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General Hospital Update Friday 12/31/04



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METRO COURT: Jax and Courtney walk into the main room of the hotel. They are both dressed up -- Jax is in a tuxedo and Courtney is in a slinkly black costume, her blond hair is touched up with blackish-highlights here and there. They are excited about the party -- they kiss.

METRO COURT HOTEL ROOM: (note: I'm not exactly sure what room this is so I'm just going to guess that it's one of the rooms on the upper levels of Metro Court) It is time to prepare Connor to act like Nikolas. Luke's hair is spiky and tinted slightly green. Connor is in a black costume. Emily is in an Oriental style dress wth a very large, elaborate wig. Luke thinks that Connor is doing a horrible job at imitating Nikolas.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason comes in to find that Sam has decorated the penthouse for New Year's Eve. Sam thinks that if they are going to spend the night at home they should celebrate -- or, she wonders, maybe Jason would like to go to the big party at Metro Court? Jason doesn't say anything at first.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny is enjoying a quiet night at home when suddenly Carly and Steven -- with Michael and Morgan in tow -- come in. Carly is dressed in black dress with a short, feathery tutu-style skirt, along with a red turban topped with black feathers. Steven is in a spider-web decorated suit with his hair (normally curly) slicked back straight to the side. They are on their way to the party at the hotel. Carly wants to know if Sonny can watch the boys tonight since she has given Leticia the night off. Steven notes that, as Sonny can see, he and Carly have plans.

METRO COURT HOTEL ROOM: Luke thinks that there is something wrong with Connor's Nikolas imitation -- that Connor is too casual. Skye enters the room dressed as Lady Godiva -- she's in a silver, sequined dress and her hair is done up in curls. Luke is impressed with the costume. He then tries to instruct Connor, saying that Nikolas grew up believing he was better than everyone else, so Connor must act like that. Emily steps in, saying that Nikolas never believed that. Luke disagrees and reminds them all that Connor must act like Nikolas if he's going to fool Helena.

METRO COURT BALLROOM: In the ballroom the party is already getting into full swing. Dillon (who is dressed in a silver-sprinkled suit, his hair gelled and sticking up with blue highlights) asks Tracy (who is dressed in a purple and green tinted top hat and matching outfit) to remember that she has to stay quiet about "Nikolas" being at the party. Tracy tells him not to worry.

Meanwhile, Jax and Courtney are welcoming Brook Lynn (who is done up in a black and purple costume -- her hair is styled wildly with purple highlights) and Lois (who is dressed in a red and orange costume -- with a flaming red wig to match). Lois wonders if the sparkle in Jax's eyes was put there by the party or Courtney? Courtney smiles. Felicia and Georgie also make their entrance -- Felicia is in a black dress adorned with black feathers...Georgie is in a red/gold tutu, and she's also wearing a matching mask. Felicia tells Jax and Courtney that Mac will be along later. She and Georgie drift inside and Felicia gives Georgie permission to say hello to Dillon but not to spend the whole evening with him as she is still grounded. At that moment, Bobbie (dressed in a black, feather-y costume with a mask) comes over and Felicia says hello to her.

Georgie goes over to Dillon, who is excited to see her. He says that he would ask her to dance but they have a plan (Luke's plan) to follow through with.

Brook Lynn is watching Georgie and Dillon wistfully. She is obviously wondering about Diego. She walks over to Courtney and asks her if Diego will be showing up at the party. Courtney says she hopes so, noting that she got him a costume to wear if he decided to come. Brook also asks Courtney if Lorenzo Alcazar is coming.

METRO COURT BALCONY: Lois walks outside where she finds Lorenzo. He is dressed in a suit -- half of the suit looks normal and the other half is an inky-black spotted with various designs. He tells Lois that she looks beautiful and she thanks him, but says that unfortunately she has come to tell him that the kiss the other day doesn't change anything between them. Lorenzo is disappointed but notes that if he was a parent in Lois' position he would do the same.

MARIA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Diego is sitting at Maria's bedside -- she is still unconcious. Mac is questioning him. Diego tells Mac that Lorenzo Alcazar is responsible for beating up Maria. He wants Lorenzo arrested immediately.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Michael is playing with toys while Morgan sits nearby. Sonny is a little annoyed that Carly didn't call and give him a heads-up before showing up on his doorstep. Carly didn't think there was a point since she was sure Sonny wouldn't have plans. At that moment, Alexis (dresed in a maroon-colored costume, her hair curled with matching highlights), Ric (dressed in a suit, his hair spiked, wearing tinted glasses) and Kristina enter -- apparently Sonny told Alexis that he could spend a quiet night alone wth Kristina. Alexis, looking around, notes that that obviously won't be happening now.

Carly and Steven leave, with Steven wishing Sonny a good evening on the way out. As they go to the elevator Carly can barely contain her amusement. She thinks that Sonny alone in the penthouse with all of his kids while they are out at a party is justice -- and that it's this that makes the divorce fun.

Back in the penthouse, Alexis and Ric are getting ready to leave Kristina. Alexis says that there are lots of books in Kristina's bag that Sonny and Michael can read to her. Alexis seems reluctant to leave but eventually does so. As they go out to the elevator, Ric reminds her that she needs to get used to Sonny being in Kristina's life.

Meanwhile, Sonny is alone with all three kids. Kristina accidentally shatters a water glass. Michael is playing with a noisy toy. Sonny looks like he is in over his head.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam is trying to convince Jason that it might be fun to go to the costume party at the hotel. Jason doesn't want to go, so Sam agrees that they will just stay home. Sam wants him at least to wear the gold, sparkly top hat she got him. Jason doesn't want to do that either. Instead he puts it on Sam's head.

METRO COURT HOTEL ROOM: Liz is out in the hallway outside of the hotel room -- she is dressed up in a hot pink and black dress with a huge, wide-brimmd hat. Lucky (who is in a metallic colored suit) compliments her on the outfit. They gon inside the room where Luke (who is now in a green and black sparkly suit) is talking to the others. He is giving instructions regarding Helena. He wants them all to wait until Helena shows her hand. He then puts on a green mask that matches his suit.

METRO COURT BALCONY: Lorenzo thinks that Lois wants to break up with him partly because she doesn't want to get in any deeper than she already is. They are about to kiss again but Lois pulls away and is about to go back inside when Lorenzo asks her for just one more dance. Lois agrees. They start to dance outside under the moonlight when suddenly Mac shows up to arrest Lorenzo for the beating of Maria Sanchez. Lorenzo looks surprised.

METRO COURT LOBBY: Steven and Carly have arrived in the lobby of Metro Court. Steven points out that Jax knows how to impress a girl -- by naming a five star hotel after her. Courtney herself enters and says hello to both of them. Steven leaves as Courtney has to talk to Carly alone. She quickly tells Carly that Lorenzo is Diego's father. Carly is shocked but warns Courtney not to keep it a secret from Lorenzo and Diego.

THE POLICE STATION: Mac is interrogating Lorenzo in the interrogation room, with Lois and Diego present. Diego is insistant that Lorenzo is the one who beat up Maria and Mac tells Lorenzo that they found Maria's blood in Lorenzo's apartment. Lois is trying to defend Lorenzo. Unfortunately for Diego, it appears that the doorman at Lorenzo's apartment saw a Hispanic man in his mid-40's going up to Lorenzo's floor at about the time Maria was attacked. They are forced to release Lorenzo against Diego's protests. Diego snaps that he should have known not to come to the police for justice -- he stalks out of the station.

METRO COURT BALLROOM: Lucky and Elizabeth are looking around for Helena. They think they see her but it turns out to be another woman with a similar hairstyle to Helena's.

Meanwhile, Tracy approaches Felicia (who is talking with Bobbie) and informs her that Dillon and Georgie have gone off somewhere together. Tracy also thinks that Georgie is getting Dillon into trouble. Felicia tells Tracy that if she dares to insult Georgie, Felicia will have Tracy thrown out of the party. Felicia then leaves.

Bobbie breezes past Tracy and runs into John, who is dressed in a blue outfit with a large, gold mask. She is surprised to see him. Apparently he is hoping to run into Carly. He tells Bobbie that he will always be grateful that she and Carly are in his life.

Alexis and Ric have arrived. Alexis doesn't feel comfortable in her costume...she wants to go home. Ric tells her that she doesn't know how to have fun and is a big drag. Alexis starts to down a drink, saying that maybe after a few of them she will start to feel more comfortable.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny's penthouse is chaotic -- Michael is playing with toys and Morgan is crying at the top of his lungs. Sonny calms down Morgan and is about to leave the room to get something from the kitchen when suddenly there is a crash -- he turns around and sees that a tray of glasses has toppled to the ground. Michael says that Kristina broke it while trying to get a glass of water. Sonny picks up Kristina and takes her and Michael over to the stairs, where he asks them to stay still until he gets back. He goes out into the hallway and asks Max to watch the kids and make sure they don't move. Then he goes across the hall to get Jason. When he walks into Jason's penthouse he is surprised to see Sam holding a baby.

Sam tries to explain to Sonny that she helped deliver the baby over Christmas. Jason comes downstairs, Sonny informs him of the situation with the kids in his own penthouse. Jason goes across the hall. Sam then tells Sonny the rest of the story -- that a teenager gave birth to the baby at Kelly's and could not take care of it, so she and Jason are going to raise it together. Sam explains that she thinks that it's fate that she happened to be at Kelly's that night. Sonny seems skeptical.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Jason calms the kids down and then asks Michael how the tray of glasses fell. He knows that Michael -- not Kristina -- did it, and tells Michael that if he wants to spend time alone with Sonny without Kristina, he should just tell his dad that. Michael says that he wasn't trying to blame Kristina to get rid of her...that he just wanted Sonny to admit that he needed help, and then call Carly to come and stay with them. Jason explains to Michael that nothing Michael does is going to make his parents get back together.

METRO COURT BALLROOM: More and more people are arriving at the party. Carly, while walking around, catches sight of Lorenzo. She goes over to him. He seems happy to see her. She says she wants to talk to him about something.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth confronts Steven on his choice of dates -- she has issues with Carly and says that Carly and Steven shouldn't be together. Steven reminds her that he can take care of himself. Elizabeth points out Lorenzo and thinks that he, not Steven, is more Carly's type.

Back to Lorenzo and Carly -- she is trying to talk to him but is interrupted when her cell phone rings. She takes the call as Lorenzo watches her.

Luke walks in and takes his place next to Skye. He thinks that Helena is definitely present at the's just a matter of waiting for her to reveal herself.

Felicia is walking to another part of the ballroom when she bumps into John Durant, knocking his drink out of his hands. She apologizes but he says that it's all right. They introduce themselves -- Felicia is happy to finally meet the mysterious DA.

Alexis and Ric are dancing. She thinks that he's a very good dancer -- she is obviously having more fun. They are surprised to see Emily and "Nikolas" (Connor) walk in as are several other guests (including Tracy). Half of Connor's face is masked. Alexis can't believe it -- she reminds Ric that Nikolas is supposed to be in prison.

A few feet away, Skye tells Luke that Emily and Connor certainly made an entrance. She and Luke spot a masked woman in a lavender colored costume watching Emily and Connor. Skye points her out and thinks that that must be Helena.

Emily and Connor go over to Alexis and fill her in on their plan. Alexis reminds them that she is planning to appeal the decision to imprison Nikolas for life. Emily urges Alexis to go along with their plan anyway and Alexis agrees.

METRO COURT ELEVATOR: Diego is in an elevator at Metro Court -- he is dressed in a snazzy suit and he also has a gun with him. He is determined to find Lorenzo and kill him.

METRO COURT BALLROOM: Alexis goes back over to Ric -- she is, at this point, a bit tipsy. She tells him that she feels bad having fun when Nikolas is in prison. Ric thinks that Nikolas wouldn't want her to feel guilty. She says that she is very happy right now...she has Kristina and she has Ric. They kiss.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny comes back into his penthouse and finds Jason, who tells him that all of the kids are asleep. Sonny is aware that it was Michael that smashed the glasses on the tray. Jason tells him that Michael did it because he was hoping Sonny would get fed up and call Carly to come and help him take care of the kids. The conversation turns to Sam and Jason's desire to adopt the teenager's baby. Sonny asks Jason if he really wants to do this. Jason says he feels ready, and besides, he wants to be with Sam and it's what she wants. Sonny urges that Jason be cautious.

METRO COURT BALLROOM: Diego meets up with Brook Lynn -- she is happy to see him until she realizes that he has a gun. He says he is going to get the truth from Lorenzo tonight.

Emily, Connor, Elizabeth and Lucky are standing in a little huddle. They think that the masked guest in lavender is Helena. Emily thinks that they should give her a chance to follow them. Elizabeth and Lucky go back to dancing and Emily and Nikolas walk out of the room. The woman in lavender follows them. Luke and Skye see this, and follow her out of the room as well.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason comes back to the penthouse and he and Sam talk about how Sonny lectured them about how it is too soon to be doing this -- raising another baby together. Jason thinks that it is too soon as well, but he notes that they don't have a choice, because Bridget cannot raise the the baby needs them now. Sam is happy that he agrees with her.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny is finally able to relax with all of the kids upstairs asleep. Suddenly Carly comes bursting through the door -- she has returned from the party because Michael called her and told her that Morgan was sick. Sonny says that Morgan is not sick. They see Michael listening to them from a hiding place on the stairs. Carly goes to run after him and trips. Sonny catches her.

METRO COURT LOBBY: Emily, Nikolas and the lavender costumed woman are watching the countdown in Times Square on the television monitor. Luke comes up behind the mysterious woman, grabs her and pulls her mask off. But unfortunately it is not Helena. Luke is caught off guard.

MONTAGE: An instrumental of "Auld Lang Syne" plays in the background against a series of scenes as the clock strikes midnight:

* Jax and Courtney kiss.

* Lois and Lorenzo kiss...then they pull away and both walk away from one another.

* Elizabeth and Lucky kiss.

* Dillon rushes out into the hallway, finds Georgie and kisses her.

* Bobbie is talking and laughing with Steven.

* John kisses Felicia.

* Alexis and Ric are kissing.

* Jax, seeing Lois, goes over and gives her a quick kiss. Courtney, distracted, leaves the ballroom.

* In Jason's penthouse, Sam throws glitter everywhere and blows a noise maker in Jason's face. He pulls her down on the couch next to him and they look at one another...then he kisses her.

* In Sonny's penthouse, Sonny pours Carly a drink and sits next to her on the couch. They look at one another but don't kiss.

METRO COURT BALCONY: Lorenzo is outside walking on the balcony. Diego also goes out to the balcony, points his gun at Lorenzo and says that this shot is going to be for his father. Lorenzo looks surprised. Suddenly, before Diego can shoot, Courtney comes running outside as well. She tells Diego to stop -- and that Lorenzo is his real father. Diego and Lorenzo both look shocked.

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