GH Update Monday 12/12/05

General Hospital Update Monday 12/12/05


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

At the metro court, Luke tries to charm Skye. She tells him she knows that he’s trying to manipulate her into getting Jax to sign over the metro court to Carly.

Nikolas is with Emily in Sonny’s. He tells her that he will be there for her even though they are divorcing. Right then, unknown to Emily, Courtney is lying on the couch after falling.

In the OR, all the doctors are scrounging to save Jason’s life. And right then, unseen by everybody, Manny Ruiz walks in disguised in doctor’s scrubs. Nobody can recognize his tattoos. Only Carly who is outside looking through the windows knows that something is not right and knows that that guy is not supposed to be there.

Right then, Sonny is instructing Max to make sure that there is top security during Jason’s surgery.

Luke sits by the fireplace and tells Skye that sometimes inspiration flows from places where you’d never expect to find it. He tells her one example is Carly. She was pretty savvy to marry Lorenzo Alcazar. She knew that he was filthy rich. And she walked away with a big payment. Skye tells him that he looks pretty sure of himself. He tells her he feels pretty ok. She asks why Carly didn’t just hang onto Lorenzo’s money. He tells her that Carly made the right choice. Why would she want to remain married to Lorenzo and ineffective when she can have all the power of shareholding of ELQ? Skey tells Lorenzo that she’s not about to double-cross Jax. She reveals that she believes that Jax got double-crossed by Courtney and Nikolas. He lost his baby. And now Carly is trying to double-cross him. He informs her that Jax is not so innocent and he knows that Jax is ready to pay to keep the truth hidden.

Right then, at Sonny’s, Nikolas and Emily are ready to take Courtney to the emergency room. Courtney asks them why that is necessary. He tells her that he doesn’t want to take any chances with what could happento the baby.

At the hospital, Sonny knows that something is going on. He tells Monica that he’s worried about a lunatic running around. He notices that another patient got stabbed and robbed by a strange suspect. He seems to know that it must be Immanuel Ruiz. Manny must have stolen somebody else’s ID. Right then, Carly is ready to sneak into the OR disguised as a doctor. She is ready to expose Manny. But he grabs her and reveals his identity to everybody in the OR. He laughs and tells them that he likes this. He holds Carly hostage. He tells the doctors that a good way to keep their insurance costs down is to stand by and watch Jason die.

Outside Jason’s room, Sam tells Sonny he has to do something. He then goes in and points a gun at Manny. He demands that Manny lets Carly go.

Skye tells Luke that he cannot tell a profitable scheme from one that would have the capacity to shatter people’s lives. She tells him that she knows that in the end, he will get what he deserves. He asks her if that means rich. She tells him that that means double-crossed. She tells him that she knows that Carly is just going to use him. She’s not going to benefit him from helping him.

Jax comes to the Quartermaine’s. Tracy asks him how he made it all the way there in the snow. He tells her he’s there to see her. He tells her she’s the only person who can help him. She tells him she would offer him a hot toddy but Alice no longer serves anybody except Luke. Jax asks her if it’s true that Luke will not divorce her until she coughs up 15 million dollars. She asks if he has anything on Luke. Jax informs her that Luke wants to help Carly into partnership of the metro court. And he’d like to get Luke out of the equation. She tells him that for monetary reasons she’s not about to divorce her loathsome husband.

Sonny tells Manny he better let go of Carly and get out of the OR or he will blow Manny’s head off. Manny laughs and reminds them that he’s shut off all the power. He also tells them that the only light they will have will enable them to see Carly bleed to death if Sonny does not put down the gun.

Luke returns home. Tracy informs him of the very interesting meeting she had with Mr. Jax. Lulu then comes out and informs her father that Tracy refused to help Jax disarm Luke from helping Carly take over the metro court. Hearing that, Luke laughs and asks Tracy if that really means that she does care for him. He congratulates his daughter for hearing the conversation and telling him everything and informs them that that must mean that Mr. Jax is running scared.

Nikolas and Emily take Courtney to the hospital. They notice that Emily has something on her mind. She is uneasy about her medical instincts.

While Manny is holding Carly hostage in the OR, Sonny tells him that he is cornered and has nowhere to hide. He tells him that he suggests that Manny leaves them all alone. Because if he does not, then he is a rat in a trap. Manny then walks out the door with Carly and does not listen to Sonny. He takes Carly out the door. But right then, Sam comes behind him and knocks him over. But he runs after Carly and catches her again. Sonny then holds the gun on him. Manny demands that Sonny drops it. Sonny looks like he’s going to. But he informs Manny that the cops will soon be there. Sonny then fires a shot and Manny is down seconds before the cops come. He tells Carly she was awesome.

Luke informs Tracy that there is a witness that she wants to stay married to him. He looks at Lulu. Tracy tells him that his delinquent daughter is no witness to anything. She tells him that from now on, he will toe her line. Lulu tells Luke that she will never see Tracy as her stepmother. She reminds her father that she has a mother. And she has not forgotten her, unlike some people. She asks her father why the two of them have to move all around and know that nobody likes them. Hearing that, Tracy tells them that it’s very amusing that Luke Spencer and his low-life teenage daughter have to run from tenement to tenament and are not wanted anywhere.

When Courtney is in the hospital, Dr. Meadows informs Emily that she hesitated in saving Courtney. Hearing that, Nikolas asks Emily why she doesn’t just trust her instincts the same way he knows that he trusts her.

Bobbie treats Carly for injuries. Sonny asks her if she is ok. She tells her mother and soon-to-be ex-husband that she is fine. She’s just concerned about Jason. Alone with her daughter, Bobbie tells Carly that she wants to call Lanie. She is worried about what is going on with Carly. Bobbie then confronts Sonny about letting Carly endanger herself in the ER. She reminds him that only surgeons who are perfectly scrubbed should be there. Sam comes to Sonny’s defense informs Bobbie that Manny snuck in their to kill Jason and Sonny had no choice. Bobbie then reminds them both that Sonny is the reason why Manny came into town in the first time.

Noah’s son informs Jason’s family and friends that there is no way to predict when or if Jason will regain consciousness.

Luke finds Jax outside the metro court. Jax asks Luke if he is following him now. Luke tells Jax no. He’s just there to meet with his lovely niece who is going to have full partnership of his hotel. Luke gloats and departs.

In the hospital, Carly tells her mother that maybe she should be honest with at least one person. And maybe that person should be her mother. She admits to Bobbie that she is not over Sonny. She then tells her that she wants to get on with her life. She tells her that it’s all too common to yearn for that one true love. But when you do that, it consumes you. She tells Bobbie that she wants and needs to find herself. She intends to do that. But she wishes she could do that with Sonny in her life. Bobbie tells her daughter that she knows that she’s going to do it one way or another. And she tells her she is so proud of her. She hugs Carly. Carly tells her mother that she’s going to go out on her own. Bobbie tells her she must page her if she needs her. Sonny then comes in and informs Calry that Jason is alive but they do not know anything more than that.

When Courtney is in her hospital room, Emily informs her that Jason is having surgery not far away. Courtney is shocked. Emily tells Courtney that she’s glad she is ok and she departs. Alone with Nikolas, Courtney tells him that she knows that Emily is uneasy about something. He tells her that he knows that Emily is still blaming herself for Reese’s death. Courtney asks what Emily needs in order to heal after what happened. He tells her she just needs time. Courtney tells Nikolas she knows that after Emily was raped, she has needed time to build up her confidence. And she seems to know that Nikolas might still want to be there to offer support to his ex wife.

Alone with Noah, Bobbie tells him that she remembers what an awesome doctor her was. He talks about his arrogant son. She tells him she understands all too well with her wild daughter Carly. They talk about what it was like for both of them to be young parents and have wild children. She tells him that he did really good work in there. She leaves. Robin enters and asks Noah for his signature on the OR report. He admits that he knows his son did a great job handling a crisis. She tells him that he could not have saved Jason’s life without the help of his father. Noah’s son comes out. And they both commend each other on the good work.

Monica and Sam stand by unconscious Jason after the surgery. Sam asks Monica what she thinks and feels. Monica informs Sam that she is cautiously optimistic. She then turns to face Sam and tells her perhaps she owes her an apology for going off on Sonny. She knows that he only acted to save Jason. Sam tells Monica she had every right to be worried.

Skye returns to the Quartermaine house. Tracy tells her she’s so happy she is there. She tells her that Luke is getting a little too overconfident. She informs her that Lulu has a little problem with theft involving wallets and cars and jewelry. Skey asks Tracy what she has done. Right then, the cops come and inform Lulu that they have a warrant for her arrest. Skye protest that there must be some sort of mistake. Tracy says there is no mistake. She knows that Lulu stole $15 thousand from her. And the cops may take her and hold her in the station until when or if her father comes and bails her out. The cops read Lulu her rights and take her away.

Meanwhile, Luke is in the hospital, busy with something else. He then notices Courtney is in the hospital. He asks her if she’s seen Carly. Courtney informs Luke that she’s worried about Carly. She knows that her friend is not emotionally ready to run a hotel. He tells her she need not worry. Because Carly is not in charge of the show. He is. Right then, Jax rushes into Courtney’s room, making it very obvious how possessive he still is of her.

Robin finds Noah’s son and admits that he was extraordinary today. He saved Jason’s life. But he seems very arrogant.

Outside in the waiting room, Sonny talks to carly about her returning to Roselawn. She tells him that she cannot go anywhere until she knows that Jason is ok. Right then, Emily enters and tells Sonny that she has no clue how Manny got into the ER. She apologizes for Monica blaming him. But Sonny tells Emily that Monica was not wrong in blaming him for Manny coming into town and terrorizing everybody. Emily tells Sonny that she will convince her parents that he is a good guy no matter what. They act all friendly together. Carly watches them with a frown on her face.

Sam talks to unconscious Jason about how he is so special to her. He always listens to her when she talks and understands her so well. He accepts her for all of her weirdness. She tells him that she’s never been loved by anyone. She’s always been wrong. But she tells him with him, she is enough. She is complete. And right then, he opens his eyes and seems to hear her. She smiles. He asks her if it has happened. He asks her about Manny. She tells him that Manny is under arrest and his surgery has been a success and he will be ok. She cries with joy.

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