boat. But she’d prefer not to have her 2-year-old daughter witnessing their craziness. Sonny and Carly inform Alexis that they have not, nor have they had any intent to sleep together or to get back together. They explain that Carly simply rushed home to take care of Morgan and she hurt her ankle. Alexis tells them that anybody could reasonably assume they are falling back together, seeing the two of them, and knowing their past track record. Sonny concludes that perhaps Alexis and Rick should wait until the morning to pick up Christina and inquires if Alexis has been drinking.

Courtney tells Lorenzo that she does not trust him with “fatherhood” given he’s only known for the last few minutes that he has a young adult son. Lorenzo says he intends to accept the full responsibilities of being a father and it’s really not for Courtney to judge or intervene. She admits that she realizes that and can’t stop him from doing whatever he wants. But she will tell Diego that he has no obligation to his father and it’s completely his own decision what he wants to do in regard to Lorenzo. Lois protests that Courtney realizes that Lorenzo is not to be vilified since he had no way of knowing that Diego was his son throughout Diego’s life. When they are alone, Lorenzo thanks Lois for defending him. It looks as though she has feelings for him, whether she wants to believe it or not.

When Courtney is alone with Jax, she tells him that she blames herself for keeping the truth from Diego and betraying his trust. At that moment, she gets a call from the police. She assumes it’s about Diego. But they tell her that her name is on the contact sheet in regard to Bridget.

When Jason goes to the jail, the jail officers tell him that Bridget got into a bar brawl and was drunk. He goes in and overhears Bridget telling the authorities that Jason Morgan adopted her baby and will get her out of here soon and they are messing with the wrong person. She sounds drunk and incorrigible.

When Alexis and Rick return home, it looks like she’s a little drunk. She goes on about Sonny’s uppity attitude implying that she’s had too much. Rick tells her that although he would never condone his brother’s attitude, he tends to agree that it might be best for Christina not to have to notice her mother in this state of mind. Alexis admits that she is hammered but asks if she can get some coffee. He asks if she means, in the morning, after she’s slept it off? She says no, now so that she may go and confront Sonny and get her daughter back. He tells her that that is not a good idea. But she kisses him and bribes him into getting her some coffee. He finally decides to comply.

At Sonny’s and Carly’s, he offers to sleep on the couch while she sleeps in the master bedroom. At that moment, Steven Webber is there. He asks if Morgan is ok. Carly says he is and explains that Michael simply pulled a little stunt in order to “play match-maker” between her and her soon-to-be ex-husband. Steven informs Carly that if everything is all right, he can take her “home”. She says she will go upstairs and shower and return to her new apartment with him.

Lois informs Lorenzo that she is very protective of her child and has always wanted to be a mother. She asks if he’d ever wanted to be a father. He admits that perhaps he’d have wanted to have children with his first love if she hadn’t died. But ever since she did, he’s pulled away. Then he lost Carly. He believes he’s not really cut out to have a relationship with a woman nor be a father and is afraid he has nothing to offer Diego.

Diego is in the hospital by Maria’s bedside with Brook Lynn. He says he’s very worried about his conception. He wonders if it could have been from a one-night-stand or a rape. She tells him he should not worry about who his father is. He needs only think about the people who care about him. He tells her she’s the only good thing in his life and he kisses her on the cheek.

Courtney goes to the jail and asks Jason about Bridget. He tells her the charges are “drunk and disorderly”. Bridget got into a fight with a bouncer. Courtney admits that she does not like this. She says she put Bridget in a good home. And now she’s acting up. But he tells her that the baby is all Bridget has and that is why he and Sam are needed to take care of her baby.

In the morning light, Alexis is still sleeping, Rick awakens her and tells her he has the coffee she asked him to get her the previous night. Right at that moment, she freaks, remembering the previous night that she was really inebriated and is worried that Christina has spent the night at Sonny’s home.

Sonny tells Carly that he does not believe that Steven would be a sexual challenge for her. He says he knows what she likes. He tells her that Steven is “kind” and “safe” but not the kind of man she gets turned on by. She gets ready to leave and doesn’t want to continue that conversation.

From the jail, Courtney calls Jason and informs him that she’s managed to get Bridget into a special school for troubled teens and hopes it will enable Bridget to get her life turned around. He informs Sam what happened. She says that since Bridget got arrested, maybe it’s for the best.

Luke and Skye meet secretly and are determined to find out more about this mysterious woman who is clearly a “Helena double”. She walks right by them. She looks exactly like a younger Helena. When Luke approaches her, she makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with him. He apologizes for his behavior the previous night and admits that he was intoxicated and not himself. But she reveals to them that “somebody” unknown paid her to fly into Port Charles and pass herself off as “somebody”. It sounds like she has no clue what she’s being asked to do and knows nothing about Helena or her motives. But she informs them she’s not questioning the motives since she’s getting paid a lot of money for her “troubles”.

Skye and Luke informs Emily that they just talked to a woman who identified herself and all but spelled out that she’s hired to be a “Helena decoy” and spy upon Nikolas and Emily. Lucky asks what they should do now. Luke says he is pretty certain how to find Helena now that he’s gotten the information from this woman and knows all of Helena’s favorite hot spots.

At the hospital, while waiting for Steven, Carly runs into Lorenzo and discovers that he’s just found out that Diego is his son. Elizabeth comments to her brother that she can see that perhaps Carly has all of her “attention” focused on Lorenzo instead of on him. Lorenzo tells Carly that he is not “proud” of how he handled or failed to handle his relationship with Maria. She tells him that she’s afraid that if he does not change his ways he will spend the rest of his life alone.

When Alexis and Rick go to Sonny’s to pick up Christina, they notice his lawyer there. Alexis asks why. The lawyer says she’s just there to handle some legal matters for Sonny. Alexis decides not to argue with Sonny, picks up her daughter and asks her to say good-bye to “Sonny”. He corrects her that he is “daddy” to Christina. And right before Alexis goes out the door with Christina, Sonny suggests that tomato juice with aspirin is a good way to cure a hangover and adds that he can tell she’s had a bad one. And he’s delighted to have his custody lawyer witnessing this conversation he has with the mother of his child.

Carly apologizes to Steven for having to bail on him the previous night, due to Michael’s little “stunt” to get her to go back to Sonny’s. He suggests that they do something to show Michael that he cannot call the shots in her life. He asks her to let him take her out. She says she likes him and all but wants to take it slow.

The nurse announces to Steven that she’s found Lorenzo Alcazar’s medical records. Lorenzo goes to Maria’s room and asks who assaulted her. She says her ex-fiancé lost his temper. Lorenzo asks if it was because her ex found out about her son with him. She says probably. And he tells her that he’s now found out they have a son together and inquires what they should now do. Outside, in the hallway, Diego passes by and overhears their conversation.

Sam tells Jason that she’s by no means “happy” that Bridget is getting into trouble. But she admits she’s happy that it’s enabled her to be able to take care of Bridget’s baby. And she admits that she remembers herself, not long ago in a very similar situation as Bridget is now in. She remembers being alone and pregnant and was so glad that she had him there for her.

Sonny ‘s lawyer asks him what the real reason is for his asking her to be there. She says he isn’t as “concerned” as he appears about Alexis’ “drunkenness” He says that it has worked out in his favor that his lawyer was able to know that Alexis was wasted. That way he will have leverage to take his daughter out of the country whether Alexis approves of it or not.

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