GH Update Thursday 12/30/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/30/04



By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

METRO COURT: Jax has just been showing Courtney through his new hotel, which will be the site of a New Year's Eve costume party. Jax notes that Courtney is worried about telling Diego the truth, that Lorenzo is his father. At that moment, Diego comes in and asks Courtney about the test results: is Lorenzo his dad?

THE HAUNTED STAR: Georgie and Dillon stumble upon Luke who is listening to Skye (in the main part of the casino) through a walkie-talkie -- Skye is grilling Tracy about Helena.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason returns from the store with baby things to find a very happy Sam. She tentatively asks him if he thinks they are doing the right thing.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Skye is still trying to get information on Helena from Tracy. Tracy gets annoyed and leaves. Luke explains to Dillon and Georgie that he and Skye are trying to clear Nikolas by finding Helena (who they think is alive). Dillon and Georgie are skeptical. Luke wants to be the one to kill Helena. Skye comes into the room and says that she wasn't the right one to ask Tracy -- she wonders if there is one person in the world that Tracy trusts? They both turn to look at Dillon.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason reminds Sam that he was already planning to ask her to move back in even before the baby. Sam asks him again -- is this what he wants, though? He doesn't answer. Suddenly the baby starts to cry and Sam runs up to take care of it.

KELLY'S: Ned and Brook Lynn are at Kelly's -- he's talking to her about her relationship with Diego. He blames Diego for the situations Brook has been in in the past few weeks. Brook insists that Ned not blame Diego and then points out that Lois has been doing the same exact thing (making an insinuation about Lois' relationship with the dangerous Lorenzo). Lois walks in and asks Brook what she means?

METRO COURT: Courtney lies and tells Diego that the test proved with 99% certainty that Lorenzo Alcazar is not his father. Diego says that that then means that Lorenzo killed his real father -- he wants to make Lorenzo pay, as a matter of honor. Courtney and Jax try to talk him out of it and he agrees to forget about revenge. He leaves the hotel. Courtney turns to Jax and admits that she doesn't believe Diego. Jax tells her the only way to stop Diego from getting killed is to tell him the truth.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Georgie is worried about Skye and Luke's plan to use Dillon to pump Tracy for information. Luke reassures her and says they will start their plan tonight.

KELLY'S: Brook Lynn leaves Kelly's after her mom shows up and Lois takes her place at the table with Ned. They discuss her relationship with Lorenzo and how it is comparable (in Ned and Brook's eyes) to Brook's relationship with Diego. Ned mentions that eventually, if Brook remains with Diego, she might sleep with him...and that she will never break up with him as long as her mother is with Lorenzo. Ned tells Lois to just think about it. Then he leaves Kelly's.

METRO COURT: Jax thinks Diego has a right to know who his father is, even if the father is Lorenzo. He also points out that Diego is going to try to kill Lorenzo since he is now convinced that Lorenzo is his father's murderer. Jax leaves to go look at some plans, but not without telling Courtney that whatever her decision his concerning what she's going to tell Diego, he will support her choice. He then leaves. After he's gone, Maria (who has overheard their conversation) comes in and introduces herself to Courtney. Courtney is happy to meet her. Maria asks Courtney to please help her keep from Diego a secret that will tear his life apart.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam and Jason are downstairs with the baby. Sam's trying to feed her with little success. Jason takes over, though he thinks eventually Sam will get the hang of it.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Dillon comes through the main part of the casino and runs into Tracy. She points out that they haven't had a chance to talk anymore since he moved out of the Quartermaine mansion and into the casino. Just then Luke, Georgie and Skye come out into the main part of the casino. Luke goes straight to Dillon and tells him he was searching his room and found money Dillon "stole" from the casino hidden there. (This is obviously a set-up they are acting out for Tracy's benefit.) Luke fires Dillon and tells him to move out immediately. Tracy wants Dillon to move back in with her, noting that it would make her happy. Dillon "reluctantly" agrees and they leave together. The plan is officially in motion.

THE DOCKS: Brook and Diego meet up on the docks. He tells her the news of the paternity test -- that Lorenzo is not his father. He also tells her that he intends to kill Lorenzo.

METRO COURT: Courtney asks Maria why she doesn't keep him safe from Lorenzo by taking Diego to live with her in Mexico? Maria says the man she is with now would not understand how she used to have another life. As Maria talks Courtney puts together the pieces and asks Maria -- Diego is not her brother, he's her son? Maria admits that it is true. She starts to cry a little but pulls herself together to tell Courtney her story. She was away from her parents in Cancun when she got involved with Lorenzo. She became addicted to drugs (which upset him). One day when she was sneaking out into an alley to get a fix -- Lorenzo got suspicious and followed her. There, his rivals were waiting. They shot him. Shortly afterward Maria found out she was pregnant by him. She ran to America where she had Diego. She begs Courtney not to tell Diego the truth. Courtney agrees.

THE DOCKS: Brook does not want Diego to go after Lorenzo. Diego notes that he just needs some alone time to figure it out. (Lois is watching them from a few feet away.) He and Brook agree to meet up later -- they kiss and he takes off. Lois comes up to Brook and tells Brook that she is planning to break up with Lorenzo.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Luke talks briefly to Emily and Lucky on the phone -- once he's off the phone he tells Skye that they found Connor. Skye is impressed. Luke outlines the plan...they will fix Connor up like Nikolas and dangle him like bait until Helena comes out of hiding. Skye wonders why Connor would agree to help and Luke responds that Connor is probably in love with Emily. He and Skye kiss a little in celebration of their plan.

KELLY'S: Tracy is sitting at a table with Dillon watching him eat. She asks him if he was stealing money from Luke to buy drugs. Dillon denies it and mentions that he would never do anything to hurt his relationship with Georgie -- Dillon says that he and Georgie are meant to be together no matter what. He compares their relationship to that of Nikolas and Emily's, noting that they went through so many obstacles to be together and surpassed them all. Tracy points out that Emily has been alone, "sobbing into bed pans" because of her seperation from Nikolas. Dillon laughs and says that Emily and Nikolas are not as apart as Tracy thinks. Tracy is intrigued and Dillon tells her that Connor and Nikolas pulled a prison switch -- Connor is and Nik is out. He also mentions that Nikolas is probably going to be at the New Year's Eve party at the hotel. He asks his mother not to tell anyone. Tracy tells him to go outside and tell the driver to start the car. Dillon does so. After he leaves, Tracy contacts someone on her cell phone and relays the information -- that Nikolas (who, Tracy notes, the person on the other end of the line is just dying to see) will be at the party. Dillon remains watching Tracy from the window.

METRO COURT: Jax comes back to the little area of the hotel where Courtney is sitting by herself, glumly. She tells him about Maria -- that Maria is Diego's mother and that now there's yet another reason not to tell Diego the truth about Lorenzo being his father.

LORENZO'S APARTMENT: Maria is at Lorenzo's trying to find him. But apparently Eduardo has followed her there...he confronts her with what he has found out about her past (as the former girlfriend of an arms dealer who fathered her bastard child). She slaps him when he calls her a whore. He tells her that she's going to regret that.

THE DOCKS: Lorenzo and Lois meet up on the docks -- he wants to make plans with her but she says that they can't do anything together anymore.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam comes back downstairs and finds Jason sitting in the living room by himself. She is surprised to see him, as she thought he might be out working or something. Jason tells her that he is glad that she and the baby are with him...but that he can't trust enough in it to be completely happy.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Luke tells Skye that he found out that Tracy made a phone call to someone about Nikolas being at the New Year's Eve party. He has bought costumes for him and Skye to wear. He wants Skye to be Lady Godiva and he will be her horse.

LORENZO'S APARTMENT: Diego comes into Lorenzo's apartment and finds Maria laying on the floor. She has been knocked out. He rushes to her side and holds her in his arms. He asks who did this to her -- was it Lorenzo? She, of course, doesn't answer. Diego decides that it was Lorenzo and, pulling a gun out of his pocket, he vows that he will make Lorenzo pay.

THE DOCKS: Lorenzo asks Lois why she is suddenly blowing him off. Lois says that she can't set a good example for Brook by dating him. She wants Brook and Diego to break up. Lorenzo wants to know how she feels about him and about them. They kiss.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason explains to Sam that he realized when she lost the baby that he had already imagined the whole first year of the baby's life. Now they have another baby and he isn't sure what to feel. He says what he does know is that they are going to have one another no matter what happens. Sam says that that is all she needed to hear.

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