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After Jax catches Luke talking to Courtney and demands to know why he’s bothering her, she asks Jax to calm down and explains that Luke was just concerned about whether Carly was ready to handle having ownership of the metro court. Luke tells Jax he agrees and asks what his problem is.

Sam talks to Jason after the surgery. She tells him that she was so worried about what would happen. She tells him that the doctors, including Noah and Robin are amazing. Right then, Robin enters. He notices her. But she goes out the door looking uncomfortable to talk to him when he’s with Sam.

Skye follows Tracy into the police station asking her how she can be such a heartless witch to have Lulu arrested. Tracy asks Skye what part of herself being a victim doesn’t Skey understands. Lulu then comes out and Lucky asks Tracy what his sister did that was so terrible. Tracy tells him and tells Mac that Lulu stole from her wallet. Lulu then admits that she did steal form Tracy and if they let her out, she would do it again.

Jax tells Luke that he knows that he’s scheming to take the metro court from him. Right then, Luke gets a call from Skye informing him that Lulu has been arrested. He then excuses himself and tells Jax and Courtney that congratulations are in order for their baby. He tells them, sarcastically, that nothing brings people together quite like a bouncing bundle of joy. He leaves. Courtney asks Jax if Luke has a point that they are completely incompatible. He tells her that he knows everything is going to be just fine. But she does not look comfortable.

Nikolas goes to see Dr. Meadows and informs her that he wants to make sure that Courtney is ok. She confirms that she is releasing Courtney and she will be fine. He also tells her that Emily has been a little uncertain about whether she’s qualified to be a doctor. He informs Dr. Meadows that he knows that Emily has what it takes. She knew that Courtney needed and IV. And she has shown that she has what it takes to be a doctor many times. Dr. Meadows asks Nikolas what he wants her to do in regard to Emily. He tells her that she could encourage Emily to know that she will make a really good doctor.

Carly talks to Sonny in circles implying something about what she sees in regard to his “would-be” relationship with Emily. HE asks her what she is talking about.

Robin goes into Jason’s room. Sam asks her if Jason’s life can go back to the way it used to be. Robin tells her that that will be the decision of Dr. Patrick Drake. Right then, Carly barges in and tells Robin that now that she’s done her “good deed”, she can leave. Jason no longer needs her. Hearing that, Robin tells Carly that Jason is just recovering from brain surgery. So if anybody needs to leave him alone, it’s Carly. Carly ells Robin how dare she tells her she should leave. She cares about Jason more than anybody. Sam then asks carly to have a little consideration for Jason and stop the attitude. Sonny agrees that Carly needs to change her attitude. Carly goes to Jason and tells him he would be so proud of her if he’d known what she just did. She saw Manny and went in there and risked her life in order to get him away from Jason. She tells him that it does not matter what has happened as long as he is better. And all is right with the world. She asks Sonny if that is true. He seems to agree.

Robin goes outside and argues with Noah’s son. She tells him he is behaving like he does not care about Jason. He tells her that he believes she is completely transparent and he can tell her everyone about herself in a few minutes. Hearing that, she asks him to elaborate. He tells her he knows that she sits alone in her home every night. And all she thinks about is the time she gave her heart to somebody when it was a big mistake. Hearing that. She tells him he’s an arrogant jerk. He knows nothing about her or her life. She tells him all she cares about now is Jason. And she’s going to go and see if his father is available. She goes to look for Noah.

Lucky tells Lulu if she keeps acting out like this, she’s going to dig herself too far for him to dig her out. She doesn’t seem to want to change her behavior. Luke then arrives and angrily reminds Tracy that they had a deal that Lulu would pay off her debt by doing community services at the metro court. Tracy gloats and tells him that she wants Lulu arrested.

Monica asks Noah what his plans are. Does he plan to stay around Port Charles?. Alan tells Noah he understand all too well Noah’s problems with his son. He knows his own son, Jason could not stand the sight of him for a long, long time. Monica tells Noah that maybe he should not keep putting such a distance between himself and Patrick.

Emily tells Nikolas that he no longer needs to worry about her. He tells her he always worries about her. Right then, Courtney comes and Emily departs. He asks Courtney what she is doing outside. She informs him that Dr. Meadows released her. And she tells him there is something she needs to talk to him about in regard to Jax.

Patrick tells Robin and Sam that Jason is doing really nice. But he also sounds arrogant. He tells them that Jason cannot come home for Christmas. Sam is not ok with that. He reminds her that her boyfriend is alive and she should be grateful. He demands that Jason is on full bed rest for as long as he says. Jason argues. But he tells him if he so much as gets up and walks before it’s time, he could suffer a terrible trauma. He tells them he will not be held responsible for that. So he will have Jason in restraints if he has to. He’s not going to let anything or anybody stand in the way of his brilliant work.

Luke tells Tracy she needs to get off her high horse in refusing to forgive his daughter. She asks him how many times he’s put her son Dillon up to doing his dirty work for him. He has no reason to whine about how she’s treated his daughter. HE tells her he knows she’s acting as if this is “pay back” time. But he’s not going to let her take it out on his daughter. He tells her if she has a problem with him, she can bring it to him and leave Lulu out of this.

Nikolas asks Courtney what she believes is the biggest thing going on in Jax’s life right now.

Carly asks Emily how her (Carly’s) boys are. Emily tells Carly they are fine. Carly tells Emily she saw her talking to Sonny and saw the desire in her face. She tells Emily that she knows she once had those very same feelings for Sonny. Emily asks Carly if this is a therapeutic apology. She tells Carly she needs to focus on her own therapy instead of making wild accusations. Carly tells Emily that she intends to help her. She wants to give her a few lessons in “sisterhood”. She wants to warn her about Sonny’s patterns to possess certain women and how easily he gets bored and moves on as soon as anybody no longer holds his interest. Right then, Sonny appears and asks them what his going on.

Patrick tells Jason that he may think he’s a big shot. But in this hospital he (Patrick) is in charge. And Jason must follow his orders. He asks Jason, as well as Sam and Robin if that is understood. Robin tells him she doesn’t like his attitude. But when he leaves she admits to Jason that Patrick is right. If he wants to recover and get his life back, he will have to do what Patrick says. She leaves and Sam seems to also know that they are right.

In response to Sonny’s inquiry about what she and Carly were talking about, Emily tells him that Carly was sharing her “expertise” with her. She then pauses, and bluffs for Carly, that they were talking about how to take care of Michael and Morgan. She does not admit that they were talking about him.

Luke tells Tracy that he will sign whatever she wants just to get this over with. She asks him what has come over him and that she does not buy that he’s going to finally give up and not demand the money from her. He tells her that she’s not going to use his daughter as a hostage for her problems with him. She tells him that she’s not going to let him off so easily where Lulu just gets off the hook and can get away with anything. Mac then comes and demands to know what is going on and tells them that this is the police station, not a bargaining table for Luke, Tracy and Skye. Skye tells him that this woman (Tracy) is just using Lulu as a pawn in her chess game with Luke. He tells them that he could care less about Luke’s “personal life”. Lulu then speaks up and tells him that he should because this whole thing was caused in regard to her father’s personal life.

Courtney and Nikolas try to brainstorm about what kinds of secrets Jax may know in regard to the baby.

Alan and Monica come to see Jason. Alan tells his son he’s so glad he’s all right. He tells Jason he will have another chance at his life. Hearing that, Jason tells his father he knows what he’s about to say. But Alan tells him he doesn’t think so. He admits that for the longest time all he wanted for Jason was to get away from Sonny. But he now knows what is really important. He tells Jason that he respects whatever choice he makes in his life. He tells Jason he knows he needs to earn his respect. He tells him that maybe if that can happen, then good things will follow. He holds out his hand and Jason shakes it.

Patrick tells his father that he’s not going to use him for absolution for his being a crappy father. He tells him that he is what he is because and in spite of his father. And he walks away.

Lulu gets a bunch of people in the station to watch her give a speech about Luke’s scheme to get Tracy hammered and marry her. He schemes with both Tracy and Skey. Tracy schemes with Luke and the money. And she tells them that she is stuck in the middle. And the burning question is whether she goes to jail or not. Tracy then comes up to the board and says that nobody is going to jail. But if Luke thinks she’s going to give him the money he wants, he is crazier than his whack-job niece.

Nikolas and Courtney conclude that Jax must be scheming something. He might not even be her baby’s father. So they need to get his DNA. Hearing that, she tells him she will deal with Jax herself.

Luke meets up with Skye and thanks her for helping him out with this. He informs her that Tracy agreed to drop the charges against Lulu. But she reminds him that he and Tracy are still married. She tells him she cannot do this any longer. She cannot just wait for him. He tells her that he can see that this is the end. She is done with him. But she surprises him and tells him it’s just the opposite and she kisses him.

Right then, Courtney goes to see Jax and tells him she needs a favor from him. She tells him she knows that it’s a bad idea for Carly to have equal partnership of the metro court. She is in too much of an emotionally fragile state. He tells her he agrees but it’s too late. The deal is already done. He asks her to join him for dinner though. Right then, Nikolas is not far away. And he collects a glass with Jax’s fingerprints on it. Looks like he’s ready to test it for DNA.

Patrick is standing outside by himself in the snow. A Santa Clause rings a bell. Patrick ignores him but then decides to donate some money and give him a tip. Robin then comes out and he tells her he was just trying to get rid of the old guy. She reminds him that he said that Noah has nothing to do with who he is. She asks him what terrible thing his father might have done to him. He tells her he knows she’d like to discuss this but he has to go.

In Jason’s room, Sam has Christmas plans for him. Sonny informs him that Emily is going to be with the children. Only Carly is not ok with the arrangement. Sam is alone with Jason and kisses him. Sonny and Emily walk together happily talking about the plans with the boys. Only Carly walks alone. She asks Emily if she can tell the boys that their mother loves them. Sonny walks Emily to the elevator. She departs. Sonny tells carly that he knows she’s angry with him. So she must say what is on her mind. She tells him that what she wants to say is that she believes that Emily is in love with him.

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