GH Update Wednesday 12/14/05

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/14/05


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Nikolas is at the hospital with Courtney after taking Jax’s DNA. He tells her that they will be able to find out with certainty who the father of her baby really is. She tells him, however, that she cannot do this.

Carly finds Lorenzo at her door. He tells her that Diego’s trial is today.

Robin tells Patrick that his bedside manner stinks and he treats his patients like lab specimens. He tells her he’s a surgeon. Not a social worker. She tells him that he should treat them like people.

Jason is recovering after his brain surgery with Sam in the bed with him cuddling. Patrick walks in and tells them that that is what he calls nursing. He tells them he must examine “the patient”. Sam gets up and reminds him that his name is Jason and leaves. Patrick then comes and asks Jason what his story is. He asks Jason what the deal is with the tattoo man trying to kill him. Jason tells Patrick that he is a coffee importer. Patrick asks him if Manny was angry at him because he got the wrong espresso. He then comes out and asks Sam why she is mixed up with a criminal. She tells him that Jason is a coffee importer. Patrick tells Sam that Jason is no more a coffee importer than he is a janitor. She tells him she does not appreciate all the assumptions he’s making about Jason and if he tries to hit on her again, Jason will kill him.

Maxie and Jesse meet at Kelly’s and she tells him she’s very concerned about Georgie wanting to help Diego. She actually blames herself for what happened to Sage. She tells him that it was Mary Bishop’s fault that Sage wound up dead. Not Georgie’s. He tells her that Georgie is a sweet kid with a kind heart and Diego is taking advantage of that.

Right then, Georgie is talking to Diego in the interrogation room at the police station. Right then, Diego’s public defender enters and tells her that their conversation is illegal and she needs Georgie to leave. Georgie goes out the door and Dillon finds her. He tells her that he’s there because he knows she came to see Diego. He asks her if Diego asked her to cover for him. She tells him that she is making her own decision and she does not believe that Diego is a bad person. He tells her that he really loves that she only sees the good in people. But she cannot get involved in Diego’s problems.

Carly tells Lorenzo that he cannot blame himself for Diego. He tells her hat maybe if he’d been a better father, it would not have happened. He tells her he has a real dilemma. He, at first, wanted his son to be a man and accept the consequences of his actions. But now he cannot let him face a long term in prison. She tells him that he must then go and be with his son. He sounds happy that she has listened and seems to care about him and his son.

Emily goes into Kelly’s. Jax is there to greet her and asks her if she has time for Mike’s coffee and tells her it’s the best in town. She takes off her scarf ad smiles but seems to know that Jax is up to no good. He goes to pour her some coffee. She tells him that she has not forgotten his attempting to set her and Nikolas upto meet for their anniversary nor that he dragged Elizabeth into it. She tells him that she and Nikolas are divorcing. He tells her that he believes that a child deserves to have two parents. He asks her how she likes living at Sonny’s. She tells him she is not living at Sonny’s. She’s staying at his cottage and helping out with Michael and Morgan. She tells him that she just came there to have a quiet cup of coffee and not to be interrogated. But she is not afraid to tell Jax that she is very grateful to Sonny for the support he’s given her.

Courtney tells Nikolas that they cannot assume that Jax has a secret about the baby. He asks her what else it could be. She asks if he really believes that Jax would falsify the parentage of a child and pretend it’s his own. He tells her he does not know. She tells him that she’s having second thoughts but she believes that they owe it to themselves to find out the truth.

Georgie tells Dillon that Diego did not try to pressure her. He reminds her that Diego violated her and Maxie and Brook Lynn and tried to pin it on him. He also reminds her that he held her at gunpoint and took her hostage. She tells him that Diego let her go and he cannot be so hard on him. Maxie then comes and tells Georgie that she cannot be serious about defending this guy after all the things he’s done.

In Jason’s hospital room, Sam tells him that she is staying there and they are going to have a real Christmas. They play rock-paper-scissors to determine if she stays or goes home.

Emily protests to Jax that she is not falling for Sonny. She is his kids’ godmother. He’s her brother’s best friend. She’s helping out with his kids and Sonny has been a good friend to her. Jax reminds her that Sonny drove his wife to a loony bin. He reminds her that Sonny has ruined the lives of all of his women. Hearing that, Emily tells Jax he has a wild imagination. He tells her that she is smart, wealthy and ambitious. She should have better sense than to fall for Sonny. She tells him, jokingly if he wants to believe that she’s having a thing with Sonny, he may do so.

Right then, Michael is making a video to send to his mom.

Lanie is right then, in Carly’s room asking her if she’s determined to get out of there in order to be with her children or to be with Sonny.

Georgie tells Dillon, Maxie, Brook Lynn and Lucas that Diego did not ask her to “help” him. He asked her to tell the truth. She protests that he blames himself and needs somebody to be on his side. They don’t understand why she wants to help Diego. She reminds them if somebody they loved got thrown into a freezer room and left to die, they do not know what they would have done. She also remembers that Diego’s father was devastated by what happened to his niece but had the decency not to get any of them in trouble. Maxie reminds her that maybe that’s because Lorenzo Alcazar is a career criminal himself and does not have the time or interest to get anybody else in trouble. Lucas also tells Georgie that she cannot be serious about making excuses for Diego or blaming herself for Sage’s death. She tells them that when Sage died, everybody stepped up to defend all of them. But right now, who is stepping up to defend Diego? Dillon tells her what about one of the best lawyers in the country. She says no. Brook Lynn asks Georgie how they can stand up for Diego after what he’s done to them. Maxie tells her that Diego is not the victim. They are. Dillon reminds her that Ken Carter got falsely accused of doing something he did not do. He got accused before Ken. Lucas got accused before him. And she and the others were afraid to pick up the phone. Dillon asks them how they might have felt if they’d been fighting for their lives the way Sage had. Can they imagine what she might have been thinking and feeling before Mary Bishop got to her and killed her? What if she was trying to get out, pounding on the door and screaming? Brook Lynn admits to George that they all made bad decision that night. But theat does not justify what Diego did. He must pay. But Georgie asks her how much and for how long Diego has to stay in prison. Until he’s old and decrepit and in a walker? How much does he have to suffer in order to make them all happy?

Lorenzo comes to talk to his son the interrogation room. He warns him that Durant will probably want to nail him for being the son of the guy who is divorcing his daughter. He tells Diego that he mustn’t play Durant’s game. The best way to fight him is to stay calm. Diego agrees. Lorenzo smiles. Right then, the guard comes to put Diego in cuffs and tells him it’s time. Diego then tells has father thank you.

Robin comes to see Jason bringing food, reminding him that she remembers how much he hates hospitals and hospital food. He tells her he remembers. She tells him that she wishes she could be as objective as he is. Especially when she’s doing her research. HE tells her that he owes her gratitude. She tells him that maybe she owes him gratitude for trusting her. She reminisces about their times together. She then excuses herself to go to a staff meeting but tells him that he may enjoy his sandwich.

Lanie tells Calry that nobody is asking her to let go of her children. Carly tells Lanie that she may be grateful to Emily for helping out with her kids. But she knows they need their mother. She tells Lanie she does not want to end up like Lorenzo. She asks Lanie if she knows that Lorenzo’s son is going on trial today. She tells her that Lorenzo blames himself for the trouble that Diego is in and he could use her support. Lanie asks Carly if she did not finalize her divorce. Carly tells Lanie she must get out and do something. Lanie asks Carly what the point is in being in the hospital if she’s leaving all the time. But Carly tells her she must make amends with Lorenzo. Lanie tells her she has some things to do so she will be happy to accompany her. She asks Calry if she will meet her in the lobby.

Patrick tells Robin that he knows she is not behaving professionally. And she needs to admit that she is still in love with Jason. Right then, Jason is ready to get out of bed. Patrick tells him he better get back into bed or he will have him physically restrained. He tells Jason if he wants to keep breathing, he better do as he says and he instructs Robin to put him back into bed. He leaves and Robin apologizes to Jason for his terrible behavior. Jason asks her if she puts up with people like him much of the time in her profession.

Georgie asks her friends how long they’d like for Diego to suffer. Dillon tells her that they do not get to decide that. IT’s up to the judge. Lorenzo enters the court room and is surprised to notice Skye. She tells him she is there to offer him and his son moral support. Carly and Lanie arrive and notice that Justus is representing Diego. Carly tells him she is there for Lorenzo and his son.. Lanie asks Justus why he is taking this case. Is he desperate for money? He tells her that he knows that Diego is a messed up kid who needs help and she should understand that. The go off together. Carly tells them she is fine being there by herself. But right then, she runs into Lorenzo and Skye together. Is she really ok that her soon-to-be ex-husband has moved on?

Jax tells Emily that his baby deserves to have two parents. She tells him that he cannot keep hanging onto Courtney. He must realize that Courtney is choosing to be with Nikolas. He tells her he’s determined to be a good father. She tells him that he must find a way to be a good father even if he does not get Courtney back. If he wants to be a good father, he must start acting like it.

Right then, Courtney and Nikolas are together looking like they plan on staying together.

Sam comes to see Jason knowing that he is not staying in bed. She tells him that she has a plan. She draws the shades and puts a scarf over the door window in order to have privacy. And she tells him she thought that maybe they could “recuperate” together. He asks her exactly what she has in mind. Robin goes outside and Patrick asks her if she “got Jason into bed”. She tells him he’s an idiot. He tells her he knows she still has feelings for him. She tells him that she and Jason have a history but she should not have to put up with him(Patrick). HE tells her she’s just jealous that he was able to save Jason but she could not. He also asks her why both she and Sam are in love with a drug dealer. He could see some obvious signs about Jason’s dirty business when that Manny dude came into his room and tried to kill him. She tells him that Jason is not a drug dealer. He’s a coffee importer.

Justus runs into a female lawyer he knows who informs him that Durant asked her to be the special prosecutor for Diego. He asks her if she’s doing Durant’s dirty work for him. She tells him she is not but she knows that Diego is guilty.

Carly and Skye are sitting in the courtroom, indirectly sniping about who is the “better woman” for Lorenzo. Right then the judge enters, asks everybody to sit and asks the prosecutor to come forward. She tells him her case is very simple. Diego Alcazar drugged, stalked and terrorized his closest friends for a long time. One of his victims was his former girlfriend. All of these young women trusted him He attempted to frame his male friends for the crime. He also robbed a diner, stole a gun and held a young woman hostage. But he accepts no responsibility and shows no remorse. He uses the excuse of concern for his cousin. Diego is an obvious case of a spoiled rich kid who will not own responsibility. Justus defends him admitting that Diego is a young person with some problems. He does show remorse for his actions and is not a threat to society. And he asks the court to show leniency.

Courtney and Nikolas go to Kelly’s. She realizes that all they can do is wait for the test results. He tells her that he would like very much to have a family with no complications with just the two of them and the baby.

In court, the prosecutor calls Detective Jesse Beaudry to the witness stand. Jesse testifies that Diego stole a gun and escaped from police custody with Georgie as a hostage. Brook Lynn then testifies that she discovered a picture he’d taken of her without her knowing, at the Pizza shack. The prosecutor asks her what kind of a picture. She admits she was naked, asleep and unaware that she was being photographed. The prosecutor asks her how she felt. She replies she felt dirty, disgusted and violated. And she cries. The prosecutor then calls Georgie to the witness stand and swears her in to tell the truth on the witness stand. She asks Georgie if Diego did threaten her life. Georgie admits yes.

Patrick tells Robin that he could clearly tell that Mr. Tattoo guy had a personal grudge against Jason. And then Sonny and Carly came to save him. She tells him that they saved Jason’s life. He tells her that if he was a murderer and Jason was his enforcer, he’d want to save him also. She tells him she does not appreciate his insinuations.

Right then, Jason and Sam are alone in his room. Carly comes barging in and tells Jason she really needs to talk to him. They both ignore her.

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