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Carly returns to hers’ and Sonny’s home. He enters. She informs him that she’s just there to grab some stuff to take to her new place. He tells her that she is not moving into that apartment. It is not safe. She tells him that since they are in the process of getting a divorce, he cannot tell her where she can live. He tells her he will help her find another place to live. She tells him he needs to stay out of her business. He asks if, in the event he does not, will she “sick Durant on him”? She asks why he’d bring that up. He informs her for the first time that the previous day, Durant informed him that he would represent his daughter in divorce proceedings. Hearing that for the first time, Carly is in awe that her father would appoint himself her personal attorney without telling her. Sonny asks if she really did not know that Durant claimed to be her lawyer. She informs him truthfully that John offered but she told him no. Sonny concludes that John obviously did not listen since he came by making demands only a day ago.

Emily goes to the carpentry shop asking Connor’s new employer if he’s seen her friend Connor. He tells her he has not. Connor, however, is in the back room, unseen and knows she’s looking for him. She seems to know, somehow that he’s there.

Durant goes and talks to Steven Webber. Steven inquires why Durant is secretly representing his daughter without asking her. John Durant informs Steven that he will make Carly very rich and in the end, she will thank him. He also reminds Steven that it was Sonny’s idea to go through with the divorce and he just wants to protect his daughter. Steven tells John Durant that what he needs to do right now is leave Carly alone and let her make her own decisions.

Courtney goes to Jason’s and informs Sam that Jason has just called her and informed her about the new baby.

Elizabeth and Lucky are alone. She informs him that she many times feels as though Helena has done everything she can to ruin their future and does not want her to succeed with them the way she already has with Nikolas and Emily. Right at that moment, Emily enters and says she knows where to find Connor Bishop.

Unaware that Jason contacted Courtney, she asks him why. He explains that Courtney has first-hand knowledge about adoption procedures. Courtney informs them that she’s talked to Bridget and Bridget has agreed to let Sam and Jason adopt her baby, but also warns them that Bridget has legal rights as the natural mother and can change her mind and take the baby at a later time, whether they like it or not. But Courtney and Jason can see that Sam has grown very attached and possessive of the baby. Sam protests that Bridget cannot be a mother to the baby and has given up her rights. She says she can give this baby everything she needs and doesn’t see any other way.

Courtney goes to meet Bridget with Sam and Jason and the baby. Bridget says she did not expect them to bring the baby. Courtney replies that she thought it would be good for her to be able to see that the baby is doing well. Bridget talks about how she has no means to provide for the baby. Sam and Jason assure her that they can give the baby everything she needs. Courtney plays “devil’s advocate” by telling Bridget of the resources she can offer her with daycare for the baby and for Bridget’s own needs. Bridget concludes that she realizes she cannot offer her baby anything and that is why she’s giving her to Sam. But she asks to hold the baby so she can say good-bye. Bridget reveals to them that she’s still under the mistaken impression that Sam’s baby lived when she tells her baby that she will have a good home with Sam and a little sister for her. Sam tells Bridget that she apologizes but did not tell her that her baby died. She admits she did not want to inform her of something so negative when she was giving birth. Hearing that, Bridget concludes that Sam lied to her and may simply want her baby as a “replacement”. Sam also informs Bridget that she and Jason are not married but they are both very qualified and experienced in taking care of a baby. It sounds like Bridget is ok with that for the moment and has not changed her mind yet. Bridget gives the baby to Sam and asks her to tell her she’s pretty and to always give her a birthday party. Sam promises she will. Sam and Jason leave. Sensing Bridget’s expression of doubt after hearing that Sam does not have another child nor is she married, Courtney asks Bridget if she’s certain that this is what she wants to do.

Rick surprises Alexis by moving into her apartment, unexpectedly. He tells her that since his apartment got gutted in the fire, it makes sense for him to find another place. And he inquires how long she thought they’d stay separated.

Michael goes to talk to his father about the “advertisement” he noticed Sonny and his lawyer friend cut out of the paper of a new house. He assumes that they will buy him that house. But Sonny firmly tells his son that he does not plan on buying that house for him.

Carly tells Durant that she expects him to stay out of her divorce. He tells her that she must not limit herself to being solely dependent on the “scraps” Sonny decides to throw her way in the divorce. She assures him she has enough money and can provide for herself. Hearing that he concludes that she does not want his help so he will back off. But before he’s ready to give up and go out the door, Carly asks her father to wait. She tells him that although she does not believe she needs money, she would like to have “power”.

At the carpentry shop, Connor unexpectedly interacts with Elizabeth and Lucky in disguise.. At that point, he knows there must be something suspicious. He notices Emily and discovers the reason why she was looking for him. He runs out of the shop but Lucky tackles him in the snow. Connor demands to know what Lucky wants. Lucky says he wants Connor to help save his brother.

Right when Sonny is having a private conversation about his son, trying to console Michael about his disappointment about not having a new house, and has “company”, Durant comes by and surprises them. Durant presents Sonny with a “surprise subpoena”. Sonny’s lawyer asks to see the subpoena. Sonny argues with Durant telling him that he knows Carly did not even ask him to go through with that and Durant has to leave them both alone. Right at that moment, Carly enters.

After Connor tries to get away from Emily, Lucky and Elizabeth, they urge him to help Nikolas and inform him that they seriously suspect that Helena is not dead in the first place and will take action to hurt them again. He protests that there is no way an old lady would have survived a fall off a cliff. Lucky informs Connor that Helena is not just “an old lady”. He asks what they want him to do? Emily says he can help them by being “bate” for Helena or whatever they might be in danger of. He asks what is in it for him if he helps them? Emily tells him he will get his freedom. But he does not trust them and tells them he wants to wash his hands of their problems.

Jason returns home to see Sam totally obsessed with plans to permanently keep the baby. She talks about all the names they could give her. He notices she looks to be in total denial about any possibility that they might not have the baby forever. He tells her she must listen to him for a minute. He tells her nothing makes him happier than observing how happy she is with the baby but she must understand the reality they are facing with adopting her under these circumstances. She says she understands if he does not want to go through with this. He tells her it’s not that. He’s just worried about what it would do to her if Bridget were to change her mind. Sam informs him she knows that they may only have a year or less with this baby. She says she knows Bridget could walk in at any moment, unexpectedly and they have no control over that. And that is why she wants to make every moment she has with this little girl count. He tells her how he felt the same way about his “temporary custody” of Michael. He thought he’d be ok without the certainty he could keep him forever. But it was more than he bargained for.

Unexpectedly, while Sonny and his lawyer are certain that Carly will not go along with Durant’s plan, Carly informs her soon-to-be ex-husband that he might be in for a fight with her and reveals she might be listening to her father after all.

Alexis expresses her uncertainty about Rick moving into her apartment. At first they argue about his obsession about always going to a gym and his inquiry whether she does. She demands to know if he’s implying that she’s fat. He tells her she’ beautiful and kisses her. She sounds a little uncertain. But they get into an intimate moment and seem lost in it and ready to be together.

Lorenzo Alcazar goes to Carly’s new apartment and asks Dr. Steven Webber where she is. Steven demands to know why Lorenzo is there. Lorenzo informs Steven that he got a message from Carly to meet her there. Steven says he does not buy that. He believes that Lorenzo is just trying to control Carly and spy on her and he must leave her alone.

Sonny’s lawyer tells Carly she’s just made a big mistake threatening her client in front of witnesses. Carly tells Sonny she does not want to be in a drag-out battle with him. She just wants him to give her what she wants. He tells her that he knows exactly what she wants. She says she does not want to live in an apartment that he picks out for her. She will choose her own apartment and if he has a problem with her living across the hall from Steven that’s too bad. Sonny protests that he could care less about Steven. He then agrees to have his security officers make her new place bullet proof and stops trying to prevent her from living there. She announces to the kids that they must come with her to the new place. When Sonny is alone with his lawyer she tells him she cannot believe Carly would do something like that. Sonny tells her that that is the way Carly is.

Durant goes to Carly’s new place and after discovering that Lorenzo is there, he tells him that he is to have no contact with his daughter. He tells Lorenzo that his daughter is divorcing one mobster, and he will not allow her to get involved with another. Noticing Durant’s “adamancy” about that and noticing he’s making no such “confrontation” with Steven, Lorenzo tells Durant that he needs to realize he has no control over Carly’s personal life and he leaves. When Steven and Durant are alone, Steven tells Durant that it must be “difficult” being Carly’s father. It seems there are “too many dates to the prom”. Durant has to inquire about Sonny, then him, then Lorenzo Alcazar.

Bridget privately talks to Courtney, not quite saying, but implying that she may have second thoughts about giving up her baby.

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